The Indian Hit Job On Donald Trump

The Indian Hit Job On Donald Trump


By Roger Stone

Both the New York Times and CNN in their zeal to hurt Donald Trump have systematically misrepresented the facts surrounding The Institute For Law and Society, a legitimate non-profit which Trump funded in order to fight the expansion of Indian casinos in New York State.

The Institute For Law and Society sponsored both print and radio advertisements pointing out that the Mohawk Indian tribe, who were in the midst of negotiating a gaming compact with Governor George Pataki, were actively involved in the smuggling of illegal cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and immigrants across the Canadian border at the location of their Akwesasne reservation in the northern most part of New York State. After the Buffalo news ran a multiple part series on the criminal activities on the Mohawk tribe, US Attorney Pat Neimeyer, spoke publicly about the illegal trafficking going on on the Mohawk’s reservation and that he had been ordered by his US Justice Department superiors to look the other way.

Incredibly, the state-lobbying commission claimed that the Trump sponsored advertisements violated the state lobby law because a New York State Legislator might inadvertently hear them on the radio.  Lost on them seemed to be the fact that there were no issues pertaining to the Mohawks before the legislature and that Governor George Pataki took the position that he had unilateral authority to close a deal for casino gambling with the Mohawks without the approval of the legislature.

The state lobby commission’s position was an obvious infringement of Trump’s First Amendment rights and their case was, on the face of it, absurd. Trump’s lawyers assured him, and me, that although they were confident they would prevail in any litigation over the legality of Trump’s funding of The Institute For Law and Society they believed that the legal fight would be long and expensive. Trump decided to settle the matter although both the New York Times and CNN failed to note that the settlement included no admission of wrongdoing by Trump or The Institute For Law and Society.  Thus, the $250,000 paid by Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts was for a settlement – not a fine.

For my part, I favored the litigation and was confident that we would prevail. Additionally, I wanted to demonstrate to the public that the Director of the State Lobbying Commission David Grandeau was an asshole and that his publicity seeking charges against Trump and The Institute For Law and Society were without merit. Trump, in his practicality, decided to settle.

How could the NY Times and CNN have missed these important facts?


    1. I disagree. When weighing the odds of truth and justice under a less than forthcoming/honest administration, (whether State or executive appointment) Mr Trump took the high road.

      What is also lost in this narrative are the interests/involvement /stake of those same entities in seeing a casino come to fruition. In many cases they own shares or in some way will benefit from that association.
      There are many People claiming a drop of some obscure tribe’s blood and proving this fact doesn’t enter the equation because the powers-that-be say so…


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