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(By Roger Stone) In January 2017, Dina Habib Powell joined the Trump White House and is currently the U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy formerly serving as an Assistant to the President and Senior Counselor for Economic Initiatives.

How did this ex-Bush White House aide who is best friends with Hillary’s gal pal, confidant, advisor, and vice chair of her 2016 campaign for the presidency Huma Abedin, Obama White House Chief of Staff Valery Jarrett and discredited Bush National Security Advisor Condi Rice who walked us into the Iraq war over weapons of mass destruction that did not exist get this job ?

How did this globalist insider and ardent neo-con land a key spot in the Trump circle?

The answer lies in Presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka.  Having not only inserted this fifth column in the Trump White House , Jared and Ivanka now hope to make the quisling Powell the White House Chief of Staff if (when) current Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus goes.

Forty three year old Dina Powell was born in Cairo, Egypt on June 23, 1973.  Her family moved to the United States when she was four, settling in Texas.  She learned to speak English quickly while continuing to speak fluent Farsi. She attended the Ursuline Academy for Girls in Dallas and later went to the University of Texas-Austin where she earned a bachelor’s degree.

In 1988 she married Richard Powell, a senior public affairs executive.   They have two daughters.  Her first brush with politics came when she interned with Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.  During G.W. Bush’s presidency, she served as Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Cultural Affairs and at 29, became the youngest person to direct the White House personnel office.

In 2007 she joined Goldman Sachs as a managing director and became a partner in 2010, recently serving as the president for the Goldman Sachs Foundation and Goldman Sachs Impact Investing team working primarily on philanthropic efforts. Goldman, you will remember, was a major funding source for Hillary’s campaign as well as stuffing $675,000 in Hillary’s pocket for a speech the former First Lady refused to release.

The neo-cons are wild about Dina. Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz said “She is such an effective spokesperson for us, because she speaks Arabic and is an Arab woman and can stand up as a role model and as somebody who can defuse some of the misconceptions.”  “She’s so bright,” just a bright shiny star.”

“Dina Powell is a tremendous talent and has a stellar record of public service as well as a great career in the private sector,” the President said in a statement. “She has been recognized for her strategic oversight of key programs and initiatives and is a leader in both economic growth and the crucial empowerment of women in various aspects of business development and entrepreneurial endeavors.”  Clearly , the President knows little of Powells’s pedigree or background.

Trump’s White House has been leaking since the start and it’s no surprise that Dina Powell has long been considered a leaker.  In 1990 she got in trouble for leaking negative stories on Ginny Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas. Now she and National Security Advisor H R McMaster have been pegged by sources at the National Security Council as two of Trump’s major leakers!   President Trump has surrounded himself with double crossing double agents who will do him harm. Let’s hope he wakes up before it is too late.


    1. Not as long as Ivanka and her Zio hubby are around. They just tossed Bannon out today, Gorka and Miller will soon be gone… leaving 100% globalist deep staters surrounding Trump. Hello wars.

  1. This is why I have believed for a very long time that women do not belong in politics. They are, with very, very few exceptions, completely untrustworthy and unreliable (and frequently, incompetent).!

    1. They think with their Emotions, not with Logic and Common Sense. I’m worried about this Ivanka and Kushner meddling. We elected Trump, not them.

      1. And, I forgot to mention, I believe most of them are Marxist/Communists, knowingly or unknowingly.

        1. Excuse me did you just say women are marxist communists? What??? Ivanka is certainly not. Jarrod is certainly not. Ivanka is brilliant like her dad, but doesn’t understand the swamp! Dina P is muslim, I don’t care what she calls herself!

          1. Obviously, you are an idiot. “Ivanka” in her infinite wisdom, has said we need more open boarders, and that Zionist shill husband of hers – who has absolutely no business being in the White House as he has never been elected to any office, is likewise a traitor. Just because they don’t call themselves communists, doesn’t mean they aren’t. It is their comments and actions that tell the tale, and the fact is, darn near all of D.C. is totally overrun with Bolsheviks. And, from my 55 years of experience on this planet. I am totally convinced that most women ARE Marxists, and they have absolutely no business being in politics of ANY kind. Don’t like it? Tough.

