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By Roger Stone

One of the most controversial decisions a President Trump will have to make is whether to continue the federal stand-down by the us Justice department in which DOJ does not enforce federal marijuana laws where they contradict state laws legalizing the legal use and sale of marijuana in the 37 states where it is currently legal in some form. Although he has a long standing personal opposition to drug use Trump has also expressed support for the medicinal use of marijuana in the states where it is legal.

Canceling the order by Obama attorney general Eric Holder to stand down on Marijuana would cause a major dislocation in multiple states that are currently budgeting millions in state revenue from the taxation of marijuana and un-employing hundreds of thousands of people currently working in an industry legalized by the states. I would urge President-Elect Trump to view this as a business man; U.S. government cannot turn back the clock on federal marijuana law enforcement.

Just over one year ago, on November 23, 2016, GQ Magazine published a video interview of Donald J. Trump while he was campaigning for POTUS.  In this interview, he was asked his opinion about legalized marijuana, to which he answered “Legalized marijuana is always a difficult question . . . for medicinal purposes, for medical purposes, absolutely, it’s fine.”

A month before, on October 29, 2015, then Candidate Trump told the Washington Post: “In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state. Marijuana is such a big thing. I think medical should. And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states. And of course, you have Colorado. There’s a question as to how it’s all working out there, you know? That’s not going exactly trouble-free.”

While many Internet sources say that sometime in 1990, the Sarasota Herald Tribune published an article that Donald J. Trump said the War on Drugs was a joke, this researcher has found that what actually occurred was on April 14, 1990, at a Company of the Year Award luncheon, sponsored by the Sarasota Herald Tribune for their annual prize announcement, Donald J. Trump was invited to speak.  Trump said he thought the Drug Enforcement Agency efficacy was a joke, and that “we’re losing badly in the war on drugs … you have to take the profit away from these drug czars … tax revenues from a legalized drug trade could be spent to educate the public on the dangers of drugs.”  Portugal tried this model in 2001, and it is considered a great success by the Portuguese more than fifteen years later.

While Donald Trump is on record at the 2015 CPAC making a statement about recreational marijuana, “I say it’s bad.  Medical marijuana is another thing, but I think it’s bad, and I feel strongly about it.”  Donald was speaking to Conservatives, and while that might have been the reasoning behind making such a marked change of direction from his position in the 1990’s, his position on Medical Marijuana, even in the face of these same Conservatives, remains unchanged.

During the same election that won Trump the Presidency, there was another vote on the Florida ballot.  Amendment 2 passed with an overwhelming majority, with more than 71% of the States votes, on the Left and the Right, approving of Medical Marijuana.  This is a far higher percentage of the population than voted for Donald Trump, which reported by the State of Florida, stands at just over 49%.

Florida was not alone, as California, Nevada, and Massachusetts approved of recreational marijuana, and North Dakota and Arkansas passing their own Medical Marijuana provisions.

All told, twenty-eight States and Washington D.C. now have legalized Medical Marijuana.  A clear majority of States and population are for it, nationwide.

A great many pro-marijuana organizations, publications, and Internet outlets put their support behind Donald Trump based on his positive statements about Medical Marijuana.  People who have marijuana rights as their primary political issue turned to Trump, many against long time party affiliation, in hopes of greater freedom and less abuse at the hands of Federal Agencies.

If, after winning the election, Donald Trump listens to the likes of Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions he risks alienating his base and his newly won supporters in a very tangible way.  Both Sessions and Christie come from ‘Old World’ War on Drugs thinking.

Criminalized Marijuana has directly lead to the persecution of countless individuals, the vast majority of whom are poor and minorities.  That this was the desired result of the designers of the system of criminalization cannot be reasonable doubted.

Laws to suppress tend to strengthen what they would prohibit.  This is the fine point on which all legal professions throughout history have based their jobs security.” – Frank Herbert 

We cannot leave it to ‘Law Enforcement’ types to decide what is to be allowed and what is to be prohibited.  The People must decide for themselves, and they have decided.  Overwhelmingly so. They have decided they want legalized marijuana.

If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”  – Thomas Jefferson

Drain the Swamp.  Limit Federal Power.  Reel-in out-of-control Alphabet Soup agencies.  Return respect for law.  These are all things Donald Trump made as major issues for his campaign platform.

