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Will Trump Save Himself With White House Shake Up?

Will Trump Save Himself With White House Shake Up?

By Roger Stone

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times have both reported that President Donald J. Trump intends a major staff shake-up now that he has returned from his international tour.

Both the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post said that experienced D.C. political hand David Urban, former Chief of Staff to Sen. Arlen Specter and now a Washington lobbyist known for his quiet and low-key efficiency will be tapped for the White House staff in some capacity in the near future.

Urban, from Aliquippa Pennsylvania, is a former altar-boy, son of a union card carrying steelworker, graduate of West Point, who served his country on both the field of battle and in the US Congress.

Urban served as the no-nonsense Administrative Assistant and Chief of Staff to the meanest, smartest, toughest man ever to serve in US Senate, Senator Arlen Specter. Urban’s ability to manage the affairs of the one of the most driven, resourceful and relentless men in American political history makes him a tailor-made fit to serve the hard driving Trump.

Lobbyists and government officials alike agreed that he ran one of the most effective and efficient US Senate offices in the nation’s capital. Urban has the US Army discipline and snap that would make Bob Haldeman proud, combined with a shrewd ethical sensibility. He is fiercely loyal to Trump. He also knows his way around Washington and the federal bureaucracy.

Urban ran the campaign in the Keystone state, delivering heavily Democratic Western Pennsylvania to Trump, helping propel the Manhattan billionaire to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I detailed Urban’s key role in my book, The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated A Revolution.

Urban’s hard-charging nature, relentless drive, and meticulous organization delivered the prize that eluded Mitt Romney and John McCain.

Urban promoted the Trump message successfully to blue-collar Catholics, Jews, and union members. This helped the Trump campaign run up the numbers in Western Pennsylvania, doing better in Democratic strongholds than past GOP nominees. These are the new “Trump Democrats.”

President Trump would be wise to utilize Urban’s talent, a point that the New York Times even made, claiming that Urban was “going in.” With Urban, he can expect loyalty and competence, the two things he desperately needs as the Obama hold-overs who continue to populate the government, work to leak to undermine his Presidency.

In many of the same newspaper stories is the ‘fact” that fired Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will be returning to the first circle of Trump’s advisors. Lewandowski would supposedly spearhead an effort to “find the leakers” and to enforce ‘discipline” and “security” in the Trump White House. This is the worst idea of all time.

This “covert-op” to stop the leaks on Trump’s staff is allegedly a joint effort with David Bossie. Mr. Bossie is the man behind the stunning “Citizens “United” supreme court decision.

**FULL DISCLOSURE: Bossie’s wife Susan served for several years as my assistant. She is one of the most decent, capable, organized and intelligent women I have ever known. **

If the President is concerned about leaks, he should ask the FBI to investigate under their cloak of legal authority. Appointing Lewandowski and David Bossie to such a role would be reminiscent of the Watergate “plumbers.” Like E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, these unsophisticates will get the President into trouble.

Also in the works is allegedly a “war room” run by Steve Bannon to push back against the President’s critics, although it’s not clear Bannon could run a bath. Instead of a PR offensive, the White House needs to score on policy and focus on the agenda that got Trump elected. At the same time, they need to turn the tables on those inside government who seek to undermine him. Trump should direct Attorney General Sessions to appoint Bob Barr as the special counsel. Barr, a former US Attorney,  should investigate the unconstitutional breaches at the NSA under Obama as well as the illegal use of intelligence information for political purposes by Susan Rice and others.


  1. At this point, the primary focus should be on eliminating any traitors in the White House, eliminating the Obama holdovers from the CIA, FBI, NSA, State Department, and Pentagon and DOD, and quickly appointing federal judges to the bench. Obama appointed 329 federal judges while in office which represents 40% of the entire federal judiciary while Bush II only appointed 192. Federal judges serve a lifetime, so the damage done by having these liberal activist judges appointed can only be offset if Trump works diligently to appoint all Jeffersonian constitutionalists to the bench. Trump must have more federal judges who do not impose their ideological biases into their judicial decisions, thereby continuing to water down the U.S. Constitution until it is unrecognizable.

    Another extremely important act is the appeal the travel ban to SCOTUS.

