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The Deep Hate of the Deep State

The Deep Hate of the Deep State


The leakers are pressing the send button to overthrow the will of the American people.

By Taylor Foland

The deep state has deep hate towards Trump. The deep state has been trying to take down President Trump from the very beginning. Former Ambassador to the United Nations: Samantha Power had unprecedented POWER, in the waning days of the Obama administration when she requested hundreds of names to “unmask”. Ben Rhodes, former National Security Advisor to former President Obama has also been reported to be a person of interest, in the House Intelligence Committee regarding unmasking.

Disgraced ex-FBI Director Jim Comey is allegedly writing his memoir and cashing-out on his time in the swamp. Comey admitted to leaking classified intelligence to a colleague, and no one in Congress investigates that? No one investigates Susan Rice unmasking hundreds of names either?

Just recently, the Washington Post released full transcripts of President Trump’s phone conversations with the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, and Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto. Should people be taking this seriously?

The answer is absolutely, yes. These leaks make the international communication between President Trump and other world leaders extremely risky. The point is to make it impossible for Trump to govern, and it’s absolutely unacceptable.

Leaks of classified intelligence are illegal, as defined by the Espionage Act of 1917. There is a difference between leaks of classified intelligence and leaks of lesser things, like a reception dinner, or names that have been talked about for different positions within the White House. We are talking about knowingly, leaking classified intelligence to embarrass the President, abolish his agenda, and to damage this White House and its ability to conduct the nation’s affairs.

Obama-hold-overs are also a very big problem, with many of Trump’s cabinet members not yet approved by the Senate. This is the way Washington D.C. works, slow and inefficient. Democrats are obstructing simple nominees for no apparent reason. The bureaucracy of the swamp has grown exponentially, especially under the last administration (when the EPA deemed a puddle as a body of water).

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that there is a clearly defined deep state campaign to impeach President Trump, the expansion of the Russia probe is just the beginning.

Not only is the deep state being defined by these leaks, but it is also defined by the Washington establishment, where back-scratching is the name of the game. Robert Mueller and Jim Comey are well known friends. There is a leak-campaign at the highest levels of our government to impeach the democratically-elected forty-fifth president of the United States: Donald J. Trump.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on August fourth that the Department of Justice is ramping up its efforts to try to catch leakers and put them in prison. The Attorney General and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coats made it very clear that the leaking will not be tolerated, and leakers who are caught, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Attorney General Sessions also identified leakers as “criminals” which is extremely important. Sessions also said to the potential leakers: “don’t do it”. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats also made it very clear that the leakers who leak classified intelligence, will be hunted down, found, and prosecuted.

It’s about time that this happened. The campaign to crack-down on these criminals feels like it is finally going somewhere, although the Attorney General said that these cases are not easy to prosecute. It will be a difficult challenge ahead for the administration, but moles always come out from their burrows. It’s just a matter of time, and determination.

The leaking is also putting the president’s agenda in jeopardy, what if these transcripts with these world leaders were different in their classification, such as movement on North Korea or Iran? It is damaging to national security when you have these leakers spreading classified intelligence to the press for the whole world to know. It makes you wonder, what else could they leak? If they can leak private phone calls, what else can they do?

Meanwhile, the people who are really being short-changed by these illegal acts are the people who voted for the president. The goal of these leakers is to make it impossible for the Trump administration to even function. The main objective is to remove the President from office.

Many Democrats have been disturbed by the leaks, and have denounced them, except for one member of the House of Representatives (specifically), Maxine Waters, a Democrat. On “The View”, Maxine Waters encouraged the leaks, and praised the leakers. How does someone so stupid end up in Congress?

Washington D.C. is trying to take the power away from the voters who elected President Trump. The armies of lawyers that have been hired by Mueller is staggering. The bureaucrats believe they hold the power, they will soon be reminded that the power rests in the hands of the voter. D.C. thinks that Trump supporters are just going to forget about the Russia story and all the obstruction. They think we will just forget about everything that has happened up to where we are now.

