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Mr. President: Marijuana Is A States Rights Issue

Mr. President: Marijuana Is A States Rights Issue


By Roger Stone

When President Trump was still Candidate Donald J. Trump, he made many remarks regarding honoring States Rights when it came to the individual States to decide on the issue of marijuana.

In the now famous November 23, 2015 GQ video, then Candidate Trump talks about legalized marijuana, and in it he said “Legalized marijuana is always a very difficult question . . . for medicinal purposes, for medical purposes . . . absolutely, its fine”.

Tens of millions of Liberty minded Americans believed him when he said this and took his message to heart, fully expecting him to end the ineffectual and wasteful War on Weed.  Americans were not wrong to believe President Trump, as he was also on record a month earlier in the Washington Post, on October 29, 2015, being quoted as saying “”In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state.”

These voters were relieved that is, until the position of Attorney General Jeff Sessions reached the public domain.  While Jeff Sessions is an excellent jurist and an astute politician, he unfortunately is also an adherent to outmoded thinking on marijuana.  As a product of the Religious South, it is natural that AG Sessions would take the dimmest view of marijuana, but there is little room left for debate as to the origin of the marijuana prohibition laws and how they were formulated as a tool to bludgeon both the poor and minorities, the largest consumers of the formerly legal plant. Perhaps Attorney General Sessions has forgotten his Genesis from the Old Testament:

“I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”     Genesis 1:29

Or perhaps he was never familiar with some of the lessor known quotes of Thomas Jefferson:

“If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”    Thomas Jefferson

Jeff Sessions states his position plainly: “Good people don’t smoke marijuana”.  This plainly false statement, made in all earnestness, clearly demonstrates how far from the mainstream Sessions is on this topic.  Very few Americans would agree with him on this, as evidenced in the wave of legalization that washed over the United States over the past five years. More importantly, sick people use marijuana whose medicinal value is proven yet strangely still denied by the Federal Government.

In many States, the road to medical legalization was hard fought, often with State Constitutional amendments requiring over 60% of the popular vote.  The Trump Administration should be mindful that the recreational marijuana measures that passed in several states all passed this same way, with overwhelming popular support. This was clearly the Will of the People.  It is not Jeff Sessions place to prosecute his version of morality and President Trump should not allow him to do so.

Just the idea of Sessions re-ignites the marijuana drug war has caused consternation within the fledgling State Legal Marijuana Industry. Investments have floundered, confusion introduced, and little in the way of relief has been forthcoming from the White House.  This chaos has opened the door for the Cartels. They were being driven out of shriveling black markets, but are now able to reconstitute their distribution networks, filling the gaps left open by patchwork Federal enforcement and by the industries fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Cracking down on legalized marijuana will starve States out of much needed revenue streams.  Colorado is a great success story when looked at from a tax base point of view, and much needed revenue is coming in to fund education and government services.  Colorado generated over sixty-six million dollars in tax revenue in 2015 and has increased by double digits’ year over year since.  Losing that money will put them deep into the red and cause a burden upon the whole State, as well as throwing thousands of people out of work while destroying a billion-dollar industry.

I urge President Trump to honor his word and keep his promise, irrespective of what his Cabinet members may say.  There are so many other ways that law enforcement can be put to good use rather than to persecute harmless farmers and shopkeepers who are abiding by State law.


  1. I agree it should be a States rights matter. But because pot has permanent substantial negative effects on the brain, the compromise should be that 60% of the tax benefits must be allocated toward anti-marijuana use programs and education.

    1. What about alcohol and liver disease. What about legal presciptions and all the damage that does to different organs of the body. You cant put mj on a list with heroin. Ive see the effects of both. I know of people of stature that smoke. I watch local kids that die on heroin,
      .its totally different.

      1. So tax prescription pain-killers, (if you can live with that) and put 100% of the tax toward anti-abuse.

        Put 60% of the taxes on alcohol toward the same.

        But you idiots who run around thinking marijuana can do no wrong, are well— just idiots. If you’re a daily pot head, look around you at your friends and tell me you don’t see empirical evidence which supports the -scientific evidence- of brain dysfunction.

        ~There is none so blind as those who will not see~ —Definition of an idiot.