The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced.” – Albert Einstein

A precipitous move by the Trump administration to change the equation on legal marijuana in the states could in fact bring action by congress where a coalition of liberal Democrats and libertarian republicans are moving towards legislation to legalize the plant.



        1. cool insult…doesn’t change the fact that you’re a low iq, mentally unstable idiot following an alex jones conspiracy fantasy.

          1. You and your fellow pedophiles want it swept under the rug, as was the Franklin-Boys Town scandal? This is why, all of a sudden, the “fake news” BS is making waves. Even Hillary has reemerged to make sure her pizza order isn’t cooked by fake news. schade!

  1. Trump could be the one to unleash the potential of at least industrial hemp (which doesn’t even get you high) and would revolutionize industries like plastics, paper, textiles, fuels, lubricants, feed stocks for animals/humans, medicine, building materials, composites, super batteries and over 25,000 different uses. This should be a no brainer considering the US govt. already has patents on the medicinal qualities of cannabinoids. This could be progress toward energy independence in mere months and years, not decades. If people were allowed to plant hemp on acreage the us gov is paying people NOT to grow on, we could have already had energy independence. BUT, it looks like he is filling his cabinet with Israel firsters and Iran warhwaks so I guess time will tell.

    1. campaigned against corporate lobbyist swamp..puts goldman in charge, considering exxon to run state dept smh. campaigned against stupid wars, considering john bolton smh.

  2. Also, Roger, if you’re reading, Trump should immediately make a website where Americans offer solutions and they get voted on according to priority (kind of like ohmamma did, except they ignored the will of the people.) Some of the best ideas come from the bottom up. I guarantee my suggestion below would be the highest voted, just as it was on the ohmamma website. You can have the credit, just make it happen please.

    1. Trump’s the last person on the planet to care what anyone else thinks. He’s made that perfectly clear.

  3. Roger is one of my heroes
    but I have to disagree with him on this issue.

    China will advance while
    the US and the rest of the west will continue to go to pot. Despite their
    totalitarian extremes the Chinese are wise enough to know the difference
    between individual productivity (which usually requires a lot of self
    denial) and modern western dysfunctionalism. Medical pot is fine as it has
    very little THC, but advocates like Stone seem to go back to the 60’s. Let’s
    everybody get stoned. Dylan has grown out of it with finding something
    more real and obviously not compatible with pot or any other
    “recreational” drugs. The problem is with the more mature,
    educated and self disciplined people trying it and not seeing much of
    a change in their productivity. Then they make the error of saying of
    advocating it for everyone. A younger crowd whose brains and virtues
    are not well formed are the main causalities. Of course
    the elites most likely for this very reason promote its use and
    other drugs to flourish with the young in underclass communities.
    From my personal experience all of my past friends who never moved
    on from the culture are as if they are in a time warp. Most of them
    fifty years later are just the same – same interests, same friends, not much
    mental or spiritual change – pretty scary.

    1. You are looking at the issue incorrectly. You just proved the opposite side by saying people smoke weed over many years–prohibition doesn’t stop ANYONE from getting cannabis; it just moves the sales to the black market, empowering criminal cartels, wasting BILLIONS in tax dollars, losing BILLIONS in tax revenues and prison space. Don’t claim to care about liberty and govt. spending and say we should spend BILLIONS to put pot smokers behind bars because you think it makes them lazy. You think they are more productive behind bars? Get real.

    2. Just because your “friends” still live in a perceived arrested state of development doesn’t mean that there aren’t several VERY successful millionaires and billionaires like Richard Branson who are extremely “productive” and use cannabis for recreation/therapeutic value. Doctors, Lawyers and many top professionals use it daily even though they may not advertise it. as explained below, prohibition doesn’t hasn’t and will never work. As long as there is demand (and there will be) there will be supply (wall or not) It’s time to take a fresh look at the failed war on drugs/liberty and do something about it. It time to unleash the potential of industrial hemp and create millions of jobs almost overnight. That is not pie in the sky thinking, it is fact.

    3. Well Paul, we are certainly very lucky to have someone as sensible as you among us to limit our liberty, since you obviously know what is best for the rest of us and you clearly understand that whatever you might think is truly best for us ought to be forced on us using guns, clubs, and prisons which we are forced to pay for. Thank you Paul for your deep insight into our transparent psychology and psychic needs. That your old friends stayed happy in their old culture and failed to become like you is certainly proof of how wrong they were. Lucky we are indeed that you have come among us.

