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Comey Tied To Clintons’ Money

Comey Tied To Clintons’ Money


(By AngryPatriot) Everyone was shocked when former President Barack Obama appointed the nominal “Republican” James Comey as director of the FBI. However, new evidence indicates that Comey was only appointed because he was implicated in the Clintons’ corruption.

Former FBI Director James Comey had numerous ties to the corrupt Clinton political machine, and he still does. One connection is his brother, Peter. Peter Comey is an executive at DLA Piper, the law firm responsible for filing the Clinton Foundation’s taxes. James Comey holds the mortgage for his brother’s mansion, tying a direct financial connection between Comey and the Clinton Foundation while he was investigating Hillary. (via Big League Politics)

James Comey was appointed by Obama because he was a political insider with many dark connections to the Democrats. Obama trusted Comey not to target the establishment he was a part of.

The former president’s hunch was ultimately proven correct, as James Comey allowed numerous Democrat crimes to go unpunished during his three-year term leading the FBI.

James Comey has been connected to the Clinton criminal network for decades. In 1996, James Comey acted as the deputy special counsel for the Senate committee investigating the Whitewater scandal. The Senate was investigating shady real-estate loans authorized while Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. (via ABC News)

Many people connected to the Whitewater company were arrested and charged with over 40 crimes, yet the Clintons remained unscathed. James Comey acknowledged that Hillary Clinton obstructed the investigation and destroyed evidence, yet he decided not to prosecute due to lack of “intent”.

After observing the soft-handed approach Comey took investigating the Clintons, Obama appointed him in 2013. James Comey repeated his past, 23 years after the original Whitewater investigation. Again, he decided not to press charges — this time for Hillary’s mishandling of classified information, even after condemning her actions. The same phony “intent” excuse was used. (That’s how it works!)

James Comey was rewarded handsomely for enforcing a two-tiered justice system where the political elite live free from consequence.

After leaving the Department of Justice in 2005, Comey moved into the private sector to receive his rewards. He was hired as the General Counsel for Lockheed Martin — the largest recipient of contracts from the Department of Defense. Comey was paid over $6 million before leaving the corporation in 2010.

Immediately after Comey left Lockheed Martin, he became a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative and was awarded 17 contracts from the Hillary Clinton State Department.

James Comey left Lockheed Martin with newfound wealth and joined the board of directors of HSBC Holdings, a British bank. The bank is a long-time partner of the Clinton Foundation and rewarded Comey well until he was appointed by Barack Obama.

James Comey’s career highlights the incestuous pay-for-play relationship between major corporations and the political elite. Comey let the Clintons off for their crimes and was heavily rewarded by corporations who were, in turn, rewarded with government contracts and favorable policy. This is exactly the swamp that President Trump promised to drain, and removing Comey was the first major step.


  1. All this nonsense (barking impeachment and stuff) is very good. After de crying from the spoiled little girls everyone will know who is for real and who’s the traitors.
    Then is going to be easy for Trump to clean the house.
    Roger is great

  2. Thank you, Roger Stone, for connecting the dots. Why is this post/article not being picked up by Drudge?

      1. Do you have any proof that Comey didn’t work for lockheed Martin, do you have proof he was not taking kickbacks from the Clinton foundation? I’m pretty sure you don’t, I’m thinking with the title “reverend” in front of a name, you just like hearing yourself talk with the hopes that some fool would listen to your ignorance! Please do the country a favor, GO AWAY, LEAVE!

          1. Makes complete sense. In case you havent noticed the PTB do not like whistleblowers and those who expose the truth on their criminal cartel.

          2. Comey should be investigated and so should the Clinton’s. Their law breaking is so self evident. I believe the leftists feel so in control of the government that they don’t even feel a strong need to operate covertly. They break the law right in the open and just count on the lame cover-up to work for them.

          3. The Clintons have been investigated very thoroughly and nothing…who is breaking the law openly? Cover up? As in everyone lying about meetings and conversations with Russians? Why do you think they all lied about it?

