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Roger Stone Heading West For Arizona Book Signing

Roger Stone Heading West For Arizona Book Signing


Braving the heat and planning to expose globalist stooge John McCain.

On July 26th, legendary political operative and Trump confidante Roger Stone will take Arizona by storm with a series of book signings in the great west. Guests should prepare for a scorching analysis of John McCain’s involvement in the deep state attacks on President Trump.

While McCain continues to compromise our national security, members of the Trump revolution should heed Stone’s warnings about the duplicitous Saudi funded McCain. You can purchase tickets by going to pimagop.com


  1. I would certainly go to this event. Roger Stone is always more informative than any other political pundit and he makes a great presentation. I’m sure you won’t hear an analysis about John McCain and the “deep state” from anyone else.

  2. Roger Stone is the rock star of politics. I’ve seen Get Me Roger Stone twice. I have to see it again too. He has been so influential in American politics, so like him or not, his story marks significant events in American History. I can’t make it to Arizona for this event but I’ve told my friends in Tuscon and they are definitely going – with my instructions to have him sign a book for me!

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  3. Maybe the DeepState and President McMaster won’t assassinate Trump as long as he is cucked by the generals and his handlers. I support Trump – but – his personnel choices have been terrible with the exception of Bannon, Miller and Flynn. Sessions sealed our fate with holier-than-thou recusal to go sit on his hands while the country prepares to implode. Civil Asset Forfeiture is no different than living with a king or a drug cartel.

    1. Civil Asset Forfeiture was king Dubyas secret weapon. The only way i could be sold on the idea is if it was used to get back what has been stolen by Bilderberg and the Bush,Clinton,Obama cartel.


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