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Poison, spies and lies: a lunch with Trump’s old friend Roger Stone

Poison, spies and lies: a lunch with Trump’s old friend Roger Stone


This political provocateur has three rules: ‘Admit nothing; deny everything; launch counterattack’By Paul Wood

Roger Stone — political consultant, agent provocateur, friend and confidant of Donald Trump — arrives for lunch with a bodyguard in tow. ‘I’ve had way too many death threats,’ he explains. He says he’s recovering from poisoning by polonium, a radioactive substance used to kill the Russian defector Alexander Litvinenko in London. Litvinenko, he says, had ‘a much larger dose, probably done by British intelligence’. But the British government named the Russian agents responsible, I reply. ‘What was the proof?’ he asks. ‘It’s all mirrors. You know that.’

Stone blames his ‘poisoning’ on ‘the deep state’, a term that in Trumpworld means the intelligence community. Trump has taken to Twitter to accuse the deep state of tapping his phone on President Obama’s orders. ‘This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!’ Stone has called for Obama to be ‘charged, convicted and jailed’. All this adds a layer to the tangled skein labelled ‘Trump and Russia’. At its heart is a simple charge: that Trump was bought or blackmailed by the Kremlin. Stone is accused of being a Russian conduit to Trump. Both men say they are victims of a conspiracy of lies by US intelligence agencies, a ‘silent coup’. Stone is an icon to a mass of Trump supporters who believe this is the hidden truth behind the President’s difficulties.

 Stone slides into the restaurant’s wood-panelled booth. He’s in his sixties, white-haired, and wearing a bold pinstriped suit impeccably cut to make him look like a 1930s gangster. He lives in Florida and maintains a deep year-round tan. On that tanned flesh, beneath the crisp white shirt, right between his shoulder blades, he has, famously, a tattoo of Richard Nixon’s smiling face. Stone worked for Nixon and has seen ten presidential races. He likes to quote the famed Republican political strategist Lee Atwater on how to succeed in politics, and life: ‘Lay low, play dumb, and keep moving.’ He adds three corollaries, Stone’s rules: ‘Admit nothing; deny everything; launch counterattack.’ I imagine he’s given this advice to Trump; he sees the President ‘from time to time’, he says.

‘Access’ is the currency of Washington and it is hard to be certain how much Stone truly has. But he has known Trump for almost 40 years and he describes their history in his new book The Making of the President 2016. At the start of this relationship, you find the thread that Trump’s enemies say runs all the way to the Kremlin: money and organised crime. Stone was introduced to Trump in 1979 through Roy Cohn, the Trump family’s mobbed-up lawyer. Stone writes that he went to see Cohn at his offices and found him ‘wearing a silk dressing gown. His heavy–lidded eyes were bloodshot from a late night of revelry. Seated with Cohn was his client, “Fat Tony” Salerno, boss of the Genovese crime family.’ Some attribute Trump’s early success as a New York developer to Cohn’s mafia connections. They controlled the concrete. Stone tells me: ‘In his defence, the same people he bought concrete from also sold it to New York state and New York City. That was the only unionised concrete in the city.’

Wayne Barrett, a legendary muckraking New York journalist, told me before he died (of natural causes) that he had found ‘25 to 30 mob connections’ in Trump’s past. Today, the allegations are about the Russian mob, rather than the Italian-American mafia. Russian money is heavily invested — or laundered — through the New York property market. Trump won’t break your legs, I say to Stone, but isn’t he happy to take money from the guy who will? ‘Money is definitely important to him, yes,’ says Stone, drifting off into silence.

A source in the ‘intelligence community’ told me you could draw a line from Putin’s mafia state, through Russian organised crime, to Trump’s businesses. This connect-the-dots supposition is what the President and his allies denounce as malicious nonsense. But by their own standards — Obama wasn’t born here, Cruz’s dad killed Kennedy, British intelligence killed Litvinenko — it’s fair to ask about such speculation. Could Russian organised crime have supported Trump on behalf of the Kremlin? ‘It’s highly unlikely,’ Stone says. ‘The danger with the current laws and regulations, it’s too easy to prove, too easy to find, and that’s certain jail time — it’s not a grey area.’

