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JFK Was Assassinated By LBJ, Establishment, Deep State

JFK Was Assassinated By LBJ, Establishment, Deep State



It’s been four years since Roger Stone published his shocking expose on the JFK assassination, which laid out the case against Vice President Lyndon Johnson, and his cronies for their involvement in orchestrating the assassination of JFK and subsequent coverup.

Now, as the decades long narrative about JFK’s assassination pushed by the government and mainstream media are being debunked by the release of thousands of declassified government documents, truth seekers around the world are finally being vindicated.

Relying heavily on expert eyewitness testimony and confessions from former high-ranking officials, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ contains a mountain of evidence against then Vice President Lyndon Banes Johnson.

Working with his allies in Texas oil, mafia elements, and pro-war deep state assets, LBJ orchestrated the assassination of JFK. As documented in Stone’s New York Times bestselling book, LBJ was an amoral psychopath and murderer who had a long history of using violence to achieve his political and personal goals.

While the recently declassified #JFKFiles have given us a clearer picture on what happened to former President John F. Kennedy, Mr. Stone’s book about the assassination bares all… free from censorship by the CIA, military industrial complex, and establishment forces who profited from murdering JFK.

A perfect Christmas present, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ tells you the whole truth about what actually happened to John F. Kennedy that fateful day in Dealey Plaza.

Recently re-released with several new chapters, Stone’s take-down of the cold and conniving LBJ is both chilling and enlightening for those who have been seeking the truth about what actually happened.

Get your copy today by clicking here, autographed copies of both the hardcover and paperback re-release can be reserved, but only while supplies last.

The truth is out there, you only need to reach out and grab it.


  1. Read this book almost 4 years ago but had LONG ago reached the conclusion that LBJ was responsible. Didn’t take too many books and/or articles from the very first time LBJ (and box 13) ‘threw’ an election when a college student that there was no doubt in my mind. Others thought I was ‘crazy’ and I shut up – but feel much vindicated now!

  2. Stone’s book was the first one I read about the assassination. It was pretty convincing at the time, but Iead me to read many more. I have now read widely in the literature of both conspiracy and non-conspiracy writers. This is a very difficult case to truly get a handle on because of the half century of writing and investigation connected to it. I have been convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that in the end, the Warren Commission got it right.

      1. Ya got me! I am actually paid by the Deep State (that’s not actually what they call themselves, but that is what they are) to troll online. Thanks for letting me know it was obvious, but how didja know? I was trying to come off as an ordinary, unpaid commenter. Better up my game or those guys are gonna fire me.

    1. Do you also believe that the laws of physics were suspended on 911 when building 7 fell at freefall speed??

      Belief is one thing, reality is another.

      1. Yes, I believe that the laws of physics were suspended on 911 when building 7 fell at freefall speed. Literally, I believe that those laws were temporarily suspended. No, really, that is what I believe.

  3. Roger has written an excellent book on this topic. I have long believed that it was a collaborative effort between the CIA, Mafia, and LBJ, so reading Stone’s book gave me substantial details related to an overall theory that I have carried around for 35+ years.

  4. I’m not a psychologist or profiler so take it for what it’s worth, but all I needed to see was the picture of Jackie on the plane with LBJ. She does not show grief, or shock or confusion……She showed a look of abject Fear. Either she knew exactly what was happening or was just threatened by LBJ.

  5. The Goverment with in the Goverment has been in control since and want to stop Trump like the did JFK. THE WAR MACHINE.

  6. The Cover-Up continues.
    When you see President George H.W. Bush publicly placed under arrest, perp-rolled and charged for his role in the assassination – Then you will know that things are changing. He really messed up by signing the Assassinations Records act of 1992. Without that we would have never have seen any of these documents.
    The CIA controls the entire mainstream media and much of alternative media.

  7. JFK is a hero for the humanity and we will never forget we will never forgive we will follow his path for freedom and democracy!
    JFK was right about The Deep State Establishment the whole planet is suffering from this soviet like radical globalist crime organization! Europe to Africa USA to UK all of the world is suffering from this illegal power cartel as they are creating more and more problems nonstop!
    President Trump sided with the people by opening these files to public.

  8. Yes, I remember that day, had a 7mo. old baby, on my way to a lumber yard to pick up the
    stuff we needed for a fence. My baby is 54 yrs. old now. Always believed LBJ was involved.


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