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Justin Trudeau: The Insanity Of Liberalism

Justin Trudeau: The Insanity Of Liberalism


Trudeau is nothing but a summer camp counselor, dressed in a fine-tailored suit, running a country.

By Taylor Foland

Canada’s snowflake, Justin Trudeau just did something truly unimaginable. Omar Khadr, a convicted jihadi, was just awarded a $10.5 million settlement for killing one U.S. serviceman, and blinding another. The jihadi was on the battlefield in Afghanistan in July of 2002. The jihadi threw a grenade at U.S. Army Delta Force Medic Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer, killing him, and blinding Army Sgt. First Class Layne Morris.

The jihadi was captured, and on October 27, 2002 he pled guilty to five war-crime charges at Guantanamo Bay, before a war-crimes commission board. In what reality is a world leader living in, when they issue $10.5 million to a convicted jihadist? Trudeau not only handed Khadr all the money, but also issued a formal apology to the terrorist. Omar Khadr spent ten years at GITMO, from the sentence that was originally adjudicated, which was forty years. Due to a pre-trial arrangement that forty-year sentence was reduced to only eight years. In 2012, Khadr was then handed over to Canada to serve out the remainder of the sentence.

Canada’s Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that Omar Khadr’s imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay, violated Canada’s standards when it came its detainment policy on youths. According to the Canadian Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale:

“It is not about previous behaviour on the battlefield in Afghanistan; it is about the acts and other decisions the Canadian Government took against Mr. Khadr after he was captured and detained.”

So much for public safety in Canada.

Condemnation from Canada’s Supreme Court, and Public Safety Minister for the appropriate age to detain an Islamic terrorist, but no condemnation when it comes to jihadism? Where is the condemnation when it comes to the killing of a US service member, and the severe maiming of another? Where is the justice? Where is the respect by the Canadian government for its own military forces? Where is the respect for the United States?

It is shameful that a world leader would issue millions of dollars to a radical Islamic terrorist, less than three months before 9/11. Americans will mark the sixteenth anniversary since the Twin Towers fell, the Pentagon was attacked, Flight 93 went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and over 2,900 American lives were lost. Shame on you, Justin Trudeau.

The age of a jihadi does not matter, there is nothing stopping a jihadist from killing infidels, or from serving the will of Allah. These are people that train their children to become terrorists. These are people who call for jihad against our president. These are people that throw gays off rooves. These are people that blow up churches on Easter Sunday. These are people who support the Muslim Brotherhood. These are people who shout: ‘Death to America!’. These are people that walk on the faces of President Trump and Prime Minister of Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu in the streets of Tehran.

Why so much money from Trudeau’s government? Ahmed Khadr (Omar’s father) was a Canadian financier, who moved to Afghanistan in the 1980s, and was later charged in the 1995 Egyptian Embassy Bombing in Islamabad, Pakistan. In Afghanistan, Ahmed Khadr had connections with Al-Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden.

Abdurahman Khadr was also indicted on terrorism-related charges at Guantanamo also. Abdullah Khadr, the oldest son of Ahmed Khadr, is also a suspected terrorist and Al-Qaeda member. Zaynab Khadr, the oldest member of the Khadr family is also a suspected terrorist, and alleged member of Al-Qaeda. Zaynab was detained in Turkey in 2016, her whereabouts are still murky. She publicly declared support for Osama bin Laden and praised her own martyrdom.

When asked about his family in an interview with the Toronto Star, and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Omar Khadr said:

“They have said things that was not very smart — that they shouldn’t have said. They’re very opinionated.”

“I think that they are good people. (But) they haven’t been able to deal with the past and the present. They’re really struggling. Some of my siblings have completely cut off their pasts and some of them are living in the past and not accepting the present.” Interesting.

These people are not good people. These people are terrorists. The jihad within this family is stunning, what is even more stunning is that a Western Government would subsidize it. Jihadis are produced differently, some are self-radicalized by ISIS propaganda and jihadi publications like ‘Rumiyah’, others learn it within the culture. Jihadis should not receive government funds for terrorism. Where is all the money for Christopher Speer’s widow? For Sergeant First Class Layne Morris? A sixteen-year-old jihadist is just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than any other on the battlefield.

It is a travesty that a terrorist, with terrorist ties, within a family of known terrorists would cash-out on a payment of over eight million dollars, while we have our veterans who struggle every day from the injuries inflicted upon them, from jihadists exactly like Omar Khadr.

Where is Justin Trudeau in all this? In a live-televised statement to CBC, the disgraced Canadian Prime Minister had these words to say:

“I can understand Canadians concerns about the settlement, in fact I share those concerns about the money, that’s why we settled. If we had continued to fight this, not only would we have inevitably lost, but estimates range from 30 to 40 million dollars that would have ended up costing the government. So, this was the responsible path to take. The measure of a society, of a just society, is not whether we stand up for people’s rights when it’s easy or popular to do so, it’s whether we recognize rights when it’s difficult, when it’s unpopular.”