          4. Nothing came of Clinton investigations? Well, lets see; there was that “little investigation and impeachment” of Bill…and didn’t I hear that “crooked Hillary” is still under investigation of mis-using her powers as Secretary of State to confer special favors for nations and individuals donating to the Clinton Foundation? I seem to remember that Hillary remains under investigation for releasing Classified Information to others without security clearences….she may be locked up yet!

            I’m curious “Reverend” Chuck…..were you ordained online(?) and; have you been hopelessly niave your entire life???

          5. The old “reverend” doesn’t understand good and evil yet, very basic principles in the Word.

          6. Want to talk about the past? How about Nixon, or how about St ronnie Reagan, sold arms to the enemy..

          7. You said”Clintons have
            been investigated thoroughly and nothing”….Then when shown proof….you change the subject to Nixon…..Since you want to go there….Hillary was involved in the impeachment committee….was caught lying, conspiring against the constitution, breaking house and committee rules etc….Clintons are criminal thugs…..they always have been.

          8. How about a history lesson? Nixon left office because he erased 19 minutes of a tape. Hillary destroy her server information, hide information from investigators and clearly violated the law by keeping classified information on a non-secure, non-government server.

            I don’t recall Ronald Reagan selling arms to the enemy – nor do I recall any proof.

            I do recall Bill Clinton being impeached for lying under oath. I do recall Bill Clinton signing Fair Housing, repealing Glass-Steagall, appointing two crooks to run Fannie and Freddie and allowing them to change the institutions’ accounting practices to gain huge bonuses while taking in bad loans and supporting banks that were corrupt. The Godfather of the housing collapse.

          9. Nixon was going down for obstruction of justice. Exactly what Trump is being investigated for right now in Mueller’s criminal investigation of Trump.

          10. or so it was said by Leakers. hard to believe anyone with a brain who listened to Comey felt there was any “Obstruction”. okay Mueller, is that ALL YOU GOT? gee, maybe you can fabricate some lie you get Prez Trump to make and use THAT for Impeachment. just further proof what pathetic A-holes the Washington Crowd has become

          11. He asked Comey, Rogers, and Coats to back off the investigation all of whom took notes at the time. When Bharara wouldn’t take his phone call he got fired. When Comey wouldn’t back off he got fired. But I agree with your assessment on most of the Washington crowd right now.

          12. Trump and his team committed no crimes, yet these illegal leakers are not being pursued. maybe That’s why Comey was fired

          13. I just don’t understand that if they have nothing to hide, why did they lie about contacts with Russia?

          14. the reason(s) Flynn lied were clearly presented. did you remember that he was fired? who else are you concerned about? you seem to feel that you are on some kind of quest, maybe you should try to become more interested in reality

          15. He was fired only after the press told the story. They all lied and said they had no idea about Flynn yet they were all informed long before he was fired. Sessions lied about contacts. Jared lied about contacts. Unfortunately this is our reality right now.

          16. okay, so in the word game you can twist answers around and call them lies, so what? there IS no compelling evidence that there was any collusion, how many DOJ folks have to say that before you get off your “guilty until proven innocent” kick?

          17. I didn’t twist anything. I’m glad that there is a Special Counsel investigating now and we’ll see…

          18. thank you for your hypocrisy. you obviously don’t care about justice, you want this to reflect badly on President Trump, don’t you?

          19. I really wanted him to do a good job. I didn’t vote for him because he’s a known con man with shady business dealings and I knew that what he stated to his followers were mostly lies. He has not done a good job. It’s like a bad reality show in the WH. I care very much for justice and would like to know why they were in contact with Russians and why they lied about it.

          20. funny how you can listen to the usual liberal democrat sources and get that opinion. con man? how about Successful Businessman. shady dealings? how about the people who tried to con HIM didn’t get what they wanted. mostly lies? how so? should the purpose of the Federal Govt be solely to search out injustice everywhere and force everyone to pay to fix it, or to help Americans do well with their lives? you don’t agree with MAGA? what is the Prez doing that is NOT working toward that? if you want to join the RESIST AND IMPEACH crowd, you can find plenty of BS to keep your blood pressure up, but it’s odd you say Trump LIES yet you can’t see the nonsense his enemies throw at him

          21. It’s not liberal, democrat sources it’s all public knowledge. He’s been sued numerous times, is known for not paying his workers, Fraud at Trump University, racist landlord etc. he’s done nothing but appointed a judge and ended TPP. He’s making our allies enemies. The WH is unorganized and in disarray. Everyone tells different stories. It’s a mess. He can’t even get Republicans to pass his brutal health care bill. It’s a total shit show.