    2. It should be an Individual Rights Matter.. The State, any State, has no business getting in the middle of the Individual’s Right to ingest plant matter for food, medicine, and/or recreation… MIND YOUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS WHEN IT COMES TO AN INDIVIDUALS BODY… Isn’t that the stance when it comes to PUTTING a MEAT GRINDER into the body to GRIND UP A HUMAN BABY in a live birth abortion? It’s my body.. mind your own damned body Mr. Jeff Sessions.

        1. I seem to have missed the constitutional references to marijuana. They were all growing hemp back then. George Washington was a hemp farmer. God gave every herb bearing seed to man and didn’t put an “except marijuana” into Genesis 1:29. The reason marijuana is illegal in spite of known science proving the benefits has everything to do with the powerful lobbies of pharma, alcohol, and prisons. Every single one of them are losing money from legalization. The anti-drug anti-legalization campaigns are typically funded from money that originated from one of these groups. It should be intuitive there’s an issue when schedule 1 states marijuana has no medical use while the gov holds patent 6,630,507 for medical use of marijuana and is selling rights to corporations so they can make more pills and tinctures from it. A plant anyone can grow in their yard, but no sorry IF we approve use, we first have to tinker with it and make a pill or tincture that you’ll need to pay out the wahzoo for.

          1. So, in your toasted mind, the idea that George Washington may or may not have grown hemp back then, means he was a pot head or condoned smoking it. What else did they make out of hemp BESIDES altering, and making lethargic young minds? Do you know? Does it matter?

            Just out of curiosity, how often do you quote the Bible to support your life, other than this one passage? According to you, people that decide to eat belladonna or hemlock are biblically justified because YOU interpret this Bible passage as pot-headed justification.

            See? That’s just the thing— The kind of brain pattern which follows as solid logic, a diatribe that goes something like: ‘Most people don’t know George Washington was growing Hemp back in the day man, Cha-huh huh huck— Like, prob-ly all the dudes back then were stoned, man. Like it says in the Bible, man, it’s a herb bearing… blah blah blah’… is a brain pattern that is severely compromised.

            Here’s a challenge for you— Go ahead and get real toasted on pot. But make a pact with yourself to start writing down all of your genius, “enlightened” thoughts while you’re really ripped on some good bud.

            Then, (if possible) stop smoking for a day or two, drink a lot of water, take a long hike somewhere, drink some more water, get some long term sunshine out where the pizza boxes don’t grow— drink some more water— then go back and read your genius, stoned, compositions. Let yourself be your own judge. That’s your right.

          2. And BTW— my reference to the Constitution had nothing to do with pot.

            Flew right over your head, didn’t it?

          3. OK you got me. Haven’t smoked it since I hired into a global corporation 30 years ago because it is still illegal where I am. Agree with you last paragraph. I became engaged in the Ohio medical legalization movement July 4th holiday 2013. At the time, I just thought it stupid to waste my many tax dollars on a plant that I’ve viewed as harmless since the 70’s. Then I learned THC has been proven to cure cancer (cause cancer cell apoptosis) in studies that are over a decade old. My son survived juvenile stage 4 cancer, and at first I thought it complete b.s. until I looked into that and learned it is indeed true. Since that time, I’ve watched a 5 yr old terminal lymphoblastic leukemia patient recover strictly from high THC cannabis oil after doctors said there was nothing more they could do. Monitor his blood was all. From age 1 to 5, he had completed 3 full rounds of chemo, and the last round included a bone marrow transplant. When he relapsed, they gave up. His mom then found someone in Michigan who would supply the oil (illegally), and began treatments by mid Jan. Within 3 wks, his platelets began righting themselves. It was difficult the first year, but he is now 8 yrs old and fine. He survived terminal cancer with high THC oil.

          4. You’re talking about a derivative. Most drugs patented by the evil Pharmaceutical companies are DERIVATIVES from mostly highly toxic plants.

            See your own post about the toxicity of plain cannabis oil vs that which is further refined to remove the psychoactive cannabinoids.

