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AG shifts strategy to target medicinal marijuana

By Roger Stone

The New York Times of Sunday, July 16 brought chilling new evidence that Trump attorney general Jeff Sessions, in direct contradiction of the position stated by Donald J Trump when he was a candidate, plans a federal crackdown on marijuana in the 29 states that have legalized some form of its use. At a campaign rally in Sparks, Nevada on Oct. 29, 2015, Trump said: “The marijuana thing is such a big thing. I think medical should happen — right? Don’t we agree? I think so. And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states. It should be a state situation … but I believe that the legalization of marijuana – other than for medical because I think medical, you know I know people that are very, very sick and for whatever reason, the marijuana really helps them – … but in terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state.”

According to the Times, attorney general Sessions plans a 1960s style relaunch of the discredited “War on Drugs” which has proved to be an ignominious and expensive failure which has neither stemmed or slowed drug trafficking and abuse nor has rehabilitated victims while leading to mass incarceration of an entire generation of minority Americans for the nonviolent offense of possession of small amounts of drugs.

Business man Donald Trump’s skepticism about the war on drugs goes back many years with the real estate titan telling Playboy in an interview that the war on drugs program has been a failure in view of its massive financial cause for interdiction, prosecution and long term incarceration. Trump said at the time that “legalization is the obvious answer”.

Even though candidate Donald Trump pledged during the campaign to support state’s rights when it comes to the question of state legalization of marijuana, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security John Kelly egged on by New Jersey Governor Chris Christi has been not so quietly promoting a coming crackdown on state legalized cannabis.

The Session’s strategy is even shiftier and more nefarious than originally reported. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer first floated the idea of a Trump administration crackdown on marijuana in a White House press briefing but Spicer said that the administration’s concern was not with medical marijuana but with the nine states that have now approved the legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Spicer seemed oblivious to the point that the arduous process of state legalization is for recreation marijuana is identical to the process of legalization for medicinal marijuana and both require the overwhelming support of the voters or the legislatures in the states that have taken this step.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions real plan was exposed when he asked the U.S. Congress to rescind a rider that the House attached to an Appropriations Bill that would have prohibited the Justice Department under Sessions from conducting a crackdown on medicinal marijuana.

The position of the Attorney General not only ignores the will of the people in the 29 states that have legalized some form of cannabis but it ignores the billions in revenue to states and counties who are balancing their books and paying for vital public services from taxes collected on legalized cannabis. It also ignores the hundreds of thousands of jobs in what is today a multi-billion-dollar industry. A crackdown on marijuana is most certainly not going to make America great again economically. More importantly, Mr. Sessions’ plan directly contradicts the expressed position of the President while a candidate. Donald Trump is popular with the American people because he says what he means and he means what he says.

Even more appalling is the fact that drug warriors like Sessions, Kelly and Christi refuse to acknowledge that the war on drugs has failed. The so called war on drugs has clogged our courts and prisons, cost taxpayers billions and had no effect on the incidents of illegal drug use in the United States.

The effects of legalization, on the other hand, have proven to be most beneficial. Opioid deaths have dropped sharply in the states that have legalized cannabis as have an opioid addiction and opioid related crime. In fact, petty crime from breaking and entering to armed robbery has also dropped dramatically in the states that have legalized cannabis. Just as importantly the 29 states that have legalized cannabis are experiencing an incredible windfall in revenues to states and counties with Colorado and California essentially balancing their state and county budgets with the proceeds from cannabis generated tax collections. Additionally, what is now a multi-billion dollar industry is generation thousands of new jobs in the states where the voters and the elected officials have had the wisdom to legalize cannabis.

President Trump made a solid decision when he stood up for State’s Rights on the question of marijuana legalization. I believe that Trump did marginally better with younger voters than either Romney or McCain based on this stance. It is important to understand that millions of Americans are counting on cannabis as a medication to address a broad action of illnesses and maladies. The idea that we would deny veterans with PTSD cannabis if it eased their suffering is outrageous.

All of this explains why I have joined with a number of prominent Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Progressives to form the United States Cannabis Coalition. I am proud to say that John Morgan, Orlando attorney, who single-handedly mounted a dogged multi-election effort to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has joined me in this important effort. John feels very strongly that Republicans and Democrats must put partisan politics aside so that millions will have the option of marijuana therapy for debilitating illnesses.

The narrow purpose of this ad hoc effort is to urge the President to protect State’s Rights in the 29 states that have legalized the sale and availability of cannabis. Specifically, the President should direct the Attorney General to continue to abide by the Obama-era Justice Department policy to withhold enforcement that they would withhold enforcement of the Federal law in the states where State and Federal law have a contradiction on the sale and dispensary of cannabis. This was a good call by Attorney General Eric Holder, saving tax payers millions for Federal enforcement and potentially putting people in jail for selling or using medicinal marijuana. Sessions planned crackdown on marijuana would reverse these orders. The President must instruct him to back off to fulfill his pledge to the millions of Americans who support him based on his promise to protect their access all natural medicine they need.

Candidate Trump met with parents whose children’s epilepsy was effectively treated with a certain strain of marijuana. He knows that millions count on legal access to cannabis as a legitimate and effective form of medicine. Candidate Trump made an important and courageous declaration that he would protect the states’ rights to guarantee access to cannabis for its medical benefits if that is what the voters chose.

We at the United States cannabis coalition also hope to persuade the President to reschedule cannabis removing it as a Class 1 drug where it is grouped with heroin and other more damaging drugs so that physicians across the country could legally prescribe cannabis or its derivatives to their patients who would derive medial benefit. A bold move by President Trump would prove to be extremely popular and would disarm many of his critics – in short, both a public policy and political ten-strike.


  1. I’m glad Roger Stone has taken up this fight to legalize medical marijuana. I personally want it legalized for recreational use. It’s much safer than booze. Anyway, what possible rationale could Jeff Sessions produce to justify his out-of-date, mean-spirited crackdown on marijuana? I have confidence in the cannabis coalition because its participants are people who know how political games are played and I’m confident in Stone’s ability to outsmart Sessions.