WRONG! We vote.

The leaking campaign must stop, before something crucial is leaked out of the White House that is irreversible. The press is attacking Trump, and there are no signs of it stopping. The deep state is attacking him, the Democrats continue to attack him, and now members of the Republican Party are not defending him.

Leakers are playing games in the White House, and think that they are above the law. This lawlessness is endangering the Constitution, and the foundation our nation was built on.

When professional bureaucrats think they can take the law into their own hands, it is a situation that if not stopped, will lead to a Constitutional crisis. If these leaks are not stopped, our Constitution will be subverted, and its principles will be broken. The worst thing about this scenario (should it happen) is that we won’t even know who is destroying our country.

This is the definition of the deep state, they hide behind their security clearance, and continue to leak like a faucet.

The time has come to fire these rats, who are obviously there for themselves and their own agenda(s). YOU’RE FIRED!

The time has come for the Attorney General to pursue these criminals with every tool, and at every opportunity. It’s game over for the leakers! Lock these criminals up, and throw away the keys.


Taylor Foland is a Volunteer Coordinator for ACT For America, the nation’s largest grassroots national security group. ACT has over 750,000 members and 1,000 allied volunteers groups across America.


  1. President Trump surely knows who these traitors are, and knows the people that he can trust.
    It should be easy enough to discover the leakers by planting a few pieces of information, and following a trail. The President understands that this is a war, and wars are fought through deception – show your enemy what he wants to see.

    I do not wish to seem like a fascist (which is what the leftists truly are), but anyone who opposes the will of the President, and by definition the will of the American people, is a traitor to the country.

    Let’s hold a few trials. I suggest that we start with Hillary.
    Did you hear that she is trying to become a minister now? A Methodist preacher, apparently. Odd, as I had always assumed that she was a satanist. Well, I guess that she could not win people’s hearts and minds, then she will fight for our souls.

    Be very careful, everyone.

    1. All of the leaks appear to be spewing from the bowels of the reporters in the shape of the unnamed sources. Our president is so many levels above the chatter. Even today President Trump stymied a reporter question on DPRK when he called them out on not giving a source. They don’t know what they are talking about. 🙂

    2. Well said, and I agree!

      On your, “…surely knows who these traitors are…” remark. I TOTALLY agree. I think he does it to catch them in the act. You can tell when he starts to praise them in the media, then 3-10 days later – cans them.

      On your other issues, I agree as well. Unfortunately, this will never happen. Why? The GOP have let the left run amok so long, that it is beyond, out of control.

      POTUS should concentrate on his promise to the American people; Wall, Terror, ACA and Taxes! Once those are done, he will have some free time on his hands. That’s when he should go after those other idiots!

      1. The Republicans have let the Democrates run amuck because there is no differance between the two. We the People would see a differance in support of the president if this was not true.

    3. You say, “wars are fought through deception.” You are correct, but it goes deeper than that. In this case, wars are fought through OCCULT MEANS. When you examine, in depth, as I have the OCCULT NATURE of the ORDER OF DEATH, you will know. And, without a knowledge of their tactics which go to the deepest levels of consciousness, no one can defeat them. CNN is showing the announcement of what they plan to do. CNN watchers are, to a great extent, followers of the evil intent. The wave of conscious intent through those people HAS POWER. That type of power is what the OCCULTISTS OF THE DEEP STATE seek. http://psicounsel.com

      1. But, the occult has an advisory, Jesus Christ and through Him they will be destroyed.
        We the People need to get into our prayer closets and ask Christ to handle this matter. Nothing is too great for God to handle.
        Our battles are not of flesh and blood but of unseen powers. It’s a spiritual battle folks.

    4. And how exactly would trump know who violates security measures with the majority of personnel OBAMA appointee holdovers

    5. Jeff Sessions our AG will not prosecute the leakers! He knows who they are. Sessions is blocking the arrest of anyone in Washington DC. He is a 20 year Senator & career politician with long deep ties to the swamp. Biggest mistake Trump has ever made.