          5. No, actually I’m talking about a simple extract from a natural plant. It is made similar to lavender oil. The plant is soaked in the solvent which is usually isopropyl alcohol or Everclear if sold in your state. It is strained to get the leafy material out, then heated to evaporate the solvent leaving the oil. A company here in Ohio that previously produced equipment for Lavender extraction is booming now supplying the same equipment to other states for marijuana extraction. This is a medicine you can cook on the kitchen stove. No magical chemical hocus pocus required. The oil that cured 5 year old Logan of terminal cancer was made in someone’s house. The patent mentions potential toxicity, however there are studies showing that THC vs. being toxic actually causes cancer cell death while not harming healthy cells. Initial discovery was made by a University in Madrid. The patent was focusing on the non-psychoactive component CBD but also mentions THC benefits.

          6. You just don’t want to hear the words, TOXIC PSYCHOACTIVE CANNABINOIDS do you? Let me be very plain— they had better results when they took the “stoned” part out of you quoted patent. 5 year old Logan didn’t need to have his brain pathways impaired for life by a psychoactive drug to get the benefits of the oil. I’m very glad he was cured, but underlying ALL of this medical miracle bullshit about cannabis is the everyday stoner’s attempt to canonize their bong.

            Another little thing— the phrase “there are studies showing” has officially been proclaimed the stupidest combination of words ever known to english-speaking man.

          7. 5 year old Logan had 6-12 months to live after undergoing 4 years of the “best” that modern medicine had to offer. In 3 weeks after going on high THC cannabis oil, his platelet counts were turning around to the positive, his white face regained color, and in the following months his hair grew back and he became a laughing 5 year old. It is called “quality of life.” THC returned his life to him. 3 years later, he is getting along fine as are other young cancer patients I know that went on high THC oil. As to your jabs with idiot and stupid, you are barking up the wrong tree. I was convinced I’m intelligent by my adoring teachers beginning around 4th grade because I excelled past all other children in class. I really don’t have anything to prove, and don’t make money off of patients or pharma or alcohol or prisons. The only dogs I have in the fight are cancer patients and PTSD patients plus tons of glorious Ohioan patients that I met upon the path of legalization. We are joined by a common bond with about 85% of America that heard the call for the patients. You seem to be more worried about whether Logan will be smart than whether he was behind a tombstone at age 6.

          8. http://www.medicalcannabis.com/about/faculty/cristina-sanchez/ not sure if she was the original, but she was involved with those in the first breakthrough study showing THC causes cancer cell apoptosis. I’ve had military personnel contact me from overseas due to my role in Ohio legalization regarding how to access medical cannabis for a 5 year old inoperable child with brain cancer. The best advice I could give him was to not return to Ohio at that time, but go to Michigan or another state with a medical program because ours was too far from implementation for his child. btw my internet connection is under assault right now. No surprise. Who do you work for?

          9. Due to petitioning in the state of Ohio from 2013 to 2015, I have numerous personal accounts of patients with various illnesses being aided by marijuana where other drugs failed. It is excellent for Crohn’s disease, nerve pain so severe that opioids don’t even help, Parkinsons, Epilepsy, PTSD, cancer, etc. There is a reason pharma is so adamently opposed. We even had 4 families with children having Dravet’s syndrome total their medical bills which exceeded at that time $12 million for 4 children. The parents aren’t paying those bills, and the sad thing is that the children were still seizing. Bills are paid by insurance (driving all premiums up) or by Medicaid. Roughly half of the Ohio state medicaid budget goes for catastrophic illness in minor children. Pharma will fight access every step of the way, but if folks really want to bring down costs of healthcare, then stop blocking access to a natural cure. Am sure it scares the bejesus out of pharma and medical companies. My son’s treatments were about $250k for stage 4 large B cell lymphoma. Am sure they wouldn’t be happy with losing that money.

    3. In 2005, Canadian researchers made a groundbreaking discovery that would forever discredit the myth that marijuana causes brain damage. What they found was an opposite effect. That is, THC – the main chemical in marijuana and the reason why users get ‘high’ – can actually cause new brain cells to grow.

      1. YOU, are one of those geniuses who only pays attention to information which supports your own cause.

        You probably run around telling young people about your settled science based on nothing, encouraging them to do damage to their young minds. —Right? I know I’m right. Your post smells of it.

        1. It isn’t based on nothing. There were over 20,000+ positive medical studies on pubmed dot gov a year and a half ago. Israel uses marijuana in their hospitals because they aren’t dufuses.