  4. I think trump is pro-cannabis but pence is very anti-cannabis and has appointed jeff sessions as AG who might just take us back to the wasteful illegal drug war of the 80’s.

    1. I don’t think Sessions, who’s a constitutionalist, will be a problem. Like Trump he understands this isn’t a matter for the Federal govt, regardless of his personal views on drug use.

  5. To me this is about two fundamental issues: the basic inalienable right to freedom, and state sovereignty. There is evidence that marijuana is harmful to the young—those whose brains are still developing—but adults should be free to make their own choices, so long as they understand that drug use (or addiction) cannot be used as a legal defense for their actions any more than inebriation is a defense against getting behind the wheel of an automobile and killing someone. As to state sovereignty, I suppose this will be a test to see if Trump truly believes and understands that Federal powers do not extend beyond those strictly outlined in the Constitution, and that this is therefore an issue which only individual states can decide upon. The only time the Fed can or should interfere is when state officials are violating the basic rights of its citizens, and in such a way that those citizens are unable to help themselves.

  6. Problem is that in the west the MSM and the “educated” elite, the “we know best crowd”,
    never seem to really dig deep enough into issues like this one, then when they
    encounter opposition to their PCness they seem not to listen to anything but
    themselves. What I said holds not only for individual productivity in China,
    but also as exhibited in nations like Japan and Israel. They know the resultant
    social effect on individual reliability and that it also remains a gateway
    drug. They have good reasons for keeping it illegal and are far better at
    enforcing their prohibitions than in North America or western Europe.

    When it comes to our youth I suggest you read medical scientific studies on the
    adolescent brain development you will see why they are
    generally “risk takers”. Apart from the problems that their brains
    are still forming and THC makes permanent changes, you have the fact that most
    of our youth are in the process of learning, which we hope are to be good habits
    and virtues which take self-discipline and a good measure of self-denial. The
    self-indulgence with heightened sensuality and euphoric highs creates a
    lassitude and phony individualism which militates against their development and
    ultimately the common good.

    Generally, I have found with employees that the pot smokers are more unreliable,
    tend not to be self-starters, have more days off, and tend more to do what they feel like doing than what
    they should. I think it would be oxymoronic for Trump to remove the
    federal restrictions on the drug and at the same time try to make the
    country more competitive and productive. Advocates of such legalization have a
    lot in common with tribalists like Soros who advocate the same.

    1. Generally, people who want to use my tax dollars to put someone else in prison because they smoked or ate a plant are fucking jerk offs.

    2. That would be the problem with pot ABUSERS, as it is with alcoholics. Alcohol is a much more dangerous DRUG than pot. There will always be abusers, and they must learn the hard way that drugs and employment don’t mesh.

    3. Wonderful stuff, Paul. If we are to build a great nation of productive subjects, we must take control of their body chemistry. Obviously, personal liberty cannot be allowed to trump our deep collective insights. Thank you Paul for your enlightened and superior view of humans and your recognition that it is necessary to teach them self-denial if they are to properly serve our collective magnificence. Advocates of drug legalization have a lot in common with tribalists like Thomas Jefferson who advocated the same sort of “pursuit of happiness” nonsense. We need more mature folks just like you, Paul, who understand that individual liberty and happiness must be sacrificed if we are to be victorious in our mission to create a more productive and competitive collective common national union. Bravo!

    4. Says Paul, the prohibitionist: “Problem is … the “we know best crowd”…seem not to listen to anything but themselves.” That’s right, Paul.

  7. It is nobody’s damn business if someone wants to do drugs. It is a matter of personal freedoms/choice. If your job says you may not take “illegal” drugs, then that is another matter (term of employment).

    The “War on Drugs” is an absolute joke…and a disgrace.

    1. My business when a see a friend or relative’s life go down the toilet. My business when my taxes have to pay for the havoc addicts cause.
      Problem with the war on drugs was that the authorities both in the US and in the Latin American nations were totally corrupt. They still are. Drugs is big business and legalization only adds to the problem.

      1. Right, and the BILLIONS of tax dollars spent in the failed “war on drugs” have proved so successful. Your argument does not stand up.