          22. don’t be naive. you can’t even imagine how many people and contractors have done business with Donald Trump, how hard was it to find one or two pissed off people willing to bad mouth his success? and your assumption that somehow the newly occupied WH is in disarray and not doing the Country’s work? public knowledge? absurd. the only shit show is the Democratic Party and the leftist in the media whose childish, bigoted attacks to make themselves look good after embarrassingly backing the Hillary debacle. that’s a real shit show.

            you seem to be trying so hard to push the same agenda, maybe if you were a little more familiar with the nasty political machine in DC and the corrupt way our Federal gov’t operates, you might see the tremendous amt of bullshit that’s being thrown at Prez Trump to try to make him fail. makes the “Birthers” look like Boy Scouts

          23. It’s not one or two people….it’s his rep. Ask a New Yorker what he is known for…That’s one of the reasons he was having trouble finding a lawyer to represent him because he also is known for not paying his lawyers. He’s been sued numerous times…including by lawyers that he didn’t pay.
            No one has wanted him to fail. He’s needed no help on that front. It’s very disfunctional. I don’t like that he’s pissing our allies off. I don’t like his disregard of our environment. I don’t like it that every day there’s drama. I don’t like the incompetence. I really don’t like the budget and the healthcare bill that they put forward. But hey, it’s a free country and if you’re happy with how things are going good for you.

          24. and you know this how? seems Amazing that someone who had such a “bad” reputation could be so successful in the most competitive market anywhere. so go ahead with your tabloid accusations. our allies will be fine with their wake-up call after years of us protecting them on our dime. our environment will be fine with some tuning up of overzealous regulations and inept bureaucracy. sure, NOBODY likes it when the forever growth of government is called to task and their bennies are cut back.

            do you really like the $20 TRILLION Debt our grandkids are saddled with? do you really think that when our economy does NOT grow to keep up with government spending, as has been the recent trend, you will continue to live in the comfort you’ve become accustomed to? how have you missed the signals? why are you in favor of just adding more debt to keep everyone from bitching about their shrinking entitlements? isn’t this the reason the Democraps’ main complaint is how awful President Trump is? because their brand of government is no longer debatable, its failures are too obvious. Trump knows what’s important here and now, it’s what got Clinton elected: It’s the Economy, stupid

          25. Calling me stupid does not make you smart nor does it add support to your argument. He became successful with huge loans from his daddy and lots of favors from his daddies friends. Plus he’s a con man. You can look online at all the times he’s been sued for not paying his people and racial discrimination. Look at the tax cuts on their healthcare bill…only those above $200,000 will benefit while the elderly, sick people, mentally ill, drug addiction and low income will be hit hard. Again, I’m glad that you are happy with how things are going. I am not.

          26. i didn’t call you that, aren’t you familiar with Carville’s theme for WJClinton’s election campaign? i didn’t think the quotes were necessary. seems you’re running out of excuses for why Trump was so successful, maybe another area you’re not familiar with. what do you think makes talented entrepreneurs different from the broke ones? how about Talent, Hard Work, and knack for taking promising risks. now Americans can benefit from someone willing and capable to make the changes in our Government that we need to defeat the inbred corruption of the last decades. keep posting the crap from the usual sources about how bad things are going to get, that’s their agenda, it doesn’t have to be yours

          27. You might also mention that she approved numerous speeches by Bill (who made millions) in foreign countries that usually were not approved……. including Russia and most middle Eastern countries – all who donated to the Clinton Foundation.

          28. We know because Comey stated, along with Feinstein and others that Trump was NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION.

