Kim Dotcom’s Ploy Snares Hannity, Gingrich

Kim Dotcom’s Ploy Snares Hannity, Gingrich

Kim Dotcom and the Nothing Burger

By Roger Stone

Kim Schmitz, now known as Kim Dotcom, is the founder of MegaUpload, the notorious website famous for distributing pirated versions of copyrighted works. While it is true that Kim espouses his philosophy which states vaguely that information wants to be free and that copyrights and trademarks are in impediment to the free flow of information, he doesn’t seem to take into account the artists who are robbed of potential revenue when people get their work for free.

In 2012, the US Federal Government, in tandem with several other International law enforcement agencies, raided Kim in New Zealand, where he had been living, arrested him, and seized all of his assets.

Since then, Kim had been fighting extradition to the US, and just this past February, lost his last New Zealand appeal and is now being processed for extradition.

It appears that Kim, who has a flair for publicity, may not have done himself any favors by injecting himself into the narrative about Seth Rich’s murder.

First let us review the facts:

The 3:00 AM D.C. murder of Seth Rich, who was shot three times in the back is suspicious to say the least. It is indisputable that Rich headed the division of the DNC from where the documents were purloined and published to WikiLeaks.

Also troubling is the fact that Seth’s family either is or was advised by a “crisis communications consultant” with close connections to the DNC. This could explain why the family has seemingly changed their tune, with Rich’s father Joel saying shortly after his son’s death that robbery was not the motive, while now claiming it was. Indeed, Rich’s wallet, ring, jewelry, and cash were found intact.

A private investigator was initially hired by the Rich Family named Rod Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler previously served as a Metropolitan DC police detective and is therefore well connected to the DC police.  He pursued avenues that few could follow. Rod Wheeler was terminated by the Rich family shortly after the crisis communications consultant began working for them. Credible sources close to the investigation have told him that Seth’s personal computer has data proving that the DNC staffer was in touch with WikiLeaks. Former Detective Wheeler also said that his DC police sources told him there was political interference with the investigation and higher-ups had instructed investigators to be less than aggressive in their investigation into Rich’s murder. This could explain why the cops failed to interview the bartender or any of the employees at the establishment where Rich was last seen, and the police never requested the security camera videos.

Enter Mr. Dotcom, who offered new revelations last week, that he claimed were backed by substantial proof. Over the weekend, he made his reveal. What he showed demonstrated that he had nothing of substance, except for some supposedly secret information he claimed that he would only give to former FBI Director Mueller, and only in exchange for immunity and ‘safe passage’ from New Zealand to the USA and back.

Kim Dotcom put his link out to his talking points at the appointed time, and instead of being taken to a web page with his statement at the top, visitors were taken to a page that opened with a video by Kim talking about ‘The Good Life’ then a music video by Kim, and then a full story on how Kim Dotcom got raided by the US Feds along with other international police. Finally, after all this presentation, the reader arrives to Kim’s official statement about Seth Rich which sadly tells us nothing new.

We at Stone Cold Truth presented evidence that indicated Seth Rich was the leaker last year. We were not alone, many others reached the logical conclusion based on the evidence. Seth had the means as a director level analyst for the DNC, he had the motive as a die-hard Bernie supporter who was witnessing Bernie getting robbed by the DNC, and he was indisputably murdered.

It is also true, that after his death, there were no more large scale data-dumps from the DNC to WikiLeaks. Fox talking head Sean Hannity and former speaker Newt Gingrich, in their well-meaning desire to learn the truth about Seth Rich’s tragic murder, bought into Kim Dotcom’s publicity ploy. While this is unfortunate, it does not diminish the fact that the American people deserve the truth about what certainly appears to be a political assassination.

Mr. Rich’s family has asked for privacy, which is part in parcel in an attempt to shut down all reasonable discourse about this public riddle. While the family’s privacy is important, the truth about Rich’s death is more important. The people who should want that truth revealed should be Mr. Rich’s loving parents themselves. Their lack of interest in this question only makes the events surrounding this investigation smell worse.

Kim Dotcom’s actions seem to us as an obvious ploy to try to get another chance at fighting his case, here in the USA, while a free man living the good life, and not from a federal prison cell.