      2. Your statement is a rambling mess of contradiction. You admit the authorities are corrupt and then proceed to say legalization adds to the problem.
        “Ramble on”– led zeppelin

      3. Oh come on, Paul, cannabis is so much safer than killer alcohol there’s utterly no comparison. Alcohol kills about 100,000 Americans each year. Howe many people do you think cannabis kills?

  8. To be consistent with his law and order swamp draining rather than extend Holder’s illegality the federal law itself should be amended.

    The worst aspect of the Drug War overall though is how red tape based on hysteria has shut down neurochemistry research in humans. Addiction, depression and anxiety could be cured by now if testing psychoactive compounds in people wasn’t the kiss of death of an academic career. Only psychedelics show great promise in curing these plagues on society. But you can’t test thousands of compounds in perfectly willing volunteers. So millions die each year on the planet from preventable overdoses, liver cancer and suicide.

  9. IMO, all drugs should be decriminalized. Anyone anywhere anytime can get all the drugs they want, and as it now stands, who are they supporting? The drug cartels and traffickers? I venture to say that the U.S. is the major drug trafficker on the planet. Poppy cultivation and heroin production in Afghanistan have quadrupled; our troops are guarding them. Doesn’t anybody wonder why? And who is supporting and protecting the Sinaloa Cartel?

    Drugs are available everywhere .. on the streets, in churches, in schools, in medical facilities, behind phony store fronts! Anyone who wants drugs knows where to find them. But, the drugs of choice now are LEGAL Rx drugs. They are as or more dangerous than illicit street drugs, since they are allowed to advertise non-stop to glorify their use. If I were President, I would seek to prohibit DRUG advertising, just as alcohol and cigarette advertising have been prohibited. Big Pharma spends a fortune on advertising. Don’t you think these every-five-minute ads increase drug costs?

    I do not advocate any drug use. Medical marijuana has been developed with low THC and high CBD, making it a very valuable alternative to “cut, poison, burn,” which is now the prevailing treatment for cancer. Can anyone explain why hemp, a valuable industrial crop, is still on the dangerous drug list? Follow the money; it will explain everything.

  10. At this point, I would prefer Roger Stone be in the White House. I certainly hope Mr. Trump continues to pay attention to Mr. Stone. The war on drugs is pure stinking evil. Those who believe that they own the body chemistry of others are sadistic and should be nowhere near the centers of power. They are not ‘conservatives’ – they are perverts.

    1. I totally agree. Roger Stone knows the insides and outs of politics and I think he would be an excellent adviser. On the subject of the war on drugs, it has destroyed lives and wasted too much money. I’m disappointed that Trump thinks recreational marijuana is “bad” but I’m encouraged by Trump’s favorable view on medical marijuana. It’s a step.

    1. Way true, Paul.

      When we poll hard drug users, we find that they have tried marijuana previously, and thus we refer to it as a gateway drug. We also find that they have tried milk previously and we can only hope our dear leaders will take a pro-active legislative position classifying milk as a schedule 1 drug soon. Lactating women will need to be monitored closely, of course, to save us all from further social disintegration and dysfunctionalism.

      When will people ever learn that OUR SOCIETY trumps their little individual lives??

  11. When you legalize this stuff you will be more and more subject to other powers and more than ever cease to be a nation. Using the milk example to deflect the issue of it being a gateway drug is a very good example of pot-headed reasoning. Everyone in the culture I was a part did pot to turn on high get ally and to get high. The evidence is that many if not most try other drugs promising more euphoria. Young people who are scientifically proven to be greater risk takers are usually those who go on to get hook on drugs like crack, meth, heroin, etc. In my province there is now an epidemic of overdosing with fentanyl.
    In answer to Tony’s comment I believe it is everyone’s duty to protect the weak and the vulnerable from harm. The libertarian, social-Darwinian idea of standing by with addled brains watching people, and even a nation go down the drain, is destructive. Medical Marijuana, which is without THC does not give you a high so please don’t confuse the two.