    6. Trust me my friend, the way you just spoke does not make you a fascist one bit. It’s one thing to oppose the will of the president when there is direct evidence of wrongdoing by the president, but when a president like Trump comes around and there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by him and you still oppose that president’s/American people’s will, then you are 100% correct you are a traitor to America.

      And as far as Hillary becoming a minister is concerned…God must be laughing his rear end off just at the thought of that. I know I am.

  2. Lock them up we have to protect America and our founding fathers who shed blood for freedom,Freedom is under attach and our forefathers knew this day would come !!!! Patriots unite !!!!

  3. Untruths are slipped into this article like water.

    Unmasking is a legal procedure. Each individual unmasking requires a court order based on the nature of the conversation. There is no “unprecedented power” there. Same power as always, and it lies with the court.

    When an American openly contacts the press with his or her own information, as Comey did, and as Trump has done for decades, it is not a “leak.” It is called going public. Nothing illegal about it. The information Comey relayed was his personal experience and was nowhere near “classified” (nor “intelligence.”)

    The Russia probe is spearheaded by the Republicans – Mueller is a lifelong Republican, the Congress who named him is Republican, and it is Congress Republicans who continue to support it. Much as they want to embrace one of their own finally in office, they have deep concerns about Trump’s inability to speak out against Russia = the eerie truth about the Russia probe.

  4. Roger, the deep state is, primarily, OCCULT IN NATURE. You and our President need me in the White House, because neither of you understand how to win this.

  5. All this writing is about the outward actions against @realDonaldTrump and the American People. Roger you are amongst the most politically, and legally, savvy people on this planet. Your IQ is apparently through the roof. But if you study ALL aspects of the DEEP STATE as I have you know they are, at their CORE, OCCULTISTS. Sun Tsu, the wisest warrior said, KNOW THY ENEMY. Some say even know your enemy’s language. To know this enemy you must do so deeper than intellectual knowledge. Your soul must know. That means to know THE VERY FABRIC OF THIS REALITY. You do not know this using your brain. You know as a SOUL. This, which we face, is SPIRITUAL EVIL. It is not intellectual evil. From your writing and references to writing, I see you resorting to your great intellect, knowledge, and experience. It is not enough! In the White House, people working there should be examined. Foreign visitors must be examined. All who our President is supposed to trust must be examined. Using a metaphor they will be xrayed.

  6. Pres. Trump has moved out of the Oval Office for a couple of weeks for a major upgrade to the West Wing. My bets are that they have removed or are removing all bugs, putting in new, state of the art jamming equipment to stop the potential rebugging, and are thus ensuring that those kind of “leaks” don’t happen. We still have to see how he handles the two legged leaks.

  7. Roger? Is it possible that there are bugs in the white house left by Obama’s people? Microphones can be so small and hidden in plain sight. They could be located in small devices like the NSA used to spy on Americans. Obama leftovers need to be BOOTED OUT ASAP, even if Trump’s administration hasn’t been approved by the senate. BTW, that should be done already! not
    Its very concerning that these leaks are still coming Out! I hope to God Sessions and Trump’s trusted people can find out how this is happening. I also wonder if there’s some high tech device that detects these bugs. They need to sweep every location President Trump speaks!
    We have to SAVE our president and our country!

  8. It’s my guess the bureaucrats “who think they can take the law into their own hands” don’t have a clue of what the Constitution says. They act out of ignorance and hubris. Or, they are versed in the Constitution but willfully violate laws and policies upheld by the Constitution. Not one of them should be holding a position of public trust. I agree with the writer here: we must vote. But we don’t know who the deep state really is since they pull the strings in secret. At least we can vote their puppets out and vote in people who will uphold the Constitution. And not leak like sieves.

  9. The “deep state” scares the sh*t out of me. The idea of people in the White House following directions from a group that wants to destroy this presidency is truly frightening.

