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HEATSTREET-Political Strategist Roger Stone Says He’s Being Kicked Out of His Apartment Over Trump Support

HEATSTREET-Political Strategist Roger Stone Says He’s Being Kicked Out of His Apartment Over Trump Support


By Emily Zanotti

Controversial political strategist Roger Stone, who worked for the Donald Trump Presidential campaign briefly before becoming an independent voice for Trump’s election, says he’s being kicked out of his apartment over his vocal support for the President-elect.

Stone took to Twitter Tuesday to say that his landlord had canceled the lease on Stone’s Upper East Side New York City apartment.


Stone, a political “dirty trickster,” who served as a top-level strategist for several Republican campaigns (and was close friends with Richard Nixon) joined the Trump effort early on, well before the primary.

He parted ways with Trump’s Presidential campaign in August after he and Trump disagreed over whether Trump should continue to publicly attack Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. But he maintains that the split was amicable and that he and Trump remain friends.

Stone keeps the apartment in NYC but his main residence is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He appears to keep his apartment in NYC partly for the entertainment value.


It seems his liberal neighbors (and landlord), who couldn’t possibly have missed Stone’s allegiances up until now, have finally had enough. It’s highly unlikely, though, that Stone will refrain from biting back.

Source: http://heatst.com/politics/political-strategist-roger-stone-says-hes-being-kicked-out-of-his-apartment-over-trump-support/


  1. Pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the liberal crybabies since Trump won the election. If Hillary had won the election we all know the landlord wouldn’t have done this, because they like to maintain the facade that they’re nice people. But since Trump did win the mask has dropped. It can only be described as infantile spite.

  2. Hey, you can stay at my house if you want. You’d have to endure a long Metro-North ride though.
    Seriously though, are you guys going to contest the counts in NY and CA to take those Electors off the table like Jill Stein is doing with WI? Otherwise, tell us all how to volunteer to speed up that recount in WI!

  3. Hey Roger Stone, if you read this post, please tell Trump not to pick general Petraeus and Romney. Both of them are Globalist. We don’t want Globalist, we are tire of war !!!!

    A very good candidate would be Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/

    Please tell Trump to bring back some of Reagan’s staff.

    Please tell Trump to give James O’ Keefe a cabinet position.

  4. It’s NYC what did you think? East side West side all around the town The Liberal are a running it and Homeless is abound.

  5. Didn’t he just get turned away from the Deploraball? Just watched the video on Vice. Hilarious! The guy was listed as one of their famous speakers and the bouncer at the door turns him away because he didn’t have a ticket for his wife!! These guys really prove how uneducated they are everyday. A gift that keeps on giving. My laugh of the day. Thanks Pepe.

  6. Thats alright Roger, he’s done you a favour, the apartment was looking shabby like a member of the democratic party anyway, not appropriate for someone so closely connected to the President. Move on to something better reflecting your style, influence and good taste.


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