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“There is a plan to steal the election from the American people and Trump” — C.I.A. pushing for new election?

“There is a plan to steal the election from the American people and Trump” — C.I.A. pushing for new election?


(INTELLIHUB) — With the recent Friday night disinformation surprise, the corporatemedia and elements of both the C.I.A. and the White House are openly positioning to directly stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

The late Friday news published by both the Washington Post and New York Times claims that a secret C.I.A. assessment has confirmed that Russia not only meddled in the U.S. election but directly did so in order to help Trump win the presidency.

The reports, completely based on the claims of unnamed U.S. officials and therefore almost impossible to confirm or debunk, have set off a firestorm in the corporate media and have led to a direct call by a left leaning C.I.A. agent for a second election.

Appearing on the openly anti-Trump cable news network CNN, “former” C.I.A. agent Bob Baer called for a second Presidential election. His reasoning? The unproven claims by unnamed U.S. officials that the C.I.A. has concluded that the election was tampered with by Russia. (It’s important to note here that the FBI does not believe this to be the case.)

“Having worked in the C.I.A., if we had been caught interfering in European elections, or Asian elections or anywhere in the world, those countries would call for new elections, and any democracy would,” Baer claimed. And I do not see it any other way, the Electoral College, before the 19th, has got to know whether the Russians had affected American opinion.”

After being pressed by the show host, Baer continued, “When a foreign country interferes in your election and the outcome is in doubt, and the legitimacy of the government is in doubt, if the evidence is there, I don’t see any other way than to vote again as an American citizen.”

Unbelievably, this call for a new election which has already been enthusiastically agreed on by many on the left, is all based off what The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald has called, “classic American journalism of the worst sort: The key claims are based exclusively on the unverified assertions of anonymous officials, who in turn are disseminating their own claims about what the C.I.A. purportedly believes, all based on evidence that remains completely secret.”

Responding to this C.I.A. call for a new election and detailing all the threats against Trump becoming president (which I highlighted in my reporting late last week) Infowars Alex Jones released an emergency update Sunday that made clear that there is indeed a direct plan to stop Donald Trump from becoming the next president.

Over the last week we have seen plans for mass protests to shut down Trump’s inauguration, threats by Electoral College voters, calls by leftist talking heads to do something in the next six weeks, and 24/7 anti-Trump corporate media coverage.

Now, we see it all coming together under the umbrella of a C.I.A. assessment of “Russia hacking”.

Alex Thomas’ article first appeared at Intellihub


  1. The Stone Cold Crazies that write the swill on this site always describe the people they want you to dislike as “far left”. Imagine if you can a “left leaning” C.I.A. agent. I didn’t realize there was such a thing but you’ll find it right above in Stone Cold Crazy Land via “journalist” Alex Thomas.

    And then – to turn the world completely upside down – Thomas trots out a REAL leftist, the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald, but he’s not described as one of those hated leftists because his point of view is the same as Thomas’ on this issue.

    Feeling manipulated yet?

    (Ok, even if you were you wouldn’t complain because you always bark on cue)

    1. Very observant you are.. But maybe a bit of underestimation of other readers. Simply because we don’t post about it does not mean we also do not see it. If you really feel AT has insulted your intelligence then maybe consider just pointing out his inconsistencies (as you have done) and let us readers enjoy your comments. I and many other readers and posters on this blog do not bark on cue, as it appears you claim. And may the force be with you…

  2. We will not subvert an American election because some leftist ex CIA agent stirs conspiracy lunacy. Time for all elements of the elite globalist cabal to bend to the will of the American people before they stir an uprising much, much worse than a Trump presidency. Time for the elite of America to understand they must compromise a bit of power to Trump.

    1. Come on since when were the CIA leftist?!! You have to think in less black and white terms stop making blanket generalizations about groups of people -there are good and there are bad everywhere -there are people who believe in fairness and people who do not-it is very bad for your mind to think in black and white -it will give you depression-the world is a beautiful place open up your mind and your heart

      1. Carrie, you seem like a sweet person and I appreciate your sense of naiveté. Yet, you also acknowledge that there are good and bad people everywhere. That actually is black and white. I would suggest that within the same person, every person, there is good and bad. It is up to us to choose which of the angels to whom we will listen, Satan’s or God’s. Certainly, even when within the world, terrible things happen to those that choose to follow their better angels, we are commanded by God to rejoice in the world for God is with us. But he does not command us to be blind to those that seek evil. And this ex-CIA agent has sought evil. That is a fact that your mind may grasp if you let it open further.