    1. 1) Paul, you write that: “The evidence is that many if not most try other drugs promising more euphoria.”
      That is in fact not true. The official evidence is just the opposite. Most pot smokers do not go on to try other drugs.
      2) Such questions are silly since, so long as drugs are illegal, there is no reason to believe that people tell the truth about their drug use.
      3) Declaring that those who disagree with you are “weak and vulnerable” so you can then claim that your violent busy-body nonsense is you “protecting” them by kicking in their doors, shooting their dogs and sending them to prison is so absurd that we might wonder what you are smoking.
      4) Characterizing my views as pot-headed is consistent with your general position: that you know all about the minds of strangers and you know what they should and should not be allowed to do with their minds, and you advocate forcing those views on them.
      5) Libertarian ideas are not social-Darwinian ideas. Libertarianism means that you don’t get to force yourself on others. Clearly you object to that limitation, since you know what is best for others.

      1. John

        1. I said many if not most go on to other drugs. Okay then, “many” will do – but the point is that most who ended up with serious drug problems did start with pot, and we do have serious drug addiction problems in all of North America.

        2. Making it legal will only add to problems especially with the poor.

        3. Another example of your pot-addled liberal reasoning. The young and the vulnerable need protection from predators. I did advocate kicking their doors in or incarcerate incarceration. First of all, the law is a teacher. Keeping it illegal sends a strong message. As for drug dealers the fact is the establishment protects those who work for them because it is big big business. Yes, kick the doors down of the respectable oligarchs and their police-protected networks who own and run the illegal drug industries, take their loot, and put them behind bars.

        4. Either I am right and you are a pot head or I am wrong about that. But in any case I find you a bit muddled.

        5. On some issues I believe I do know what is right and what is wrong. I tend to act on my beliefs when I see harm to others.Libertarianism is simply a kind of agnostic intellectual neutralism based on the assumption there is no up or down or good or evil, except in one’s private life.

        1. Paul,

          You have made clear that you have no understanding of libertarianism, liberty, equality, or morality. You’re just a little bully who wants to rule over others. If I am 17 years old and want to smoke some weed, I only become the victim of a predator when you show up. Violating the rights of others to “send messages” is sadistic.

          Your characterization of Libertarianism is especially malicious – that it says there is no good or evil. Libertarianism begins with the premise that the essence of evil is the initiation of force – which means that sadistic little bullies like you do not have a right to aggress against the innocent – even when you self-righteously think you are saving them from what you, in your ignorant arrogance, have decided isn’t good for them. You are – contrary to your self appraisal – remarkably ignorant of right and wrong.

          Also, your inability to understand something as simple as non-aggression doesn’t mean I am “muddled”. There are those who seek to guide others through persuasive advice and by example, and those who seek to rule others through threats of violence. You are the latter pretending to be the former.

          1. Libertarian civil liberties: In addition to most libertarians advocating
            the legalization of pot many go further advocating the legalization of all
            recreational drugs and even hard drugs. In the same breath they deny that pot
            is a gateway drug to stronger and more destructive drugs for users, yet they
            are using the pot issue as the very gateway for legalizing other drugs. Where
            are you on this issue? Are you one of those advocating the legalization of
            other prohibited drugs?

            Blanket concepts like freedom or liberty over one’s own body has limits in my book. Furthermore, when those liberties adversely affect the lives of families, children and society around these addicts, then people who spout libertarian principles can simply stuff it.

            I am a Canadian and I know that the oligarchs and government officialdom in my country are as corrupt as in the US and Mexico regarding the drug trade. The Heroin trade out of Afghanistan, which is US protected and controlled, is estimated to be a $400 billion a year “industry”. Then you have the coke and meth “industries” not to mention the pot industries, which the hidden and “respectable” controllers would now like to legalize under the guise of libertarian principles.

            Our politicians, bureaucrats, agencies, police forces and even armies have been unable to effectively deal with these problems simply because they are all rife with corruption. When you legalize all this shit, you are only institutionalizing it and you end up with a society which will be far more fragmented and dysfunctional than even at present.

            The government corruption does not just end with drugs. Just about every bureaucrat on any level of government when dealing with contract issues these days feels entitled to some form of kickback or perk.

            Libertarian laissez-faire: Free trade is a good example of the libertarian laissez-faire principle at work. Free trade agreements were spawned by CEO’s, neocons, and elite oligarchs to benefit themselves, the elites. In our countries it has led to a crippling imbalance of trade. In addition to loss of jobs, manufacturing, technology, etc., it has resulted in the wholesale transfer of economic and financial power to China, and with it eventually will go military power as well.

