By Roger Stone

We are on the cusp of what is probably the biggest scandal in US history. The deep state has sought to undermine President Trump through a series of illegal leaks and secret judicial proceedings as spying has been exposed.

Even worse, their rationale for the surveillance of the Republican nominee for the president has proven to be entirely speculative and nakedly political. There is no proof whatsoever that the “emails and records of financial transactions” and later “intercepts of phone conversations” actually exist.

That the Department of Justice put the Republican nominee for President of the United States under surveillance was essentially admitted in the mainstream media.

It is now confirmed that the Obama Justice Department went to the super secret FISA court in June and requested a secret warrant to monitor the communications of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, yours truly, Paul J. Manafort with whom I have a long personal friendship and association, and somebody named Carter Page who evidently attached himself to the Trump campaign issue advisory group with a cast of hundreds. The FISA court rejected the request, which is interesting in view of the fact that 99% of the Government’s requests are approved.

The FISA court evidently approved the Obama DOJ request in October.

It is important to note that no “probable cause or evidence is required for the FISA warrant.” However, it is exceedingly unusual for the Justice Department to ask for a FISA warrant on a US Citizen.

James R. Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, is dissembling when he says the man in Trump Tower and his campaign were not under surveillance. This is the same James Clapper who was caught lying to Congress and had to backtrack in order to avoid prosecution for perjury. Two Congressmen accused Clapper of perjury for telling a congressional committee in March 2013 that the NSA does not collect any type of data at all on millions of Americans. One US senator asked for his resignation, and a group of 26 senators complained about Clapper’s responses under questioning. Media observers have described Clapper as having lied under oath, having obstructed justice, and having given false testimony. Why should we believe him?

Hillary Clinton gave away the game when she tweeted days before the election that “computer scientists had learned that there was a server at Trump Tower that communicated with a Russian Bank,” a false assertion that Hillary could only have learned from the intelligence agencies.

Barack Obama also gave away the game in his statement that “he didn’t order” surveillance of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump. This non-denial denial implicitly acknowledges that such surveillance took place.

While there has never been any proof or evidence that Nixon knew about or approved of the Watergate break-in in advance (indeed the claim by former Watergate conspirator Jeb Maguder late in his life claiming otherwise was a sudden reversal of his previous sworn testimony and his claims of over 30 years), Nixon still went down for it.

Nixon, unlike Obama, didn’t use government gumshoes to do his dirty work and bore ultimate responsibility because his campaign aides broke into the DNC.

“The buck stops here” said our next-to-last anti-communist democratic President Harry S. Truman. Obama and his many minions, including former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey, must be held responsible for a naked attempt to utilize the federal investigative machinery and their well-oiled leak machine to destroy Donald Trump all on the basis of an entirely manufactured talking points from the Clinton campaign.

President Trump has called for a congressional Inquiry by the intelligence committees. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devon Nunez said last week that he and committee members had seen no hard evidence between Trump campaign aides and any representatives of the Russians. Brain-dead zombie Elijah Cummings who has maligned me in the past by claiming that I am in the service of the Russian state keeps repeating endlessly that hard evidence exists while producing none. A congressional inquiry will be highly politicized with Democrats seeking to disrupt the inexorable exposure of violations and abuse of power, which make the Watergate scandal pale in comparison.

President Trump’s address to Congress was so successful and well-received by the American people that the intelligence services leaked Senator Sessions’ perfectly legal and largely perfunctory contacts with the Russian ambassador. The resulting media frenzy took the wind out of the president’s post-speech sails and Sessions acted prematurely and recused himself from all things Russian. The president was reportedly unhappy with Sessions’ decision and the fact that he was not consulted. “Never back down and never apologize,” Trump once told me after Mitt Romney backtracked on some minor gaffe.

Perhaps the best course now would be for the president to order the release of the requests for a warrant that went to the FISA court in both June and October as well as all other government documents on this issue. At the same time Attorney General Sessions could appoint a Special Counsel to convene a grand jury to cross-examine James Clapper, Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter and former CIA Director John Brennan as well as Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and President Barrack Obama himself.

We have established that there are no contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russian state. It is now only a matter of time to getting to the bottom of who ordered the subversion of the Constitution and the spying on an American presidential candidate in order to derail his election and the Democratic process, precisely what Richard M. Nixon went down for.

