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BREITBART: Roger Stone: Clintons Have Long Record of ‘Very Deep Dog Whistle Politics’

BREITBART: Roger Stone: Clintons Have Long Record of ‘Very Deep Dog Whistle Politics’


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By Dan Riehl

Guest Roger Stone discussed racist elements of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s past with Breitbart News Daily host Matt Boyle.

Stone said:

There’s plenty on the record here; whether it’s the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, a severely retarded man, who Bill sent to the electric chair shortly before the 1992 Democratic Primary, or whether it’s the fact that Bill as governor of Arkansas went to Federal Court in order to argue that the Arkansas police should be allowed to racially profile motorists and pull people, essentially, aside for the crime of being black while driving, these people have engaged in very deep dog whistle politics.

Continued Stone, “For them to pretend now that that’s not the case is clearly absurd.”

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Source: http://www.breitbart.com/radio/2016/08/26/roger-stone-clintons-have-long-record-of-very-deep-dog-whistle-politics/


  1. These people are truly disgusting!!! They are the most dangerous couple in American history who have continued to sell out the American people from day one!!! Please i beg you all to find the truth and not accept the bravo sierra that is being shoveled your way on a daily basis by those who have nothing to lose because they will be protected as the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate brings America down!!! Hillary will continue to chop at what remains of the roots of this once great nation!! Obama is a C.I.A, plant who is controlled by Brennan who is a George , Bush appointee and another Bush insider like Comey and others!!! Those who do not vote for Trump will be guilty of firing the final shot in the death of America!!! The Big Bankers the Rothchild and Rockerfeller families are at he head as these two families and their stooge George Soros seeks to lock humanity into a downward spiral that will end all personal opportunities while robbing us of the freedoma we in the west enjoy!!! From Germany to France to Britain Canada and the United States of America which will soon be divided states if Hillary has her way!!! George H.W. Bush worked with Hitler as he envisioned the German take over of the entire world!! This time those Nazi’s who never gave up on the plan to own the world are taking governments down from the inside by siezing control and bypassing the desires of the people to live their lives in peace and freedom!!! This will end very soon if Hillary Clinton has anything to say about it!! This is why so many regulations have been introduced by Obama using executive order meant to strangle any opportunities for the survival of businesses as they kill and chance at a free life!!! This group of animals have killed millions in their quest for world dominance as has happened both in the middle east and lately in Venusuela!!!! People starved to death as they killed that country and once it was on the last legs they brought in the man they call the jesus christ of marxism to correct the situation they had caused!!! This is their plan for north America and will take place within two years of hillary taking control!!! They are waging war on the American people and the only way to respond is by taking their legs out from under them by locking them all up for life!!! Stop these animals before they are responsible for the death of America and millions of American citizens!!!

  2. If this were Trump the MSM wound have this plastered everywhere and non stop talking about it, but with Clintons MSM sweeps under the rug hoping it doesn’t spill out. Disgraceful.


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