The Dark Knight Rises: Roger Stone Delivered For Donald Trump

The Dark Knight Rises: Roger Stone Delivered For Donald Trump

The President-elect’s longtime friend of over 40 years, was Trump’s most effective surrogate.

By Jacob Engels

With the dust settling and all of the news networks and blogs performing their own postmortems, the reliability of polls and utter shock have taken center stage.

However, Trump’s flirtation with becoming President of the United States has been decades in the making, bolstered by notoriously effective political operative Roger Stone.

Mr. Stone has known Donald for over 40 years, becoming a confidante/business partner/political sage for the hard charging Manhattan billionaire.

When Trump was considering a run on the Reform party line in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Stone was busy selling his friend’s credentials and intense interest in helping save the America Dream.

Stone started off in an official capacity for Trump’s presidential campaign, but the two parted ways last summer.

Both Mr. Stone and Trump have large personalities and offer bold delivery of their beliefs, with Stone refusing to be a yes man, which is exactly what Trump needed in those early stages.

While Trump suffered several setbacks post-Stone, his longtime friend held no grudges and began an aggressive push to elect Trump president.

From his tireless defense of Mr. Trump’s style of presenting big picture sweeping issues instead of politically focused group talking points, Stone became Trump’s most effective surrogate.

He also quickly formed a series of PAC’s aimed at ushering in a Trump victory, specifically focusing on his effort Stop The Steal.

That organization held exit polls nationally to monitor the legitimacy of votes cast, while Stone’s other PAC (The Committee to Restore America’s Greatness) made major ad buys promoting “Super Trump.”

This garnered international press and headlines, with the campaign starting in Times Square and reaching Central Florida’s all important I-4 corridor.

But Stone’s special projects after parting ways with the campaign were not the only way he helped Mr. Trump run a successful challenge to the Clinton machine.

He was instrumental in ousting Koch Brothers’ operative Corey Lewandowsi from his role as campaign manager for the GOP nominee, after Mr. Lewandoski’s personal ambitions began to overshadow his boss’ quest for the White House.

In Stone’s freedom from a campaign he was once advised,  it allowed him to be himself.

Unencumbered by the campaign and free from the distraction of internal power struggles, Stone excelled.

His consistent media appearances and prime-time slots on MSNBC, CNN, FOX went viral.

But after Clinton forces got him banned by the major networks, Stone wisely partnered with Alex Jones, the King of Alternative Media.

Stone’s regular appearances on Jones’ InfoWars show would reach millions more than his network appearances and increased Stone’s profile internationally.

This of course helped Mr. Stone broaden his audience, to whom he would lobby night and day for Donald Trump.

Roger Stone and Donald Trump have had public falling outs several times during their 40-year relationship, but they have always come home to one another.

For Donald Trump’s campaign, Stone was their Dark Knight.

He was the hero they needed, despite how controversial and blunt his methods were.

Without Stone, it’s hard to believe that Trump could have won the primary or general election.

In every attack Trump made on his primary opponents to the media to the corrupt two party system, Stone was there for him.

When Trump attacked Megyn Kelly, Stone voiced his concern over the attack and proposed a re-calibration for Trump, which the businessman eventually embraced.

When Trump was slipping against Hillary, Trump finally went after he husband’s extensive history as a rapist and Hillary’s involvement in the cover-up.

That was another Stone golden oldie, beefed up by his extensively documented tome, The Clintons’ War On Women.

Every time the left wing Media Matters for America tried to destroy Stone, he rose again stronger and fought harder for Trump.

As the words of House Greyjoy in Game of Thrones go…

“”What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.”

And that’s exactly what both Donald Trump and Roger Stone proved in 2016.


  1. This was one hell of an election cycle. You guys, Mr. Assange, James O’Keefe, Alex Jones and his staff and of course, President Trumps’ inside team brought this Mother home and gave America a chance to save itself. I’m pretty f’in happy. Don’t forget to cut the head off the defeated beast! and write a book about it all, this was amazing.

  2. Can’t wait to read Roger Stone’s new book about the presidential race due out in January 2017. Stone deserves a top job in the new Trump administration. One that involves frequent interviews on the big TV networks.

  3. I first heard of Roger when he was interviewing with Alex Jones. I think Roger and Alex have great chemistry and I absolutely loved Roger’s insight on the campaign. Roger kept my hopes up and gave me talking points to use with friends and coworkers.

  4. By Jacob Engels,,ok,,, that was a alex jones kiss ass break ur own arm, slap ur self on back article,,,,,stone,,, i like ya,,,,,for now,,,

  5. roger was an expert on the inside baseball and was able to consistently predict and expose the democrats next moves the democrats ran a very nasty campaign.

  6. Mr. Stone was a godsend. I remembered his name from Republican politics, but had no idea what he was up to. I caught him on InfoWars early in the campaign. It was because of that appearance that I started to make Alex Jones & Company a daily routine.
    He is a true patriot.

  7. My husband and I worked with the Ron Paul movement in 07-08. The Revolution was the most exciting, positive and educational time in my life. We were involved in creative communication and as artists we were right in our element. The relationship between Alex and Roger during the Trump run revived that spirit of liberty in me I thought I would never know again. Thank you Roger for your brillant work. I am positive our country needs ongoing communication connecting hearts and heads of the exploded freedom movement. When I see Roger explain his ideas he inspires a visual response. Keep on educating to free all the people of these United States. God bless you.

  8. Well played sir!

    We can not let victory defeat us by going soft. Please actively press the enemy with a Nuremberg Hearing style of offensive. What has been hidden in the dark should be brought to the light. God bless you and protect you.

    Also, please do your best to not let any of the hearings be aired on traditional media networks. I am boycotting them for life, and just could not stand to see them profit from it all.

  9. stop the steal dot org. THANK YOU, ROGER. If votescam wasn’t thwarted in FL, NC, OH, MI and PA, the klintons would be ruling with reckless fervor… and drones would have been attacking assemblies of We the Deplorables on a weekly basis.

  10. Just love Roger and do believe that he, along with Alex Jones and Michael Savage made it possible for Mr. Trump to win the presidency.
    Roger Stone is absolutely brilliant, tireless and a true American patriot. I hope Mr. Trump considers Roger for a key roll in his administration.

  11. I always believed in you Roger. Love your partnership with Team Alex Jones, and love your style as well.

    Well done Sir!

  12. Roger Stone is an intellectual Terminator. He reminds me of a guy who can remember the batting averages of an entire baseball team from 30 years ago. Strike that, the entire league in fact. He is the real deal.


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