          29. Hey Chucky Cheese, Your adult trolling is pathetic. Anybody who wants to defeat the Clinton’s is either half retarded or morally corrupt. You believing anything from our government shows how bright you really are. I’m assuming you’re a Democrat because their your daddy. How’s the Clinton Foundation doing? Not so good anymore. Grown a$$ man adult trolling, Yikes

          30. Well Trump wanted to defeat Clinton so I guess he’s half retarded or mentally corrupt…your words, not mine….ha! I’m not a dem and I never cared for Clinton but I care very much that the President and his people have an awful lot of Russian connections and they lie about them. I care that the President constantly lies. I also care that he is destroying our relationships with our allies. My father, God rest his soul passed away many years ago. He was my daddy.

          31. I guess you aren’t aware that last week, James Clapper said, “Neither Trump, nor anyone in his campaign had any collusion with Russia.” He went on to say, “Russia neither added, subtracted, or changed ANY 2016 presidential election votes.”

          32. He added, “That’s not to say there wasn’t any [collusion], I just didn’t see any evidence of it before I left [the Obama administration].”

          33. And Kames Clapper said there was none with Trump, either. I find it infuriating that Democrats are so willing to IMPEACH over something that isn’t even close to being the truth, when they were so willing to overlook so many blatant Obama/Hillary crimes!

          34. Clapper left very early in the investigation and he wasn’t privy to the counterintelligence investigation. It was separate. He has clarified that he wouldn’t have known about it if there was any proof. Forget Hillary, Obama and Trump. Russia attacked our country. Shouldn’t we find out what happened? So we can avoid it in the future? Agree or disagree we are all Americans and we should all want to know who, what and where.

          35. were you this concerned about finding out why Clinton & cohorts were losing or smashing laptops, cell phones, using bleach bit to permanently wipe out trivial, unimportant, “non-government related data, emails, on devices known to have been used by Clinton while SOS, for work related emails, and some discovered to have been hacked by at least several states, China, Russia, due to her gross negligence and flagrant dismissal of security instructions, unlawful communications of national security on unreported, unsecured devices, internet? Does it not bother you that she and the DNC refused to let FBI inspect their devices after accusing the Russians and that our FBI was fine with letting the DNC say no you can’t see our communication devices, server info, although they contended national security breeches were made??? This crap doesn’t concern you at all, that the Obama admin and Comey, DNC all swore Russian meddling, yet did virtually NOTHING to stop it? They failed at protecting us big time, but now expect to blame it all on Trump? Dumb shits, and you buy their sh$t. Hopeless talking to people like you.

          36. Hillary is not in the White House. Trump’s team corresponded with Russians and lied about it. Our country was attacked by Russia. I would like to know what happened.

          37. Russian was found to have been hacking since 1996 and nothing has been done? How and where is the correspondence? How many people have to tell you verbally that TRUMP is not under investigation?

          38. News flash – Russia and other countries, including us, have been doing this since the 1990. In fact it was first brought to light in 1996 that Russia was hacking…. so what’s your point? It will not stop, nor will it make a difference in the long run unless we stay divided and hating other’s points of view.

          39. It’s not Democrats – it’s the bought and paid for politicians that work for the Deep State. They are trying everything they can to stop Trump from doing the work he was elected to do.

            It beats the heck out of me how a man can give up a millionaire lifestyle and put himself up for insults, hatred, innuendoes and downright obstructionism.

          40. The conveniently figure that is a lie…… even if they watch the words come out of the mouth….

          41. So did you “care” when Clinton approved the sale of 1/3rd of our Uranium deposits to a corrupt company called Uranium One? Or did you care when the Clinton Foundation paid over $10 MIL for Chelsea’s wedding? Did you care when the Clinton Foundation accepted copious amounts of money from middle Eastern donors? Or how about when she lied about what was actually on her private server? Did you care then?

            If you cannot prove that he constantly lies what are we to believe? Obama lied numerous times – “if you like your doctor you can keep him”, “premiums will be lower” and my favorite – the economy is rocking and unemployment is at a new low.

            I lost my doctor, he put me out of business with numerous government reporting requirements (regulations), higher taxes, and out of control rising healthcare premiums, along with the taxes contained the Obamacare.

