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Roger Stone to Trump: I’m not the source on Comey stories

Roger Stone to Trump: I’m not the source on Comey stories


(Justin Green at Axios.com) Roger Stone is joining Donald Trump in swearing that he had nothing to do with pushing for the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Why Stone is speaking out: CNN, Politico and the NYT all reported that he was part of Trump’s decision.

As the Times put it in a story last night: “Roger J. Stone Jr., a longtime informal adviser to Mr. Trump who has been under F.B.I. scrutiny as part of the Russia inquiry, was among those who urged the president to fire Mr. Comey, people briefed on the discussions said.”

Stone’s quote: “With all due respect to the President, I am not the source of the New York Times, Politico or CNN stories and have never claimed I convinced the President to fire FBI Director Comey. Both Politico and the Times claim to have multiple credible sources for their reports. I offered no comment.”

The rest of his statement:

“It has been my policy not to discuss the scope, subject or frequency of my occasional contacts with the President and I am not going to do so today. I remain a steadfast and loyal supporter of President Trump who I believe will be a great transformational President. I am certainly not going to contradict the President.
“I believe the source of this story is someone in the President’s circle who thought that my longtime association with President Nixon would bring inevitable comparisons with the so-called Saturday Night Massacre and thus discredit the option of firing Mr. Comey.
“I have written posted and spoken in favor of the firing of Mr. Comey. It would be impossible for the White House not to know my views.
“No one who knows the President believes he is anything but his own man and is solely responsible for the decisions of his Administration.
“Now, let’s make America Great Again.”


  1. Thank you for your contributions Roger, and I have just one question: How is it that you have such a lovely daughter? She certainly looks like her mother, I’m sure.

  2. There have been more “anonymous sources” shown to be whole cloth fabrications in the last three days than I have ever seen before. This is rising quickly to the point of cheap fiction, can they not see how ridiculous they are?!

  3. Mr comey is a buffoon linking russian mafia bastard vladimir putin to Trump. He deserves to be fired. why did this sob keep quite about rogue bill clinton and bisexual whore hillary clinton having uranium deal with this bastard putin?

  4. If there were truly a leak, and this is simply not just another false story laid out for the public by themedia, thenComey is far worse than a buffoon.


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