    1. How is smoking marijuana worse than being a non-functioning alcoholic? Marijuana should be legal for medical AND recreation purposes in all 50 states. It’s every persons right to have complete sovereignty over their own minds and bodies. The deep state and big pharma want control of our consciousness as well as our wealth. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone was allowed to smoke marijuana? Consciousness would change, less pain and maybe even some cures for disease … but then, the World Government drug and pedo rings would be put out of business, at least where marijuana is concerned. They would just have to double their efforts on heroine and cocaine.

      1. I can’t tell you how productive it would make me. I’d bring home work and come up with terrific ideas on coding (sortware engineer for 35 years) while using this dangerous drug. I’m older now and don’t have “connects” for this. Not that I can’t find it but it isn’t worth the time but I do remember how useful it was in me getting ahead.

    2. Me as well. Roger Stone is a great advocate in all things he supports. Medical Marijuana certainly has positive effects for those in need of relief. However, like anything of this nature there will always be those who do not use “moderation” and will suffer ill effects of abuse down the road, as a result. As is the case with most things of this nature, unfortunately.

      1. The real problem some people in the government have with MJ is that it causes one to think…think outside of the box…..ask…ask why… when before you never thought to ask why….the pictures you see from art in ancient Egypt show flowers that are believed to be symbolic of the marijuana plant which was used for medicine and enlightenment. The government wants you hooked on porn, trashy soft porn clueless celebrities…. staring at your phone all day and falling into the mommy mommy look at me narcissistic Fbook trap…so you will not even notice that they are stealing the constitution, the bill of rights, your guns, and your children’s minds and the sovereignty of your country.

        1. MJ is also said to be beneficial for Autistic children in the oil form. I know of people who abused MJ on a daily basis and ended up with throat cancer and cancer of the esophagus. They did not smoke cigarettes, only MJ but abused it every single day. As my Father told me when I was young, “Moderation, it is the key to everything in life”. However, for those suffering from the ill effects of chemo therapy etc. it is a miracle drug. It does open the mind to more creative thinking and outside the box thinking. I believe the benefits out way the negatives, but moderation is key in “recreational use”.

    3. it makes most people open minded and, dare i say, liberal. Thus it is against the needs of the GOP.

      1. Dan Louis…..It does not make people liberal. Proof please? Citations of peer reviewed studies please? Last time I checked ROGER STONE IS a republican not liberal…I am a republican and not liberal so I have two points of proof it does not make people liberal…wait… maybe we have differing opinions of what the word liberal means?

        1. “…wait… maybe we have differing opinions of what the word liberal means?”

          Well, let’s do a little digging. Per dict.org’s online 1913 Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary (from well BEFORE the Central Banksters got involved in “regulating” our “Free Speech” to their own exclusive benefit) fwiw:

          Liberal Lib”er*al (l[i^]b”[~e]r*al), a. [F. lib[‘e]ral, L. liberalis, from liber free; perh. akin to libet, lubet, it pleases, E. lief. Cf. Deliver.]

          1. Free by birth; hence, befitting a freeman or gentleman; refined; noble; independent; free; not servile or mean; as, a liberal ancestry; a liberal spirit; liberal arts or studies. ” Liberal education.” –Macaulay.

          ” A liberal tongue.” –Shak.
          [1913 Webster]

          Yeah, I’ll go with that; does that for Yours Truly, ayup!

          2. Bestowing in a large and noble way, as a freeman; generous; bounteous; open-handed; as, a liberal giver.

          ” Liberal of praise.” –Bacon.
          [1913 Webster]

          Even “to a fault”, believe me. From the Early Days: I KNOW. 😉

          Infinitely good, and of his good
          As liberal and free as infinite. –Milton.
          [1913 Webster]

          At least in our Highest Conception of All Things. (Meditation and Prayer Done Right is KEY.) 😉

          3. Bestowed in a large way; hence, more than sufficient; abundant; bountiful; ample; profuse; as, a liberal gift; a liberal discharge of matter or of water.
          [1913 Webster]

          His wealth doth warrant a liberal dower. –Shak.
          [1913 Webster]

          Whereas TODAY’S “Liberal Class” is profuse merely in its deprecation and attempts at ham-fisted full-spectrum CONTROL over all the Rest of Us. (Does Cannabis Indica somehow affect the Luciferian/Sabbatean Baby-Eating Gang differently from the Rest of Us…? Or is it FORBIDDEN in those circles…?)

          4. Not strict or rigorous; not confined or restricted to the literal sense; free; as, a liberal translation of a classic, or a liberal construction of law or of language.
          [1913 Webster]

          Which is where all the “Blue Sky” thinking and “What IF?” imagineering come from – all of which, when undertaken on OUR part OR behalf, seems to alarm today’s political “Liberals”(sic?) greatly.

          5. Not narrow or contracted in mind; not selfish; enlarged in
          spirit; catholic.
          [1913 Webster]

          Catholic in the sense of “Universal”, not “Romish” btw. Indeed, MOST people DO find their minds expanded AND their Inner Spirit freed to express itself through their “Mortal Vessel” quite readily once Cannabis is allowed its rightful place intheir lives. Which, again, evidently alarms the tiny-minded Clintonistas and greedy Sorii of this world NO END.

          6. Free to excess; regardless of law or moral restraint;
          licentious. ” Most like a liberal villain.” –Shak.
          [1913 Webster]

          REEFER MADNESS! Now WHO in their right minds believes in THAT but for, apparently, Mr. Jeff Sessions? Looks to be that HE is gone REEFER-MAD in truth… Or does he maybe own stock in Wackenhut, GEO or some other part of the US Prison-Industrial Cartel…?

          7. Not bound by orthodox tenets or established forms in political or religious philosophy; independent in opinion; not conservative; friendly to great freedom in the constitution or administration of government; having tendency toward democratic or republican, as distinguished
          from monarchical or aristocratic, forms; as, liberal thinkers; liberal Christians; the Liberal party.
          [1913 Webster]

          ALL for THEM and NONE for US, this “freedom in the constitution [and]/or administration of government”, hm. As for any monarchical aristocracy a-ruling over America: Isn’t THAT what the Lying Phony Liberal Gang (aka “The Enemy Within”) has ALWAYS wanted? (Hazlitt’s quote, below, surely applies to such as THOSE.)

