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Dem Lawmaker Walks Out of Town Hall Event After Crowd Starts Chanting “We Love Trump!” (VIDEO)

Dem Lawmaker Walks Out of Town Hall Event After Crowd Starts Chanting “We Love Trump!” (VIDEO)


Why is this not on news? Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-CA) held a town hall event last week at Stephen M. White School in Carson, California.

The Democrat lawmaker ran from the venue after the pro-Trump crowd started chanting, “We love Trump!”

This was insane!  The pro-Trump crowd started screaming and chanting in the opening minutes of the town hall event.

That’s when Rep. Barragan cut from the event and walked out of the auditorium.

Barragan is in her first term…..and hopefully her last.


  1. Just goes to show you that the ultra-liberals have no use for anyone that dares to disagree with their vaunted opinions. It’s their way or the highway! So much for being willing to listen to the other side. For them there is no side except theirs.

    1. Liars scatter when faced with Truth.
      Public Square begins to expel the anti-American totalitarianists — lol, some are self-ejaculating, like Barrigan! These seditionists sense innately their righteous impending fate for proffering tyranny in Land of Liberty, funny at least this sellout skank had enough sense to know when to run — were it to come to civil conflict, her side will go down with the devil, and they are beginning to suss it.

    1. so-called “majority” turns to jelly when illicit power of thuggish numbers evaporates

  2. damn Youtube. After I watched the video, I linked to a string of Trump haters on video shutting down common sense, and trying to evade questions.

  3. Democrats work in opposition to all that is traditionally American. When We unite, they divide. Where We place trust in God, dems work to eradicate our Christian heritage. As We work with Trump to MAGA and return Our situation to one of sovereign LIBERTY, the godless democrat plantation prescribes universal subjugation for all, under the over-arching jackboot authority of their govt-as-god NWO vision.

    1. Do you really think you are going to defeat Gods Chosen One?
      Look around everything you do Backfires!
      DJT our President sent by God!

      1. dunno if your post was meant for me personally, or perhaps you agree with my position?

        I doubt very much that DJT is “God’s chosen one”, but in lieu of better-qualified men with far better decency and Constitutional understanding, and since the godforsaken GOP is 100% in cahoots with the illicit dems, The Donald most certainly appears god-sent under these deplorable conditions; maybe if DJT gets something accomplished short of civil war, We can get a True Statesman in there in ’20.

        Everything TPTB do agin DJT does backfire, yes.




        1. Oh, dear…the “boorish” word again. This is not the era for sortero-type of memorized talking points. We’ve got exactly what we need — an authentic, fearless, strong, determined, and persistent fighter of a man.

          We stand with the president.

          1. Glad to hear you’re with me — I stand proudly with the boor from capitalist hell!

      2. Right there w/you, DJ. Anyone who dares to touch our President will fail. God Bless America & God Bless President Trump777.

  4. The lambs for the slaughter, lambs for the slaughter. Respect goes to ways and members of congress, the MSM and Hollywood continue to disrespect the voters everyday by attacking our President. So, be for warned there will be consequences for that will coming in 2018. Were they all fine with Hillary’s corruption, scandals and controversies was no big deal for them? When you attack OUR President, you are attacking those who voted for him. Has anyone in Congress ever ask why did both Republicans and Democrats voted for Donald Trump? If you find one let me know? Trump won for one reason and the most important reason, he wasn’t one of them, the elite establishment entrenched in the sewer and swamp called Washington, DC. He wasn’t someone who hated our country like Obama, Pelosi, Waters, Warren, Ryan, McCain, Graham, Collins, Flake, Lee, Miss Corruption herself, Lisa Murkowski. It’s time to silence these lambs and put them out to pasture.

  5. If you Criminal DEMS think you are going to remove our legally elected President you will have a Hundred Million Patriot with Guns ready!
    I would not want to be any Big Mouth Traitors!
    You will be hunted down and dealt with!
    Do you really think you will fly away?
    Who runs the Airports?

  6. One of my best friends in the world (who is like my own brother) went to John Jay High School with you Roger, and I bought your book “The Making of the President 2016” because I am a Conservative for the great most part., my father was a personal friend of Richard Milhous Nixon, during my tour of duty in the United States Army I received the “Presidential Commendation Medal” (how Cool is that?) > I love America as well as any man on earth and will fight and die for her if necessary. This video is a fair example of how liberals should be shouted down as they spew their hatred for America, we need to “STAND STRONG” against them daily.

    I want you to know that I am also an InfoWarrior and purchase products to support our combined effort to Expose the rat festation in DC GOD HELP US to shut them all down and go forward in the Making America Great Again. Eric Von Tausch is my friend whom you would do well to get back in touch with at least for old times sake as we are aging more rapidly and may or may not be around much longer., either way sir I wanted to show my support and appreciation for your Patriotic Heart and I fully support all Patriots who are working on this immense project. Pax Uo Biscum brother Roger~!


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