  10. I don’t trust anything in the news that’s supposed to come from the White House. Because of so many leaks, an average voter like me can be influenced by lies and half-truths about the president. That’s the name of the game: to cause doubt in those of us who voted for President Trump. I’m glad I have 24/7 access to Stone Cold Truth. The information like this article sets the record straight about the swill that’s coming from White House leakers.

  11. The Trump administration is being taken down from within. There is only one person who can stop it, but he is busy building the very gallows with which they will hang him.

  12. The simplest way to stop the leaks is to be completely up front with the American people. Be honest about everything. That honesty will get you re-elected faster than anything and it is what appeared to be happening during the campaign. That is why most people voted for Donald Trump. They are fed up with dishonest politicians.
    For example, the wall. Popular but impractical and Donald Trump knows it. But is he being upfront about it?
    People are a lot dumber and a lot smarter sometimes.
    My solution to the Wall? Make it impractical to tunnel under it.
    I suggest a four lane highway the entire length of the border with Mexico with a moderate 8 foot wire fence on both sides of the highway. Heavily patrol it.
    Drug war with Mexico? Make the drugs available on prescription and put major money into finding a cure for the addiction. It is physically impossible for current drug users to be anything but slaves to the drug lords..
    The war on drugs is a spectacular failure for that reason alone.
    Stop doing anything you would not want the entire world to know about. Because the way things are now the entire world will know because of the traitors in our government and they do need to be fired promptly and arrested for treason.
    Go after the opposition that is criminally libel for their actions and do it now.
    Do it publicly.

  13. Time to salt the deep state. Thats what O’Reilly Autoparts do to catch an internal theif. Set them up in other words.

  14. Its absolutely pathetic how President Trump is being treated. If Obama was treated 1/20 the same a Trump the whining and crying would never end.
    I think what is really needed is some prison sentences and denial of pension benefits for some people as soon as possible. That might do much for the hard core but it sure will make the faint at heart think about it (which I think will cover most of the problems and these guys are babies).

    I realize President Trump could lock up without trial or anything anyone he wants, it’s just that one day the babies (Democrats) will be back and we already know they have no problem being scumbags so it would come back to byte us.

    Rule of law does need to be restored or teh wild wild west days or even civil war will be the result. What’s the point of following the law if it means nothing?

    Be Well, God Spee to you and President Trump

    paul shodean

  15. President Trump is my president. I have worked, very hard, to see that he was elected. His opposition, and that of the entire country, is the deep state. I’ve studied those people, extensively. Anyone looking me up on line can see part of that study. My work is easily found.

    Our President is his own worst enemy. He’s aligned with the religious right, which are mostly pro Israel. Much of the religious right is aligned with the deep state. If you examine the research you will find that many church pastors, and other religious leaders of other religions, were working for the deep state, and were paid to do so. They were called “fema pastors.”

    And, when you see Israeli Jets fighting against the sovereign state of Syria, and doing what helps ISIS, you have to wonder about Trump’s pro Israel position. Trump has been fooled by religious zealots. Israel is not the “holy land.” It’s a rogue nation. Many people who were born in Israel are against their own government’s violent policies.

    Our nation was not founded upon religion, not any religion. Some say this is a “Christian Nation.” No, it’s not. It’s not that, or any other religion. There were a lot of Christians in our country at the founding. But, our founders were atheists, deists, occultists, and Christians. Freedom of ALL religion, and the press, was the foundation of our country.

    Trump does not fully understand the deep state. He’s been fooled too many times to be showing any evidence for a complete understanding of them. He needs advisors, like myself, who really do understand what they are up to, their nature, their tactics, and the many groups that are used by them.

    More than anything, one must understand the DARK OCCULTISTS of the deep state. Even very powerful activitsts against them do not understand that part of their program. It is the CORE of their movement.

    Sun Tzu said, “know thy enemy, and know thyself. Trump does not full understand his enemy, or his own susceptibility to religious “mentors.”

