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Roger Stone Has Three Questions About Huma Abedin That Hillary WON’T Answer

Roger Stone Has Three Questions About Huma Abedin That Hillary WON’T Answer


By Roger Stone

Hillary Clinton can run from questions about her top aide Huma Abedin, but she can’t hide.

Earlier this week as America was trying to make sense of the deadliest case of Islamic terrorism on US soil since 9/11, I wrote a detailed article here at Breitbart News that laid out the clear factual case about Hillary Clinton’s top assistant Huma Abedin.

I showed how she has deep, clear, and inarguable connections to a Saudi Arabian official named Abdul Omar Naseef, a powerful Kingdom insider who has helped lead a group called the Muslim World League.

The Muslim World League is the huge “charity” whose goal is to spread Islam throughout the world and which has been connected to terror groups like Al Qaeda.

If that sounds like a serious accusation, you’re damn right it is.

I said that it’s time for Hillary Clinton to give Americans straight answers about Huma.

The reaction was typical: Hillary Clinton blew off questions from the press, who went into full protection mode to cover her. But like I always say, any day you’re attacked by both David Brock and Keith Olbermann is a good day.

Let’s make this very simple.

I’m going to give a list of three questions that any media outlet in the world can ask Hillary Clinton to give some straightforward answers to. All Hillary has to do is answer the questions and Americans are going to see that there is a very real connection here that should have them very worried that this woman has been anywhere near the White House, much less been Hillary’s top confidant for the last 20 years.

The three questions are very simple, very straightforward, and, frankly, anybody can research the answers themselves. They are:

1) What is Huma’s relationship with a Saudi Arabian official named Abdullah Omar Naseef?

2) Was he the founder of a Saudi charity called the Rabita Trust?

3) Right after 9/11, was the Rabita Trust put on a list by the U.S. government of groups that were funding terrorism?

That’s it. Three very simple questions.

Anybody else out there who is concerned about this issue can put pressure on Hillary Clinton and the media themselves, by using social media like Twitter and Facebook to say: “answer the three questions about Huma.”

Hillary Clinton is not some princess and America is not some Muslim kingdom — yet. She’s a public official, and as citizens, we have a right to know who she’s giving access to. We have a right to know who she could be sharing state secrets with.

We’re under deadly threat and the media had better start doing their job and informing us, rather than being Hillary Clinton’s defense team.

Answer the three questions about Huma, Hillary… because I’m not going to stop asking them.

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/06/15/roger-stone-three-questions-huma-abedin-hillary-wont-answer/


  1. Does Donald Trump NOT go after Hellary because the accusations would sound SO far-fetched even though they are right out there in the open for all to see? There is SO much to hit Hellary with yet it isn’t being done. I trust the American populace is so dumbed down and ignorant of what is happening at the TOP on down that most people will give Hellary a pass when she mocks the charges and lies to cover them up. Hellary scores points when she lies about Donald on the very facts she is guilty of. Donald needs to smack her down each time she lies about him or brings up things from decades ago. Take the gloves off! Go back in the Clinton history and bounce some of those facts off her head. Hellary needs to be treated like the ugly witch she is. Our country has been sold out by the Clintons and they play both sides to their own financial gain and frenzy for power. Most people just don’t educate themselves through research. Donald MUST come out swinging on EVERY question and land BLOWS to Hellary’s jaw. (Rhetorically speaking ;))


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