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Rogue subordinate Mueller is is brazenly casting his fishing net for anything

By Roger Stone

President Trump’s lawyers are giving their client terrible legal advice, while dangerously raising the president’s expectations that a letter will be issued clearing him from any Russian collusion matters, as several people have relayed to me that the president told them.

The indictments of Paul Manafort and General Michael Flynn, for charges unrelated to the mythical Russian collusion, along with the shocking news that Mueller had subpoenaed Trump’s Deutsche Bank records relating to his real estate developments are likely to have made the president’s asshole pucker.

With no special counsel law in place to restrain him and no constitutional officer to whom he must account, Mueller is brazenly casting his fishing net far afield of any supposed Russian collusion in order to justify himself and his quixotic jihad.

Trump lawyer Ty Cobb appears to be confident with a legal ‘strategy’ of dropping all assertions of executive privilege, handing over reams of documents and relying on a misguided faith in the innate fairness of Robert Mueller.

This view reflects a hopeless naivete that plays right into the hands of the beltway’s duopoly establishment and serves only to abet their single-minded determination to nullify the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Mr. Mueller will likely attempt to bring some sort of loosely-defined after-the-fact process charge against the president, such as obstruction of justice for what is said to be the president’s ‘direction’ of Comey.

Considering Mueller’s bully boy tactics such as the ridiculously-excessive and unnecessary FBI raids of Paul Manafort’s apartment and General Michael Flynn’s office, as well as the incestuous working relationships of Mueller with Comey, Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, the stench of corruption and nefarious ulterior motivations around Mueller’s crypto-partisan lynch mob is really beginning to fill the air.

The revelations about FBI “investigator” Peter Strzok and his patently-lopsided actions taken against anyone in Donald Trump’s team, while going out of his way not only to excuse but in fact cover over, if not cover up, the serious national security crimes of the Clinton apparatchiks with whom he so clearly is aligned, adds an even more sinister dimension to just how deeply and firmly Mueller’s partisan hit team is irretrievably-compromised and inexcusably-tainted.

Only one stunning move by the president will firmly squash this lawless, rogue, unconstitutional cabal which has been cynically operating under his auspices. To make this move the president must understand and embrace the extent of his power as the duly-elected chief executive of our national government.

Based on his tweets and comments the president’s lawyers have clearly, yet very wrongly, advised him that it is somehow improper for the president to communicate with or give direction to the Department of Justice or to the Attorney General on any matters, whether or not they pertain to him.

The president must order the U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions to name a special prosecutor to look into, among other things, the Uranium One scam that was run on the American people by the Clinton crime syndicate, with the involvement of all of the key figures who so coincidentally happen to also be at the center of this illegitimate ad hoc Trump-takedown hit squad, now headed by counterfeit boy scout Robert Swan Mueller III.

If Sessions fails to carry out this order, he should be and must be removed as attorney general (the honorable thing for Sessions would be to resign if he parts ways with the president on this). The departure of Sessions would then leave the clearly-compromised Rod Rosenstein, once again, in the position of appointing a special prosecutor, as was the case with Mueller’s appointment. Rosenstein’s implication in Uranium One makes this patently untenable, so the next Justice officer in line to effectuate the president’s command would be the Solicitor General.

Only Donald Trump can save his presidency from this outrageous partisan lynch mob illegitimately operating under his nose and under his very authority as president, intent on undermining his election and thereby the office of president itself.

Lest the leftist screechers draw their predictable false equivalencies, this would be no “Saturday night massacre”. It would be a Saturday night rescue…of our constitution, of the rule of law and of the integrity of our Republic itself.

This article originally appeared on Infowars.



  1. Somebody needs to talk to Melania and get Trump off those 12 diet cokes a day,all those big macs and get the President on some healthy foods. He is slurring his words and that is a side effect of all those diet cokes. Google http://www.sweetpoison.com

  2. They lied about Flynn, ..
    Flynn never sent a text !
    Once again it is an “anonymous” whistleblower that the FBI is relying on to frame Flynn to then use him to get to Trump!
    Why does a witness has to be always anonymous ?
    I want to know the identity of these so called witness/whistleblower to believe anything the FBI claims on Flynn and cross-examine him to prove his claims !
    A former business associate for President Trump’s ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn informed lawmakers that his phone records disprove an anonymous whistleblower’s account that Flynn sent a text message on Inauguration Day stating that a plan to build nuclear plants across the Middle East is “good to go,” Fox News confirmed.

    As the whistleblower chatted with Flynn’s associate at an Inauguration Day celebration on Jan. 20, Flynn sent text messages saying the associate’s nuclear proposal was “good to go,” the whistleblower claimed.

    According to the whistleblower, Flynn also informed the associate that his business partners could move forward with their project, which aimed to construct a network of nuclear reactors across the Mideast with support from Russian and other international interests.

    But according to a letter dated Friday, the account is incorrect and Alex Copson, a top official at ACU Strategic Partners, did not have any communication with Flynn, despite the whistleblower’s claim. Dr Thomas Cochran, who identified as a senior scientist at ACU, attached phone records showing that Copson only received one message on Jan. 20, and it was not from Flynn.

