US Cannabis Coalition Founder Gives Impassioned Speech In LA


Roger Stone, a longtime advisor and close personal friend of President Donald Trump, is fighting for sensible drug reform.


Appearing before a packed room of dozens of marijuana activists in Los Angeles, Roger Stone called for a bi-partisan push for marijuana reform in the United States.

The speech was hosted by the United States Cannabis Coalition, a whose advisory board features HBO’s Bill Maher, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Democrat mega-donor John Morgan, Stone, and many other heavy hitters from all over the country.

“I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative, you could even be a communist. If you are willing to work with me on cannabis, I’m ready.”

Stone gave the address across the street from the Cannabis Expo that he was uninvited from a few weeks back, after a small group of dissidents forced the organizers to cancel Stone’s speech in a knee-jerk PC spasm.

To learn more about the United States Cannabis Coalition, click here.



  1. Uh. The Bill Clinton “rape” T-shirt ad is not very enticing. And I don’t even like the rapist.

    I’d like to see something like “Stoners for Stone”.

  2. Obama’s favorite globalist Mr Macron has low popularity , poll shows.
    From 60% before the elections to this:
    “……Paris ( – Less than four months after taking office French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity has slumped dramatically according to polls, and is now languishing at 30 percent, prompting French media outlets to note that even President Trump is faring better in surveys in the U.S…”
    “…….A poll published on Sunday, conducted by Ifop for newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD), showed the president’s “dissatisfaction rating” rising to 57%, up from 43% in July….”
    “……Forty-nine percent have a negative view, a rise of 13 points, according to the poll for the Huffington Post and the CNews TV channel.”

  3. It’s outrageous that the politically pure’s boycott has forced Roger Stone and true marijuana reform advocates to meet in what looks like a file room. I wonder if the speakers at the Expo are as passionate about marijuana reform and ending the War on Drugs. Stone is a key participant in this reform effort because, as he reminds us, he has the ear of the president. I think the purists have hurt the cause. They must be tolerant but, to my disappointment, they are not as inclusive as Stone is. He will work with anyone – “even a communist” – who is committed to legalizing marijuana for medical use. And that’s in the spirit of most marijuana aficionados.

  4. How on earth are we to create a totalitarian, politically correct, socially responsible civilization if we let just anyone control their own body chemistry? Absurd! What about the children? Are they to be taught that they own themselves and that their private lives are none of our business? Society is made up of bodies. We need to rule them for the common good. Who can question that?


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