Kim Dotcom Tried to Hack into Seth Rich’s Email After Claiming to Have Evidence of Conspiracy


  1. Succinct and accurate analysis.

    Above all, you are correct: the truth about Seth Rich’s killing is more important to the people and the nation than the desire for privacy of his grieving family.

    That is not always the case in a killing, where such grief and desire should be respected.

    But in this situation, I concur with Roger Stone.



  2. Kim Dotcom is motivated always by revenge. It is all about his court cases. However I do believe he was involved with Seth Rich and has more to reveal in the future. He has been dropping hints for months on twitter and it has been obvious that he has been dying to tell people that he was in the know about the DNC hack. He is also closely connected to Wikileaks.

    1. Yes, I noticed that, too. I’m guessing his next text editor has a handle on capitalization of the first letter in a sentence, but heck… Who knows? Sure as hell not gonna be me!

  3. This is an unfair attack on Doctom, Roger.

    First, you’re not familiar enough with Dotcom’s megaupload case and his NZ home raid. If you’re just gonna read a Wikipedia link and Zerohedge article, you not gonna get much there either. I live in NZ. I saw all the reports, interviews, and court trials while they were happening. The case against Dotcom was as strong as the case against Trump and his collusion with Russians; in other words: no case at all. You have to watch and listen to all the Dotcom interviews on YouTube, and read his White paper. His arguments are unassailable.

    Second, whatever you may think of his past or his character, that shouldn’t stop you for cheering on his offer to provide testimony under oath. What is the risk? If the Congress, MSM, or you think he has jack shit, then call his bluff. I don’t understand why you need to attack someone who’s willing to testify and provide evidence of Seth connection to Wikileaks. Why not just take the offer and see?

    Third, there is a misconception about what Dotcom was going to do on 23 May. When he first revealed, on 20 May, in a tweet, that he knew Seth and had evidence that he was the source, Dotcom NEVER said he was going to disclose that evidence the coming Tuesday (23 May). He said only that he was going to make an official statement on the matter. He did just that. MSM and other places hyped up the 23 May date to be something it was not (to publish evidence) and when Dotcom only published a statement (which was all he said he was gonna do) the MSM and even altnews all jumped on it saying this was a nothingburger and big letdown. That’s probably the effect they wanted.

    Dotcom has been a victim of smear campaigns here in NZ. Many people don’t really know what the arguments in his case were other than what the MSM points out. The MSM have managed to fool most people in holding an unfavorable opinion of Dotcom. It’s sad to see you fall for it too, Roger. You should know better. What’s the harm in letting Kim testify? If, as you and others suggest, he has his own agenda which he’s trying to achieve, at least call his bluff. It certainly won’t cost you anything. It just puts him in the same position as you.

    1. I have to agree with you, I have been following his posts and he did say it was just a statement, and he has evidence that he is handing over through his legal team on Monday. I don’t know what Roger was thinking when he wrote this piece. I also find it funny that the US has took his assets and as Kim claims he never lived, worked, visited, or anything else that concerns the US. So why did they seize his assets? I am going to ride this out because I think the guy does have something of value and the fact that Seth’s computer was involved with wikileaks in a communication is the smoking gun. I think Kim has the nail in the DNC coffin and his motives were a pay back. He probably also helped motivate as well. I am willing to bet he does sink the DNC ship. The guy isn’t stupid, and saving this for the right time is a get out of jail free card

      1. Right. It’s not like everyone must believe Kim is an angel from heaven. You can still hold unfavorable opinions about his character, his past, his Megaupload case, etc; you can even assume he has ulterior motives for doing this. But why not let him testify? If he has nothing or is doing this for more selfish reasons, it’s his reputation that would take the hit. So unless one assumes he is a nutcase, a sociopath, or both, it seems strange that Kim would put — as I’m sure he would himself admit — his rather fragile and controversial reputation on the line if he had nothing at all. That, to me, suggests he must have something. I don’t know what. But I’ll cheer for his offer to present testimony and evidence in front of Congress and see. No reason in declining that offer. If Kim’s enemies think he has nothing, then surely they’d love to watch him crash and burn as he presents a nothingburger to Congress, no?

        1. From what I’ve read, if Kim gets his ‘free pass’ from Mueller, then he will be allowed to hire attorneys once he arrives in the USA and appear in US Court hearings to fight his legal battle related to MegaUpload, but not under the current extradition (read prison) that currently awaits him. Someone about to be sent to a US Federal Prison while awaiting trial would most likely do just about anything to prevent it from happening. It was a long shot for him to make, but he took a shot. Too bad he didn’t have better ammo.