        2. https://www.google.com/patents/US6630507
          Publication number US6630507 B1
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          Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants
          US 6630507 B1
          Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia. Nonpsychoactive cannabinoids, such as cannabidoil, are particularly advantageous to use because they avoid toxicity that is encountered with psychoactive cannabinoids at high doses useful in the method of the present invention. A particular disclosed class of cannabinoids useful as neuroprotective antioxidants is formula (I) wherein the R group is independently selected from the group consisting of H, CH3, and COCH3.

          1. So, now you’re making MY case. (although I realize you’re too stoned to know it)

            Stop smoking pot for a while, so you can understand what you’re reading/quoting—

            “NONPSYCHOACTIVE cannabinoids, such as cannabidoil, are particularly advantageous to use BECAUSE THEY AVOID TOXICITY THAT IS ENCOUNTERED WITH PSYCHOACTIVE CANNABINOIDS at high doses useful in the method of the present invention.”

            “…in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.”

            If you’re ever struck with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia, I fully endorse your use of these DERIVATIVES.

          2. To repeat, I haven’t smoked for the 30 yrs I’ve worked for my global corporation. Patients make an easy target, but I’m not a patient. Been sick 1 time with a cold in 5 yrs and take no medications. I’ve read quite a bit of materials over the past 4 years, and DERIVATIVES designed to make the pharma companies rich aren’t the answer. Whole plant natural medicine the way God made it and readily available once corporate interests and their gov campaign fund recipients step aside is the answer. Is abysmally appalling when gov officials let children and adults die and suffer immeasurably when they don’t need to suffer. Having been a parent in a parent’s shoes beside a juvenile undergoing grueling poisonous body and brain altering chemo treatments, I frankly believe we need to take control and jail these bribe taking politicians for blocking access to a plant that they patented in our names. Am very thankful today. Roger Stone, you made my day <3

          3. Assuming you pay taxes, you’re a useful idiot. But not someone who anyone should listen to, or take advice from. Leave they to intelligent, rational people.

    4. It does not have substantial negative effects on the brain, and there are studies to prove that. To the contrary, it has beneficial impact to the brain with regards to alzheimer’s, inoperable brain cancers, etc. It is a neuro protectant.

    5. Marijuana is also an excellent anti-inflammatory therefore if used immediately after a stroke will greatly reduce the damage to the brain. Also treats inflammation from arthritis better than the $4,000+ a month prescription for Humira.

    6. Does the brain not control speech? Isn’t that where thought originates? If marijuana is bad for the brain, then how can there be cases of non-verbal aggressive autistics speaking for the first time in their life a day after going onto a cannabis regime?

  2. Without doubt the AG, Jeff Sessions, truly believes that hemp is dangerous. If this is true then please show independent reports from scientific/medical panels that state this to be so. If we can repeat their experiments and get the same frightening results then the disposal of hemp from the recreational/medical diet of the US should proceed unquestioned. But if these panels have never existed because the federal governing body did not want to confront the truth about the possible inert qualities of hemp then they should be called into existence or information from outside the US (usually without the pressure from corporations to favor the results the corporations themselves are paying/desiring for) should be brought forward and used as the base for the settling of this issue.

    Regardless of what the “leaders” demand from us in fealty as regards hemp, I myself will continue to consume it even if I must buy from the vile and evil cartels due to the backwards views of the past. I am well past 60 and will lead the rest of my life as I desire without damaging others, without the soulless cadres of mindless (and poorly educated) totalitarians disguised as believers in the Republic forcing me to bow to their insane visions of “diversity and peace” brought forth with violence and fear until I breath no more……

  3. All drugs should be legal. Cripple black market. Clean product. Safe zones for use (heroin), hospitals know the product and share data. Money spent on drugs funds education.

    When drugs are illegal, the system will always fail.

    This is an education issue, not a health issue. We are probably 100 years from this if we are still talking weed.

  4. Absolutely should be a states rights, as he stated because we the people voted it in, over by a wide margin. I also read an article that said that in senior citizens alone, opioid use is down 36% due to medical marijuana. Isn’t that the end goal less opioid problems? It’s from the earth and our bodies had cannabinoids in them, and it’s all natural. If they would just do research on it, they’s find it helps many health problems, but no. They need to reschedule it already. Love Jeff, but he is stuck in the old school thought of marijuana. Leave it too the states. We know what’s best for us not the government.