          2. Dina is a globalist neocon, she is a zionist too, she is NOT a Muslim. You sound foolish and also, please, please stop mouth-breathing. It betrays your shallow gene pool.

  2. How about Paul Joseph Watson for Chief of Staff? How about Alex Jones for Chief of Staff? How about Steve Bannon as Chief of Staff? How about Rand Paul as Chief of Staff?

  3. This is the question everyone should be asking–“When will Trump get rid of these people?” You really have to wonder what is going on with his administration when the people that are trying to cut his political throat are allowed to remain in positions of power that let them do exactly that. Mr. Trump is no fool and I can’t believe that he is not aware of these people and what they are doing to his America First agenda–yet they are allowed to remain so they can deep six his program. It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that these people have an “America Last” agenda in direct opposition to what Mr. Trump is trying to do–yet they are given free rein to stay and work against him. Something is radically wrong with this picture!

    1. I have thought this many times myself and I don’t know the answer. But he does not have much of a staff yet because the dems are obstructionists. I think this might be priebus. Priebus might be lying to him as priebus is a globalist scum bag who does not want or agree with Trump policies, and is in way over his head! It could also be Jerrod and Ivanka who have no business with any power in the wh. They are both lovely people, but run with political elistists, and I think are clueless when it comes to people the president needs on his staff.

      1. Sounds like you and I think the same about both Priebus and Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and his wife. He doesn’t need folks with this globalist mentality in the White House. They do him more harm than good.

  4. Never ever put a Muslim in a sensitive government position. If they are Muslims, their first loyalty is to the Koran. That means harming USA and allies whenever possible. Can you American start studying the Koran and Muslim politics, are you keep being so naive and childish. Wake up, no muslims


      1. Maybe that’s what she says now, remember it is not wrong for a muslim to lie to a non-believer!

          1. Just as you mock everyone else beliefs. Get over yourself. You imaginary friend is no more likely then anyone elses. Prove it of STFU.

          2. Carl David Smith Jr … Shut the hell up!! By the looks of YOU, you better hope you have an ‘imaginary something’, since apparently you’re in desperate need, loser!!

    1. They’re really democrats. But Trump loves his daughter and relies on her to “advise” him, which is a YUGE mistake!

      He needs to fire them. Send them back to NYC. I can’t believe he’s so blind that he doesn’t see the harm they’re doing him. After all, Ivanka and Chelsea are good friends!

      1. Ivanka and Chealse are no longer friends. I think it is fine for Ivanka to be advising on womens issues, nothing else. Jarrod should not be part of any policy making or staffing planning. Remember Pres Trump does not pay either of them.

    2. The couple admitted that they lean towards liberal democrats, yet Trump gave them high positions.

      They should be fired and SILENCED, official restraining order to any comments on Trump and politics.

    3. Ivanka s not nutty. She is a brilliant woman and she adores her father, her husband is very supportive of Pres Trump but they don’t really understand things, and they should not be there, except to offer support, not influence policy.

  5. Blood is thicker than water. That being said, it is amazing to me how proven conservatives and Trump loyalists like Rudy Guiliani, Newt Gingrich, Chris Christy, etc, etc, are left sitting on the sidelines while Reince Priebus and Dina Powell and other questionable at best friends of the establishment are in positions of power. Then there are RINO Ryan, McCain, Graham, etc in Congress who try to stick a knife in Trump’s back at every opportunity. The president is up to his neck in the swamp surrounded by venomous reptiles! At least Comey is finally gone., but neocons abound. If anyone named Cheney lauds you, you have no business being in the Trump administration!

    1. Right or Roger Stone or Anthony Scaramuchi and the list of Trump loyalists goes on and on, and they are not on his staff. But those who hate him and want to take him down are. Donald Trump is a brilliant man so I don’t understand why he has not dumped these scum of obama leftovers! Anything obama did or anyone he chose 100% anti-American, criminal treasonists!