          42. I’m sorry about that. Obamacare has actually worked out well for me and my family but I understand that it hasn’t for everyone. I know that it needs improvement but to replace it with something worse doesn’t help.
            Once again, Clinton is not in office. Trump is. He lied about Obama’s birthplace, he lied about Ted Cruz’ father, he lied about bringing coal back, he lied about the wall, he lied about thousands cheering when the WTC went down. He lied about his crowd size. He lied when he said that he didn’t know Flynn was a foreign agent. He lied when he said that millions of illegals voted. He lied when he said that he couldn’t show tax returns because they were under audit. He lied when he said Obama wire tapped Trump Tower. He lied when he said the National Inquirer deserves a Pulitzer. He lies every time he calls a story “Fake News” just because he doesn’t like it. He lied when he said snl wasn’t funny…;) I could go on and on..

          43. funny how half the stuff you say turned out to be True, and the rest of it was Inconsequential fluff. oh, but keep going “on and on”, because You seem to be a bigger liar than Prez Trump

          44. you’ve become pretty outspoken since you got your Junior Investigator Badge in the mail

          45. Hahahaha!!! Yeah, if you avoid crates of truth, buckets of logic, and testimony that was NEVER testified to under oath? Not that lying isn’t a top priority…

          46. Hillary Clinton… that is who. Anything she is accusing someone of she is actually guilty of herself… it’s called projection.. or if you spot it… you’ve GOT IT!

          47. Clinton investigated more than any candidate ever, Nothing found. Typical rightwing MO

          48. Actually we found out she was the most crooked, conniving, disliked, grifter ever to run for president.

          49. No that is not what Comey stated…. he stated that there was evidence of multiple crimes however he found no “intent” to impede the Whitewater investigation… no intent… well well well… the exact same finding that Comey reached in the Email case… no intent… I guess Hillary never intended to marry Bill, Destroy Rose Law Firm records, falsify evidence during the Nixon impeachment, etc etc ad nauseam, problem with the email case is that it DID NOT REQUIRE INTENT… specifically the law states that INTENT is NOT a REQUIREMENT for the Crime to be prosecuted.

          50. There is a saying that “justice is blind”, in this case it is the “Justice department that is blind”

          51. Comey found no “intent” during the Whitewater investigation also….. so if I go out and plan to rob a bank I can get Comey to come forward and tell them I had not “intent” to do that.

            Either you broke the law or you didn’t – “intent” is not a defense. Hillary Clinton was given numerous briefings on what classified and secret was yet she didn’t “intend” to keep them on her private email server (that was probably easily hacked) or “intend” to send them on to others?

            What a total crock of crap.

          52. see my post with links u can see these areas of interest u have to gather many signatures by a specific time line. found the site today

          53. No sir, you prove to be dishonest when you say nothing was found, much has been found, but no punishment dished out for her crimes, showing we have justice for all but no justice for the elites.But don’t be fooled, the Supreme Judge has her number:) and white throne judgment awaits her.

          54. Nothing found? Really? How about the Clinton Foundation and their donors? Was that investigated? No because the diversion was the email server because it was less of a crime.

            Hillary Clinton broke federal law by forwarding and receiving classified information on her private server. the law is very specific…..

            Title 18. Section 2071.

            “(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

            (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.”

            Yes, it explicitly states “shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”

          55. Shes been investigated. Needs to be convicted, sentenced and hung from the neck with a rope.

          56. That is the punishment for TREASON, of which I believe Hilary and Obama to be guilty of MANY counts.

          57. dmcrn there is a site on the wh called petition the wh put link in A REPLY TO Mark Raush JUST a few above ur post. so many are good i kept searching for more to sign and found ones that are voicing our concerns, including one u mentioned

          58. They are untouchable…. get used to that…. they have been since Arkansas when they were crooks then…. Cattle Trading Futures, Whitewater, pay-off from Tyson, etc. and all the women abused by Bill……

          59. MARK u might enjoy going to Petition the White House and signing petitions , just found them twitted ones that were not to long to tweet.

