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Red Pill Roseanne: Sitcom Star Supports Trump, Trolls Globalists

Red Pill Roseanne: Sitcom Star Supports Trump, Trolls Globalists


In the past year, Roseanne has joined the war against the globalists and New World Order.

By Jacob Engels

2018 will be a big year for Roseanne Barr, the star of the 90’s smash-hit Roseanne. ABC has ordered a 9-episode reboot of the series and recently confirmed Big Bang Theory star and Roseanne alum Johnny Galecki will reprise his role.

The wholesome family sitcom will tackle current events and even the Trump presidency and the 2016 election, according to Roseanne, who has been vocal in her support of Donald Trump and alternative media outlets like Infowars.

This has earned her backlash from the mainstream media and Hollywood elite, culminating in a ridiculous article from The Daily Beast proclaiming “How Roseanne Bar Abandoned All Reason and Embraced The Alt-Right.”

No. She didn’t abandon all reason… she simply woke up to what was happening in America and around the world. No more globalist schemes and moves towards a New World Order.

Deathly afraid that one of the most beloved actresses of our era would use her platform on Twitter and other social media sites to red pill the masses, they have tried to denigrate and demean her ever since.

If you are not following Roseanne on Twitter… you are missing out. Here are some of her greatest hits from the last 24 hours alone! She hits everything from legalizing pot to showering praise on Trump for moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

She even said we should TAX THE PERVS!!!




Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, InfoWars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, and Fox News to name a few. Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and business special interests in the state of Florida.


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    Female Saudi doctor appeals to top court for right to choose a husband
    RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA — Samia is a surgeon who, as she says, is “supposed to be a grandma by now.”

    But she’s not even married yet. As with many women in Saudi Arabia, choosing a husband was not solely up to her. Her father and brothers demanded that she marry a cousin, and, she says, beat her when she refused. For the past five years, she has lived in a shelter for battered women.

    “I’m a surgeon. I’m responsible for people’s lives,” says Samia, now in her 40s. “I want to be responsible for my own life.”

    Samia’s situation, described in multiple interviews both in person and via phone and e-mail, is not unusual in Saudi Arabia. It illustrates how this country’s guardianship system gives men almost complete control over female relatives, as well as how little recourse women have to escape abusive guardians. She has taken her case to two courts, which both ruled against her, and she and her lawyer now seek a hearing in the country’s Supreme Court.

    Under Islam, a woman has the right to choose her partner, provided he is morally upright.

    But the guardianship system, which stems from tribal traditions and is deeply entrenched in Saudi Arabia’s culture and legal system, requires women to get their guardians’ permission to marry. Although many men respect their female relatives’ wishes, others do not, despite warnings from Muslim leaders.

    “Forcing a woman to marry someone she does not want and preventing her from wedding [the man] whom she chooses … is not permissible,” Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Asheikh, the kingdom’s top religious authority, has said.
    Samia, who comes from the holy city of Medina, asked that her real name be withheld because Saudis consider it shameful to air family disputes in public. She says that her father insists she marry one of her male cousins, even though she loves none of them. They are all much younger and less educated than she is.

    When Samia challenged her father, she was locked in her bedroom for weeks, she said, and beaten with a hose by her father and brothers. She keeps pictures of her bruises on her iPad.

    Fearing for her life, she sought refuge in the government-run shelter where she still lives. She also filed a complaint against her father in a Medina court.

    But like most Saudi judges, Ali Abdulaziz al-Sudais fervently believes in guardianship. In December 2009, he dismissed her case, describing her as a “disobedient” daughter who should see a psychiatrist “to help with her problem in being stubborn with her father and not listening to him because he knows what’s best for her,” according to his written ruling. An appeals court recently affirmed Mr. Sudais’s ruling.

    “This is an exceptional case,” says her lawyer, Ahmed al-Sudairy, in an interview in his Jeddah office, noting that her father has also refused to let three other daughters – all in their early 30s – marry anyone but a cousin.

    The money factor

    Samia says her father also had taken her salary for years, leaving her just a small monthly allowance.

    Money is often a motive for abusive guardians’ behavior, says Hussein Nasser al-Sharif, manager of the Jeddah branch of the National Society for Human Rights, even though Islamic precepts stipulate that a woman’s earnings are her own.

    Sheikh Asheikh has said that “fathers who make it a condition to have their daughters’ salaries before they give their consent for marriage are … wrong.”

    Efforts to hear the father’s version of events were unsuccessful. Reached by phone, he hung up after saying, “I will not allow any press to interfere. If I get further calls I will take action against you people from the press. You are not allowed to talk to [my daughter] or discuss this.”

    He later sent a text message saying, “We are a respectable tribal family and this is a private family matter. Respect yourself and don’t butt into our business.”

    Her defense

    Mr. Sudairy, who took on the surgeon’s case pro bono, says he presented the appeals court with affidavits of past suitors who had proposed marriage to Samia but were turned down by her father, even though some shared his tribal background.

    He also submitted a summary of the consensus of Islamic religious scholars that the qualities to consider in a suitor are his manners and reputation, his ability to provide for a family, and a known family lineage, meaning that he should not have been born out of wedlock.

    A woman is not legally independent under the guardianship system, however. If unmarried, her father (or, if he is deceased, another male relative – usually a brother or uncle) must give permission for her to travel abroad, accept employment, get certain types of medical care, go to university, and, in many cases, conduct business in government offices. If she is married, her husband is her guardian.

    “I am like a horse” to my male relatives, Saleh adds. “They don’t treat me as a human being. They treat me as if I belong to them, and they should decide what to do with this thing.” Many women never complain because they believe they must obey their parents in all matters, she adds.

    Unfortunately, says Saudi journalist Nassrin Najmadine, cultural tradition still trumps Islam.

    “They say they are following Islam, but the truth is they do not. They do what society believes and thinks,” she says.

    The surgeon, who broke down in tears during interviews, says she is pressing her case for the sake of her sisters and “for all the girls who are treated like animals in the name of guardianship.

    “It’s not like I’m asking for a treasure. I’m just asking for my rights,” she says. “I just want a normal life, to get married, have a child with a guy I chose.”

  2. Many Saudis don’t want women to drive – but it has nothing to do with their ovaries
    A recent World Bank study ranked Saudi Arabia the worst country in the world for placing legal restrictions on women and failing to provide legal benefits, such as maternity leave. The Saudi government discriminates according to gender for a variety of activities, including traveling outside the country, getting a passport, obtaining a national identity card, and conferring citizenship on one’s children.
    But some Saudis, women included, really do see a direct connection with social restrictions and women’s modesty. When I was in the kingdom in May 2012 with the International Reporting Project, I recall a gentleman earnestly defending the ban as necessary to protecting women’s modesty and safety. What would happen if a woman got in a car accident, he asked? Then she would be forced to deal with the male driver of the other car, a stranger, with no oversight – a problematic situation in a country where male guardianship of women is deeply entrenched.

  3. WASHINGTON, D.C. — The “Qatif girl” has put the spotlight on the Saudi justice system. Last year, several men abducted and raped a young woman and her male friend in Saudi Arabia. While the court sentenced the rapists to prison, it also ruled that the 19-year-old woman (and her male companion) would receive 90 lashes. The woman was in the company of a man not related to her in the absence of her legal male guardian (khulwa), which is illegal in Saudi Arabia. After her lawyer appealed the ruling, the court increased her sentence to 200 lashes and added a six-month prison term. Earlier this week, Saudi King Abdullah pardoned the woman.

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  4. Thats one tinseltown entertainer with intelligence then pity about the rest especially wassock Baldwin what an idiot he is


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