          2. P: Are you one of those advocating the legalization of other prohibited drugs?

            J: Yes, because I do not recognize the right of any human to harm or control another except in self-defense.

            P: Blanket concepts like freedom or liberty over one’s own body has limits in my book. Furthermore, when those liberties adversely affect the lives of families, children and society around these addicts, then people who spout libertarian principles can simply stuff it.

            J: You can not show that the use of any drug is a harm to “society”. Society is an abstraction, a mental collection. If you use drugs and don’t harm others, you are innocent. If you don’t use drugs but do harm others, you are guilty.

            P: When you legalize all this shit, you are only institutionalizing it and you end up with a society which will be far more fragmented and dysfunctional than even at present.

            J: That is a prediction, not a fact. It flies in the face of fact. Your kind of predictions do not come to pass where legalization has been tried. Legalization is not “institutionalization”. It is minding your own business and respecting equal rights.

            P: Libertarian laissez-faire: Free trade is a good example of the libertarian laissez-faire principle at work. Free trade agreements were spawned by CEO’s, neocons, and elite oligarchs to benefit themselves, the elites.

            J: That the parasites in power call their fascist, a.k.a. mercantilist schemes “free trade” does not make them free trade in fact. Free trade means that individuals may trade their own property freely, without interference. It does not mean oligarchs making “trade” rules for their own benefit. You should learn the meaning of words from dictionaries, not parasitic politicians.

          3. In a final reply to John Howard. I am now an old man and have done many things, most of them good since I turned my life around from the crap you advocate.

            With pot and other sensual enhancement and euphoric drugs (legalize or not) you will remain in a time warp, flitting from leaf to leaf like a butterfly and most likely never really get to the root of things. Life will pass you by and not even you will care about your past head trips, hallucinations, and enhanced experiences.

            If you really want to be liberated, there is path out there. You will have to die to your big fat ego and self interest and you cannot do it alone.

          4. The “crap” I advocate is liberty and equality for all, which means you not forcing your opinions on other people’s bodies. I have nowhere advocated the use of drugs. If resisting your calls for violence against the innocent is my “big fat ego and self interest” then so be it. And what about your hunger to force your opinions on everyone else? Would that be your big fat and rather sadistic ego? Human rights are far, far more important than your stinking busy-body opinions, Paul. You may be old, but you are not yet an adult. Real adults don’t treat other adults like children. Real adults know better.

          5. You’re right Paul. I am screwing up people’s lives by disagreeing with you. Probably, no one should be allowed to control their own body chemistry OR disagree with you. Right?

          6. There are no harder drugs in America than the LEGAL ones that are daily pushed by the profit seeking medical establishment on not only adults but many a youth as well! You sound like someone who works in that industry to me? Afraid your phony rehab job will go up in smoke with Cannabis legalization. Are you?

        2. I find John to be clear and concise in both his views and statements. Clearly Cannabis is not Americas gateway drug, Alcohol is. Paul, could you please protect me from all of the selfish drunks on Americas roads? Please? How about all of the alcohol fueled acts of violence? Please?

    2. Some medical marijuana is non-psychoactive (high CBD, low THC) but certainly not all of it. Check it out, you’re wrong, without question.
      Alcohol kills about 100,000 Americans every year, how many people do you think cannabis kills?
      Why do you want to ban only the far safer substance?

  12. Fully a States Rights issue and big biz to boot. Take it off the list Mister President and then lets grow hemp as well. Hemp could stimulate the whole economy in the areas of construction, fuel, paper, plastic, food for livestock and people and on and on and on. iVANKA! 2024

  13. The problem I have is I’m in the middle of the Emerald Triangle and I see the damage of addiction everyday .Humboldt county has three times the national rate for heroin abuse . One of the highest rates for murder suicide irresponsible sex abortions child abuse human trafficking it’s all present . And all that marijuana it’s not staying here most of it will be sold on to the black market. and this is not even going into the disenfranchisement of people that work for a living outside the black market in this false economy.

  14. Excellent article Roger Stone, and thank you for joining the fight to legalize cannabis- it’s time to end cannabis prohibition nation wide, and promote the Right To Be Free from authoritarian regressive useless control freaks.


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