          1. What other choice do we have? He’s presented no new evidence so speculation is all that is possible. What is not speculation is that his website IS full of self-promoting material before his ‘statement’. Why do that? To cheapen himself? Didn’t anyone close to him explain to him the optics of such a move? I guess not, or he just didn’t care to listen.

          2. Obviously you seem to care. I care because I had to watch my poor friend become a shell of himself as he watched his hard won riches turn into bitter ashes. I know that Kim is not personally responsible for all that happened to him, but to me there is no question Dotcom helped it along. Piss poor attitudes like yours might be endemic among Kim’s defenders, in which case, you fit the pirate profile perfectly.

          3. But WikiLeaks also promote themselves before getting to the meat and potatoes, but it doesn’t mean Wiki doesn’t deliver the goods. I recall Assange had a big announcement and all he really did was promote WikiLeaks. These guys need money to do what they do. I agree it’s a bit tacky to promote their business given the matter… but news networks do it all the time… so what is the difference?

          4. Are you that fat fuck in disguise? Why do you take personal offense?
            He was wrong. He left Hannity out to dry. Fuck him.

          5. You all appear to have left the surgeon blowing a whistle. There is on the web a statement suggesting that the murder occurred at the ICU. Is it for real or a cleaver fabrication? Were the persons referred to in it real law enforcement officers or imposters?

        2. Why are we pissed? Because he knew he wasn’t going to show a damn thing this week, but led Hannity to believe he was, then hung him out to dry. Simple as that.

    2. Funny because Roger never said he shouldn’t testify, just brought up that his website was used to pirate copyrighted material. I think it is sad he used this important case in Rich’s death to make his own case even worse off, which made Fox stop covering the whole issue!

  4. You’ve discredited Kim Dotcom’s coming out about Seth Rich as a publicity stunt while maintaining the belief that Seth Rich was politically assassinated for his DNC leaks to Julian Assange. I tend to think that this is a pretty fair analysis of the current situation, but I’m still open to whatever may develope from this.

  5. Seriously, guys????? This is a superficial attack on Kim. Itis unworthy of our purpose and intentions. Kim has had to be in the know to say some of the things has has said in the past about the emails. Actually, it puts him (and his famiy) at even greater risk to speak up on this. It takes courage.This is a time for the courageous! Think about it… the time was right to speak up. The PI spoke out, many things have been changing.They are seriously trying to impeach Trump over Russia. Kim knows more than he has previously said. I am sure Assange wants it to come out but he actually has integrity and will not name sources. Will Seth die in vain?

    Are we so full of intrigue and opinions that we can’t hear the people on our own side? I take Kim at face value. I have watched him knowingly for some time. He is standing up. Far be it for us to shoot him down with idle speculation.

  6. I know an app developer, who is a very close and dear friend. He had an app on the Android Market back in 2011. It was in the Top 20 in one of the game categories at the time. He was selling like gangbusters. Then, mysteriously, sales slowed down. It was an online product where people had to make an account to use it. He watched as new daily account growth increased by leaps and bounds while at the very same time actual sales were collapsing.

    It didn’t take too long to figure out he was a victim of piracy. Where were these people getting their pirated versions? MegaUpload. How could he tell? They pirate users told him flat-out in the in-game chat system. He went and looked, and sure enough, it was there.

    He wrote MegaUpload, with a Digital Millennial Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down letter, explaining how MegaUpload was hosting pirated software with the demand that it be removed. Since MegaUpload was not a US company, their policy was to not honor any US DMCA, and they didn’t bother to respond.

    It would be nice to say that after MegaUpload was taken out in 2012 the piracy stopped but that’s not the case. Others stepped into the void left by MegaUpload, and piracy became and is more rampant than ever.

    Perhaps stopping Kim Dotcom was an empty gesture, like a cupful of water in a raging forest fire. I can say that when MegaUpload was taken offline, it gave my friend a great deal of satisfaction, and he’s no fan of Kim Dotcom. What became of my friend the app developer? He quit apps and became a consultant.

    1. “[My app developer friend] wrote MegaUpload, with a Digital Millennial Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down letter, explaining how MegaUpload was hosting pirated software with the demand that it be removed. Since MegaUpload was not a US company, their policy was to not honor any US DMCA, and they didn’t bother to respond.”

