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By Roger Stone

Finally, there is a “warts and all” biography of the most enduring American politician of the 20th century Richard Milhous Nixon written by an author with unprecedented access and insight about our 37th President’, New York Times Bestselling Author Roger Stone.

Stone and his co-author, award-winning investigative reporter Michael Colapietro, look at the totality of Nixon’s entire career utilizing stunning new information either suppressed or unknown by the mainstream media of the time.

Tricky Dick includes new and never before published documentation that the CIA infiltrated the original Watergate burglary team in order to purposely botch the break-in , that White House Counsel John Dean consistently lied about his true role in planning, execution, and cover-up of the Watergate break lying to Nixon about White House involvement for nine months and concealing ties between Dean and his wife and a high-priced call girl ring utilized by the Democratic National Committee to entertain visiting Democrat dignitaries.

Building on the blockbuster revelations of Roger Stone’s previous book on the Nixon’s presidency Nixon’s Secrets the longtime Nixon intimate and his co-author have added shocking new material that proves that the Watergate Special Prosecutor met secretly repeatedly and illegally with Watergate Trial Judge John Sirica in a successful effort to railroad Nixon and rig any appeal to a higher court.

Stone and his co-author Colapietro trace Nixon’ meteoric climb from his first race for the House in 1947, his dogged pursuit of Soviet spy Alger Hiss (classified Russian documents released after the fall of the Soviet Union prove Hiss was indeed a KGB Spy), Nixon’s bruising campaign for the US Senate in 1950, his improbable selection by General Dwight D Eisenhower to be vice president only six years after his election to Congress, the triumphs and humiliations of his vice presidential years, and his razor-thin loss of the presidency to John F Kennedy in 1960.

Tricky Dick: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Richard M. Nixon proves in intricate detail how the 1960 election was stolen from a surging Nixon, detailing voter fraud in both Texas and Illinois to a degree heretofore undocumented by political scientists and covered only by the New York Herald Tribune at the time.

These New York Times bestselling authors also detail Nixon’s reinvention of himself as “The New Nixon” and The greatest single comeback in American history which resulted in Nixon’s triumphant election as president in 1968.

Tricky Dick also dissects the military industrial complex unhappiness with Nixon’s end to the war in Vietnam, his historic strategic arms limitation agreement with the Soviets and his opening to China and the resultant plot to bring Nixon down in the scandal known today as “Watergate”.

Get your paperback copy today on Amazon.


  1. I recall when the US told Russia to resume talks with Turkey that shot down one of Russia’s Jets and to cool it …but now that the shoe is on the other foot the US doesn’t follow its own advice or practices what it preaches !
    Do we think that sanctions will persuade N Korea and that Kim Jong-unwill will not have pork chop for dinner tonight because of the sanctions ?
    Does the UN really think that sanctions will work on the N Korea’s leader when up to today they have said that is a “mad man”?
    These sanctions hit the population and not the leader of N Korea !
    These sanctions are designed to provoke N Korea into a war the US’s Deep State and Globalist want to hide the trillions of US debt and to destabilize the Brics economic pac of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as well as to help the US weapon industry.

  2. You don’t take it out of your country’s flag or anthem if you have a problem with police shooting blacks!
    You make a stand to your politician to your local police to your neighbors and not against your country!
    Trump has driven a wedge and exposed who really is a patriotic supporter of their US country and who is not!
    Merkel lost bad in the German Elections if you consider that her opponent is an EU integration supporter like her and part of the Globalist agenda..so two faces of the same coin were facing off, so not a real election where you get different candidates against each other..probably designed this way by the Globalists so that one or the other Globalist candidate would have won in any case keeping them in power.
    The real winners of the German election are the anti EU and the anti integration parties that indicates to me that the Globalism is imploding..and that people had enough of their fake benefits to the individual !
    There has been a constant swing against the New world order agenda in the EU like in France Nederlands Italy UK etc !

  3. It was Obama in charge for 8 years when all these black got killed …not Trump!
    Trump is right!
    You are an American first and a black or white man second !
    You can always choose another country if you don’t like the US way of life ..or you should have protested to Obama or Hillary when these blacks were killed under their watch !
    Why do it noW?

  4. One way to demonetize Youtube as a viewer is no to click/view the monetized videos running ads by choosing one not monetized..
    This way Youtube looses money and eventually content producers that will go on other platforms…

  5. Wow Mr. Stone, it looks like you are hosting the John Buatti show here. Sad.
    Yo John, why don’tcha get yer own website?


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