“We are a society that stands up for people’s rights, and when governments fail to respect people’s rights, we all end up paying. I think that is the lesson that hopefully future governments will draw from this settlement.”

Really Prime Minister?

This is not leadership, this is COWARDICE. What about the rights of Christopher Speer’s widow, what about the rights of Sergeant Morris? The government of Canada is directly complicit in the agenda of the Islamists. This is what Islamists do, Islamists use the court systems to their advantage, to get what they want.

Trudeau is nothing but a summer camp counselor, dressed in a fine-tailored suit, running a country.

This article is dedicated to Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer, Sergeant First Class Layne Morris, and their families. Thank you for your service to our great country.


Taylor Foland is a Volunteer Coordinator for ACT For America, the nation’s largest grassroots national security group. ACT has over 750,000 members and 1,000 allied volunteers groups across America.


  1. I want you to know Mr.Stone that I sympathized w Omar Khadr a mere teenager when he became incarcerated. In fact as an then medicated chronic pain survivor I was willing & volunteered to bring him into house arrest at my wilderness rustic retreat. My home.
    having myself suffered wrongs by the Province of Alberta, misunderstood by one Premier whose arrogance was widely known as a drunkard and boorish arrogant opinionated scoundrel…Nonetheless even plagiarism did not stick to his over-sized gluttonous ass! In his extracurricular cheating-efforts to win some University certificate…
    When he came to be in charge of the Province of Alberta, he attacked the poverty stricken even Injured Workers such as myself whom had a long troublesome ordeal in trying to wrest fair Compensation from the provincial WCB. Unfairly and extra-offensively treated by them I brought my views of their disharmonious affronts to the legislature steps honking my horn, on injured Worker’s Day~literally…having been asked to speak on behalf of the Injured Workers all across then CANADAs as an active argumenter volunteer and chairman of a disabled injured workers group, before the entire CUPE and AFL at their Annual Delegation for the First Injured Worker’s Day established by then Prime Minister of CANADAs Brian Mulroney.
    You might not know but in those days the PC Party Leader from Baie-Comeau, Quebec, PM Mulroney was-not well accepted nor liked by Alberta Western Conservatives in fact the Party split between Alberta’s and the Federals…I liked Mr.Mulroney and often corresponded with his offices…I also liked Mr.Don Getty then Premier Minister of Alberta, although his government and WC Board were not applying themselves to getting to the bottom of my near life-long injuries…( multipal cerebral 1970 then multipal spinal-injuries 1979) which also being raised rough precluded myself from the verbal skills and of course the dismissing attitudes of the board…When the provincial Caucus and party management decided on Ralph Phillip Klein, as their new leader;All hope for my retraining was gone! In 1993 after 2.5 years struggling along with belligerent Adjudicators, Klein announced because his government was so far in debt, by their antics, and that they first and foremost wished to maintain their AAA Credit rating Status, that Injured Workers were nothing but “Creeps and Bums from Ontario” no less…I was dumped into the trash on welfare! Welfare because I was yet unable medically to work! I had hoped to go from heavy manual Technical labors as a Licensed Certified Motor technician to Electronic Engineering…which I was heartily pursuing but even the type of employ to be retrained for was bungled by WCB they wanted that I go to Electronic Service Tech which is a refrigerator repairman!! Due I guess to my kindly nature my soft-spoken my size 55 shoulders. But my spine was torn and broken soft tissue in three places which not even the doctor would heed and also mocked me for my long hair in a pony tail since I was on welfare and could not even afford a haircut…Then much as now! he failed to acknowledge my writing to him reports where I told him in writing I had also a illiolumbar ligament injury! His colleague also mocked me in writing if you saw the remarks you would be steaming mad…Then they accused me of laziness and passed the prejudice and even two other colleagues of the Orthopedic surgeon claimed I was cog-wheel-walking! So it were no use!
    I had left the province to try obtain a non-prejudiced opinion and met my (now late) friend helper and Christian Mentor Brother Ray as he took me into his humble home in Clearwater BC.
    I also note here as being raised reared in a violent abusive alcoholic household I had found and attended diligently Al-Anon and most particularly ACOA group meetings after taking the enlightenment course at Alberta Drug Facility AADAC. This these groups were of course no-cost whatsoever to the Province but RP Klein closed them all out of Provincial after hours meeting places…My support group was terminated.