      1. Anti-Semitic??? Are you reading the same thing I read? He simply told the absolute truth about how things are today. Many people who were born in Israel are totally against the current politics coming from over there. You need to do some homework on this subject. How do we know “our friends” aren’t the ones doing the leaking? Actually, we all know it’s the democrats themselves who are responsible for the leaking and almost every other violent thing that has happened since November 8th, maybe even before that time. If none of you understand how this works, it’s because you haven’t been paying attention. It’s pretty obvious. Have you never watched a playground fight in a schoolyard? Same thing.

  16. hillary is becoming a minister so she can take advantage of the tax breaks and write-offs allowed to preachers. I have no doubt she will be able to make it all wrap around her/their “foundations” and “initiatives” and whatever else they have that they’d like to hide. It doesn’t matter much though – – foreign gubmints are still forking over money to those “causes” anyway because they know it has nothing to do with “helping others” it only has to do with currying favor with the clinton machine.

  17. I know this isn’t the current topic but please give me a few moments of your time & try for one moment imagine this was happening to you or someone you love was is literally being tortured to death because they are being denied the only medical care that was effectively working but now is not accepted. The suffering it’s causing is resulting in patient deaths but it still isn’t even being considered. Wouldn’t you too agree this must be addressed asap!

    This group of people are discriminated with such extreme prejudice only because of the actions of other people abusing drugs not for anything they actually have done. Chronic pain patients & our Veteran pain patients medical needs are completely ignored. Chronic pain patients are given no value of life, are forced to suffer in unimaginable high levels of pain & dying as a result only because of denied pain relief medications & is driving people to kill themselves in agony. In 2017 humanity should never allow such a tragedy of torture in our country.
    We have people all over up in arms over transgender rights. They are destroying, fighting, harming & killing over transgenders & bathroom use issues but people innocent medical patients are denied medical care dying as a result is not even a blip in main stream media! Our veteran & civilian chronic pain patients are deprived of what Thw World Health Organization has deemed the only proven effective & available opioid medications proven for pain relief & should be available to all suffering in pain. But because of the propaganda in our media making opioids evil unnecessary & drug rehab doctors labeling anyone taking opioids is an addict. The Media only drives into our brains that all opioids are evil & to blame for all the problems. Benefits received for thousands of years doesn’t matter because of a few select people with huge financial interests created it, started it & continues the opioid epidemic & opiaphobia for their own financial gains & nothing else.
    Opioid medications are the last resort for these patients people forced to suffer without. It is depriving chronic pain sufferers the ability to live better longer more normal lives. So pain patients deprived of what have been effective medications for years for decades are now left riddled with constant pain no longer allowed to be relieved are dying. Pain not treated isn’t only debilitating crippling leaving people so overwhelmed
    by pain they are unable to even function they are bed ridden & home bound.

    Pain not relieved is deadly the human body fails under the constant extreme distress of pain not relieved & is what is driving pain patients to kill themselves. Without any other options for pain relief suicide becomes the option or turning to the street drugs they are trying to supposedly stop. Would you want that for yourself or your loved ones? There is ignored proof everywhere that only 1% of pain patients treated with long term opioids ever becomes addicted. Patients screened for abuse prior to prescribing makes these medications truly life saving.

    The DEA CDC FDA & certain drug rehab doctors behind the opioid epidemic crusade on this witch hunt that has already caused so much death among medical patients deliberately depriving chronic pain patients of necessary opioid medications are profiting from their suffering don’t care. It was & is for their financial interests & benefits the opiaphobics started the opioid epidemic that has continued depriving innocent people their medications so our government can act like they are saving people. While making huge profits at the same time. Americans wanting answers for drug abuse jumped on the scapegoat provided that has made pain patients collateral damage in the war on drugs. Follow the money the opioid epidemic the denial of chronic pain patients is all about the money. None of it’s about saving drug addicts & certainly is not improving the pain relief care of people stricken with chronic pain the rest of their living days in so much pain deaths becomes a welcomed option.
    Please help spread the news chronic pain patients are medical patients with medical needs for the legally prescribed opioid pain relief medications. They are not the drug abusers the government & media would have you believe them to be. Stop the pain stop the suffering & it will stop the dying & suicides for pain relief.


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