      Well actually “Megaupload systematically responded to countless DMCA take-down notices, it went even
      further to guard against copyright violations. It voluntarily gave major copyright holders direct
      access to its servers to remove links they considered to be infringing – without any oversight by
      Megaupload – and without requiring them to follow statutory take-down notice procedures.” (Page 4, from

      I can’t account for your friend’s request. Perhaps it went unnoticed or they ignorned it because he was small. I don’t know. But Megaupload definitely complied with DMCA and were proactive in their efforts to offer at least major copyright holders (all the major studios) direct access to their servers.

      1. “it voluntarily gave major copyright holders direct
        access to its servers to remove links they considered to be infringing – without any oversight by
        Megaupload – and without requiring them to follow statutory take-down notice procedures.”

        And . . . what happens when the pirates use automated tools to post ten new links for every one you take down? Then what? I’ll tell you the actual history . . . you get driven out of business.

        1. It’s not the legal responsibility of a third party to monitor all users of its service of whether they’re doing potentially illegal activities or not. That burden is on the copyright holders to notify the entity and give notice. Megaupload provided a service to store information. It could be used for good and bad purposes. You don’t throw the Secretary of Transportation into prison because the mafia used highways to ship guns from state to state. You don’t close the post office because someone sent drugs through the mail. You don’t throw General Motors in prison because someone used a ford to commit crimes. Get real.

          1. The defense of the morally bankrupt. Your comparisons are canards. The Secretary of Transportation requires that all vehicles be registered to known individuals. The SoT also requires that all roads be monitored by a police force. The SoT also requires that all vehicles display their identity clearly in a regulated manner.

            MegaUpload did none of this things. Its boon to pirates was that it was anonymous and that Kim would shield all user IP addresses from any external investigations. The MegaUpload SoT, as you will, was doing the exact opposite of what a real Secretary of Transportation was doing.

            You don’t close the post office for someone who sent drugs, but being as it was sent to a physical address, you arrest the people on the sending and receiving end using the legally required identification present on the package. Once again, your comparison is a total red herring. Anonymous users uploading pirated content to be downloaded by other anonymous users is the exact opposite of the postal system.

            Are you on Kim’s legal defense team? If so, you should be fired.

          2. Megaupload is not required to monitor every single activity of all users. The Judge in the case Viacom v. Youtube (2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 56646 (S.D.N.Y. Apr. 18, 2013)) ruled that the burden is on copyright holders to notify the entity and issue a take-down notices.

            If some users are committing the crimes, you go after the users. Megaupload was an infrastructure that some users used to commit crimes. You don’t go after the people who built the infrastructure, hence the highway analogy, esp. if those who built the infrastructure don’t encourage and proactively fight against infringements. Megaupload never encouraged copyright infringement. It went beyond its legal requirements in aiding major copyright holders in the removal of infringing material.

            You know nothing about the case.

          3. I know enough to understand, clearly, that thousands of artists and app developers that you consider ‘small’ were crushed by MegaUpload and other sites like it. You can take that to the bank.

            As far as go after the users, go ahead hotshot, show me where MegaUpload voluntarily turned over the identities of serial copyright infringing accounts. If you can’t identify them, how could you possibly go after them?

            Are there other upload sites? You bet! The difference? When they are asked to provide the identity (or IP address) or a serial offending account . . . they do. They are still in business. MegaUpload is not.

          4. Piracy is not theft and there’s absolutely no evidence to support the idea that a single one of those users would’ve paid for your friends’ app otherwise.

    2. My friend wrote an app, blah blah blah. So what?

      Do you think we should take down all newsgroups? IRC? P2P software? FTP sites? HTTP sites? Perhaps we should disable TCP/IP entirely. Would that help?

      I’ve got news for you, warez has been around a whole lot longer than your friend’s app. From the early days on the internet, with downloaded copies of Doom and Wolfenstein, to the expansion to IRC with private FTP and later XDCC. Then Napster came along, torrents, and megaupload. Megaupload was really no different than any cloud you use today. You can bet your ass they are all hosting a variety of materials some legal some illegal. Should they all be shutdown?

      Your friend sounds like a crappy app developer, and a crappy programmer, who has no clue about the hit or miss nature of the industry and probably couldn’t stomach even a 5 year professional stint. Maybe, just maybe, your friend’s ‘app’ wasnt worth the cash.

