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Trump must be wary of “new friends”

Trump must be wary of “new friends”


By Wayne Madsen

They are already crawling out from the political sewers and rathskellers of Washington. Neo-conservatives, who launched the “Anyone But Trump” campaign, are now trying to make nice with President-elect Donald Trump. These bottom feeders will attempt, in typical neocon fashion, to infect the Trump administration, much as they had done with President-elect Ronald Reagan in November 1980. This ilk crafted the Iran-contra scandal that almost resulted in Reagan’s impeachment. The granddaddy of neocons, Henry Kissinger, worked secretly to undermine President Richard Nixon. Trump should be on guard against attempts by the chameleon-like neocons to ingratiate themselves to Trump.

Weekly Standard editor William Kristol is a case in point. Kristol was the brains behind the independent president candidacy of Mormon ex-CIA agent Evan McMullin, who went down to defeat in Utah. The Kristol-McMullin subterfuge failed miserably and Trump should never forget what he said about this political chicanery by the neocons. Trump told Fox News last month, “you have a guy named Bill Kristol who’s called it wrong for two years. He’s a loser. He’s called me wrong. He’s called everything wrong. He’s called the wars wrong . . . Everything he does is wrong. He gets his puppet [McMullin] to go and run in Utah.” Hopefully, Trump will remember what perfidy the neocons hatched to deny him the White House.

But it is not merely Kristol that Trump should guard against. By formally seizing control of the GOP from the Bush family, this Wall Street-connected crime family will be more dangerous to Trump than the vanquished Clinton crime family. Everything the Clintons learned about racketeering and brutal politics was learned from the Bushes at a little airfield in Arkansas called Mena.

The American people voted to repudiate the Bush family. And President-elect Trump is obviously aware, somewhat, of the ties between JFK assassin Lee Oswald and Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s Cuban papa Rafael Cruz. Trump must also be aware that Rafael, the Texas and Louisiana oil man, was part of a CIA operation that included Zapata Oil’s George H. W. Bush. In promising to “drain the swamp” in Washington, Trump is in a position to expose all the dirty dealings of the neocons, the Bush and Clinton crime families, the CIA, and others. That cannot be done if Trump invites these parasites into his administration to craft policies and call important shots on foreign policy, intelligence, and defense. The neocon political parasite is only capable of destroying its host, whether Reagan, Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, or, if he is not wary, Donald Trump.


  1. While Trump has never been an elected politician, I would think his advantage in this new game stems from the fact he grew up in the NYC environment along side some of the best wheelers and dealers. I would add Karl Rove to the top of this list along side Krystal…Not sure if you happened to see Rove in full panic mode and zero emotional control on election night; barking out threats when it was clear Trump was going to win, Tucker Carlson looked like he wasted to just get up and slap Rove…

  2. Perhaps the neo-Cons could be enlisted and sent to places where the problems that they started still exist, to effect some solutions, up front and in person, THEIR boots on the ground.

      1. Giuliani is up to his ass in 9/11. He’s a snake. Ask the FDNY what they think of him. He has blood on his hands.

      2. This RAT Giuliani had prior knowledge of the Towers’ collapse and he never passed that on to the people, the FDNY, the police etc. inside. Giuliani had the debris removed and destroyed. Giuliani LIED about his whereabouts on that day. The debris removed had human remains mixed in and some of this was used to repair roads. So to say Giuliani is great just shows how utterly ignorant and uninformed you are. Giuliani should be in a jail cell parading an orange jumpsuit not parading himself all over TV and showing a HUGE middle finger to ALL of us. P.S. I’m not even American.

  3. Kristol, Rove and Ryan are scum. They’re truly not to be trusted with anything. I wouldn’t trust any of them to keep water a the dog dish.

    1. I would hope that Paul Ryan was one of the first to be demoted. He kissed Obama’s ass every chance he got. I was praying that Paul Nehlan would defeat him, and I’m still not convinced that election was on the up and up.

      1. I live in Ryan’s District and home town.
        Town and County just South of Progressive Madison and Dane County.
        Influence felt, unfortunately.
        I felt in The Ryan-Nehlen Primary that in this overwhelming Democrat stronghold that enough Democrats
        crossed over for Ryan to ensure Obama’s buddy didn’t get
        Primaried out.
        Maybe that was the deal offered by Obama!!