Two months ago I wrote that the FBI was investigating exactly this. Several sources told me there was a secret intelligence court order to get the electronic communications of two Russian banks into the US. The New York Times later named Stone as one of the inquiry’s ultimate targets. ‘I don’t have any Russian contacts,’ he tells me. ‘No Russian clients. No Russian money. I didn’t speak to any Russians during this presidential campaign. The whole thing is a canard. If they have evidence to the contrary, go ahead: indict me. If you can’t, then it’s time for an apology because this is bullshit and it’s getting tedious.’

Stone similarly dismisses claims that the Kremlin has video of Trump with prostitutes in Moscow in 2013. ‘Zero chance,’ he says, adding that Trump is a germophobe and has a ‘well-founded paranoia’ about being taped while travelling. This repeats the President’s denials but Stone has an interesting story about that visit to Moscow, for the Miss Universe contest. It came, he says, from Trump’s head of security. ‘Their handler in Moscow, presumably reporting to the government although ostensibly working for the pageant, said to him, “We’re going to send some girls up to Mr Trump’s room afterwards for entertainment.” ’ The head of security posted guards outside Trump’s room, Stone tells me, and ‘It never happened.’ Still, this supports one of the claims in the Christopher Steele dossier: that the Kremlin was trying to co-opt Trump.

Last weekend, Trump and Stone issued their tweets accusing President Obama of ordering wiretaps at Trump Tower. I was disconcerted to find the White House citing my story of two months ago as evidence of this. Since Watergate, a president can’t order the wiretapping of an American citizen. It is possible, though, for Americans to be monitored as part of surveillance of a foreign entity ordered by the intelligence court — that seems to be what happened to Trump’s now-departed national security adviser, General Mike Flynn. Trump may have tweeted himself into a corner by calling for Congress to investigate a ‘wiretapping’ that was part of an investigation into his Russian ties. They may have to ask what was the ‘probable cause’ for any secret court order. Perhaps Trump didn’t see this implication. Or he just couldn’t restrain himself. Or the President is simply working from the Stone playbook: ‘Admit nothing; deny everything; launch counterattack.’

Paul Wood is a BBC correspondent and fellow of the New America foundation.

Source: https://www.spectator.co.uk/2017/03/poison-spies-and-lies-a-lunch-with-trumps-old-friend-roger-stone/


  1. The Chairman of Uranium One greased Hillary PERSONALLY in four donations with $2,350,000
    for four meetings that opened Uranium One to send Moscow 20% of all the Uranium in the United States;
    and interestingly Uranium One had direct ties to a KGB front Russian Fiduciary concern and even invited former President Bill Clinton to a return visit to Moscow to make a speech for $500,000 while negotiating terms for what his wife could or would do in return for Russian Military Interests. Former President Bill Clinton had dealings with those who ran Uranium One since the early 2000’s, and in 2004. But we do not see BBC Correspondent Paul Wood bring that up, and ask Roger if he thinks President Trump will see them prosecuted for THEIR (i.e., the Clintons) Russia connections.

    Paul Wood of the BBC states in the above article that: ” Several sources told me there was a secret intelligence court order to get the electronic communications of two Russian banks into the US.” Let’s consider the past history…you know, the one that points instead to the Clintons.

    Bill and Hillary cashed in for over $40,000,000 Clinton Foundation before the Uranium One had the Obama Administration via Hillary Clinton access to United States Uranium, and Bill and Hillary through the Uranium One payments to their Clinton Foundation received over $102,850,000 because of it.

    On May 3, 2015, the Washington Post and later others
    reported that the Lionsgate Entertainment billionaire and Vancouver Canadian Frank Giustra, a willing turncoat for Russia, had not only teamed up with former President Bill Clinton in putting over a $2,350,000,000 deal in Kazakhstan in 2005 for ROSATOM before, but that he himself committed a $100,000,000 payoff to the Clinton Foundation as Bill and Hillary’s transparent commission from the deal to get the United States to concede 20% of its Uranium natural resources to a hostile foreign nuclear power who would use it almost exclusively and entirely against the National Security interests of the United States. In 2006, the year after the Kazakhstan deal, the Clinton Foundation commission was more than three times less at $32,700,000 just for helping to put over THAT (probable Logan Act violation) nuclear negotiation.

