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Roger Stone: Ted Cruz ‘is a dumb son of a bitch’

Roger Stone: Ted Cruz ‘is a dumb son of a bitch’


By Peter Schroeder

CLEVELAND — Longtime Donald Trump ally Roger Stone laid into Ted Cruz minutes after his refusal to endorse the GOP nominee on Wednesday, calling him a “dumb son of a bitch” and a “despicable human being.”

Stone, who spoke to The Hill as he left the Quicken Loans Arena, warned that the Texas senator’s public unwillingness to back Trump would come back to haunt him.
“By Ted Cruz not supporting the nominee, he’s exempted himself from real conservatives,” he said. “No voter gives a crap about what Ted Cruz does. The only person this hurts is Ted Cruz.”He continued to excoriate Cruz, whom delegates showered with boos as they realized he wasn’t going to endorse Trump during his speech to the convention.

“Ted Cruz thinks he’s Ronald Reagan. The problem is he’s not anything near Reagan in terms of being an inspiring, likable figure,” Stone said. “He’s a dumb son of a bitch who thinks he’s smarter than everybody else.””He’s a despicable human being,” he added

Source: http://www.thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/288623-roger-stone-ted-cruz-is-a-dumb-son-of-a-bitch


  1. Ted cruz is more than despicable. He is a jealous child so full of himself that he actually has questioned and insulted Trump supporters more than once during this campaign. But truthfully that is what he does to everyone who disagrees with him. That is why he has no friends. He is a liar and cheat and he cheated in every caucus he won. Trump really won most every cruz state. He believes himself to be some great conservative, but his actual voting record doesn’t match! He is really a bush neocon globalist, not even close to a true conservative! I knew cruz would pull crap. He is a slime! The only two who act normal are Walker and Huckabee, and Rubio somewhat. The rest all all jealous of Trump!

    1. well Mr. Trump spoke at a rallly in Green Bay WI last night and apparently walker had a previous engagement to speak at a spaghetti dinner…I wonder if walker had to chase the meatballs on his plate last night or did he just flip em on the floor oh well one can only hope….he should have appeared at Mr. Trumps rally!!


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