          I confess I see nothing liberal in this ” order of
          thoughts,” as Hobbes elsewhere expresses it.
          [1913 Webster]

          Note: Liberal has of, sometimes with, before the thing bestowed, in before a word signifying action, and to before a person or object on which anything is bestowed; as, to be liberal of praise or censure;
          liberal with money; liberal in giving; liberal to the poor.
          [1913 Webster]

          Correct as stated imvho. No further comment.

          Liberal education, education that enlarges and disciplines the mind and makes it master of its own powers, irrespective of the particular business or profession one may follow.
          [1913 Webster]

          Got one of those – on my OWN good authority, thank you – AFTER dropping out of a fascist-friendly, politically-correct “Liberal Arts” college back in ’74 and taking-up with various forms of ancient meditation. INCLUDING Ganja Yoga.

          As I said before: It WORKS for ME. And I, too, stand with Mister Trump. And NOT with the falsely so-called “Liberals” of today’s plainly counterfeit coinage.

          Back in the Day, they were called “Phony Liberals” by us “freaks”. Today we are called “Deplorable” – and the “Liberals”(sic) are STILL playing more like Pinky and the Brain and/or Wile E. Coyote versus the Roadrunner on the Rest of Us.

          For they have quite clearly lost touch with their genuine roots and nature. Which makes them clinically psychotic imvho.

          Fact: IANAPsychiatrist, BUT. I for one LIKE the company I KEEP! And that is all. 0{:-)o[

      1. Will someone please donate a computer to Mark Hauser so he can google the ill effects of alcohol on the human mind brain and organs? Thank you

  2. Chris Cristi is still trying to wedge his fat ass into a position with the Trump administration – now by way of Jeff Sessions. Doesn’t he know his state runs licensed marijuana dispensaries for medical use?
    As for Jeff Sessions, what is his motivation? Does he believe only minorities smoke weed? I too am outraged that Sessions wants to deny marijuana treatment to veterans who are suffering from PTSD. I hope Stone, along with the group of activists and politicians, will get Trump’s attention and convince him to keep his campaign pledge to support states’ rights in the legalization of marijuana.

    1. Many Americans do not see why you want to go into lala land to deal with the world. We are sober in ALL ways, no drink, smoke, etc Try that and see how good your life will be. TRUMP does.not do any of it. and look at the success he had.

      1. I do not drink nor use any substances; however, it is a known fact that there are many benefits in the marijuana plant for many uses. People are going to use things that make them feel better even if not necessarily healthy–look at the Oreo cooking sales, my gosh, talk about poison! I don’t really like being around people who are drunk or high, but once again, it’s their choice, not mine nor yours, and I”m not at any time better than they. Being from the border, it’s well known that there are many abuses by agents and other law enforcement at all levels because of the corruption and confiscation of property that has been pervasive to the extent that most people don’t realize—-all since GW’s “war on drugs” which was more a case of creating a money stream and the ability to manipulate many billions of dollars as well as governments so as to send out their many-faceted agenda. It is as close to a police state as it can be without just coming out and declaring it so. The influx of illegals has a lot to do with the drug cartels and the support they have received by our own people in power in DC and the states. Much can be remedied by driving the price down through legalization.

        1. For sure, nothing worse than talking to a babbling drunk. I have to tell peopl;e that are high to go talk to someone else. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy both of them, although I haven’t had occasion to drink for 10+ years. Your so right, like always, it’s all about the money and legalize it and the price will drop if you don’t over-regulate it which is sure to be the case. I had to vote no on legal pot because it set up yet another agency that will do stupid things. Let’s give the free market a shot. At least the black market is a free market in the truer sense.

          1. Someone once told me that smoking pot loers your IQ and makes people into dummies…know what I said? It depends on how high the IQ was to begin with. If your IQ is 140 or above no amount of pot can make you dumber than the person above who said “babbling drunk” he’ll I’ve talked to people who never touched any substances and they are pretty s….l…..o…..w……

  3. I cannot believe that after all the years of wasted time, effort and money that these buffoons ignore Scientific Research in exchange for reigniting reefer madness. The fact that they ignore the Peoples Will says enough about their credibility and obvious addiction to forcing their Will over the Peoples. I am for Trump but if he does not stop this insane BS I will simply lump him in with the rest of the Bastards that think they know more than Scientists and Doctors, not to mention the voting Public ! This is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If you will throw our president aside over Sessions, you need to stop your weed long enough to THINK.
      There is no one on this earth better for president than TRUMP as he loves America with all his heart and wants NOTHING back in exchange. He has everything and is willing to give up his once easy life for the hell he takes from both parties and then people like you that are a one issue person. Don’t you like FREEDOM? It will be over if we lose TRUMP. Stand with him no matter what if you want America getting strong and safe again.

  4. If the AG pursues this endeavor consider Trump a one term pres. Now if Trump somehow helps get THC reclassified he will be a two termer.

    1. Exactly ! Don’t forget, also hemp for industrial and commercial products – would be a burgeoning market ! throttled and blocked by corporate interests for decades !

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        1. Bill: Hemp is a miracle product. Cheap to produce and has inexhaustible high quality uses. Only a saboteur could have pushed the abolition of this product in our country. It happens a lot and we must be more vigilant.
          Put “uses for hemp” in a search engine….it is too numerous to list here.

    2. And who do you want? Bernie, a totally lamebrain socialist, Hillary a communist( there are connections with her for sure, along with ” I be able to be more flexible after the election” said Obama to the president of Russia. Do you want these people in to destroy America?? I can see you must be on pot now to think like that, or you are a commie socialist dem who hates TRUMP. TRUMP, without all the lies, and the TOTALLY no good Congress could make America great really quick. But don;t kick out REP for dem or America will be OVER. Just change a good REP. for a bad Rep.

    3. Who will dare to run against Trump? Lol they will get PTSD just thinking about what he might say to them! LOL

  5. Is it so they can take money from south-american drug lords that have stuff in the US? WHY with all the crap that is going on and desperately deserves and NEEDS investigation and prosecution, would he be focused on something that a/ Hurts THE PEOPLE including in vast numbers those who voted for DJT, and b/ has never been successful, and c/ just creates a huge amount of expense and fights over these issues when there is so much else going on.