    2. President Trump told his family at beginning, “we will find out who are friends are”, and I find the statement very telling of the man. He has an extensive “who was naughty, and who was nice” list of hucksters and a real problem is going to be Priebus’s loyalty with his close ties to the rats on capital hill, but President Trump will give him the “your fired” response if necessary, and this scares the hell out of Washington.

  4. Kristol, Romney, Jeb! and the rest of the Bush’s, Kasich, Beck, Megyn, Will, Ryan, and to a lesser degree Goldberg, Hayes, Krauthammer and the rest of the Never Trumpers have shown their true globalist, elite, and establishment colors. They can be forgiven, but their well-earned irrelevance should remain. Bury the hatchet, but do not accept their “help” or “advice.” Of course, regarding the latter, they have clearly demonstrated that they have no advice worth heeding, and regarding the former, let’s keep the fox out of the hen house.

    1. They cannot be forgiven. This election was not about Mr. Trump, it was about hurting Americans, and these scumbag globalists didn’t care about our jobs, safety, etc. They should never be forgiven!!! ryan the disgusting pos needs to go! Gingrich is all about himself only!

  5. Mr. Trump is a savvy guy, he’s both intelligent & street smart. Even if there’s a turnip truck in DC, Trump is never going to climb aboard – let aalone fall off it.

  6. oh yes. all we need is the proof of treason and espionage. hopefully donald will get it and have these scum put to death.

  7. Go to: greatagain.gov. This is the president elect’s job search and idea hub for Americans who are ready to become involved. Involved actual. Please list the names of people you don’t think meet the standard to represent a free people and the people you recommend that do meet these standards. It would be quick work identifying the top 20 people that fit in both categories. Get involved. Stay involved.

    For example: I will recommend Bev Harris for appointment in the 2017 White House staff. I believe Bev Harris should be appointed to oversee the new vote security. Implementing the new voting design team and removing George Soros machines and give them back to him. She stood alone identifying the rampant cruption of not only this election but many past elections. Bev’s work is brilliant and she posses the exact characteristics of heart that a free people are seeking. I give my unreserved approval for appointment for Bev Harris. blackboxvoting.com

  8. I wouldn’t worry a jot, The Clinton problem is sorting it’s self out without interference, Roger your great wisdom is like that of Mr Trump. The Clinton’s lives are exploding from within and all the fun will cost nothing to watch from the wings as the president-elect guides only the truth. The same with all the illegal immigrants and criminality. Since the election I think normal life post NWO is going to be amazing. With Mr. Trump in control it’s like watching a world class team building conductor guide the very best orchestra in the world softly playing the most heavenly of tunes. I wish you all the best for a bright future my thoughts are with you all.

  9. Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon! There is a moment when nothing else matters except celebration, every warrior who fights and lives forever enjoys life more fully, breathe deeper and stills the butterflies. May Almighty God bless America. And, may our living God strengthen our champion – President elect Trump.

  10. Kristol worked for the Bush Crime Family back when George Bush 41 was President and Kristol worked for the Reagan Administration, Roger I assume you know that slimebucket Kristol because you worked for Reagan as well.

  11. What I fail to understand is: if any person is to be named as a cabinet member, and thus officially listed as a potential POTUS successor: in the case of the Secretary of State were to become president, for example. Then why shouldn’t each cabinet member job position also include the requirement to be Constitutionally qualified as POTUS?
    That is: at least 35 years old, and a fully documented (genuine, not obviously doctored, as with Obama) “natural born citizen”?
    How did Henry Kissinger, for example, qualify for a cabinet position (under Nixon), who was born outside the geographic borders of the U.S. and of non-U.S. citizen parentage?

  12. The NeoCons need to be exposed for the MURDER and TREASON they committed on 9/11 against the American people. They need to be prosecuted and punished not only for justice’s sake , but also as an example to future officials and conspirators who may contemplate similar intrigues.

  13. We are only one tweet away and calling the trump train to storm some political hucksters office (literally speaking) will be an exercise of enjoyment. We have put these hucksters on notice and no matter what political persuasion they mutter for, we can make their existence immaterial.


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