    Having been informed in XII 1994 my then 3 yr young daughter needed me to look after her I came back to Alberta 21 XII 1994, and took-over the task enjoyable as that were of raising my daughter. Over the Alberta Family Day weekend coincidentally my daughter was molested while with her mother and a stay-over church member friend of hers’.
    I reported to Police and Ministry of Children’s Services, however those lingering RPK prejudices precluded from any prosecution let alone even determining the identity of the offender, one married man named Jim Visscher of West End Reformed Christian Church.

    Subsequently I was head stomped and assaulted severely, 8 vi 1999 just weeks prior to occupying our new rustic home of our own, as since one day a check for 20$k was in the mail without any letter but this was my settlement I suppose then from an unashamed WCB and Province. However when I was assaulted I could not defend my adamant in maintaining care of our daughter…also failure of my Legal Aid appointed lawyer to defend me and my daughter against being swept under the rug once more…

    My then 15 year young daughter and I wrote out the Statement of Claim and appeared before a Queen’s bench Judge but the system let us down once more even after her testifying to RCMP at 17 years of age failed to get them off their asses and properly investigate this as the once Minister Iris Evans had outlined we do as soon as she felt okay in telling her story. She had handed me a loose leaf 5 sheet folded book she had authored that weekend when she was assaulted at 70 months and nine…Entitled the night noises by herself with cover page and words and illustrations her then young mind had composed…That’s how I knew she had suffered immediately when I picked her up that weekend in 1996.
    No justice for my now 27 year old young lady,…no justice no further retraining no settlement no further concern for this old once hard diligent conscientious worker…This Adult Child of two violent Alcoholics…

    They say the road to HeLL is paved with all good intentions and I Am SeeHeLL Van Horn(e) on Infowars, and have seen SHOEL in dreams…Saw my-own mother there when my old friend and pipeline Spacer was suddenly dropped in there by death and I rescued him by the Spirit of Jesus the Christ and delivered him to Heaven with his first-born daughter slain in her young motherhood by an estranged husband in the seventies.

    Yet there is no penitence no decency no Spirit of The Law of God here as the QB Judge said when I addressed the Court that once’I Am seeking the Spirit of the Law, Your Honour” he said “I only deal with ‘the letter’ of the law’…WACOWITZ the brother of the lawyer whom let off the assaulter, kin also to the KLEIN Attorney General…If you know someone and have money here well they look after their own,.,..Or if you are a ROYALIST damned and sworn to a false idol,…as they called it to me one morning asking”Are you a’LOYALIST’…?” NO! I said before even knew what she was talking about! Well I Am adamant now I will never be one either, save Loyalty to My One KING…Yashua Jesus the Christ!

    I had written telephoned and plead with the new PM and the new Premier,…They don’t like me and have labelled me as dangerous and this only after my Complaint of being denied access to my new MLA’s Office to follow-up on the Molestation…The former school bus driver Rosendahl and his Bavarian Secretary said they would send mental health nurses right to my home.I said I’m not having any crisis I just need to speak with my representative 1/2 hour or so…So denying me then telling Human Rights I am nuts the AHR accepted the Investigation. But when Rosendahl’s Lawyer got involved now they are claiming I Am dangerous, so says the sheriff and WCB, they claimed also “Parliamentary Privilege” and do not have to be answerable…

    So Omar gets what ten million dollars and the CANADIAeN of this continent’s bloodlines some 400 years and daughter molested and failed protection investigation gets zero…
    God Will sort it out I Am certain,…But my youngster’s faith has been shaken by this and I have been placed in poor light. What did Ghandi say First the ignore then they mock then they attack, then you win,..??!

    I love your work SiR please keep going strong;You are in my prayers right after The President DJTrump & his…2x daily…
    God Bless you and please accept my admiration and love…

    C.L. ‘Seal”………………………………………………………………………………….Van Horn(e).
    Esquired to Christ Yashua,
    after The Order of Melchizadek.

  2. What’s happened to Canada, a Western country, a participant in all major struggles against tyranny and a true partner to all those who stood with us in one bloody encounter after another? Since when has “Baby” Trudeau’s mamby-pandy, touchy-feely mumbo-jumbo “philosophy” replaced our commitment to our friends. What soft-headed value system does “new” Canada when those who stand against us or our true friends are rewarded for their treason and villainy?

  3. just a reminder, and a correction for this article…
    911 was an inside job by Dick Cheney, Silverstein, Wolfowitz and many others. There were no rag-heads involved, I urge everyone to look at all the evidence of military drone planes that were crashed, and the expert demolition of the towers and building 7 as well as a guided missile launched at the pentagon in the exact spot they just had reinforced to take the blast…. INSIDE JOB, DICK CHENEY.

  4. Trudeau is delusional, you are correct but Flight 93 never crash in Pennsylvania, the coroner reported no bodies found . Lets get our facts correct .


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