    Oh – is that it? Do they want to use it because ‘sanctuary’ states might be those which have legalized it?

    1. HMM. It might be that and if so I want them to be bankrupt as they are hiding the very people that want to KILL all Americans and take America away. People need to wake up and see that muslims do NOT ever assimilate. Look at that woman that her fellow co-workers gave her a baby shower, then invited family to a Christmas party and she killed most of them. This is a muslim. They are told in the middle of the Quran( read it for yourself like I did), to LIE to the INFIDELS , then take over and kill them. They almost put out Europe until the Crusades to save it. Now it did the stupid thing of letting them back and they will die.As Teddy Roosevelt said, there can be one alliance, one flag, one language here in America. Others must leave. He was right on target so long ago. It could be spoken by him today.

  6. Sessions is just too old and set in his ways. I cheered when he was confirmed, but he has done nothing but disappoint since he got in. I think it was a bad judgement call on Trump’s part to nominate him. The entire country is under assault by globalism and he’s worried about pot!

    1. Age has NOTHING to do with this. Its that Sessions first act was WRONG, to recuse himself. Who cares who he talked to as Senator. Not me. I want to see the corrupt in prison, Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Rice, Podesta, Comey, Mueller, Graham, McCain ( yes he disobeyed order, not a hero), Bush, etc. ALL should be in prison. yes McCain has cancer but does not excuse him from his wrong doings against America clear from Viet Nan.

        1. Nah, I’m older than he is and am a firm believer in the salubrious effects of natural medicine, particularly organic cannabis.

          1. “Seems like the only laws that get enforced these days have a revenue stream attached.”

            Yup. No misperception on your part, my friend! As my old mentor (Heaven rest him!) would often point out: “The world CAN be saved – but only at a PROFIT.”

            Being affiliated with Naval Intelligence, that Good Man KNEW American fascism when he saw it – even while living (as we all do, really + dangit!) immersed in, ah, /der scheiss/. And that is all. 0{:-/o[

    2. Weed is part of the globalism problem. People waste their lives sucking on bong dick instead of being productive. They want you sucking on that stuff , wasting your life and your potential.

    1. That was pure evil. Maybe GOD will give you brain cancer for saying that. he has given one for his evil hasn’t he? But Sessions is not evil, just a WIMP, and so pure that he would not want someone to think he had any connections and be going after Hillary and obama. But now he let the evil people go after TRUMP who does not deserve any of this. They are the ones who should get brain cancer, not Sessions.

    2. Warning…old gypsy says do not cast evil spell unless you also are willing to pay the same price!

  7. Not only should it be legalized, it should be specifically allowed to grow your own. Don’t let big pharma get a stranglehold where only they can make it.

    1. Exactly right! The Government will only weaken the products effectiveness and make it more difficult for those who need it for their particular ailments, to have access to it. They will “ruin” the business in record time, like they do everything else they get their “greedy”, tentacles into. Look out, whenever there are large sums of money to be made, the “Rockefeller Pharmaceutical Industry”, will swoop in and corrupt the product and ruin it for everyone!

      1. News: It’s already worse than that. Already, legal East Coast growers are being TOLD what seed to plant, as well as what materials to fertilize with. And the “What’s IN it?” question is met by officials with scorn plus “Because WE TOLD YOU TO.”

        Opinion: Once the State gets its toxic paw on the industry, smokers can and SHALL be manipulated – even outright POISONED – at Agency whim. Power and advantage, y’all! And that is all. 0{:-|o[

    2. I quit giving a damn a long time ago as to what the law says I can or cannot do. They lost any measure of legitimacy in so many areas that I now follow my own internal law which most people are born with but learn to suppress. As such, who cares what they write on their silly sheets of paper? They are ALL criminals.

  8. Fire Jeff Sessions! He should be making it a priority to go after pedophile cartels, Clinton Foundation, John Podesta & many more assorted evil. (Like David Brock, George Soros etc.) Jeff Sessions is doing none of that important stuff & instead using our own taxpayer money for this garbage.

    1. Totally, totally agree. How about taking care of the important things like you mentioned Billy Goat. Trump should fire him for his drift and for the Russia recusal fiasco !

    2. You are so correct. I call it wasting precious time. I would go after George Soros with every letter of the law until he become a homeless bum.

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    3. Yes, he is making the case that the federal govt is allowing horrific crimes by the poiltical class to go untouched and burying the citizens in a prison somewhere. Gotta wonder what he is all about. This ass has got to go. The war on drugs just protects the interests of the drug running CIA. Proves he is part of the swamp. Anyone know where I can find a list of what he has done? LMK

      1. You are just a worthless drug addict. No one cares about you. Sessions is trying to secure the border, he is dismantling deep state pedophile networks, he is the only one opposing Trumps traitorous DACA amnesty, and all you care about is your drugs. Grow up, sonny.

        1. Drug addict? Are really so uneducated and ignorant? I agree sessions is doing other good but this topic is catering to big pharmaceutical and keeping a harmless medicine from being free. Research it!!!!!

    4. keep on demonizing the democrats, hoping the republicans will ever support legal weed. Of coursde they never will because weed tends to make people more liberal.

      1. Abuse makes people more liberal. If Sessions is right, he’d also push to restore prohibition, eliminate the Internet and Social Media, and every other addicitve behavior : sex, food, liberal mass murderers, liberal shooters, leftist racism, and cable TV, which, when binged and worshipped is like cancer.
        No. Let States regulate marijuana, but please legalize it, and move on to more pressing matters.

    5. Illegal immigration is down by 40% since Trump took office and Human trafficking arrests are up by 60% since Trump took office so something is going right.

  9. Originally, I liked Sessions as an all business ally to the President, but now we see he’s a small thinker, he does not think fast enough on his feet.Just too many mistakes early on, twenty years ago he was the man, but not now.

  10. Jeff Session was the only Senator with enough guts to withstand the hostile libturds in militant PC culture to stand proudly with Trump. We definitely owe him gratitude, however, his obsession with Mara Wanda is too puritanical with this culture, and a waste of precious time. His honorable persona is too honorable for our dog fight with the libturds. Trump needs to replace him with a rabid dog ready to disseminate any and all Trump enemies using the powerful force of the laws. Griffin, Colbert, Snoop dog, Farid Zakaria,….all these POSs should have been arrested and roughed up. The Kenyan dude did not hesitate to use the IRS against his enemies.

