Hillary for Prison get your shirt today

Hillary for Prison get your shirt today




  1. I pray that Trump will have her investigated, along with John Podesta and ALL of those involved with the whole Pizza Gate scandal which will hopefully bring down the satanic pedophile ring!

  2. If Hillary walks Trump becomes just another “all talk no action politician”. A very large number of the people who voted for him – possibly most – will rightly see it as a complete betrayal.

    1. Don’t give up on him yet. Give things time to see the outcome. Trump has been playing a game of political chess with the establishment to lull them into a false sense of security. Look at what happened with Chris Christie.

      1. Trump is 5 moves ahead. Just wait til after the inauguration. Hints of more clinton crime family leaks right after Trump gets sworn in. THEN he is in the position to be FORCED to do something about the clintons, (shocked look /s) cause it will be something so horrible that he CANNOT ignore it. Perfect move…This dude is a flipping genius. Why the HELL didn’t he run 20 years ago. America would have NEVER sunk to the lows in which we find ourselves now. MAGA

  3. The cat is out of the bag and someone has to stand up and make this stop. There have to be people in Congress who won’t allow our country to buy and sell children for pedophiles. Where has Clinton been? Are they serving her up for a #SpiritCooking because of her colossal failure to ensure the secrecy of the satanic pedo ring?

  4. Broken promises = broken hearts. We will allow some space and time but the right thing (justice) must be done. Might have to wait for after January 20th for pizzagate investigation so that obama can’t pardon her on his way out. But in no way will we forget about the incredulously evil acts against children and let that go. The pedo ring must be broken, criminals must be locked up, and the children must be protected. It’s so hard to be patient (and sleep well!) knowing what we know now. There are plenty of other crimes clinton and her co-conspirators need to be held accountable for so one way or the other, LOCK HER UP. Much love for the patriotic infowarriors out there – thank you for what you do.

    1. “I can’t pardon somebody who hasn’t gone before a court and presented themselves.” – Obama on pardoning Snowden.

      Not that he hasn’t lied before, but let’s not forget this statement if our current POTUS attempts any funny business.

  5. Let’s hope Trump has a “trump card” up his sleeve. If he appoints the right Attorney General, one that will uphold the law and does not have an “owner”, then they will be free to investigate and prosecute accordingly. I believe that Trump just wants to make it to the Whitehouse at this point.
    I think Trey Gowdy would be an asset in his administration.

    1. Google “Republicans work with Muslim brotherhood.” Trey Gowdy is part of the establishment. He’s a great friend of John Boehner and far worse. I really liked Gowdy, too, but someone set me straight about him. He should not be trusted.

      1. It’s difficult to know who to trust, if anyone these days.
        Guess it really is time to #DrainTheSwamp once and for all.

  6. Roger,

    May I thank you for your courage to address the swirl of rumors, half-truths and lies that the presstitutes are using to cripple our man Trump before he can get a good start taxiing toward launch – January 20, 2016. I refuse to give in to the notion that Trump will betray the American people and everyone of us who worked tirelessly to elect him.

    I have friends who go way back to grade school with Bill Clinton, they learned a little something here and there. Slick is everything and then some that has been said about him. Hillary and Slick ought to be investigated and the chips fall where they may. The federal government should be the last institution to know the progress of said investigation – there isn’t a single alphabet agency that can be trusted. And no lawyer. We both know that. And, let’s leave it at that.

    My view is that Trump will never recover should he fail to make good on three or four of his foundational campaign pledges repeated over and over again on his way to the election just had. Ego is a sly actor once admitted into one’s head. Prayer works wonders. My eyes see when I read the ink off the pages of my KJ.

    Judas Goats abound on every line into NYC and DC. Beware the lie and liar, and, mischief-makers.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I feel so betrayed by Trump his promise to
    prosecute Hillary for her crimes was one of the main reasons I voted for him. It was a battle cry at his rallies. Now he says “they are good people” mind-blowing!!

  8. If he doesn’t follow through with the right AG, his words will be worth shit, and we know where he stands from now on.

