WORLD NET DAILY: Roger Stone: If I’m found dead, Hillary’s ‘chief perp’

WORLD NET DAILY: Roger Stone: If I’m found dead, Hillary’s ‘chief perp’


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By Myra Adams

Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative, best-selling author, well-known political pundit and an informal adviser to and long-time friend of Donald J. Trump. A veteran of nine national presidential campaigns, Stone has served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents.

With a reputation for being controversial, Stone regularly appears on providing insights on behind-the-scenes political agendas. Over the last year, Stone was banned by CNN and MSNBC for his outspoken and politically incorrect criticism of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The headquarters for Stone’s activities is

Recently, as a result of WikiLeaks’ hacking and the subsequent release of Clinton campaign CEO John Podesta’s emails, Roger Stone’s name has been in the headlines in conjunction with alleged Russian involvement into the hacked emails.

In an attempt to report his side of the controversy, freelance writer Myra Adams submitted the following questions to Roger Stone:

Myra Adams: A recent Politico headline read: “Stone ‘happy to cooperate’ with FBI on WikiLeaks, Russian hacking probes.” In the article, you stated that the FBI has yet to contact you. Moreover, you said, “I’m not orchestrating the activities or disclosures of WikiLeaks.”

If the latter statement is true, and given the politicized state of the FBI and Justice Department under the Obama administration, are you concerned that false evidence could be manufactured “proving” that you are the main facilitator for Russia’s intervention in the U.S. elections through WikiLeaks’ hacking of Podesta’s emails?

Roger Stone: Any evidence showing that would be manufactured because it is simply not true. The entire charge that I knew about WikiLeaks’ hacking of Clinton campaign chief, John Podesta, is false. It is based on the fact that I have been forthright about having a back channel to WikiLeaks and a tweet that I posted in August predicting that Podesta’s business dealings in Eastern Europe would be exposed to the American people. Recognize that when I posted the tweet, my longtime friend, former partner and colleague, Paul Manafort (former Trump campaign manager), was being attacked for his political consulting work in that same region. I did not need WikiLeaks to tell me what Podesta has been up to, having written about it extensively on my website.

Furthermore, I have never received any materials from WikiLeaks, nor do I know exactly what they will leak and when they will leak except in general terms.

Adams: Please explain the meaning of “in general terms.”

Stone: I have heard about the information WikiLeaks has in regards to the current U.S. election, war, secret surveillance, arms sales, oil, Internet manipulation and technology transfers. I am told the information is potentially politically devastating and “indictable.”

This explains why Secretary Kerry has put enormous pressure on Ecuador to silence WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Moreover, Kerry wants Assange striped of his diplomatic protection and is pressuring the Brits to revoke Ecuador’s diplomatic recognition so its embassy can be stormed. Very powerful people want Assange dead. He holds the deepest secrets of the “Deep State.”

Adams: Can you tell us a little something about who is telling you this information? If not a name, how about a nationality?

Stone: An American. That’s all I wish to say. His actions and mine are completely legal. We seek information.

Adams: Since August, former Acting CIA Director Mike Morell has been on board the Clinton campaign. Most likely he is eyeing the top job at the CIA were Clinton to be elected president.

In the aforementioned Politico piece, Morell is quoted and specifically mentions you when he said, Trump’s former staffers “may be in this more deeply and may have relationships with Russia, perhaps financial relationships or other relationships and they’re working on behalf of the Russians to get this material out and spread around.”

Then Morell added, “I don’t want to go overboard and say we know for sure, but I am deeply concerned about it. It requires a full investigation, and it requires the American people to know the truth here before Election Day.”

After reading Morell’s comments, are you nervous that the CIA (in addition to the FBI) could specifically be targeting and setting you up as the fall guy with the goal of punishing you for “spreading around” Podesta’s embarrassing emails?

Stone: The idea that Mike Morrell, who as deputy director of the CIA altered the agency’s talking points on the attack on our mission in Benghazi to accommodate Hillary Clinton’s crass lie that the attack was caused by an anti-Islamic video, would call for me to be investigated is stunning. The claim the attack was conducted by an incensed mob is also false. Note that Morrell engaged in this cover-up after he knew from viewing videos that the attack on our facility in Benghazi was a precision military operation and not the actions of a mob.

So I will be precise: I do not and have never worked for any Russian interest – public or private. I have no Russian clients. I have not received a penny from any Russian interest. I do not now and have never worked for Russian Intelligence. Any claim to the contrary is demonstrably false.

This is the New McCarthyism. The truth is I do not favor the war Obama is hurtling toward with the Russians. And, like Donald Trump, I favor a new period of détente and hardheaded negotiations with the Russians so that we may have peace and work together to destroy ISIS. Because that is what I believe, I am falsely accused of treason by Clinton’s thugs.

This witch-hunt was started by Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y. It was Nadler who called on FBI Director Comey to open an investigation into my nonexistent ties to Russia. Nadler has admitted that the questions he asked Director Comey were written and supplied to the corpulent congressman by Clinton dirty trickster David Brock.

Adams: You appear to be familiar with the case of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. For readers who are not, Nakoula was the man who produced the anti-Islamic video you referenced earlier that supposedly incited the “spontaneous mob” that led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. Nakoula was publicly blamed for the Benghazi attacks by President Obama, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As a result, Nakoula was arrested, jailed and became collateral damage in the tragic Benghazi saga. His life is still in ruins. Therefore, with the Clintons (and Obama administration) wanting to deflect attention from the content of the Podesta’s hacked emails to Russian intervention – what are the chances you could become the next Nakoula?

