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By Roger Stone

 The New York Times considers itself the “newspaper of record” but the Old Grey Lady has had a difficult time of it recently. Not only did FBI director James Comey say that the Times story of February 14th, 2017 which alleged contacts between associates of Donald Trump and the Russian state was false but now The New York Times has compounded that error.

In a chart titled “How Seven Trump Associates Have Been Linked to Russia” by Jasmine C. Lee and Alicia Parlapiano which appeared Sunday, June 11th, 2017, the facts regarding my alleged contact with the Russians are entirely incorrect.

“Stone has said that he knew in advance of Russian hacked documents by Wikileaks” said the Times. In fact, I have never said that I knew in advance or predicted the hacking of any emails.  Nor do I concede that the Russians are responsible for the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, a claim for which our intelligence services have provided no proof.

The NY Times says that I claimed to have “a perfectly legal communication” with Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder. Although on one occasion I did say that I had “communicated” with Assange through a mutual friend. I clarified that my communication was through this mutual friend who was my source in dozens of interviews. I have never had any direct communications with Julian Assange. I did say that such communications would be “perfectly legal” because they were.

The New York Times is correct when they say I had a brief exchange with the hacker Guccifer 2.0. I have subsequently released the entire text of this direct message exchange on Twitter. The inference that this limited communications with Guccifer 2.0 constitutes collusion is disproved by the content, timing in context of the exchange. The contents are entirely benign and the timing of the exchange is six weeks after the publication of the DNC emails by Wikileaks making collusion between Guccifer 2.0 and myself in the purloining of those documents impossible.

I have repeatedly demanded that I be allowed to testify for the Senate and House Intelligence Committees to correct repeated misstatements by members of the committee regarding my statements and activities of 2016. I am prepared to testify voluntarily and without subpoena as well as requesting no immunity. I do insist that my testimony be taken in public since these misleading and inaccurate statements have been made about me by members of both committees in public sessions. The House committee has proposed closed door testimony saying that a transcript of the hearing would be released “sometime in the future”. Such an arrangement would allow mischaracterization about what is said behind closed doors and would lend itself to further distortions of the public record.

Congressman Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House committee, has specifically made a series of misleading and false statements about my 2016 activities as has Representative Eric Swalwell. It’s time for these ambitious politicians to stop hiding behind their committee lawyers and face the consequences of their recklessness

I note that Attorney General Jeff Sessions testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee being held today is a public session. I deserve nothing less.



  1. Of course the New York Times gets it wrong. They make a pretty penny at getting it wrong and, after all, that’s their job–to bombard the gullible public with tons of bovine fertilizer so they can never get to where they will dig for the real truth.

    I have watched the “news” media for years as they recorded events I had been part of or wrote about speeches and conferences I had attended and mostly, when I got through reading their accounts of events I had been part of, I could hardly recognize what they wrote about as what I had taken part in. It was like they operated in another whole world, far away from the real world. Often what they reported was what they wished had happened rather than what actually did happen.

    If you want real news, don’t bother checking out the mainstream media. Go to the alternative media. The best you will get from the mainstream media is wishful fairy tales. The worst you will get from them is outright propaganda. Either way, if you want real facts, you are not well served.

        1. It figures. Do the rest of us a favor and STAY there! (Unless you can get admitted to North Korea, but I’ll bet their standards are too high for you.)

          1. Perhaps Mr. Stone could use a moderator on his site, seeing that it’s difficult for the Left to express themselves with vulgarity.

  2. Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Gavin Mccines, Tommy Robinson and any other alternative media outlets and people seriously need to band together and sue the pants off all of these “news” outlets spewing lies and deception. It is completely reprehensible for them to blatantly lie, twist your words and deceive the public the way they are. They are slanderous, traitorous, despicable, disgraceful examples of “journalists”.


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