  5. Ohio Attorney General approved rights based proposed amendment language for the state of Ohio. Ohio’s constitution should not be used as a private based business model campaign. Our constitution is to be respected as one of the most powerful amendment processes in the United State. By demanding our rights, requiring fair and transparent licensing, provide our farmers the right to grow industrial hemp, and removing cannabis from Schedule One in Ohio – crafted in a one page amendment – solidifies Roger Stone’s states right’s position. http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/getattachment/495fd9d9-55db-4153-b10a-0a5bf1670f87/Medical-Cannabis-and-Industrial-Hemp-Amendment-(Se.aspx

  6. btw presented in evidence of suppression of speech, the original article by Roger Stone shows 116 views. I saw it go in reverse for viewership so more false tallying. The CNBC article about this article has 3.9K shares. Not views but shares. Views are hugely higher than shares and any of us with pages know that. Roger Stone is speaking for the American people. Thanks, buddy. You are my hero of the day lol. As a mom with a surviving juvenile cancer patient and the caretaker of one with extreme disabling PTSD, you rock, buddy. Trump better honor his word. Lives depend upon him honoring his word.

  7. Mr. Stone, believe it or not, Nixon was my first remembered President and I actually liked him. He reminded me of my daddy’s brother. I say that because seems we both liked Nixon from the get go. It wasn’t until my later years where I realized Nixon supported Anslinger’s views on marijuana that I had serious reservations to his good sense. My son who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer the week of his 17 birthday was guarding the Cincinnati Diamond Club from international press back in 2005 for the G.W. Bush event when he was 15. He was also there in 2001 long after the party advocates had gone home too tired to await returns. He met Mitch, president of the KY state senate, and others. I was there too and confronted Mike Dewine who is Kasich’s AG for being where he wasn’t supposed to be from a security standpoint. Always wondered how in the world the party flew in the face of their constituents to implement a crazy agenda. Trump better honor his word. If you need backup, ping me. I’m a Texan who lives in Ohio these past 18 years. I’ve got the nitty gritty from Citizens.

  8. Notice that the only naysayer on this thread went silent when I asked who he works for. As the parent of a stage 4 juvenile cancer survivor, I’ll state my piece. The gov has NO RIGHT to deny proven medical treatment for my child who may die as a result of their decision. Genesis 1:29 grants access to the plant. Who of you will contradict the word of God?

  9. MR. Stone, you can have no idea my rage against stupidity. My son’s wife was left at 8 years old to die with a fireplace poker hanging out her vagina when she was transported by air to the hospital. She can recall her mother’s brains outside her skull after crawling into her mother’s arms to die. She has PTSD and is SS disabled. Can that really be a surprise to these obnoxious creeps? I don’t take this as a game, and you really need to slap our pres upside the head. He can listen to the monied interests, or he can listen to we the people.

  10. Aloha and thank you, Roger Stone.

    Government has no – rightful – jurisdiction to prohibit Cannabis, or any other plant bearing seeds from “We the people”. Drugs yes; plants no. They are two vastly different things. “You can make a drug from a plant, but you can’t make a plant from a drug.” Paul von Hartmann.

    It’s useful to add the First Amendment religious use of Cannabis as a spiritual sacrament to the debate. Freedom of religion is known as the “first freedom” for good reasons. Accessing higher levels of consciousness / spirituality is crucial to being more fully human. Religious use of Cannabis is Constitutional use of Cannabis, a fundamental human right.

    A little research shows that Cannabis has been the most widely used spiritual sacrament in world history. Evidence exists to show that it was the active ingredient in the holy anointing oil of Moses (Exodus 30:23) and the christening oil of Jesus (Mark 6:13, etc.) along with being the holy plant of Hindu, Shinto, Rasta and more.

    Science has proven that all humans are born with an endocannabinoid system (the first cannabinoids we get are in Mother’s milk). That knowledge should be all we need to qualify for full access to Cannabis for nutrition, prevention of disease, healing, pain relief and more.

    In Presidential Executive Orders since WW II “hemp” is included as a strategic “food resource” for national preparedness available by “essential civilian demand”. Cannabis hemp, or “marihuana” is essential, not justifiably illegal, or Schedule 1 most dangerous.

    Are violent, sick, alcoholic and / or drug-addicted people suffering from Cannabis Deficiency Syndrome? Many now believe that to be true.

    All the best to everyone going forward,




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