    1. Yes, there are laws in place and he chooses to enforce this one and that is tragic with so much obvious criminal activity he should go after. If he went after Hillary say via the clear fraud called the Clinton Foundation, or any of the many choices there, the Russian narrative would stop and this would free up Trump to get the agenda done.

      1. I agree with you and Man on the street. The thing about Sessions is that if he’s so hung up on the drug war, then going after Bill & Hill should be quite rewarding for him while he ties them up for a hundred other crimes. If he would just chill on the MJ issue, he could get a lot of satisfaction out of getting hold of that crowd that included pedo and other such dastardly deeds, and he could still get some satisfaction out of cutting off any ties they have with the dope business–it’s all related at some levels.

    2. And I say the pit bull he needs is RUDY. He was ready to get us out of the U.N. like NEWT. He knows how to fight and win, except the dems had too much money and the corrupt REP’s wanted traitor McCain, and later traitor Romney, instead of Newt. Maybe eyes are opening now on who was running the Rep., not decent people I can tell you. I was DEEP in the party for 30 years and I can tell you TRUTH. This is why from day one I was with TRUMP, an honest and brave man who I pray for daily.

    3. If guys in dresses can go into the ladies room who can argue MJ IS BAD? I mean get real. When you watch the evening news do you hear about the numerous murders caused by people smoking pot? During the Vietnam war the soldiers who smoked pot did not want to fight anymore! I know because I was getting letters from them!

  11. Sessions really was a bad choice.. he is such a pussy too… gets nervious and can’t speak when he is getting grilled… a big pussy anti pot piece of shit…

    1. He is also a zealot to expand the unconstitutional Civil Asset Forfeiture debacle. He should never have been given the AG slot. Where are the charges against Hillary and her posse like we heard were coming when Lynch left?

  12. AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation. Why doesn’t he recuse himself from any and all litigation involving the legal use of marijuana? His personal bias against marijuana makes him unfit to lead the Justice Dept. in litigation involving marijuana use and distribution. Sessions’ new war on drugs – and the conflict between state and federal law – is already having a dampening effect on states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana.

  13. Sessions was a very bad choice. He is an Authoritarian. That much is obvious. His stand against Marijuana and his push for more Civil Asset Forfeiture are two reasons why this guy needs to go, and the sooner the better!

  14. I believe if Sessions were to visit a weeks old, months old, or even a 70year old who suffered from a disease or injury that only marijuana has positive results without the negative results of side effects, maybe he would change his mind. Sessions needs to be educated. I would say if a parent with a small child would visit Sessions they could convince him he is wrong. I know it has taken several years for me to understand I was told lies about Marijuana. I as a patient have taken medicine made by the Pharmaceutical Company that only uses one chemical from whatever or wherever and I come down with a rash, heart attack, seizures, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, or a number of other problems, why not use Marijuana that might have as a side effect “sleep”. If these people who are so adamant to getting rid of Marijuana could or would try it they would find they would not need something else to constitute the side effect as they would find none.

    We need to educate ourselves to Marijuana and its effects, then find a young child suffering a disease and see the quality of life they have by using the drug. I hate to call Marijuana a drug as it is natural.

    1. Even though it may help with pain for a child, it has been proven to do brain damage to them. That is a side effect I would not want in my child for sure.

          1. Thank you. I have been thinking, if it helps a small child, or anyone, why not.

      1. Um….hate to ruin your day but uncontrolled seisures actually burn out brain cells like a lightening bolt….sorry to say you obviously know absolutely nothing John Snow

    2. MJ opens the love chacra and the third eye..raises consciousness and creativity…very hard to control people who have these gifts!

  15. The short time I was a Libertarian, I found most to be just pot heads. I sure don’t want to see my state full of pot heads. I agree with Pres. TRUMP on the medical although I don’t see me ever taking pot for medical pain. I don’t agree on strong drugs either. My Uncle had 2 terrible and painful cancers and he took NEITHER but believed in the Lord’s healing which he had 2 times. I think you are taking advantage of what our president said to further this cause. I do not stand with Sessions, but for another reason. He recused himself and let this horrible witch hunt happen to TRUMP who only wants the best for America. And John Morgan supported Hillary., How can you do anything with someone who supports such a corrupt witch? Sessions should be after all the other corrupt people that should be in prison now.. GOD put TRUMP in to save America and make it great again ( 11Chronicles 7:14). So that should be Sessions focus, but he let a corrupt elitist Rep, Mueller who has ALL corrupt Hillary & Obama dems that he has put on his team..WHO all must go. It is a TOTAL WITCH HUNT; but Sessions wants to make sure that this pot is not in the hands of people who would let children have it and others who don’t care about what happens to people.
    I can understand his thinking but he needed to protect the integrity of the presidency by stopping this mad hunt after a man of integrity who loves his country FIRST; a man whop was willing to give up his good life and be stabbed in the back daily by the enemies in America, that hate America and betrayed by some of his own people trying to do what they think is right.. If we lose TRUMP, we have LOST AMERICA, so everything should be put in place to stop this witch hunt from the evil DEMS & elitist REP who HATE America and want it destroyed. A book I saw on your site tells most of that I assume. Both parties are corrupt, Lib. is wacko & getting corrupt.
    Adelle https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f9f2c941e9d4f8fa992cd2ae6233e5a3096e21b3f96485600e0dbcc7ea472749.jpg

    1. I don’t even gen know what state you live in but based on current research you pare most likely a day late and a dollar short on tryin to put this cat back in the bag!

  16. The cannabis issue is tied directly to ‘health care costs’ and needs to be removed from the CSA schedule so it will be available to ALL citizens for medicinal use as needed.Using Cannabis when deemed appropriate for health care will save the country millions of dollars, Isn’t that what we want? Health care costs to be lower….
    ** Cannabis legalization should be part of the health care considerations in Congress as they fix the ACA.**
    Cannabis legalkization should have been part of the ACA in the first place.