    ROSATOM first began fueling the Iranian Bushehr-1 nuclear power plant on August 21, 2010, but was unable to bring the plant into full capacity until August 30, 2012. Because of the Uranium supplies from the United States, among the 37 ROSATOM nuclear power plants to be built worldwide, including 3 Tianwan nuclear facilities in Communist China, on November 11 of 2014 it was reported

    that Russia signed a deal to build 2 more Bushehr nuclear facilities in Iran currently, with the planning of building 9 more
    beyond that for a final total of 12 Russian nuclear power facilities Russia will be credited as supplying Iran with…a Shia Muslim nation that vows to burn the world with fire and bathe it in blood in the name of Islam and for their version of Allah, especially chronically going on and on about destroying the United States with their future ICBM delivered nukes, for which it is still developing and buying Intercontinental Ballistic Missile technology and infrastructure, gradually supplied it by Russia, which may be said to be positioning itself to be Iran’s exclusive armament supplier.

    Nor does BBC’s Paul Wood dare bring up the fact that it has now surpassed into the thousands of Iranians receiving engineering degrees in nuclear technologies in Russia and through ROSATOM’s worldwide operations of more than 262,000 employees, of which student trainees would not be counted, who have been ingrained with the goal of acquiring nuclear technologies to one day destroy the United States and attempt its own grasp at world dominion for Shiite Islam.

    And with all that, the BBC correspondent Paul Wood is apparently unconcerned that President Trump would ever need to do anything in regard to those actions by Hillary and Bill in compromising United States National Security, in felonious activities engaged by them, or anything regarding Trump’s alleged soured relationship with the Clintons.

    Russia only cares about who can pay, NOT whether a nation such as Bolivia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania or Zambia
    has any responsible proficiency to even have or operate a nuclear power facility at all. And thankfully ROSATOM did NOT need their American Russian Federation Agents of Bill and Hillary Clinton to get those deals “inked”. It would have been interesting if the BBC Correspondent had asked if Roger would have any insight or opinion to President Trump’s reaction to wild and unsecure third world nuclear proliferation, since many Brits would have such a reader’s, listener’s, or watcher’s interest in that topic of interest.

    The wiretap scandal finds its most recent authorization by Obama with his May 6, 2016 Executive Order,
    (c) The White House Transition Coordinating Council shall:…(ii) facilitate communication and information sharing between …senior employees in agencies and the Executive Office of the President, including the provision of information relevant to facilitating the personnel aspects of a Presidential transition and such other information that, in the Council’s judgment, is useful and appropriate, as long as providing such information is not otherwise prohibited by law….”

    in which the Director of National Intelligence planted domestic federal spies onto the transition team that accessed Trump Tower, by Obama authorization and reported back directly to the Executive Office of the President. The spying was in part over-sighted by a Deputy Assistant Attorney General for FISA related pursuit of persecution against Trump which could be rolled out just for the mere receiving of classified information, such as Eric Holder wrote in https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/ag/legacy/2013/07/15/news-media.pdf under the section titled: “II. Enhanced Approvals and Heightened Standards for Use of Search Warrants and Section 2703(d) Orders.”

    FISA Amendments Act of 2008, Pub. L. No. 110-261, § 702, 122 Stat. 2436 (codified as amended at 50 U.S.C. § 1881a (2013)) authorizes the acquisition of foreign intelligence information through the telephone and internet services. Under the Prism program, the NSA already uses DOMESTIC servers and internet and phone providers to tap all domestic United States user data.

    The Washington Post reports:

    ‘The Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued a statement saying that legally authorized data collection “has been one of our most important tools …against foreign terrorists and other adversaries.” ‘

    Since Obama views Constitutionalists, Christians, veterans, law-abiding gun owning citizens as “enemies” , guess which Presidential Candidate was viewed by the DNI as an “other adversary” to which data collection was an exception that made it legal according to their state of mind? while Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act forbids spying on U.S. Citizens, Section 215 of the Patriot Act authorizes data collection when it is considered relevant to an investigation as something that would be tangible to it. And if you call someone a suspect, to which is the legal effect of the May 6, 2016 Executive Order by ambiguity, then under 42 U.S.C. § 2000aa you have your legal exemption. But in order to prosecute, or build a case beyond information sharing, you need a court approved warrant, and under FISA, this was rejected in July 2016 but under manufactured testimony by a Deputy Assistant Attorney General, approved in October 2016 at the same time of news reports, to which a court is told it can take judicial notice per The Washington Post v. Robinson,935 F.2d 282, 291 (D.C. Cir. 1991); Agee v. Muskie, 629 F.2d 80, 81 n.1, 90 (D.C. Cir. 1980).