  3. “In for a dollar, in for a dime”…such is the corruption of our political establishment that they will defy the will of the people and risk civil war in order to stay in power and control of such corruption…case in point…CIA claims without a single shred of evidence, only pure conjecture and speculation, that Russians influenced our election. We The People have to wonder WHY the political establishment fears the truth(s) revealed in Wikileaks, most especially the exposure of the secret culture of pedophilia that has been revealed by the Wikileaks dumps. They will continue pushing (hard) the “Fake News” narrative until they are satisfied that they successfully brainwashed the public against Wikileaks. One has to wonder what’s at stake for those who are desperate to succeed with this narrative and how deep is their involvement in this secret culture of pedophilia?

  4. If there truly is this secret evidence, how could this remain classified? By definition information is classified to control state secrets and to avert harming national interests. By not making it public, the government would be in effect running grain to true national interests. The reality is, there is no smoking gun evidence; all circumstantial at best…

  5. If they overturn our election that will be treason! Once they commit treason they will be fair game! In other words they better have a good bunker and stay there for life!

    1. I have been told by some good men (well educated, responsible, pillars of the community, veterans), in no uncertain terms, should this corrupt group be successful in overturning the election, they will not sit down; diplomacy be damned. The general consensus being this criminal group has already gone too far with assassination.

      The question to the public coming from this group has always been, “What are you going to do about it?” The public is now prepared to answer that question. We don’t have to have a civil war, we just have to focus.

  6. Is Julian Assange Alive Or Dead?

    Since Assange disappeared from public view, rumors have been circulating suggesting that he has been assassinated or renditioned to the U.S. by the CIA. There have been some odd occurrences at the Ecuadorian embassy. Firstly, British police officers were withdrawn from their 24-hour presence outside the embassy. Shortly afterward, the Mirror reported that an intruder had been disturbed at the embassy in what they say may have been an attempt on Assange’s life.

    Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/3793152/where-is-julian-assange-now-wikileaks-founder-alive-dead-hero-russian-spy-news/#3iDqDMHSzdYGoPuf.99

  7. I heard this morning that 40 electoral college members have demanded an “intelligence briefing” before the vot on Monday (just enough to deprive Trump of a majority – how curious!!). Is this true, and are there any further developments on this subject?

  8. There’s too much information coming in from corporate news which I do not trust. I started getting a good share of my news from @RogerStone on twitter. It looks to me that Stone isn’t censored by anyone and will deliver the parts of news stories we don’t get on the TV.

    1. Stone has written extensively on the CIA’s activities in the Kennedy years and the Nixon administration in two previous books. I’m eager to find out what he will disclose about recent CIA activities.

  9. This is NOTHING But Political BS. Listen, even a person stoned can flap their lips, it doesn’t mean a thing. You want something besides assuming, SHOW THE EVIDENCE…!!!!

  10. Clearly, the CIA is the boogeyman infestation which has (and still does) infect corrupt, crimes against peace U.S. government:

    “Operation Mockingbird, CIA, NSA, Media Whores And Hoaxes”

    Also note:

    “Crimes Against Peace: How U.S. Government Plays Judas Against Its Own Citizens”

  11. OK, lets’ say we the people have a choice between Russian and Saudi

    orientated president – which one would be? how many Russian passports are found among those involved in 911? hILLARY – no way!

  12. I have kept watch on the Cia they are a group that are the possible trouble makers for our country. Like it stated above by Roger stone they have perpetrated many mistakes. Where they have interfered into third world countries business in which they should of kept there busy body nose out of these countries civil wars and there personnel business. They are Americas trouble makers when they jump the gun. Just as there stating Putin tried to influence the Election for this next President with out any proof . The illiterate people of the liberal party are going to have to grow up. They need to start acting like grownups for a change instead of a lot of spoiled children. That finally after 60 to 70 years of actual having a free hand at completely trying to destroy our Democracy for there illiterate Socialist Communist ways of wanting to rule our Free country. It is time to stop all there Racist Rioting and acting like children. They need a good old time BUTT busting with my fathers check lines, he used when plowing the fields on our team of BULL HEADED MULES this soon straightened them out to where they could plow a straight forough and with out a lot of stubborn illiteracy. The CIA Have once again got the Cart ahead of the Horse and as usual they are being run over for there mistakes They need to have many changes in this group like in all the others to weed out the drift wood.

  13. But surely you have stolen the election from the Democrats? If you had any sense of fair play you would say the election should have been postponed because one side was grossly disadvantaged by having their emails hacked. Fair play is more important than conspiracy theories-without fair play and justice and treating all political parties fairly we end up with a banana republic- it is the Republicans who are being unfair and cruel to many people.

  14. The devil is under our feet. Donald Trump is God’s appointed one and THE HORDES OF HELL CANNOT STOP HIM. EVERY WEAPON FORMED against Trump will fail miserably, in the name of Jesus.

    Father I put Trump’s enemies in your hands.

  15. The devil is under our feet. Donald Trump is God’s appointed one and THE HORDES OF HELL CANNOT STOP HIM. EVERY WEAPON FORMED against Trump will fail miserably, in the name of Jesus.

    Father I put Trump’s enemies in your hands.


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