  17. …keeping things separate here…
    Sessions has another issue. He can be a great Attorney General if he gets guidance on what his priorities must be and being in line with President Trumps policies. MAGA
    >>> Sessions must stop all this asset forfeiture expansion and must act to STOP all asset forfeiture as it is Government Theft. This reverberates down the line to local police theft of citizens cash and property… Civil Asset Forfeiture is Anti-American, THEFT, absurd, illegal, unconstitutional and must be stopped cold..
    >>> Sessions is great on immigration reform and the problem of Illegal Aliens.

  18. Sessions is an old fool like McCain, nominating him as AG was a huge mistake. Too many people near the “top” are superficial, self-important windbags with a singular focus conveniently sidestepping the most important confrontations. Taking on the Democrat syndicate, with its lapdog media, would take real courage. We need to see a return of Gingrich, with people like Judge Jeanine and Allen West providing them strong flank support against the totally out of control Democrat syndicate.

  19. There has been so much abuse and confiscation of property on the border since the 80’s and Bush’s war on drugs. What we who lived there found out was that he was in the big middle of it, according to what we heard, what was seen in press, and what could be concluded by common sense. There is probably a book that talks about the peasants in Columbia who were war chattel and were treated horribly at the hands of the American pres—I have no firsthand knowledge but do remember being told details and believe to this day that it is likely to be true. What became the bottom line is that the “good guys” aren’t always good guys, and the “bad guys” aren’t necessarily bad. Read “Dirty Dealings,” very good book by El Paso Times writer Gary Cartwright. I’m told that it is very well done and accurate, it’s a really good read.

  20. The Jury is still out on Sessions. On one hand he’s certainly cracked down on enforcing the immigration laws and has stated that he will withhold federal funds from sanctuary states/cities… all this is good but, he’s going to expand civil asset forfeitures…not good, not at all! As far as the MJ goes, he’s directly contradicting what the American people want and also Pres. Trump. That he recused himself from the Russian investigations stabbed Pres. Trump squarely in the back. So… is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Is he a swamp dweller incognito? I don’t know but, I’m concerned.

  21. Jeff Sessions has been part of the “old boys club” called Congress for far too long. He seems ineffective, tentative and weak. He has not accomplished much in the six months he has been in this position. If he does not have “what it takes”, he should do the decent thing and resign. But that press conference yesterday appeared to be a “warning” or “threat” to President Trump, that he is not going anywhere willingly. To me that exemplified his total “lack of commitment” to President Trump and his agenda to “Make America Great Again”.

  22. Medical Marijuana! Helps little Dryg Addicted Babies… to have Many! many Less convulsions on a Daily basis! And those little innocents NEVER Did a Thing, to Become Drug Addicted; Thier mommy’s Did!… And the little Babies NEED Help! whether Old Jeff Sessions Thinks SO! OR NOT!… I have taken care of these little Babies in Foster Care! and it is So Painful, to Watch! Them Suffer! …

  23. Sessions is a grandstander. He likes to get in front of a microphone and tell low level drug criminals that he wascoming after them. How about go big game hunting and get Hillary, Susan Rice, Eric Holder and Obama!

  24. Sounds like Sessions is in the pockets of big Pharma—-I know and seen the results of medical marijauana–but big pharma gets away with killing people on their addictive synthetic drugs all in the name of profit. The addictive properties of those manufactured pharma drugs also has people dying (killed) in the act of a crime–people stealing prescription drugs from other people prescribed those “damn” drugs.I think AG Sessions is a snake and deceived then President elect Trump.

  25. If you want to see if the “crackdown” is really going to happen, one only has to watch Washington DC, the federal government has not stopped recreational marijuana in that city and there are literally 1000’s of growers in that city now….

    The idea that Sessions is going to make a dent in the marijuana industry and try to roll back efforts towards it’s legalization is laughable at best.

    Commons sense says that when the people of America hold a 70% favoribility rating towards a particular subject matter, that we will think nothing of marching on Jeff Sessions office and remove him OURSELVES.

    1. I think Sessions is getting ready to go after the drug cartels, the gangs that push the products for the cartels, and the deep state characters that have been moving drugs into this country for black ops money for over 20 years.

  26. Yes fire sessions right now, he is terrible done nothing but create problems for the American people and the president, and now with his civil forfeiture theft !!! Fire his ass

  27. Between reopening the war on Pot and stepping up the Fed Forfeiture & Seizure Laws on Americans – Sessions is acting like a sell out. It is obvious to those of us ‘awake’ that he is targeting state approved health stores, dispensaries & users (easy money) and leaving alone the International Drug Cartels (including Bush/Clinton) and the OBVIOUS High Level TREASONOUS/Murders/War Mongers/Intl Trafficking/ Opiate Growth & Distribution/ Economic Plunder/ Systematic Overthrow of our duly elected Govt, etc…. We will believe when these Cogs who have sold out America are brought to justice & THEIR ASSETS SEIZED & returned to the American People.

    1. The good news? Guys like McCain and Sessions are really getting old (yes pun intended) and these neocons will die off soon.

    2. You only forgot one thing…the “bail-in” thanks to the lovely lady Elizard Warren and her cronies who added you to the bottom of the list of creditors who will be paid off with your bank deposits during the next big bank bail outs…in the DODD FRANK law which was supposed to “prtoect consumers” …google “bail-in” and see what you find there. If you have cash in the bank it is their money until you take it out and just like in Greece…someone is gonna get a very short haircut if and when the banks fail again.

  28. Again, hypocrisy. In no way is Marijuana more addictive or destructive than alcohol. And Cannabis has very well proven to have significant medical benefits if used medicinally. Do they want to do away with Cannabis use because it takes from the established medical and drug companies? What is the REAL reason?

    1. I tell everyone if you really want to give them a run for their money throw your pot seeds out of the car window… if everyone did this the entire planet would have so much weed growing everywhere they would not be able to control it!!! LOL ….JUST THROW YOUR SEEDS EVERYWHERE AND NEVER LOOK BACK! It’s a weed!

  29. I was going to say something here but looked down the comments already here and everyone here is in agreement with me so I just went from one to another reading and thumbs up. Funny how so many people can be of the same mind on a subject but the people we sent to DC cannot agree to end a failed program like Obamacare when they all said it needs to go?