  9. The people and sites such as yours Roger, will keep their crimes visible on different media. There can be no way anyone who commits these sorts of atrocities not go before a jury of their peers and be tried for crimes like any other criminal. The allegations are outrageous and if true, may their souls be damned.

  10. If Trump’s DOJ doesn’t investigate her, it’s because of Trump as Giuliani himself said there’s over a dozen severe violations. Trump would then be part of the swamp. The honeymoon may be over before he even takes office.

  11. Any other source is saying that the FBI took all copies of the Wiener data from the NYPD. What’s the source for the claim members of Congress have copies as well?

  12. I am still holding out hope that Trump is once again being “clever like a fox” on this whole “not going to prosecute Hillary” thing, BUT, what really pisses me off is that he said the “Clinton’s are good people”. WTF? Hillary and her campaign sought to destroy Trump’s 40-year public reputation as a fairly unflawed piece of Americana by getting tens of millions of people to equate Trump to Hitler, racism, bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, etc. The same Clintons that turned the unground character assasination against Trump onto all of us who detest Hillary and her (hateful, anti-American) ideology that aren’t racist, bigots, misogynists, xenophobes or homophobes. That’s an unforgivable comment, Trump.

    1. Keep your friends close, enemies closer. Let them hear what they need to hear so they back off and once he’s POTUS he can do what needs to be done. here’s hoping.

        1. He also doesn’t need to prosecute HC in that he wont be the one prosecuting her. So in essence he’s telling the truth, does not mean she wont be prosecuted at some stage. What he’s doing is right out of the art of war. brilliant.

    2. I’m worried that Trump is being deprogrammed as we speak. The Clintons are not good. Even if the really freaky info can never be confirmed, the Clintons exploited the funds designated for Haiti. We know this. We also know that they only give about 5% of the Clinton foundation cash…and included Chelsea’s wedding on their funding! And yes, using non-profit funds for a private wedding….yeah it’s pretty illegal.

  13. You need federal police investigating this pizzagate thing, they need to find intent and proof of crimes, not symbols and assumptions from youtube videos. It is all very weird. If more emails come to light they will investigate clinton again on that.

  14. >Some in the Republican establishment are calling on Trump to give the Clintons a pass in the interest in healing the country after a divisive election.

    Should read:
    “Some panicking establishment Republicans – who were likely complicit in Clinton corruption – are pleading with Trump to give the Clintons a pass.”

    1. “Should read: Some….” – good thought.
      As for condescending, clueless Republican establishment narrative “what heals the country”, I actually hate people speaking for me.

  15. First time poster at Roger’s website. Keep up the good work. We are cheering for you to be successful .

    I willing to exchange Prosecution of David Brock vs Hillary.

  16. A Theory: if Trump maintains the narrative that he is going to push for a special prosecutor against the clintons, Obama may have been forced into a position to issue a blanket pardon for the clintons. Perhaps this is another genius move to stall and rope-a-dope the narrative until January 20th once Obama is out of office. Then he can move forward with Justice and show the country that no one is above the law. Make sense?

    1. **If I hear this EXCUSE one more time I’m going to Puke!** Like the the Clinton’s are STUPID enough not to have thought of that? Obama may Pardon her on the Emails she deleted on HER Server,, But he couldn’t and wouldn’t on the Child sex ring. Now I’m NOT saying she will ever even have to answer to the Allegations on the Child sex Deal. But that WILL BE there for TRUMP to push,,,IF he wants

  17. Trump promised to appoint a special prosecutor. He called her “crooked Hillary.” Was it just words to get elected? He promised to drain the swamp. Instead he is filling it up with globalist RINOS like Preibus, Barber, and now he’s floating out Romney. I feel very betrayed.

  18. We thought we were electing a steely and determined leader who would not be intimidated by the Republican Establishment, or else we would have chosen one of them to begin with. Rudy talked a big game about having enough evidence to prosecute her already, before the election, and he has already caved. I seem to have more nerve than either of them do, as do our soldiers and law enforcement officers. Putin must be rolling on the floor laughing right now at the state of the USA.