    2. Hate to tell you but Chris Christy is a big time Muslim supporter, even named one to the NJ supreme court. As for Newt Gingrich, that guy has been a Third Waver (a la Alvin and Heidi Toffler) since the 70s. He doesn’t believe in private property rights and wants the Constitution eliminated.
      Rudy is a great guy, but he’s certainly no hardcore conservative.

  6. he has to wash the dem dirt out of his eyes before he can see the truth. you cannot just SAY i’m no longer a dem you have to SEE them for what you are and BURN it off !!!!!!!!!

  7. USA is surrounded by enemy’s that the NWO has spawned, citizens don’the need an army but they do need unity.

  8. “The answer lies in Presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka. Having not only inserted this fifth column in the Trump White House , Jared and Ivanka now hope to make the quisling Powell the White House Chief of Staff if (when) current Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus goes.”


  9. Jared and Ivanka need to go back to NYC, fire the nannies, and be the father and mother to their own children.

    1. Newt is not a loyal Trumper. Granted, recently his comments make it appear he backs Trump. It may be he is just wanting to back the winning team. Look at Newt’s political history.

    2. Newt or Juliani, or anyone who supported Bush invasion of Iraq or defended our crimes in there and our crimes today in arming and covering for ISIS (the neocon like Haley) have no business in being part of reviving American economy. These are war mongers with no sole.


  11. As Roger mentioned in another article that Brennan the ex-CIA head was a Muslim convert and double agent for the Saudis. This Habib lady is similarly implanted by the Saudis.

    I have paid a couple times $50 towards Trump campaign, since then I have been getting daily request for financial support. On the other hand an absolute dictatorship in Saudi Arabia has no accountability to anyone. All the trillions of wealth of that country is in the King checking account to write checks as he wishes. Trump begs me for fifty dollars, but, he can get ONE BILLION DOLLARS FROM THE RAGHEAD JUST BY ASKING (I am not saying that Trump is on the take, but, I know that if he needed funds to wage campaign or legal defense, he knows where to get cash on the spot). The political money comes with strings of course. The Saudis have operatives being groomed in our colleges to be their double agents. This Egyptian girl is one. I have more degrees and experience than this girl and her father combined, and I have never been close to even a VP of Goldman? How the eff is this young girl get to be managing director of Goldman without the ragheads order you put this girl in top job or I withdraw my money? Do you think the people who run Goldman are honest enough to say to the raghead, hey we hire according to qualifications?

    1. Same situation with Huma and Hillary. She applies for internship with Hillary and has never left her side.

    2. Absolutely, they have infiltrated our government because of our stupid, feckless, greedy politicians on both sides, putting American citizens in grave danger!

  12. We have to come clean with the American people: we know about the globalists, the neocons, the neoliberal, the deep state, the CFR, the endowment for democracy and Soros, and all that crap; but, we never made clear statement that we have two crime families, the Bush and the Clinton. Once Trump learn to stay away from anyone who even said good morning to either one of these evil gangs, he will be better off. There are many political science and even foreign policy experts who did not support these two evil clans. Granted they are fewer, and not well connected or liked by the evil media, but, you cannot drain the swamp by hosing it.

  13. People did not vote for Donald Trump’s daughter nor his son in-law. They certainly did not vote for Dina Habib Powell.

  14. The mind boggles that this could happen, re : the appointment of Dina Habib Powell
    Talk about history repeating itself

  15. Why hasn’t Trump met with Putin and Assad ?
    It seems that Trump was the victim of an intelligence sting which deceived him into responding by bombing Syria hence taking any such aforesaid meeting ‘of the table’. In retrospect it seems that that was the purpose of the false flag. (who in the White House amongst Trump’s teamn agreed with said ‘bombing of the Syrian Airbase ?)

    1. Seems to me every time Trump gets close to meeting with Putin another false flag attack with Syria comes up to drive them further apart. Deep state wants war with Russia maybe because they are taking out isis.

  16. Does President Trump ever listen to Roger Stone anymore? He makes a whole lot of sense and Donald seems way too trusting to the wrong people including his dem daughter! No Dina! Ever!