    The Office of the Director of National Intelligence which is on the White House Transition Coordination Council, by Executive Order authorization from Obama on May 6, 2016, considered themselves as legally authorized to domestic citizen spying and surveillance on Team Trump for the purposes of national security exception and classified information exemption exceptions, and sent DNI representatives first to meet with Trump and his team, and then to attempt by verbal information to get a FISA domestic warrant against Trump. They did NOT do the same to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. There are some belated and lousy allegations that surveillance was justified because of Paul Manafort allegedly, allegations that could not even hold up in a July 2016 FISA Court (the easiest Court in the USA for the Deputy Assistant Attorney General ever to get a warrant from but was DENIED, allegations of which would have been the same as which is public knowledge and that Roger openly reported or disclosed, that Manafort was part of a firm first hired by Putin over 10 years ago, and then allegedly hired by Ukrainians in 2005 (to perhaps, by inference, as late as 2014?),
    under the Ukrainian President that was overthrown by the Obama Administration. So we have a support of the Fascistic Black Russians fearing the White Russian previous Ukrainians using a Red Russian Scare as fear-mongering. Those backing Obama and the persecution of Trump, were therefore apparently backing the black horse Ukrainians who clearly were Obama Administration (and John McCain approved) installed Neo-Nazis that Obama and Soros and Congress installed in power there, and then crony emplaced those like then Vice-President Biden’s son to skim off graft there in the Ukraine, and the White House Transition Coordination Council spies failed to turn anything up against Trump or his Presidential Candidate Support Team. Too bad Paul Wood at the wrong people as the real paid agents of Russia. When someone gets over $100,000,000 as a Russian agent and the reporter keeps insisting on someone just as or more corrupt, he’s either smoking something illegal or he has an agenda. Nice try, Wood, nice try.

  2. Wood writes:
    “Last weekend, Trump and Stone issued their tweets accusing President Obama of ordering wiretaps at Trump Tower.”

    Easy enough to generally disclose without over disclosure to the American Public, have Attorney General Jeff Sessions release what agency submitted the application and what the name and title of the Justice Department official who reviewed the application to “wire tap” or engage in “electronic surveillance”, both legal terms the Department of Justice (DOJ) uses in their own manuals.


    9-7.100 – Authorization of Applications for Wire, Oral, and Electronic Interception Orders—Overview and History of Legislation
    18 U.S.C. § 2516(1), Title III explicitly assigns such review and approval powers to the Attorney General, but allows the Attorney General to delegate this review and approval authority to a limited number of high-level Justice Department officials, including Deputy Assistant Attorneys General for the Criminal Division (“DAAGs”). The DAAGs review and approve or deny proposed applications to conduct “wiretaps” (to intercept wire [telephone] communications, 18 U.S.C. § 2510(1)) and to install and monitor “bugs” (the use of microphones to intercept oral [face-to-face] communications, 18 U.S.C. § 2510(2)). It should be noted that only those crimes enumerated in 18 U.S.C. § 2516(1) may be investigated through the interception of wire or oral communications. On those rare occasions when the government seeks to intercept oral or wire communications within premises or over a facility that cannot be identified with any particularity, and a “roving” interception of wire or oral communications is therefore being requested, the Assistant Attorney General or the Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division must be the one to review and approve or deny the application. [Unquote]

  3. WHEN is someone, ANYONE going to expose JOHN MCCAIN & Chris Murphy fomenting revolution in December 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine???? McCain is photo’d with Nazis in Ukraine, namely Oleh Tyananbok.

    When is ANYONE going to show just what our government did to the Ukrainian people and how they LIED about a ‘Russian invasion’—this is where the whole LIE about Russia ‘annexing’ countries began.

    All of this demonizing Russia and trying to peg Trump with Russia is a LIE.


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