    Is the mere voting middle class of devoted citizens the only group in this country with any common sense? We are greatly insulted and disappointed by these people’s weak arguments against pursuing this evidence, and Trump hasn’t even taken office yet. We have given the Republicans as much political backup as we could so that any voter fraud committed would be overcome this year, because we believe that Donald Trump is the first man in a long time that is willing to NOT give up on his campaign promises and able to see them through. Will you please remind these eunuchs that they have ONLY TWO YEARS UNTIL THE NEXT ELECTION, WHEN WE MAY FINALLY CLEAN OUT THE HOUSE AND SENATE SO WE CAN START OVER.

    A lot of us are Christians and we may be willing to forgive and forget what the other side has and is doing to us ordinary citizens, BUT ONLY AFTER THEY SEE THE ERROR OF THEIR WAYS, APOLOGIZE TO US, TURN THEIR ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR AROUND, STOP ACTING LIKE 2-YEAR OLDS, AND A GOOD DOSE OF COMMON SENSE IS BRED BACK INTO THEM.

    If you could get this message to Donald Trump I would greatly appreciate it as I have no other way to ensure that this message will ever get to him. Than you very much for your attention. P.S. He has to get rid of Romney and Reince whatever-his-last-name-is now.

  19. Is there a petition we can sign and send to Trump showing him we are serious about prosecuting Killary and Kill Clinton along with all the other criminal cronies in the Obama administration?

  20. This Mitt as SOS, could be a master chess move, bringing Mitt closer though risky he not only eliminates an overt enemy by making him a public friend, with that Trump could scoop a few stubborn NeoCons to help pass Trumps planks, and that is what Trump wants no matter how to get there.

    And let’s not forget Trump can always Fire Mitt, thus putting Mitt under his thumb, right where we want him

  21. Yes. President Trump MUST MUST MUST prosecute the Clintons. The only possible excuse I could imagine is if the Clintons are so sick, they cannot make it to the end of the trial. But what President Trump CAN do, with much less pressure upon him, is to prosecute the Podesta Brothers for their role in the Comet Ping Pong Pizza debacle.
    In any event, President Trump MUST MUST MUST come on like GANGBUSTERS and Damn the Torpedoes Full Speed Ahead if he wants to remain a credible moral authority.

  22. Since Trump has just invited the libmedia to do their worse to him for the next four years, he cannot afford to bring his word into question with his base. Trump will need more than an independent means of bringing his word to the People if the truthfulness of that word is questioned by his base.

  23. Roger Stones prose suggests that he’s exhausted. Lots of typos. Nonetheless his analysis is dead-on. This is as much about Trump’s credibility as it is Clinton’s criminality. Their oozing corruption never fails to engulf all parties.

  24. “Neat deviants”?

    The $64,000 question is whether any of the Congress critters will have the guts to rip open and expose the Clintons’ termite mound. We’ll see…. but the Clintons have skated for high crimes and misdemeanors for decades, because so many in government[s] and businesses are complicit with them.


  25. It was the existence of these emails plus secret testimony to the FBI
    about a Clinton foundation shape down in which the Clintons had extorted
    2 million dollars from the nation of Serbia for a meeting with
    president Barack Obama that caused FBI Director James Comey to announce
    that he was reopening Hillary’s email investigation.

    Don’t forget Marina Abramovic is from Belgrade. sAY, THANK YOU SERBIAN INTELLIGENCE! Now, Roger, don’t you think Clintons paid some change to Serbian Prime Minister in order to cover up Bill’s deal with Alija Izetbegovic how many dead Muslims are needed for bombing to start. Do you think it is fair to blame Serbs for made up genocide? Don’t you thinK one of these days Bill cLINTON WILL BE CHARGED FOR WAR CRIMES?

  26. And I thought you were going to say Washington should not let Clintons should cop a feel (as in “Ah feel yo pain”).
    Seriously, if Hillary could and should have been prosecuted for violating any one of 15 or more federal felony statutes, before, there’s no reason to indict her for a few of the more egregious ones now. Certainly, they should go after the Clinton Foundation, and to the extent allowable, seize its assets and shutter its operations. Chelsea can use her parents’ fortune to buy baby clothes.


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