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(By Roger Stone) There is nothing illegal or improper with someone having contact with Julian Assange or WikiLeaks. Julian Assange is not a Russian asset and WikiLeaks is not a Russian propaganda organization. I understand that the US intelligence agencies insist otherwise but they are utterly unable to prove it. It’s true in their minds because they wanted it to be.

Contact between Donald Trump,JR and Julian Assange certainly does not constitute collusion with the Russians!

In fact Assange is a journalist publishing information given to him by sources just as they do at the Washington Post and the New York Times, but Wikileaks record for accuracy and authenticity is far better.

Neither Donald Trump Jr. or Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica did anything inappropriate. Having tried so hard to drive the phony Russian collusion narrative to distract from their own Russian profiteering (Uranium One, Gazprom, Joule) they make casual contact with a first rate Journalist muckraker treason.

Did Donald Trump Jr. Cross the Line With WikiLeaks?

(TheAtlantic.com) Messages between the president’s eldest son and the radical transparency organization don’t reveal evidence of any clear-cut crimes.

Donald Trump Jr.’s private exchanges with WikiLeaks on Twitter during the 2016 campaign raise a host of new questions about the Trump team’s communications with foreign entities before the election. But the messages alone don’t appear to cross any clear-cut legal lines.

“I certainly didn’t see anything that looks like a smoking gun in the descriptions that we were given,” Rick Hasen, a University of California, Irvine, law professor who specializes in election law, told me.

My colleague Julia Ioffe reported Monday that Trump Jr. exchanged multiple private messages on Twitter with the radical transparency organization before the election. In some cases, Trump Jr. appeared to act on requests from the group. In one instance, for example, he tweeted a link it had sent his way. A message posted by his father’s account soon after the group contacted Trump Jr. also mentioned WikiLeaks. The messaging, which WikiLeaks initiated during the election and continued as recently as July, was not previously known to the public.

The earliest known conversations came as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his organization were under immense scrutiny for their role in disseminating stolen Democratic emails. U.S. intelligence agencies later concluded that Russian government hackers laundered the emails through Assange’s website to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid and bolster Donald Trump’s chances.

Most of the public discussion about the Russia investigation centers on the question of collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign to undermine Clinton. But “collusion” isn’t a specific crime under federal law. Instead, legal experts have questioned whether any Trump campaign officials may have violated a campaign-finance statute that bars foreigners from donating money or any other “thing of value” to a campaign. That same provision also forbids campaign officials from soliciting such a donation.“If I’m a foreign citizen and I give a thousand dollars to the campaign, then that’s a thing of value,” Hasen explained. “If I provide a dossier, that also could be [a thing of value]. And so the question that came up during the last Don Jr. controversy was whether providing dirt on Hillary Clinton—opposition research—could be a thing of value for purposes of the statute.”That debate first arose in July when The New York Times revealed that Trump Jr., his brother-in-law Jared Kushner, and then-campaign Chairman Paul Manafort met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in Trump Tower in June 2016 after she promised “information helpful to the campaign” about Clinton. Trump Jr. denied any wrongdoing and said that Veselnitskaya, who has ties to the Kremlin, provided no such information to them.The Twitter conversations made public so far don’t show deliberate solicitation of WikiLeaks’s help on the part of Trump Jr. The closest he came to such a request was on October 3, 2016, when he asked WikiLeaks, “What’s behind this Wednesday leak I keep reading about?” (Roger Stone, an occasional Trump adviser, had tweeted “Wednesday@HillaryClinton is done. #WikiLeaks.” the day before.) Indeed, it was WikiLeaks that solicited from Trump Jr. throughout the exchanges—asking for his father’s tax returns, highlighting links for Trump Jr. to tweet, and even suggesting that the elder Trump publicly float Assange as a possible Australian ambassador to the United States.

Even if the exchanges did show Trump Jr. soliciting damaging information from WikiLeaks, federal prosecutors could run into difficulty pursuing charges for violating foreign-spending rules. “Assange is or could be considered a journalist, and we might have different rules for foreign-news media,” Hasen explained. “Certainly that’s how domestic campaign-finance law works, where we treat media differently than others.” And while he believes that a “thing of value” under the statute can include opposition research or stolen emails, that view isn’t unanimous among legal experts. He cited arguments made in July by Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor, that such a broad interpretation of the term could run afoul of the First Amendment.

Trump Jr.’s messages also show WikiLeaks providing him with the login information of an anti-Trump website. “A PAC run anti-Trump site putintrump.org is about to launch,” the account wrote to Trump Jr. “The PAC is a recycled pro-Iraq war PAC. We have guessed the password. It is ‘putintrump.’ See ‘About’ for who is behind it. Any comments?” Trump Jr. replied that he would “ask around” about the website’s provenance.

But Trump Jr. doesn’t indicate whether he actually used the password. Orin Kerr, a George Washington University law professor who specializes in computer-crime law, said that doing so would violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. “If anyone actually entered in the username and password or entered in the password to the website, that’s a federal crime,” he said. “And whoever would have passed on the email with the intent that someone else use it is committing a crime.”

Prosecutions under the CFAA are relatively uncommon. Kerr estimated that federal prosecutors use it to bring charges between 100 and 120 times a year. Using a stolen password to gain unauthorized access can be a felony if it’s used to further another crime, he added. But what matters under the statute is a potential defendant’s intent when accessing a computer system without permission.