  30. I agree with you Mr. Stone, HOWEVER, “the war on drugs program has been a failure in view of its massive financial case for interdiction, prosecution and long term incarceration. Trump said at the time that “legalization is the obvious answer” but it was the federal government during Iran Contra overseen by George H.W. Bush, as president – Bill Clinton, as governor of Arkansas and Ollie North as the lap dog messenger boy that truly started the drugs being brought into this country. I mean one happy family to this day – why isn’t Sessions going after the Clinton, Podesta and all the others who while supposedly serving our government have screwed the American people every way they could all for money, power and control AND I might add the NWO. NOT ONE of this massive group of do nothing were willing to present papers for the impeachment of Obummer – why not?

    They smell like rank food sitting in a old refrigerator and the world laughs at us. Trumps choice of some of his people with their allegiance to the CFR and appointing someone like “know nothing” DeVos. Who filled Trump’s head with the ‘CHOICE/VOUCHERS” LIES – Priebus????

    Not all Americans are so “dumbed down and stupid”- the problem is, legislators have been ALLOWED to block themselves off from the voters! We have no access except for an occasional hand shake with one hand and stab you in the back with the other. Looks like he understands the move to the NWO and is working behind the scenes to help and is playing dumb. Don’t get me wrong, I voted for Trump, but as I watch and listen, I am beginning to feel like I have been had. But then that has been going on for some time – walking all over the very people who gave them their jobs.

    Time people begin really thinking about what it is they want this country to be – America or under the rule of the United Nations and the New World Order run by people like the Clinton’s and those you would never suspect.

    1. People do not realize this last election was our last chance to avoid the foot of the new world order on their neck… but the NWO folks have many possible scenarios planned to make sure ..first order is to start WW 3 as it is the only way to bring Russia into and under the NWO foot…then there is the coup against the US President…currently under way…..wondering why our beloved president is surrounding himself with generals? If you have been watching mainstream tv look for the movement in the background…slow dots..circles…letters slowly scrolling…these are the techniques of placing you into a hypnotic state to accept everything they are saying..this is the only explanation I can find for the totally irrational left wing conversations, protests against nothing that is perceived as the end of the world… it is just too difficult to believe that many people cannot think for themselves? Blame it on the cool aide or your spinning TV?

  31. Sorry, I don’t agree with Mr. Stone of most of these posters. Legalization of “medical” is just an excuse to open the door to “recreational” – I, as a child of the 60’s who did pot back then and know full well its effects and the fact that today its 50x stronger – look at our society, look at our culture and the last thing we need is to institutionalize more ways of altering behavior and consciousness. I live in Colorado. I was born and raised in this state. It has gone to hell since pot was legalized. The argument of using funds generated by pot to pay for government services is a devils bargain. More ought to look to emulate our President’s lifestyle (no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol – a clean lifestyle) – I wonder how many could keep up with his energy level as a 70+ man – darn few and one of the reasons is his lifestyle – and for those who want to argue that “god” gave us all plants – no where in the bible does it say to consume marijuana – there are plants on this earth that will kill you if you consume them – but by your logic you should be able to imbibe them ). I have no problem with hemp – using it for clothes fiber, its seeds for food, and all the other uses it can be applied to. From what I understand George Washington grew hemp – not pot. I have no problem with hemp because it does NOT have the mind altering hallucinogenic properties –

    Harvard (not exactly a bastion of conservative thought) cautions as a result of studies: “Marijuana exacerbates psychotic symptoms and worsens outcomes in patients already diagnosed with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders. Several large observational studies also strongly suggest that using marijuana — particularly in the early teenage years — CAN RISK THE INCREASE RISK OF DEVELOPING PSYCHOSIS” – All I have to do is observe the madness going on all around to know the truth of this. http://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/medical-marijuana-and-the-mind


    I wonder how many of the “antifia” crowd of young people are using pot? How many of those caught on Youtube screaming like a banshie manifesting demonic activity as they rage against our Pres. are on pot? This is not normal behavior but we as a culture have left normal so long ago that people don’t even recognize the depth of madness and psychopathology around us. And legalizing pot doesn’t in any way contribute to strengthening the social fabric. Our Founders knew that our Republic was suitable for ONLY A RELIGIOUS AND MORAL PEOPLE – that our form of government was unsuitable for any other. Harvard and the other “ivy” league schools you used to have to demonstrate a BIBLICAL LITERACY to be considered for admission. And we went from that to allowing the bible to be banned from schools, prayer to be illegal in schools, the 10 commandments removed from the public square and instead schools that hand out condoms to students, that teach school children the “proper and safe way” to do Sodomy, that support the “right” of children to get abortions without parental consent, and the results are on the street for all to see females in vagina costumes shrieking,- gender identity confusion – the silliness of addressing people who don’t want to be called by female or male pronouns but demand they be called “they” or “them” – when I was younger as a psych. major I took a class on “psychopathology” and today I don’t think there is any such course anymore since in this permissive, anything goes society all that has become an “alternative” life style. Pot contributes NOTHING to the MAGA agenda!

    I totally support Jeff Sessions and our Pres. MAGA!

  32. MSG to Sessions: You prob’ly don’t wanna take grass away from heavily armed combat vets with mixed feelings toward the government you serve, which already is just a heartbeat away from a military dictatorship. Grampa, could it be that you, too, are just an old pedophile? Because (1) you look like one, and (2) you seem to need a serious distraction from attacks on people you yourself should have already indicted. WHAT GOOD ARE YOU?

    Losing my faith in the Great White Hope.

  33. It’s all about gun and voting rights. The elites want us disarmed and unable to vote so they’re pushing Sessions in this direction. A felony achieves that and after you lose your vote they can abuse you some more, at will.

    Some of it may be due to lobbying by big pharma and alcohol companies but believe me, it’s your guns and right to vote that the elites are after.

  34. I thought we wanted an Attorney General who wasn’t going to pick and choose what laws were going to be enforced. Haven’t we had enough of the pen and phone nonsense? If it’s on the books he is correct to enforce it which takes me to my point – Congress makes and changes the laws of the United States, not the President or the Attorney General. If you want the pot BS to end, contact your members of Congress and tell them what you want!