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  1. I’m curious how this is your talking point when Donald Trump himself asked the Russians to hack into the DNC, and from what we now know happened just as he requested.
    If anyone should be sitting in front of a Grand Jury, I would think it should start with Donald Trump.

    I won’t argue that if this wiretapping were true it would be horrible. But if we are going to pull out the Grand Jury, then maybe every single one of them should be sitting in front of it (Donald Trump’s Republican party committee, Hillary Clinton’s Democratic party committee, and Obama’s Presidential staff.
    At this point what can be said of everything is this. Regardless there was dirty shit going on during the Presidential campaign, I would say that at this point it was probably on both sides of the Isle.

    I am curious though how after November 8th, the Republicans that voted for Trump were in support of Commey’s actions to release the emails that subsequently launched Donald Trump into the Presidential seat, but now see him as a liar and someone that is trying to get Donald Trump in trouble. If he did not want Trump as the president don’t you think he would have just held onto those emails for one more week and released them after she had won?
    Your argument fails to hold any water, and yes, to contradict what you said about nobody from Trump’s pretty election campaign committee had any contact with “The Russians” that’s just downright not true. We do know at this point at least 5 personnel from his committee had direct contact with a known Russian Spyware. AG Sessions even had a closed door session with the Russian Ambassador. I guess my question to you is this.


    We have a short list of known contacts that were made during the campaign, but how many were made outside of the observation of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, pick your letters it is irrelevant. The fact is if they were making contact in public, chances are they were meeting in other places as well.

    What I can say is this, history will tell us the truth, at some point we will know how involved both Obama, Hillary and Trump were with the shittiest election in the history of our great Nation.

  2. This is the best synopsis of Obamagate that I’ve seen. The Dems are sitting on a cache of dynamite and I hope that the Congressional Committee blows this to high heaven.

    1. Well hopefully Trump can present the evidence to congress today (Monday is the deadline, right?) If not I guess he was lying.

  3. I’d glady donate to the building of a large prison just for these lying scumbags….Prisoner No.1….barack HUSSEIN obama (aka: Barry Soetoro, Bathouse Barry).

  4. There’s a very good chance the Democrats and Liberal media will be hoisted on the Russian gallows of their own creation.

  5. While I fear #Wikileaks is compromised, #Vault7 is more accurate than all LegacyMedia Lies combined.
    Legacy media has earned the moniker of #VeryFakeNews

  6. We are on the cusp of what is probably the biggest scandal in US history

    I Am In Total Agreement With That Statement
    I Want To Speak To

    The Completely Out Of Control ..CIA Director ..John Brennan

    Who I Believe

    Was The Head Of A Criminal Conspiracy

    To Take Down The Trump Candidacy .
    Trump Was/Is A Threat To The 1945 World Order

    Trillions Of Dollars Are At Stake . The FATE Of U.S Hegemony

    And Donald Trump Had To Be Stopped

  7. The judge Napolino(wrong spell) is fired from Fox.
    Over controversial alleged spying comments on Trump.
    Now he has disappeared from the public view?
    I find this very suspicious.
    The media itself is silent about the judge all of a sudden.
    He often wrote for Lew Rockwell. Not a word being said.
    What isn’t understood is the alleged mechanism of sub-contracting intelligence to an untrackable source not required to report anything to the U.S. Government Intelligence agencies or the Congressional Committee.
    The opposition is having a field day over denouncing Trump over the charges he has made.
    So anything that would give him credibility is a likely target.
    These intelligence people are dangerous.
    They make the “godfather” of fiction look like an amateur in comparison.
    I suggest the Judge’s “evidence” might bring the entire Democrat Party down.
    We have security laws in this country that make the Kremlin look amateur in comparison.
    It is very possible for someone to be suddenly locked up and the key thrown away without any jury being involved.
    The national security agency has that power.
    Silence by a suddenly fired judge from fox is very suspicious.
    Especially if said judge actually has evidence that could bring down a major political power.

    1. The judge has been vindicated. Obama went to the Brits to do his dirty work believing it could not be traced back to him. You can’t fix stupid but you can definitely Jail Corrupt Pieces of S**t

  8. A year or two from now you’ll be in Federal prison, Roger. If you’re allowed internet access for good behavior, you may read this comment and be reminded of where it all went wrong. No spray tans, no hair bleach, no tooth whitener. No pictures of Nixon to masturbate to. Just you and your own demons howling at you after the lights go out. Sad.


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