    “Since Mr. Copson did not receive a text message from General Flynn during the Inauguration, other allegations of the ‘whistleblower’ are equally false and unfounded,” the letter read.



  3. Innocent Russian athletes shouldn’t pay collectively for other athletes crimes !
    It’s like saying if one speeds with their car the police then fines all the drivers in that city !
    Innocent until proven guilty !
    The decision is political and the Olympic Committee should stop appointing themselves with powers they don’t have and should not have!
    Why have testing procedures at all if the Olympic Committee is then not willing to accept the results or don’t test at all and make an assumption of guilt by “suspicion” ?
    It’s time to remove this Olympic Committee with a better system that does not target innocent athletes ( that spent years and money to get ready to win Gold) )just to appease the Establishments of a particular Govt, and see their efforts vanish !
    No this is Not the Olympic spirit I know , this is a crime committed against innocent Russian athletes perpetrated on them by the very Olympic Body that was supposed to protect their innocence against cheats and hold the Olympic Dream alive in their hearts !
    You have stripped these Olympic athletes of their pride of their colors and of their Country’s Flag on an assumption of “guilt” and sentence them to life because Olympics come every 4 years !
    Shame on you Olympic Committee!
    If I had the power I’ would jail you for life !

  4. Evidence of Voter Fraud in Alabama As Mobile County Results Come In Late
    ……………….Voters were forced to fill out provisional ballots in Madison County due to technical problems at the polls, and many of those voters were told that their votes might not count.
    Democrat Doug Jones won Madison County with 65,664 votes to Moore’s 46,313, with 3,446 write ins. Jones’ nearly 20,000-vote margin of victory in Madison County alone accounts for nearly all of his 1.7-point lead statewide (absentee ballots still need to be counted)………………..Big League Politics has received a firsthand report from Madison County of technical problems at the polls that caused many voters to fill out provisional ballots that have not yet been counted, and might never be counted…………………Provisional votes will not be counted until next Tuesday.

    Here is the voter’s statement:

    “There was Huge problems in Jefferson County. Moore should ask for a recount. No way Jones won 85% of the vote in Jefferson. In Huntsville voters had to vote on provisional ballots and were TOLD the votes may not be counted”…

    “My friend said that her polling place in South Huntsville was a disaster. She said they were having equipment issues and everyone voted provisional ballot. They were asked for their phone # and would be called to let them know if their vote was counted”…

    There was also a concerted effort underway to register felons to vote in the Alabama special election.

    AL.com reports:

    “Thousands of felons across Alabama have registered to vote in recent weeks, according to Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, who is heading up a statewide effort to get felons to the voting booth.

    Glasgow’s goal is to get as many felons as possible signed up to vote before the end of the day Monday, the deadline to be able to cast a ballot in Alabama’s Dec. 12 U.S. Senate special election…

    For generations, most Alabamians convicted of a felony were barred from ever voting in the state again, but the Definition of Moral Turpitude Act, a new law passed by the state Legislature and signed by Gov. Kay Ivey in May, cleared the way for thousands of felons to restore their voting rights.”……………….The Alabama Supreme Court shot down a lower court ruling Tuesday requiring counties to preserve their digital voting records. Thus, the Supreme Court is allowing counties to destroy their voter records. The Moore legal team will need to jump on this development fast to protect those records………………Evidence of voter fraud exists in the election.

    Democratic activists made a last-minute push to get out the vote against Roy Moore in Alabama by encouraging “African-Americans in Mississippi” to vote in the wrong state.

    Sources on the ground in Alabama confirm that these tactics are real, and they have been used by supporters of Democrat Doug Jones.

    Big League Politics received evidence of a Reddit call for “African-Americans in Mississippi” to “make a short trip to Alabama on December 12.” That Reddit thread is still active.

    Similar calls have been made on Reddit for African-Americans in other nearby states, including Georgia and Tennessee…….
    African-Americans in Mississippi: we need you to make a short trip to Alabama on December 12 and vote against the right-wing Republican Senate candidate and child molester Roy Moore

  5. I agree with you as far as Mueller and Sessions go If he is not willing to go forward get out, Let Trey Gowdy be the DOJ and watch a beautiful day begin.

    1. Trey Gowdy has said he is not interested in being the AG. Thus far Trey Gowdy has been like a guard dog with no teeth. Barks well but has not yet bitten anyone.

  6. Agree with you on Mueller and Sessions, we need someone who will stand up and start arresting and indicting the Clintons, Obama, and those that have if the truth be told much worse than the Rosenbergs…Let those that are betraying this nation and the blood that was shed to keep us free know that it stops now. We will stand up for justice and freedom. Thank you Roger Stone for taking a stand against injustice!

  7. The FBI should be served with contempt of congress, which would be the springboard for a full scale investigation of the activities of the Mueller team, the FBI/Clinton collusion with the Russians (re the dossier), and the uranium deal, not forgetting Mueller’s involvement in these crimes.


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