    1. How about investigating the 50 …yes FIFTY… mysterious deaths of friends and foes of the Clinton Cartel?

      1. Oops…only two days later and it is now 51 if you add the person who was investigating the Florida Congresswoman Wasserman….

  35. Sessions is a traitor. Fire him, then line him up for investigation and prosecution along with every other collaborator and rat.

  36. It’s well past the time to legalize! It is just insane to continue to arrest, and destroy lives over a harmless substance. The arguments of not allowing it are just -well stupid ! The benefits so outweigh the negative aspects. Plus, the money to be made by taxing, and regulations, Colorado is a shining example. So many who would never break the law are in jail, effectively making criminals out of them, for what amounts to a man who probably was like the AG and was loosing his job at repeal time. One idiot stands in the way of kids who suffer with seizures and those who suffer from PTSD and pain! It’s time to stop this shit!

  37. I guess I’m the only person on here that needs medical CBD for screaming neuropathy? My nerve damage is rated higher on the McGill University pain scale than childbirth and AMPUTATION. Anybody who has neuropathy and tells you that they’re In worse pain than you’ve ever felt, and it’s 24/7 – BELIEVE THEM. THIS MEDICAL WEED HELPS ME. Please help Roger and his organization and quit whining about the merits/drawbacks of recreational weed. That’s not what this is about.
    Did you see Sessions testifying before congress? He said “You’re asking questions too fast and it makes me kinda nervous.” Well, you make me kinda nervous too, Jeff. When is Trump gonna fire his silly little ass?

  38. What happened to “lock her up!”????? Talk about getting distracted… get back to work on cleaning up the swamp first please Mr. Sessions

  39. We’ve held off on attacking the left and have turned on each other instead. It’s time to open the flood gates. Would be a great morale boost for Sessions to actually punish a criminal Democrat.

  40. Potheads are nothing but dirtbags that belong in jail. I’ve never ever once met a decent pothead. They are all trash. It’s so funny to hear them proclaim weed as this miracle drug that cures everything from toe fungus to cancer. No, it just makes you a lazy loser.

    1. Mark hauler…..the first time I met anyone who smoked pot was at a private party in California in 1974 the guy was a senator! But the real question is….do you want to pay $35000 a year to put the dirty pot heads in jail? Where they will most likely continue to have access to the evil weed while you pay the bills? Maybe you have never met a successful intelligent pothead because you obviously disapprove to why would any intelligent pot head take the chance of telling you they like it? It must be difficult to be your family member as people might have a very hard time being authentic around you.

  41. Pharmacical have Jeff and the other in their pockets. Why else would they be against a natural herb that helps man kind instead of chemicals. They are Nixon all over again CROOKED. Sessions is a MISERABLE OLD RED NECK .

  42. Jeff Sessions is archaic … what is he thinking, his views on MJ don’t work with the desires of the American people or their beliefs. This alone is enough to call for his resignation and then when you add to it his position on Civil Asset Forfeitures it’s clear he isn’t the man for the job. Granted he’s a “nice, classy man”, he is outdated for Americans. Also, why isn’t he going after the “real” criminals…HC,LL,SR,JP etc. …. he must be afraid to.

  43. Sessions is also against allowing the VA to make cannibas treatment/medication available to the VA!! 22 vets per day commit suicide, and cannibas would DRAMATICALLY lower that rate, as well as give pain relief to the stricken soldiers. This is a crime to block the availability to the VA!

  44. If AG Session thinks that he’s going to crack down on MJ he’s totally crazy. He will have millions and millions of good people rejecting his will. MJ is here and it’s here to stay, like it or not! I live in Denver and MJ is accepted, and the crime is down and people love it being “legal”. Tell him to go suck an egg.

  45. Frankly, I don’t really care. Drugs are freely available now, the war against drugs has only enriched the cartels and corrupt government officials and the money laundering banks, and nobody in my family does drugs. With so many things threatening Western Civilization, I don’t really care.

  46. Dear Mr. Stone,
    Thank you for forming the U.S. Cannabis Coalition. Those of us with loved
    ones who suffer seizure disorders and take mind-numbing pharmaceuticals
    for a modicum of control have prayed for a natural alternative.
    Under the guidance of four neurologists, my brother has taken every anti-
    seizure medication offered over the 17 years since his first episode. The
    deleterious effects of these poisons on his brain and all organs has been
    devastating. Only yesterday, after practically threatening his current
    neurologist to get the name of an alternative practitioner who could oversee
    his transition to CBD hemp oil. and waiting six months for an appointment, he
    saw this doctor and was prescribed Charlotte’s Web CBD.
    I have been on my knees since, thanking God that he may possibly
    reduce his need for BIG PHARMA and their outrageously expensive
    In response to some of the bloggers here, no one who has epilepsy has
    any interest in “getting high”. They are therefore seeking a very low THC
    and very high CBD content product.

  47. DEA and DOJ; corruption gone wild. Remember the Texas massacre under Bill Clinton’s Gal?
    What about Weapons for Free to the Cartels..

  48. Aloha. Thank you, Roger.

    “The harder the prohibition = the harder the drugs.”

    No one gets shot over beer profits since alcohol prohibition was repealed.

    Government has no – rightful- jurisdiction to prohibit Cannabis or any other plant bearing seeds from “We the people”. Drugs yes, plants no. They are two vastly different things. “You can make a drug from a plant, but you can’t make a plant from a drug.”

    Plants are of nature and a gift of God. Drugs are man made and to be regulated by government. Separate church and state, plants and drugs.

    The First Amendment needs to protect all God given plants. Cannabis was / is in the recipe for the holy anointing oil of Moses and the christening oil of Jesus. Exodus 30:23, Mark 6:13, etc. Christ = anoint. Christian = anointed one. Anti-Christ = opposed to anointing. There can only be real anointing with Cannabis in the sacred recipe.

    Marijuana eradication was proven to have caused poverty and meth in Hawai’i leading to crime, violence, homelessness and worse. Legalize it and see a new era of health, wealth and happiness begin in 120 days.

    Repeal prohibition now. Thank you.

    Roger Christie


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