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By Saint John Hunt

As the day draws near when we decide who best represents America, I am puzzled by an extraordinary question: why are liberals completely ignoring the overwhelming evidence of crimes, lies and fraud committed by Hillary Rodham Clinton?

It’s not like the facts are buried in some locked away file.  One just has to pay attention.  If I was a Hillary fan and listened to her statements and words, comparing them with film footage and other statements she’s made, I would come to the conclusion that she is a serial liar and I would have to withdraw my support.  I know this to be true because I used to be a fan of Hillary Clinton myself!  I hoped that one day we would have a woman in the White House.  I felt, basically that given the horrible state of things, how bad could a woman mess things up?  However, over time I began to see glaring inconsistencies in her beliefs and in her platform.   If one just listens to her own words the conclusion is inescapable:  she’s a modern day Pinocchio.  Here are some glaring examples, in her own words.

  • On Hardball with Chris Mathews she was asked if New York State should recognize gay marriage. She answered “NO.” In other interviews she states that “marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman.”  In later interviews she comes out supporting Gay marriage saying she “has a strong record of supporting Gay marriage.”
  • “I take a backseat to no one when you look at my record standing up and fighting for progressive values.” In another interview she stated “I get accused of being a moderate…I plead guilty to that.”
  • “Since when do Democrats attack one another on universal health care?” Later she attacks democrat Bernie Sanders:  “He eliminates the affordable care act, eliminates private insurance, eliminates Medi-care, and eliminates Medicaid.”
  • Landing in Bosnia; “We landed in sniper fire.” “The welcoming ceremony had to be moved inside because of sniper fire.”  “I remember landing under sniper fire.”  News cameras caught the entire landing event on film and showed there was no sniper fire whatsoever.  In fact she lingered on the tarmac with a group of seventh graders and took dozens of photo ops with troops.
  • “You know, I have been a critic of NAFTA from the very beginning.” “I have spoken consistently against NAFTA from the beginning.”   Earlier she stated, “I think, on balance, NAFTA has been good for New York and America.”

These are only a small fraction of the dozens and dozens of lies showing the contempt with which Hillary Clinton continues to flaunt to her fellow democrats and the American people.  It is beyond belief that liberals are not aware of these issues.  Worse is that if her fan base is aware, then how with good conscience can they compartmentalize her overwhelming flaws as if it didn’t matter?  Are they just concerned with electing a democrat or a woman?   If that’s what it is then I am afraid.

I put forth a change in mascot for the Democratic Party.  I say, “Change the mascot from a donkey…to an ostrich!”  Liberals act more like an ostrich with its head buried deep in the sand.


  1. At the upper levels of the Establishment, the guideline is “by any means necessary”. For the mid-level, the guideline is “make history, vote for the first woman president”. At the lower level, the guideline is “who’s going to win the game Sunday night”.

    This political strategy has worked for millennia. Remember “bread and circuses”?

  2. Here Here……applause……I just had a $HilLIARy non-supporter tell me tonight that she doesn’t Care if HRC Lies. and I call her a NON-supporter because she also said that she will “hold her nose” and vote for her, given the alternative. So she doesn’t even Want Hillbilly…..but she’s going to vote for her. ?? the Alternative? There’s actually Lots of “alternatives”, including The Green Party, which is Polling 27 % in Oregon right now. NOT the 2% the Lame Stream Media tells you. and very high here, John, in your former county. I think THIS is the Year to send a Big Fat Message to the Two Party BOTH Work for the Same Puppet Masters System. What? we gotta wait another Four years? EIGHT Years? The Duopoly tells us the same thing every Election Year: you gotta vote for our guy because Theirs is “Dangerous” to the country. We should be Giddy with Excitement about voting for the First Female President, yet we are Not. and with the worst Republican Candidate in my lifetime, Why ISN’T she 50 points ahead?? You would think we would have learned something from the Oil “Crisis” of ’73 and the one in ’75. Carter put Solar Panels on the White House, then Reagan took them down. We also had the EV1 Electric Car, which had bugs to work out, but Gees, that was 43 YEARS ago! and guess who did NOT put the Solar Panels back up? The Clintons. We’re almost stagnating in the same spot we were in 43 Years ago while the rest of the World proceeds onward. That’s Most of MY Life…..we’ve gone Nowhere! Jill Stein is right. If we could transfer from a Peace Time Economy to a War Time Economy in 6 Months during WWII, there are NO Excuses. Throw OUT all the Party-Backed Career Politicians who’ve been in there for Forty Years, hanging on to positions that are no longer “Public Service”, who get to keep their Life Time Health Plans/Pensions after they leave and Vote OUT all the Super Delegates who helped the Election Fraud during the Primaries. I’m voting for your opponent, Super Delegate Rep. Jared Huffman of District 2 California. You cast your SD Vote for $HilLIARy when Bernie won the district with 56%. and that was only because of the Ballot Tampering in the southern half of the District. Registered Dems/NPP’s voted 76% for Bernie up here. This is to get you started on “The Clinton Crime Family” book. http://prorev.com/connex.htm

    1. Voting 3rd party is a vote for Hillary. Neither of them running have the skills and expertise and leadership ability that Trump has. We are not voting for Jesus Christ.

  3. Because she is a Globalist Corporatist not a Progressive Democrat!! That’s why Moderate Women want a woman President but not THAT woman!


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