      1. Actually, he made over one million dollars with the app. Say . . . are you Bill Clinton? You seem just like the kind of person who blames the rape victim.

  7. shame roger. you cant fake emails… every hacker and non hacker knows that. why else do you think the wikileaks have 100 percent accuracy rate? all computers have fingerprints, and its very hard to scrub them. emails have ip logs and it goes through several servers.

      1. if he was in communication with him, yes there will be emails. and emails go through MANY servers, all of which will have the same information. its all in the ip info on top of all emails.

        kim said they communicated about many things. it will also show up on seths laptop, which the police “lost”. finally, the dnc server, which the dnc refuses to let anyone inspect except crowdstrike, a discredited hillary connected tech company.

        all three together will prove exactly what we kmow to be true. seth accessed the info from dnc, dnc tried to make it look like russian “hackers” by using that stupid fancy bear bs, making it look obvious- to which they say russia wanted to get caught. uhuh,

        the emails will show kim and seth talking before the leaks about the fact that he is disgusted with the dirty dems and that he is going to try to get them from the inside.

        podesta made an example of him, as his wikileak email had warned.

        1. also, i find it very odd heather podesta is on the dc police foundation board, and it was podestas emails that were leaked. wheres the three body cams? >:I where is seths laptop, and why was it seized for a so called botched robbery?

          1. Was that interview for real where a lawyer suggested Russians might have shot him?

        2. I think the point is that he didn’t actually provide any emails. He only alluded to them. If he has something, show it. Helping uncover the truth would go a long way to generate good will. Perhaps he should have considered that getting clemency was a good play too, but he chose not to make it. He instead chose the ‘I’ve got a secret and I’ll tell you if you do me a favor” play. I think he chose poorly.

          1. 10. The clear inference the reader is invited to draw from the above is that I attempted to
            hack Mr Rich’s email account. This is simply not true and is made without any genuine
            foundation. As you know, the email correspondence between us can be checked and
            contains no such threat.

            11. It is alleged that Mr Rich’s email account received a verification email from
            That may be so. But that does not mean that any attempt was made to hack his email
            account. Literally anyone could have gone to and registered an account there
            using Mr Rich’s gmail address, which was publicly known. That would then have
            resulted in Mega sending a verification email to that address. If someone had registered
            Mr Rich’s email at Dropbox for example, Dropbox would likewise have sent a
            confirmation link. That has nothing to do with hacking.

            12. If there has been an attempt to hack Mr Rich’s email account, I know nothing of it and
            there is no connection to me. There is no credible basis in fact to link me to any attempted
            hacking of Mr Rich’s email. If the family genuinely believe they can establish a link, which
            I do not accept, then by all means disclose that and I will respond to it and rebut it openly.
            I would welcome this. Once the allegation is shown to be without foundation, the focus
            could once again return to the DNC leaks and Mr Rich’s death.

            13. The suggestion that I am attempting to plant evidence into Mr Rich’s email account
            would appear to be an attempt to discredit any evidence I may give before I have a
            chance to give it. That those who seek to speak the truth are, as I have been, subjected
            to a smear campaign to try to discredit them indicates to me that the truth is known and
            not welcome.


      2. also, i think you missed the fact that the dnc is now claiming tried to hack seths email account so he could fake emails. im just saying that wouldnt be possible without being caught immediately, and why on earth would he do that especially when he is fighting a legal case that would kill the case if he was to look like a fraud and a criminal? makes zero sense. its just mediaite fake news bs.

  8. wow roger seems like you actually contradict yourself in this article.. put down the wackyweed and start over.

  9. You’re wrong on this on Rog. Kim Dotcom has asked to testify to what he knows I dont see them rushing
    to allow him to do so. I think Kim Dotcom has a lot more to show and tell than what he released on his website

  10. Seth Rich’s new “family spokesman” is Brad Bauman a professional Democrat crisis PR consultant with the Pastorum Group.
    9:38 AM – 12 Aug 2016

    That tweet from Wikileaks or Julian Assange provides enough “proof” to me. Those writers who continue to ignore the conflicting interest and refer to this guy’s interference as “family” statement are conspiring to defeat justice

  11. kim dotcom is a scam artist trying to save his worthless butt from going to prison ,anything he puts out now should be disregarded and treated as the fake news media put out

