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Roger Stone To Headline FL Medical Cannabis Conference

Roger Stone To Headline FL Medical Cannabis Conference


The event will feature a keynote address by Trump advisor Roger Stone and Congressman Matt Gaetz.

By Jacob Engels

According to a press release from the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association, the Clermont based group is bringing a physician focused annual conference October 6th-8th.

AMMPA is the nation’s largest medical cannabis physician’s organization, and aims to teach attendees important compliance techniques and how to transition patients from opioids to medical cannabis at next weekend’s conference.

Packed with over 20 physician lead educational seminars, and offering 15.75 AMA PRA CME approved credit hours, hundreds from around the state are expected to gather for the three day event.

“With the passing of Amendment 2 and subsequently Senate Bill 8-A, the framework for the new regulatory structure in Florida was created, however the details of that structure still need to be promulgated in rule by the Department of Health and the Board of Medicine,” said Savara Hastings, Executive Director of the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association.

“Our conference in October will help bridge the triangular gap between physicians, patients, and the Florida Department of Health.”

Congressman Matt Gaetz, who authored the 2014 Medical Marijuana law in Florida will speak about that experience, and his federal legislation that would reschedule marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III.

Longtime Trump advisor and NYT bestselling author Roger Stone, a longtime drug reform advocate, will share his ideas about how to help shape the Trump administration’s policy on marijuana in the coming years.

Surterra Wellness, Alternate Health, and Knox Medical are sponsoring the conference, with dozens of other cannabis related businesses and organizations.

AMMPA Chairman and Co-Founder, Dr. Jason Pirozzolo, discussed what sets this conference apart from other national conferences relating to medical marijuana.

“Most medical marijuana conferences offer seminars on how to grow your own marijuana, how to get rich quick, how to make marijuana infused pudding, and how marijuana will both cure cancer AND convince Kim Jong Un to turn over the key to his nuclear weapons at the same time.

The fact is, medical marijuana may have incredible value in the treatment of certain medical conditions, however, we need to proceed vigilantly as more studies need to be completed.”


  1. This is great news. I’m sure Stone will bring to the conference much needed expertise on how to address the political aspects of legalizing cannabis and the perspective of us non-medical people. We know and understand how helpful it is for pain relief and we certainly all know its calming effects. I believe it has a mitigating effect on migraine headaches. The faster marijuana gets legalized, the faster we will be able to explore its medical uses.

  2. Mr. Stone, as an outspoken Libertarian, I hope you agree, Cannabis legalization is a civil right issue and should be approached as such. With that said, adults should have an inherent right to beneficial plants, even if they create euphoric effects … OR because they create euphoric effects. Congressman Matt Gaetz, why do you feel a plant belongs in the CSA classified by any schedule?

  3. We have a HUGE problem that needs to be resolved ASAP. The state (DOH) is taking way too long (6 – 8 weeks+) to approve and issue medical cannabis cards to patients approved by certified doctors. I am a medical cannabis “patient consultant”. I started my own business, Puff For Life to help Florida residents to get their card. I have helped, supported, and educated hundreds of Floridians. Our biggest problem is the wait for our card. According to the DOH, when I spoke to them, the holdup is the passport photos being denied over and over again. Why is the state being so particular on the passport photo’s? As long as it is a clear photo of the patient we should NOT have to wait so long for our card. My clients are suffering needlessly waiting for their card so they can go get the medicine they need. I have many clients suffering with cancer, they don’t have TIME to wait so long to get their card and medicine.
    Once this problem has been resolved we can then move forward with advancing our cannabis program to reflect what we voted for in Amendment 2. We patients need to be able to grow a few plants. The majority of my clients are on limited income (SSD) and cannot afford their medicine. Having a home grow law would help many patients. Currently I am on a mission with my business to RAISE MONEY to help low income patients financially to get the medicine they have a right too. We also need a choice of more strains available at the dispensaries. Every patient is different, every illness is different. What works for some does not work for others. Patients also need the availability of edibles. The LAW has not even been written YET for edibles. HELP us get these problems resolved so we can move forward with Florida’s medical cannabis program. We have a long way to go. Let’s work together and RESOLVE these issues NOW.

  4. It is a mistake to think that rationality or compassion will have any effect on the drug warriors. They are sadists. They despise MJ users with the same zeal that the Demon Rum haters hated anyone enjoying alcohol. It’s the hatred of both freedom and pleasure – but especially of pleasure. That MJ can give pleasure is enough to condemn it forever in their faith-based minds. No matter what rationalizations they trot out, it is pleasure that they hate. Pleasure is their enemy, their devil. These are the same people who hate sex (other people’s) – and for the same reason. For them, the pursuit of happiness is a wickedness.

  5. I am a combat veteran with PTSD. The people of Florida overwhelmingly voted for the right of patients to use medical marijuana yet the Florida government continues to give us cannabis oil. They are breaking the law everyday by blocking patients from this natural medication. How do they get away with it? Are politics and politicians above the law?


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