          60. But, why r they investigating Roger Stone?? For writing the truth in his books, revealing information about Kennedy’s assassination, that possibly the Democrats themselves are responsible for his death?? The Clintons as well have an over abundant list of deaths around them & The Bush family is not so innocent either, as we now know their connection to the Clintons, the One World Government Partnership & the partnering of old man Bush addressing his entrsnce into the Masons, known as a cult like organization. If U r truly a Reverend…r U telling me U endorse this action of membership in the Masons as a Reverend?? My father was a licesed minister, a Reverend, & he made sure his children were made aware of the Masons, he warned us to walk away from associations with people affiliated with the Masons. So…
            Well, doesn’t matter, God will have his scorn on all of us for our lack of judgements in life. However, Nixon could be considered an angel compared to Geo. or Herbert, or Bill or Hillary (Satan’s Maiden), and Obama is like the son of Satan, he & Hillary have a lot ofblood on their hands & many crimes against them, multiple crimes of Treason even. Speaking of which the entire DNC along with LBJ could have been brought up for charges of Treason in the cover up & death of the Kennedys, plural. There was never an investigation of such & one had toask why??? America mourned for her loss while they snickered at us & continued business as usual just as they did when they double crossed Nixon. Nixon did the right thing, but there was good reason behind this break in & many knew about it, they needed proof. What has recently taken place is a God sent to keep this Evil Cult out of our political affairs & away from rule of the masses, especially here in America. “God Bless America” Reverend, & I’ll pray for ur stsnding of ur status.

          61. Satan’s Maiden? Son of Satan? Lord…I have absolutely nothing to say.

          62. So r U a member of the Satan worshipping group or r U a member of
            the jijabs?? Or r U lying about being a Reverend??

          63. Oh by the way, U need to read the article on Why America Will Be A Conservative State For a Long While.

          64. If it is a conservative state for a long while, you will be standing in a bread line

          65. If it was a truly “conservative” state one woud be free to do as they choose.

          66. Trump is getting rid of MANY of the rules and regulations imposed upon us. It takes time. He has only been in office just over 4 months! In just one year, Obama enacted OVER 80,000 pages of NEW Rules and Regulations! God only knows what his grand total was for 8 years! I do know that they have been STRANGLING businesses! Especially small ones! You have to hire people that make sure that you’re in compliance with all of them! Small businesses can’t afford to do that…

          67. Democrats are all too willing to bankrupt our country! Look how much money Trump has ALREADY saved us by renotiating contracts that had allready been signed! BILLIONS for the new Air Force One, that was ordered years ago, and will not be completed even if he serves two terms! BILLIONS of dollars saved for another contract with Boeing for a contract signed years ago for a new fleet of Air Force jets! He has negotiated with Japan and China, to invest MANY millions of dollars in our country, which will give tens and tens of thousands of jobs to Americans! He has met with American businessmen, and successfully encouraged them to KEEP and/or build new factories in our country, saving or creating many thousands of jobs!!! Compare this to Obama flying around the world, and telling the world, “Everyone knows that America’s best days are behind her…” Give me a fricken break!!!

          68. Isn’t this the truth!!! Obama is a Muslim name & he’s a Muslim. He did exactly what he planned to do. If America wants death of the rights then they wd. be all for Clinton & Obama. These Ignorant Demwits are just cryin because they do not know better. Hillary Clinton is s CRIMINAL, & if yhey wsnt to go after Trump yhen we have to sysnd up & fight them scream louder than they. It’s already been told that she has committed crimes & it was coverd up by the Loretta Lynch is is n default of her obligation to America & the position she held, her law license needs to be suspended & she needs to be held from ever occuping an office of government on any level ever ahain, same with Comey. They both intentionally broke the Law!! So if they want to play it out in the courts thry will loose!!! Hillary will never hold office ever. Sh’s a has been wanna be, physically, medically & mentally incapable of holding the office of the Presidency of the United States. Hey, she list by a land slide. Obviously the politicians did not want her in office!!
            Doesn’t thst tell u idiots anything. 1+1=2….she lost the Electoral Vote!!
            That’s our legislative process & it’s not gonna change because the people will stop it from changing. It works, it just doesn’t work for Hillary because NO BODY likes her. The majority of the legilative votes were NOT for her!!!