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Congressman Jamie Raskin: Rejects Democracy for Americans But Pushes for Non-Citizen Voting

Congressman Jamie Raskin: Rejects Democracy for Americans But Pushes for Non-Citizen Voting

By Dan Hess of the DC Young Republicans

Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland – The man who rejects democracy for Americans but pushes for non-citizen voting Freshman Maryland Representative Jamin B. (Jamie) Raskin may just be the most ironic man in Washington. Far-left Congressman Raskin has dedicated his life to two causes, fighting for the right of noncitizens to vote in US elections, and rejecting democratic outcomes for Americans.

Does Congressman Raskin not see the irony? Maybe somebody should tell him! Here are the details:

(1) Jamie Raskin tries to overturn elections every time a Republican wins the presidency.

You have probably heard of Jamie Raskin recently because right now he is spearheading the effort to have Donald Trump removed from office under the 25th Amendment of the Constitution for being “mentally unfit.” He is working to create the official-sounding “Oversight Commission on President Capacity” – because anyone who tweets like Trump must be an absolute madman. Nevermind that this is exactly what Trump supporters voted for.

You can read about that effort here.

But did you know that Jamie Raskin also tried to overturn a democratic election result when George W. Bush won the presidency? Yes, the very same Jamie Raskin spent four years of his life leading the legal effort to get the 2000 election of George W. Bush overturned.

As a law professor at American University, he called the Bush v. Gore decision that ended the 2000 presidential election recount the worst decision by the Supreme Court in American history . Worse, apparently, than the Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery.

All because the Supreme Court stopped a series of recounts that had gone on for over a month where Bush maintained a small lead the whole time (The Supreme Court changed no votes but merely decided to let the existing vote count stand).

His rage against the legitimacy of Bush continued in 2002 with the massive 60 page academic paper entitled,
“What’s Wrong with Bush v. Gore and Why We Need to Amend the Constitution to Ensure it Never Happens Again”

In fact his determination to reject the election of President George W. Bush continued unabated. Next wrote an entire book wherein the biggest focus was to try to delegitimize the election of George W. Bush, the 2004 book ‘Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court versus The American People’ which is devoted in large part to attacking the 2000 presidential election outcome.

Raskin’s efforts to reject the election of George W. Bush by convoluted legal arguments is highly relevant now that he is playing the same game once again the very next time a Republican President is voted into office. In short, Raskin tries to overturn Democratic outcomes whenever a Republican wins the White House.

Which is truly ironic when you realize that…

(2) Jamie Raskin is the #1 legal advocate for non-citizens to vote in America. The left is currently pretending that non-citizens never vote. But did you know that there are some places in America, pioneered by none other than Jamie Raskin, where non-citizens are actually allowed to vote in American elections?

Jamie Raskin wrote the groundbreaking academic work laying the foundation for noncitizen voting in America as a young professor with his 1991 paper “Legal Aliens, Local Citizens: The Historical, Constitutional, and Theoretical Means of Alien Suffrage.”

Then as a follow-up, Raskin led the successful effort to have his city of Takoma Park, Maryland become the only city in America to have officially sanctioned noncitizen voting in local elections. Raskin’s Takoma Park starting in 1992 was for a long time the only city in America to allow non-citizen voting, although several other towns have recently joined in this. The following links detail Raskin’s successful effort to achieve non-citizen voting in his city.

“Noncitizens and Right to Vote; Advocates for Immigrants Explore Opening Up Balloting”

“Rare Town Where Voters Don’t Have to Be Citizens”

How would Americans feel if they knew that the man who repeatedly tries to invalidate democratic presidential election outcomes is the same man leading the charge for noncitizen voting? You just can’t make this stuff up!






  1. Not unexpected he wants non-citizen voting. The Democrats view their own countrymen as no different from everyone else in the world.

  2. We need to remember that these Deep State types are all cultural Marxists, which means they have a totally different view of what they are allowed to do vs. what the rest of us in the common herd are allowed to do. The cultural Marxist has a whole set of allowable activities including cheating, voter fraud, Russian collusion and a host of other things that are totally allowable for them to take part in but if ordinary folks were to do any of this we would end up in the slammer for 99 years with the key thrown away. But what is forbidden to us is totally okay for cultural Marxists to practice because, you see, they have what they perceive is a “righteous” cause–the dismemberment of American history and culture and that “righteous” cause allows them to do whatever they need to do to destroy us, and in their sick minds it’s all okay for them to do. This is little more than the old Communist “the end justifies the means” rationale except that with the cultural Marxists it is carried to a higher level.

    These people are so mentally challenged that they actually believe it is right and moral for them to destroy the country but it is morally wrong for us to try to save it. I kid you not. This is how the cultural Marxist thinks.

    He thinks he is justified in doing whatever he wants to us but we are lawbreakers in his eyes if we dare to defend ourselves from his depredations. This is where these people are at. Sounds screwy, but it’s where they are. You can’t make this stuff up! That’s why it does no good to try to dialogue with them. All they understand is resistance. Anything else to them is weakness. And how many cultural Marxists do we have in Congress that were voted in by “useful idiots” that wouldn’t know cultural Marxism from cream cheese?

  3. Ugly inside and out. I thought you took an oath to defend our Country when you took office to serve our Nation and its people. He should be ousted from office for subversion…

  4. There needs to be real accountability, trials for treason of both Democrat and Republicans real trials not overseen by the swampers public trials , then they need to be publicly executed


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