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USA TODAY: Stone Calls Russian Collusion “A Delusion”

USA TODAY: Stone Calls Russian Collusion “A Delusion”



By Roger Stone

Next Tuesday, I will testify before the House Intelligence Committee in its ongoing investigation into whether Donald Trump, his family, campaign or associates colluded with the Russian government to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

I am testifying voluntarily and have not requested or received a grant of immunity. I have been eager to do so since several members of the committee made allegations in public session that I had advance notice of either the hacking of Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails or of the content of material published by WikiLeaks that proved embarrassing to the Clinton campaign. FactCheck.org, a non-partisan news organization, reported that those allegations are not established by the record.

The torrent of leaks and allegations from our intelligence agencies on the question of Russian collusion demonstrates the extent to which these agencies have been politicized. Repetition of the mantra that “the Russians colluded with the Trump campaign” does not make it true.

The New York Times reported in January that intelligence agencies are examining emails, records of financial transactions and intercepted communications as part of an investigation into possible links between Russian officials and former Trump associates, including me.The Times, the Senate and House intelligence committees and our intelligence services have yet to make public any incriminating materials for a simple reason: They do not exist.

In addition, the reported meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney who claimed to have documentation of malfeasance by Hillary Clinton was neither improper nor illegal.

I believe that the entire allegation of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is the brainchild of Clinton operative John Podesta, most likely to distract from the lucrative business contracts that he and his brother enjoyed with the oligarchs around Vladimir Putin. In short, the claim of Russian collusion with Trump is a politically motivated fairy tale.


  1. Obama’s favorite globalist Mr Macron has low popularity , poll shows.
    From 60% before the elections to this:
    “……Paris (CNSNews.com) – Less than four months after taking office French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity has slumped dramatically according to polls, and is now languishing at 30 percent, prompting French media outlets to note that even President Trump is faring better in surveys in the U.S…”

    “…….A poll published on Sunday, conducted by Ifop for newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD), showed the president’s “dissatisfaction rating” rising to 57%, up from 43% in July….”

    “……Forty-nine percent have a negative view, a rise of 13 points, according to the poll for the Huffington Post and the CNews TV channel.”

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  4. How can the FDA approve a drug that has bad side effects like suicide as long the Pharmaceutical states it in the leaflets that comes with the drug !
    A drug to be approved by the FDA should have almost No side effects…but instead we see the FDA closing one eye and approving deadly drugs !

  5. Be careful that the so called committee is now looking for something to grab on to to replace the failed drummed up Russia election interference ( no US voting machine is online ) or Trump Russia connection…so do not answer more than the questions they ask of you…the more you try to explain ..the more thy will try to build a case on your testimony.
    Another theory of mine is that to be able to accuse Trump of any wrongdoing they need to reveal that they did wiretapped Trump in order to present that information gathered to the investigation Committee…
    If Trump was wiretapped then Obama should be charged because he said that he never wiretapped Trump or that he never requested any court order to wiretap Trump or his associates when its clear now that Obama did request a court order !


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