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By: Roger Stone

Contrary to published reports the Trump-Pence presidential transition is quickly taking shape after New Jersey Governor Chris Christy was ousted because of his potentially embarrassing connection to the George Washington’s bridge scandal. Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Mike Sessions have both taken an active role in restructuring the transition with the goal of identifying at least three potential candidates for each cabinet and sub-cabinet job.

Having served in President Ronald Reagan transition in both 1980 and 1984 I distinctly remember the boarding party of establishment republicans who has adamantly opposed Reagan’s nomination and election who had then seeking Plum federal jobs and appointments. The gulf in the GOP between Trump and the party establishment is even greater than it was between Reagan and the establishment types who had opposed his rise to power.

Donald Trump staked a decidedly non-interventionist view on foreign policy. At the same time, he has signaled a desire for detente with the Russia in which we would enter into hardheaded negotiations in order to preserve peace and collaborate on the military destruction of ISIS.

Although former UN ambassador John Bolton is a full-throated Neo common who supports Iraq war and regime change and who’s views towards Russia are far more bellicose, he appears to be on the short list for Secretary of State. I know John Bolton. I like John Bolton. I’ve played poker and sipped whiskey with John Bolton. He’s a brilliant guy who I probably agree with on most domestic issues but when it comes to foreign policy he is part of the Bush-Chaney-Wolfowitz crowd that has floundered millions of our tax dollars and thousands of American lives in foreign conflicts in which our nation has no apparent national interest.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has let it be known that he is interested in the Secretary of State job. This came as a surprise to many who more or less pictured him as the new Attorney General. During his own presidential campaign 2012 Giuliani staked out standard neocon positions. Giuliani’s long time personal relationship with president-elect Trump cannot be discounted.

Senator Richard Corker appears to be the third candidate in the mix for Secretary of State but whispers about a corruption investigation regarding his international financial dealings continued to permeate Capital Hill.

Late yesterday there was a flurry of rumors that president-elect Trump had reached out to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as a potential compromise candidate for Secretary of State. Although it is questionable whether Haley has the heft and experience to helm state trumps instinct that another candidate should be recruited is the right one.

Personal is policy.


  1. Quote: “He’s (John Bolton) a brilliant guy who I probably agree with on most domestic issues but when it comes to foreign policy he is part of the Bush-Chaney-Wolfowitz crowd that has floundered (squandered) millions of our tax dollars and thousands of American lives in foreign conflicts in which our nation has no apparent national interest.”

    Because John Bolton was (is?) part of the Bush-Chaney-Wolfowitz crowd, he is surely a war profiteer (bigtime) and thus, I sincerely hope he is not picked for Sec’y of State. Bolton’s connection to that bloodthirsty old regime should cause Trump, Pence and their staff to have serious reservations. Surely there are other people who are just as well qualified for the job of Sec’y of State. If Bolton gets the job I have a feeling he will use it to profit in the wars overseas. From “Clinton Cash” to “Bolton Cash”?

    I gotta believe President-elect Donald Trump is too wise to seriously consider an old warmonger like John Bolton for such an important position is his administration.

    Bolton could be a personal advisor to Trump but, please, not in an official gov’t position. No!


  2. You need to edit this article and remove it’s trivial errors. Reagan, not Regan. Gulf, not Golf.

    It’s probably necessary for Trump to meet with the NeoCon job seekers. In that sense, it is a blessing that Chris Cristy was given this task and failed. Anyone he recommended can be routinely dismissed. Romney should be kept at arms length and not just because he said such nasty things about Trump during the primary.

    There are opportunities for humorous revenge against the left. What if Sarah Palin were nominated for the EPA or Interior with a mission to close them down? Milo Yiannopoulos for press secretary? Ann Coulter for ambassador to the UN? Nigel Farage for ambassador to the EU? The mind boggles.

      1. I wanted to keep him from looking like a fool. That was act of kindness. I expected him to be an adult and thus be able to accept trivial criticism.

        Why are you telling me what I NEED to do? Is that a friendly act? It sounds more like thought police. LOL

        1. Reading your first sentence in your comment and using “trivial” as your description of his mistakes is not friendly. Be as you are, but I merely was pointing out how trivial you were being. LOL, blah, blah, blah!

          1. Roger Stone is a professional writer. I assume that he knows the rules. It felt as though he rushed writing this article. He has no editor, so the readers NEED to perform this function.

            His job as a writer is to give us information. When he botches the job, he pays a price. It is an act of kindness to tell a writer when he has failed to satisfy us.

            Who are you to attack me on this? Do you want Roger to get away with writing rubbish? This was an article, not a tweet. I expected better of him.

          2. It is not disrespectful to tell a writer that he has errors in his article. It’s called Proof-reading. I assume that he wants to fix the errors.

            It looked to me as though his spell checker malfunctioned and he didn’t re-read it carefully. This can happen to anyone who writes. It looked rushed. That’s all.

          3. Oh please give Stone a break. He is Steady on his Beliefs, (Common Sense and Fact Driven in my opinion)and isn’t flipping Day to Day like others are.

  3. Jim Webb former democrat (a real democrat) would be great for this
    position and he supported Trump in this campaign. In a dream world Ron
    Paul but not realistic.

    1. What I’ve saw of Jim Webb,one of the Last Conservative Dems left…I would PICK him definitely over Bob Corker! Corker is A Globalist,and A Big time Anti-Trucking (Small Business Truckers) Puke. I’m Ashamed of Him ,being my Senator From TN.. And Gov. Bill Haslam is a #1 Globalist also.

  4. You know all he needs to do is ask the questions the most powerful aliens in B5 asked people: One asked “Who are you?” i.e. define yourself hopefully not as a powermonger or suck up, and one race asked people “What do you want?”, getting to the heart of things. Just a thought.

  5. ” Roger Stone often gives insights on behind-the-scenes political agendas on Fox News and InfoWars and has been banned by CNN and MSNBC for his outspoken and politically in correct criticism of Bill and Hillary Clinton “.

    Roger Stone – a True Patriot !


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