    1. Kim Dotcom is a Finnish citizen and as such is protected against defamation under the Criminal Code of Finland. Serve you right if it is an extradition offence – to ‘disparage another’. But, as with copyright, it is not – unless it has criminal liability in your country too

      1. who cares let them try to charge or send me to Finland ,I’m a American citizen son and have the right of free speech under the 1st Amendment ,and what I said is covered by it and therefore not under any other countries law ,so go back under your rock and let the adults talk,and if you have a problem with what I said ,sue me it will be fun to watch a lawyer tell you -you have no case ,so bring it on

        1. What you may do under your Constitution cannot conflict with the protections given to Germans by theirs or the Finns by theirs. They are all First World civilised countries. As a Finn he is protected World wide against uncivil or disparaging remarks made via the mass media.

          I note that the UK journalist also found your comment appeared defamatory

          1. I’m a American in the United States I don’t give a rat’s ass what they have done in another country and I couldn’t care less about your opinion or the other guy’s let them try it

          2. 1 comment you got to be joking and it said nothing I’m through paying any attention to your nonsense

      2. and to tell you the truth you don’t impress or scare me ,I like it when clowns like you get on pages like and show your ignorance about things clown

        1. I did not intend to impress or scare. Just to try to make you stop. I did not just look it up, either. This guy has been victim of a bizarre amount of insulting media commenting and even false media reports in New Zealand – such as allegedly falsifying clean slate provisions. Isn’t there a universal law of do unto others….?

          1. he’s a scam artist ,con man and a hacker ,trying to make me stop -hell no clown

          2. I have been taking careful note since the FBI came charging in here on Jan 19, 2012 (your time). He is not. He is a person reacting to atrocious behaviour against him by unscrupulous persons abusing the powers that have been entrusted to them

  12. With all of the dis-information spread out on the net We need to find that one place to go to and get what we have experienced as true information. Roger has been unmovable on his positions and dead right on his information. All internet “editors ” are quick to get up the hottest news flash up as quick as possible to scoop the competition. Roger gets it straight and it turns out right. When it comes to the White house no one covers it better.

  13. I’ll stand with Roger any day. He does his homework; read any of his books and you’ll see the many references which prove what he says, and his conclusions.

  14. I agree that Kim Dotcom should have refrained from writing anything about Seth Rich’s murder. Given what Stone has argued in this piece, it seems that Dotcom’s claim to have secret information is dubious at best. With so much intrigue clouding the view of recent events, it’s a good thing we have Roger Stone to sort things out. Stone has been a source of information that the news media miss or simply ignore.

  15. From Julian Assange’s twitter feed:
    WikiLeaks has never disclosed a source. Sources sometimes talk to other parties but identities never emerge from WikiLeaks. #SethRich
    We take any allegation that an alleged source has come to harm seriously. Murder should not be downplayed or instrumentalized.
    Assange and Dotcom are friends and have appeared at public lectures/discussions together.

  16. Mueller was a big mistake…. Now what I want to know is if the “Nixon Surprise” is going to be negotiated. The

    Brzezinski, Kissinger, Albright are all demonstrated war criminals. Dotcom is just a distraction… crime families meet open information. Most of the drug and booty has been washed through the Hollywood bookeeping, Medical complex. Just getting tired of broken window war stuff and need some change…. don’t think for a moment that rulers changed.. Lets see if 702 gets blown to wind and claw backs on pensions of war profiteers can help MAGA.. There is a real problem with Cohn and clubbing complaint and all the Goldman customers…Systemic risk on HSA Sunguard and the FED relationship to Citadel. There is no way “Nixon Suprise” can get another 40 year deal unless swamp is drained…

  17. began negotiations with the Trump administration to have all of his charges dropped in exchange for his providing evidence proving that Seth Rich, not Russia released all the Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party documents and emails to WikiLeaks and that culminated in the unprecedented secret meeting between Ex FBI director Comey and CIA director Mike Pompeo in New Zealand on 23rd of April. Trump administration’s secret meeting with KIM dot-com was nearly thwarted when ExFBI director Comey arrived prior to CIA director Pompeo, but KIM dot-com refused to meet privately with Comey unless Pompeo was there too. President Trump was outraged at this backstabbing attempt, fired Comey a fortnight later.


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