    Also, Trump and DHS are, I believe, rightfully focusing on hiring many immigration judges to get these illegal immigrants OUT of America as soon as is legally and feasibly possible. SO important to Trump supporters. Trump supporters consider this to be one of the primary reasons they voted for Trump, so it is extremely important for President Trump to make good headway on getting the illegal immigrants out of America. We realize he can’t get 11 million illegal immigrants out of America before 2020, but we do anticipate seeing considerable headway. Eliminating the “catch an release” policy was a major positive step and much appreciated by Trump supporters.

    Seeing some beginning work on the building the wall or, at least, building portions of the wall that are currently porous and vulnerable, is important before the middle of next year. SO important.

    1. You are correct. To hire someone you must vet them, and that takes time since most of us human have skeletons in the closet. Obama and Bush before him did not need to extreme vet appointees, because the media was not as a declared enemy.

  2. God has a hand on President Trumps’ shoulder… lets all keep praying for his safety during these difficult times. Blog and write… use the power of the pen folks use it or lose it!

  3. Roger has way too many hidden agendas. I knew Darlin’ Arlen since before he vouched for the Philadelphia Hippie murderer (Ira Eirnhorn) who composted his beautiful young wife in his closet and allowed him to be released from jail where he promptly fled. He wasn’t captured for very long time. No help came from Specter. He was a lying low life who in his final years left the GOP in an attempt to remain an old figure of derision. Sorry, Roger, but Specter was a complete A–Hole.

  4. Get off the defensive..a war room to combat the mentally ill squealing of the totally compromised..isn’t that one of the problems? Who cares what fake news and their minions are saying..IGNORE &CHANGE the NARRATIVE! Produce a room that attacks those who aren’t working for “America First” those that undermine for a foreign entity NOT RUSSIA! Thank you POTUS for getting us out of another ((green)) globalist scam! Too bad the vile America hater, Obomination greased them on the way out ..how much of our tax dollars I think it was like 500 million…FOR WHAT …that was to screw Trump I guess !

  5. Would that be the same Arlen Specter who switched sides and became a democrat??? Hmmm ??

    1. Yes, sir, it would be. In fact, he switched sides TWICE! Democrat to Republican to Democrat again. Also the creative thinker of the “single bullet theory” in re JFK assassination. I would guess because of his work on the JFK cover story, he was a “made guy” on Capitol Hill, aka “The Swamp” and only a “made guy” could switch political parties with such aplomb and get away with it.

  6. Donald Trump may or may not have been aware of the fact that the real forces that control not only America, but many countries around the world. He may have attended social functions with some of those players in New York, but they saw him a “small potatoes”. However, their overall game plan has be slowed until Trump is out of office, one way or another. To get a real insight into how this all works please visit the Lionel Nation hosted by lawyer Michael LeBron or chick in the following link:
    Paul J. Marino, JD

  7. I raise the matter of amnesty.

    Is it worth (assuming it is feasible) President Trump and his closest confidants giving consideration to the granting of an amnesty (of some form) to those (or some of those) within his administration who have done the wrong thing provided they come forward and tell all they know and all they have done (the who, what , when, where , how and why) ?

    If such a proposal was adopted one wonders what the logistics would be in implementing it ?
    I was thinking that the amnesty would probably have to be short lived , indeed, it could not extend over a weekend (otherwise those some might be killed to prevent them from speaking) but might be for say announced after lucntime on a tuesday and ending one hour after the conclusion of normal business hours on a thursday (I think people , some of them, would need at least two nights to sleep on it).

    In Australia, the difficulty is that the bureaucracy is shielded from the publci and thus in the main the public have no means of contacting let alone speaking with those in authority let alone passing on ideas etc.
    Surely, an on-line site to which people can post their ideas which is confidential and which is monitored daily by a team of people so designated with such a responsibility who as a group regulary meet to discuss these etc.

  8. President Trump is making it impossible to advance his agenda by assuming that he should deal with his enemies instead of destroying them. Enemy number one is his daughter and her husband who are liberal democrats. Enemy number 2 the Hillary crime family. Enemy number 3 the Bush crime family, as well as the Romney. Number 4 McCain, Graham, and Ryan. The Fedral government top ranking employee, who were appointed by Obama. To drain the swamps you must have a mouthpiece louder than NYTimes, and the rest of the libturd media / academia / Hollywood. To this end, Mr. Trump is in a difficult position’ half of America support him, and 90 % of the establishment wants him out. Can he pull it? May be if fires his daughter first to illustrate that he is tough enough to lead.


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