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THE HILL: Roger Stone, Alex Jones plot primary challenge to Cruz

THE HILL: Roger Stone, Alex Jones plot primary challenge to Cruz


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By Jonathan Easley

CLEVELAND — Two controversial figures on the right met late Wednesday night over drinks to plot a primary challenge to Ted Cruz after the Texas senator refused to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican convention here.

Renegade GOP operative Roger Stone said he and Infowars founder Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, are planting the seeds to ensure Cruz is sent packing from Washington when his first term ends in 2018.

“We’re actively looking for a candidate,” Stone told The Hill.

The Hill asked Stone, a longtime Trump ally and conservative agitator, if he would consider Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, who lost a primary challenge to Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) in 2014.

Stone said he’d rather recruit Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who backed Cruz in the primary and hosted fundraisers for him.

“He’d be my choice, but in all honesty, anybody who is registered in the Republican Party in Texas would be better than Ted Cruz,” he said.

Patrick has fallen in line behind Trump as the presidential nominee since his initial endorsement of Cruz, and spokesman Allen Blakemore told The Hill that he is “flattered” but “not interested” in running for Senate.

“He loves being Lt. Governor, living in Texas, and having 4 grandkids 20 minutes from his home,” Blakemore said in an email.

“He is not interested in running for the U.S. Senate. He is committed to doing all he can to help Donald Trump become President.”

Stone called Cruz a “dumb son of a bitch” and a “butt boy for the Bushes disguising himself as a conservative.”

“I’m not a fan,” Stone concluded.

Trump allies are furious with Cruz for refusing to back the nominee in his speech before the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night.

The Texas senator was booed off the stage after telling the crowd, “vote your conscience.”

At a breakfast with the Texas delegation on Thursday morning, Cruz argued that he could not support a man who personally attacked his wife and father during the primaries.

Peter Schroeder and Ben Kamisar contributed.

Source: http://www.thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/senate-races/288719-roger-stone-alex-jones-plot-primary-challenge-to-cruz


  1. Frankly, there should just be a recall and he should have to present his immigration papers. I don’t believe he entered the US legally. He’s been kept in office as he is an asset to the Globalist. He could easily be removed by filing “quo warranto” in DC Federal Court

  2. Based on everything that I have seen this last year there is enough information out there to choke a horse and to rid our Country of this charlatan once and for all. There is still an active lawsuit against cruz by http://www.victorwilliamsforpresident.com who endorses Mr. Trump and he is a write in republican contender in nine (9) States. Mr. Victor Williams is also a Law Professor and an attorney in D.C. One of the reasons Mr. Williams became a contender for President is because this gave him “standing” to file suit against cruz. His law suit is filed in the Appellate Court in New Jersey and hopefully very soon it will be heard. Mr. Williams has said that cruz has tried to get the case thrown out because it is moot now. LOLOL not so fast there Mr. cruz it is NOT moot and it has standing just like Mr. Williams said it does and the court agreed apparently with Mr. Williams.

    Mr. cruz was born in 1970 and his parents became Canadian Citizens prior to his birth by registering to vote (took the Canadian Oath) and voted. Dual Citizenship did not come into being until 1977 and therefore cruz’s parents registered his birth and file for a Certified Canadian Birth Certificate. Since his parents became Canadian citizens prior to his birth and there is a “Certified B.C.” for cruz dual citizenship was non existent at the time of his birth he IS a Canadian citizen. On 5/14/2014 Ted cruz renounced his Canadian Birth Certificate and is a “man without a Country” because dual citizenship did NOT exist when he was born and both of his parents were Canadian Citizens as well prior to his birth. OOPS!!!

    Prof. Elhauge of Harvard College (who was one of cruz’s professors) wrote an Amiscus Brief in Feb. or Mar. 2016 filed in a case against Mr. cruz said that “cruz was playing a political game with dual citizenship” when in fact it was non existent at the time of cruz’s birth….amazing for sure.


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