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The Swamp Is Taking Trump Staffers

The Swamp Is Taking Trump Staffers


President’s Trump campaign workers are squaring off against GOP veterans for essential jobs in federal agencies — and increasingly finding themselves on the losing side.

From the State Department to the Environmental Protection Agency, the campaign staffers, who call themselves “originals” whine they are being pushed aside, according to the web site.

The originals say they targeted by damaging leaks and been kept out of meetings. A number of the Trump supporters, many of whom offered to work during the campaign for him, have already leave their posts that were new.

“You are always watching your back,” said Sid Bowdidge, a Trump campaign staffer who Politico said resign his Energy Department job after reports he made anti-Muslim slurs on social media. He attributed leaks for the reports by rival co-workers, the website noted.

“It doesn’t bode well for a cohesive team to be successful toward a common aim,” he said. “How can you when folks are looking over their shoulder to determine if they will have a knife in their own back?”

Most of the campaign loyalists were put in agencies on Inauguration Day to assist smooth the transition that was presidential. They’re generally referred to as the “beachhead” team.

CBS News reports that about a dozen members of the beachhead team in the U.S. Agriculture have been told they would not receive long-term positions at the department.

Other agencies, including Transportation and Treasury, have notified former campaign workers that their jobs are finishing, the network news said.

And Politico reported many are angry over their treatment.

“The perception (among agency staff) is, we were Mr. Trump’s goons who were great at knocking on doors, but can not do much else,” said one former campaign staffer, who was not offered a full time job at his bureau

Some Cabinet secretaries have privately complained about being made to take employees with little, if any, Politico, relevant expertise. But the Trump loyalists insist they don’t deserved to be thrown to the side.

“The swamp is winning the battle. And longtime effort staffers are proving to function as first victims.”


  1. Bannon NOT Isreal. While we are their friend they are their OWN country and need to fight their OWN battles.

  2. Why won’t any of these people break the Zionist stranglehold? Step 1 change public perception HOW.. divulge all those involved in 911 and prosecute …let the world “officially” know Israel was behind it with their plan for a catastrophic event to bring about wars “plan for a new American century” and eventually NWO which is actually JWO …..how do you think all those people who’s loved ones died in the trade towers..(no Jews went to work that day interesting) and all those who lost loved ones fighting in Iraq ….for Israhell..would feel?? Open the box and let it out…the truth will set the world free!!!

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