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Roger Stone: Brie Larson Meet Rapist Bill Clinton

Roger Stone: Brie Larson Meet Rapist Bill Clinton


Roger Stone: The Hollywood up and comer is a selective advocate of survivors of rape/sexual assault. 

Acolytes of Hollywood’s new “it girl” might want to check their fawning over her selective advocacy for rape and sexual assault survivors.

The “Room” actress was praised by the liberal blogosphere for her “courage” in not clapping for Casey Affleck, who won an Oscar for Machester by the Sea and has been accused of two really creepy encounters with female subordinates on set.

Hollywood’s activist realm has been mum on the accusations for the most part, which occurred on the set of I’m Still Here in 2010, expect for Fresh of the Boat’s Constance Wu and Brie Larson.

Roger Stone
Roger Stone
Roger Stone

Affleck’s accusers say he mysteriously crawled into their bed, tried to trap them in a hotel room, and made unwanted advances. However, during the 2016 election cycle, these Hollywood crusaders were mum on the over 30 documented instances of rape and sexual assault that have been following Bill Clinton for decades.

No words were spoken, stands made, or outrage showcased when Hillary Clinton’s candidacy raged on. Hillary spent decades running campaigns of terror against victims of her husband’s rape and sexual assault, and the stories from those women are horrific.

Bitches. Sluts. Whores. Those were the words Hillary used to openly describe her attitude towards her husband’s many victims and accusers. Do you agree with treating rape and sexual assault victims like that Ms. Larson?

Former President Clinton favored viciously biting the lips of his victims, with his decades long list of victims recalling eerily similar forced experiences at the hands of Clinton through the years.

His accusers amount to almost twenty-times more than Affleck’s, yet Hollywood elitists like Brie Larson and Constance Wu apply their outrage selectively and have for years. Larson even gushed about the possibility of playing Hillary Clinton in an upcoming about the two-time failed presidential candidates life.

I recommend Larson read The Clinton’s War on Women by Roger Stone, and talk to the victims of Bill Clinton to truly prepare for the role. Maybe she will reconsider her interest in portraying Hillary as she comes to understand the horrific acts perpetrated against women by not only Bill, but also an army heavy handed private investigators hired by the former first lady to intimidate and shame her husbands many victims.

If you are standing up against Casey Affleck and fighting for victims of rape and sexual assault, we all have to ask… where were you during the 2016 election cycle?

Where were Brie Larson and Constance Wu crusading for women who were sexually victimized by Bill Clinton and then psychologically raped again by Hillary Clinton?

These were actions, not words so don’t pivot to some self-righteous shrieking about Donald Trump.

Either you apply your activism equally, or it’s meaningless all together, another act from Tinseltown.



  1. I would think it wouldn’t be too much to ask her “Ramparts” fellow actor and the failed republican candidate from Canada to help root this problem out. Bring in the cavalry and don’t try to be a lone “Phoenix or Southern Constellation about the matter. Otherwise these “starlets” should see it’s just “boys being boys”…

  2. This happened to e in the ballet world and business world…..As long as it’s tolerated and long as victims are young, frightened and blamed by predator for asking for it and our supposed protectors receive significant favor by their professional relationship with the abuser, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE. It was a traumatic & near rape event in business but as a high school dancer near graduation, the betrayal from my teacher was not as traumatic as the 3 times he walked into the bedroom in my teachers home, the final time nude and coming at me like an animal, because when I rushed past him down a flight of stairs into her bedroom, she responded to my fear by saying to sleep with her, didn’t awaken to soothe my fears or confront this question this important person and went back to sleep. The next day after taking this man to the airport, then only mention she made was to tell in a questioning voice that he said I was flirting with him & led him on. Really, I flirted so much I compelled him to enter a closed bedroom door 3 times, frightening me so deeply he immediately left only to pace the upstairs Hall while I lay shaking? Yeah, I guess I was asking for it!


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