Stone: If Chairman Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi hearings determined nothing else, we know now that the entire fairytale and subsequent lies regarding this video were manufactured by Sidney Blumenthal. This is the same Blumenthal whose previous attacks on Obama were so vile that the president would not permit him to go on Hillary Clinton’s State Department payroll. Hillary, of course, clung to this false video talking point even after she was advised by the highest level of our intelligence services that the assertion was false. She would even look in the eyes of the parents of the four dead Americans killed at Benghazi and repeat this canard, which she knew was a lie.

I have no intention of being the scapegoat in this campaign. I am a partisan and a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. I am not running his campaign. But, because of that, I have been subjected to a systematic campaign of harassment including the hacking of my own email and a torrent of Net-based abuse and falsehoods perpetrated against me by Clinton hit man David Brock of whom Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels would be proud.

For the record, I have been under constant surveillance. Two of my dogs have been poisoned, and someone regularly rummages through my trash where they will find nothing, since I wasn’t born yesterday.

We all know that politics is a blood sport, and I am no stranger to fights or controversy. I’ve been called every name in the book, but calling me a traitor, given my lifelong anti-communism and opposition to totalitarianism in any form, crosses a line.

Adams: Roger, having co-authored the book, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” you know firsthand how the Clintons wage war against their enemies. This week a Politico piece mentioned that Hillary “reviles” you, and since you are already at the top of her “enemies list,” what are your plans to defend yourself against the FBI and the CIA, now and later if the Clintons win the White House?

Stone: I fully expect to be harassed if Hillary Clinton should manage to win the election. All the public issues about the Clintons that are being raised for the first time will not go away, and I have no intention of ending the fight to expose their epic corruption, ruthlessness and lies.

Therefore, if in the near future you hear that I was depressed and took my life, got hit by a truck crossing the street, or killed in a freak hunting accident, you will know that I was murdered and that Hillary Clinton is the chief perp.



    1. You won’t have a job, money or a home after Hillary imposes her satanic will on this country. Enjoy your poverty you bonehead.

      In fact, enjoy your life in your van down by the river.

  1. why would the catholic church still invite Hilary Clinton to their Annual fund raiser in New York ? as a Catholic i am very worried by the caliphate of Islam spreading around the world and the comments from Hilary Clinton about the catholic church is very worrying, if this was said about Islam there would be riots in the streets, guess that sets us apart from civilised and non civilised people.

      1. Can you elaborate,why do you say this maybe I can ask him my self, maybe it was a pre arranged thing, but the commentary afterwards was all about Trump being booed, I wish he would not do stuff like that that harms his chances of being elected president, instead the whole focus is being drawn away from his good points. Where as we should of been talking about what Clinton was saying about Catholics from Podestas emails, people say stuff like this all the time but could you imagine if the same was said about Islam you would not hear the last of it and also if Trump had said it it would be huge so why is it different for Clinton ? Is she immune to all things ? I want an explanation from this Cardinal I am sure I am not the only one. Outrageous

          1. The Catholics are not all rosey tinted fairies you know, we have an army we need to fight radical forms of other religions, we are made from stone, God has made us this way so we fight in order of Justice and the Light against the Dark , Gods Justice not man made justice although a lot of our laws are taken from Gods own words a lot are not and we should only do what God Instructed us to do From Jesus Christ his son who died on the cross to save us all, do not believe or follow false Prophets. ISIAH 45 Talks about a man sent from the light to defeat the Evil in our time, History repeats itself until we get it right. That man will be sent to free us from Globalist forces of Evil it is surely Donald Trump what the Bible speaks about as our light to defeat Evil. whether you like him or not he says what we all think and correctness and progressive is a form of slavery. you get the picture, the polls are rigged Trump is leading this race do not be hoodwinked vote for Trump every vote counts

        1. Cardinal Dolan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing; a modern-day Judas Iscariot, as are many, though not all, of the bishops in the US. Unfortunately, it goes back a long ways, 499 years actually. Check out info on Bella Dodd; she came back into the Catholic Church because of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

          She wrote a book (I think it’s about $600 on Amazon), and testified before Congress. She basically testified to the FACT that when she was a communist, she, herself, helped get more than one communist into the Catholic priesthood (Bernadin in Chicago comes to mind) THAT, unfortunately, has come home to roost. THANKFULLY we do currently have some, a few; not too many, holy bishops, like the late Archbishop Sheen, to right the ship!

          See what happens when the Catholic Church has issues? The whole world goes to hell in a handbasket.

    1. The “Church” is a sinner as well. Think about it….Vatican exists tax free…how rich is the Vatican? The amount of poor people suffering is directly proportional to the increase in Vatican wealth.

  2. Mr. Stone, I emailed you. The Democrats are playing the its over card. Please target Progressives and let them know it is ok to vote Stein, since Hillary has it in the bag. That will ensure their 3rd party status. They just need a little push and they will not vote for the Witch.

  3. Thank you for your courage and your love of this country and the truth Mr. Stone. God bless you, and I pray you will remain able to continue to expose the Clinton Corruption machine because it is a job that must be done, and i hope you will get more of us to help you continue your important work.

  4. YESTERDAY THE 4TH OF NUMBER, seen riots in Jakarta by 50 thousand Muslims, they wrecked the place, all because the Governor of Jakarta who is christian Chinese said something that the Muslims were offended by, this is one word he said that offended Islam and they took to the streets agitated by Arab Imams , The BBC who are part of the liberal media even said the protest was peaceful i posted pictures and film to show people that this was in fact false, these Muslims were attacking cars and looking for any one non Muslim to harm, this is after a word a governor said which offended the Islam faith, how can people and the world take this faith as peaceful after everything we hear, were are the Muslims condemning this, this is what i mean about the catholic faith being attacked by Clinton words and Catholics doing absolutely zero about it or complaining and we find a cardinal sitting next to her and laughing joking, Disgraceful he should resign now resign now you are a disgrace to our Catholic faith.


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