  17. Dina Habib Powell needs to go. She is a globalists and her ties to Hillary Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood princess Huma Abedin are dangerous. It has been reported that she is a mentor and good friend of Ivanka. Not good! Frank de Varona

  18. Mr. Stone,
    Forgive me & correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s going around YouTube that you were actually the one that proved the accusations of leaking against Powell & McMaster to be true, that you helped in the set-up that got them caught. Now, it’s also rumored that she (and possibly he) are very good close to Ivanka and Jared, but that is not a good enough reason, for me personally, to see that they are still hanging around the White House. As a matter of fact, this is beyond concerning to me. Is Trump going to keep traitors close to him simply because they’re friends of his daughter? They should both be fired and that would be the best case scenario. This isn’t the apprentice. This debacle just makes me nervous. They represent exactly what Trump is trying to undo in D.C. & they are trying to oust Steve Bannon. I really want to see Trump succeed, but how can he do that with some of his closest insiders being KNOWN traitors? Why are they still there? Ivanka or not, Jared or not, they should be gone. I’m really having a hard time with this. Trump’s daughter and son-in-law are close friends with deep state operatives who are trying to undermine him and it’s just been swept under the rug. As if all that wasn’t weighing on my mind enough, today I hear allegations of Kushner leaking to Morning Joe. This is madness!!! Trump has a Country to run, he gets flack every day for every move he makes, taking all the blows still yet rising above it all! But how is he gonna handle betrayal by his own family? His own daughter’s friends? This is CRAZY deep state. Anyway, is he going to fire Powell and McMaster? I have so much respect for Donald Trump but I really won’t know what to think if he doesn’t do something about those two. That’s not the type of White House that I was hoping for when I voted for Trump.

    1. I know how you feel. Bad enough for one man vs. the swamp, but Trump has people in his inner circle working against him. I can’t take it any more, I’m gonna go get drunk.


  20. Ivanka and Jared will ruin Trump. They are leftist globalist and naïve. Whoever heard of a president using his young inexperienced family this way. The ambitious Kushners should not be visible. They do not give good advice and they do not know the deceptive ways of the devil.

  21. Trump used talk radio to get elected, but now he has nothing to do with talk radio. I wish Trump success but he has no idea who to trust. Trump is a rise to great heights or crash and burn type.

  22. The article is a little sloppy – Speaks Farsi? She is not Persian or Iranian. I imagine she speaks Arabic. Then she got married in 1988 – what at 15 years old when she would have been a 9th or 10th grade student at Ursiline Academy. Anyhow – She has all the wrong connections and should definitely be kicked to the curb. Even with her qualifications how do any of them qualify her to be a part of Trump’s inner circle of advisers as Deputy National Security? Freakin’ bizarre.

  23. Friends with Huma Abedin speaks for itself. In 1990 she got in trouble for leaking negative stories on Ginny Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas. Now she and National Security Advisor H R McMaster have been pegged by sources at the National Security Council as two of Trump’s major leakers! Why has President Trump surrounded himself with double crossing double agents who will do him harm?

  24. If you give a Muslim a cookie, he’ll complain that it isn’t halal and demand that you provide one that is.

    If you give a Muslim a halal cookie, he’ll demand that you give him a job so he can buy his own cookies.

    If you give a Muslim a job, he’ll demand you give him time out to pray.

    If you give a Muslim time out to pray, he’ll demand that you respect his prophet.

    If you show respect for his prophet, a Muslim will demand that you stop singing your National Anthem.

    If you stop singing your National Anthem, a Muslim will demand that you elect him to Congress.

    If you elect a Muslim to Congress, he’ll demand that we change our Constitution, so we are no longer allowed to speak freely or have guns or worship the god of our choice (or not any god at all).

    If we change the Constitution to what a Muslim demands, he will demand that Sharia Law be followed by everyone in the land.

    If Sharia is followed by everyone in the land, then Muslims will be permitted by law to execute anyone who disagrees with them or does not dress like them or does not worship Allah.

    Congress, you gave a Muslim a cookie.

  25. Jesus people are stupid. This right here is why Trump is a laughing stock. His supporters believe this. They also believe that Trump is a Christian. lol. Don;t cry like snowflakes when people call you stupid when you post and believe this shit. Pathetic.


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