“The criminal law is very focused not just on what somebody did, but on what they were thinking and what they wanted to achieve,” Kerr explained. “That could be established by the emails and messages associated with it from the context. You don’t need him saying, ‘I have an intent to further this.’ It could be, ‘Hey can somebody check into this?’ or ‘Can somebody try this out?’”

Even if the messages don’t directly show criminal behavior, Hasen said he found their contents troubling. On Election Night, when Clinton still seemed likely to prevail, WikiLeaks encouraged Trump Jr. to urge then-candidate Trump to cast doubt on the electoral outcome “if your father ‘loses.’” The elder Trump had spent the weeks before Election Day claiming without evidence that the vote was rigged, only to drop the allegations after he won. “We think it is much more interesting if he DOES NOT conceed [sic] and spends time CHALLENGING the media and other types of rigging that occurred—as he has implied that he might do,” WikiLeaks wrote. Trump Jr. did not respond.

“We were already worried that Trump wouldn’t concede if he lost and that this could undermine the legitimacy of our democracy and the electoral process, and here’s a foreign citizen egging him on,” Hasen said. “That’s very disturbing.”


  1. The left is trying to destroy Donald Trump Jr.’s political future. This is nothing more than orchestrated character assassination.

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    Is “diversity” applied just to UK children ? Don’t muslim children have to be exposed to the same “diversity” as the UK children have to be ?
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    Why just for the muslim ?
    After all it is the muslim population that migrate to the UK and other countries so in the name of “Diversity” why don’t the social engineers make the new comers get used to their new environment instead of forcing the local children to change their way of life.
    In the name of “Diversity” you add things and not take them away , but what we see today after years of Obama and New world order that the cross in the classroom is removed because it offends muslims they want me to believe..(show me a national survey that says that) or that Christmas is not called Christmas but festivity or “happy period” but Ramadan is called Ramadan, so stop using “Diversity” as a means to dismantle the Christian society or the social identity of the UK or Italy or any other country which is Christian majority !
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    1. this is so insane… why are they not protecting their own country— who and what has brainwashed them into insane behavior????

  3. What is better for America, Russia or Clinton? I’d take Russian collusion AGAINST CLINTON any day of the year.

  4. To many fake court cases and fake accusatory claims and fake judgments from an underground parallel cult world that lives off the host real-world that tries to have control and authority on the people they have injected with their “ai” that has no credibility because it can’t distinguish if the thought process is from the implanted victim or if he is thinking of other people thoughts . can’t distinguish if the thoughts are linked together and part of the same original thoughts generated in a split second in that brain chemical reaction , or if they are all part of the one subject or if they are different successive thoughts following one after the other and not connected to the same subject, example: if I think of a phrase in my mind “….I killed the that man” the “ai” can’t distinguish if I did really “. killed that man”, no evidence can be gather to prove it , the person in control of the “ai” in that person’s brain can at best read in very blurred lines that a thought process involved some sort of “kill”, but he can’t connect it to a specific timeline past present or future or to any specific event …and that is if every brain frequency was mapped and linked to every singular event like looking at your watch , which has 3 time arms for hours minutes and seconds, so how would the “ai” controller know if I’m looking at the hours the minutes or the seconds and why I was looking at the time, was it because it was near lunchtime …or because I have an appointment, or because I just wanted to know the time?
    This is why “ai” isn’t a reliable way to spy or prove anything about anyone, the brain has many areas like speech reading vision area all connected in real time which the “ai” can’t read simultaneously and interpret the current situation or if the victim is thinking about what he saw on the News an hour earlier or if the victim is imagining something that hasn’t happened like winning money !
    AI will never prove anything and cannot be relied on !
    So cut the crap about fake courts erected to pretend to do “justice” run by a mafia/cult/underworld crowd that has as their main philosophy “lying and blackmail ” to dig dirt on the people that they want to screw for a free lunch when they themselves have killed thousands around the planet, so imagine them in charge of “Justice” or their sentencing of people based on unreliable “ai” fake evidence, and that is if they were able to map and link billions of thoughts to each specific case the victim has thought and program it into a “ai chip” microwave energized to power it up!
    Get out of our lives and brains ! Now, not tomorrow !


    1. Why is “ai” taking 9 years to prove a fake allegation? A why setup a fake court now when the allegations were accepted and not questioned by no one involved in this electronic stalking harassment since 2008?
      And who are you to pass fake judgment on me, you that hide from the Law and use other’s conversations to berry your script that you ask them to say for you ?
      get out of our life! Now!

  5. The Establishment deep state is trying every trick and using lies to steal democracy from USA and from the world.
    President Trump has a huge support worldwide and people will never ever let the crooked establishment to steal the office!
    A strong USA (MAGA) and President Trump are the safety insurance of the world and humanity after decades of corruption and corrupted globalist Establishment figures oppression and crimes. We The People won’t trust the old globalist gang.
    Wikileaks has nothing to do with Russia or with any other country or organization, it was an idea, ”a solution” to prevent corrupted administrations politicians media and power groups by leaking the diplomatic files and crime files of the elite rulers who think that they are above laws and democracy. Wikileaks is not the problem the crimes which are leaked by Wikileaks make it clear that the anti-wikileaks front is the problem for the world and for the USA!

  6. When President Trump is done being President in like 2024 I will vote for Trump Jr. , Don. or even Ivanka!


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