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It’s A Roller Coaster Ride! (Part 2)

It’s A Roller Coaster Ride! (Part 2)


The stakes keep getting higher and everyone may soon be all in. 

By Rich Scheck

This may be big! Trump and Sessions are apparently making a move against the Deep State. All the talk of those sealed indictments may have been a distraction or part of an elaborate deception!

Trump is finally starting to get some traction and Sessions may be leading the way. This is probably related to his “national emergency’ Executive Order of late December!

It’s push back time by Trump as the Russian collusion meme loses steam and the FBI/DOJ/DNC/Obama/Clinton collusion story gains momentum.

War with both North Korea and Iran are temporarily off the table. The Winter Olympics peace moratorium is ready to kick in while Trump waffles on decertification after threatening to undermine “the worst deal in history!”  

Lots of zigging and zagging from the roller coaster switch master in the White House.  With so much happening so rapidly, it is impossible to predict the direction of events. But what is clear is that Trump is willing to change his positions quickly and abandon his threatening posture towards avowed adversaries in the wink of an eye.

While the Democrats remain in denial about Trump’s 2016 victory with lame efforts to label him mentally unfit, they continue to underestimate his cleverness and durability.

The stakes keep getting higher and everyone may soon be all in.  The mid-term elections are drawing closer and visions of impeachment and/or implementation of the 25th Amendment remain the focus of so much attention by those dreaming of Democratic control of the Congress.

We shall see soon enough how this all plays out.  Roller Coaster ride indeed!


  1. In the Reagan era, as I recall, “pragmatism” was a dirty word. I’m enjoying seeing ultimate businessman Trump employ it to move his agenda forward in the teeth of opponents on both sides of the aisle.

    Even when I don’t agree with him…

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  2. Podesta wants me to believe that not he but a staffer had access to his email and responded to a fishing email and that his emails were submitted to the hacker.
    Let me expose this liar:
    Ok…lets see, so your staff reads your emails…..you have no problem with it… which means it wasn’t Wikileaks or Putin that hacked your Email account it was a fishing email according to John Podesta and then the hacker gave it to whoever !
    Ok case closed there was no Russian hacking of the DNC it was John Podesta’s staff that clicked on a fishing email!
    So the DNC spends 1.2 Billion dollars to influence the US elections to push Hillary with free concerts etc but we are told by Google that because they had discovered $4,700 (£3,557) worth of ads with suspicious Russian ties , the US Election was influenced by Putin!
    Cut the crap..with the narrative you are trying to feed us and stop trying to tell us on how we should digest the soup you try to feed the US and the world via your demon-Media to influence all of the people ….in short you are guilty of what you accuse Russia of doing !
    Even if RT reached many millions of people in the US it doesn’t mean they changed their mind on who to vote because a little ad appeared in a corner of the page they were viewing or that they even noticed it at all or that these people were all eligible Voters …they could have been all non-eligible Voters so they wouldn’t have influenced the US election or that they even noticed a 1″x2″ ad in the corner saying vote Putin’s candidate “Trump” if you can fit that in and then you read it and changed your mind from Democrats to Republicans because of it!
    Hillary is more to the left like Russia is then Trump is…so logically speaking it was more logical for Putin to help the Democrats then the Republicans that are more to the right !
    More lies they want you to believe…
    At one stage we have the DNC warning the US that Putin had compromising material on Trump and that Trump if elected was blackmailable by the Russian Government…ok…why would Putin hack the DNC to then try to help Trump win and then blackmail Trump with this blackmailable material?
    If Trump is a Russian “Spy” why would Putin blackmail his own spy that he just helped win the US elections with this blackmailable material Hillary Podesta and the rest of the DNC were talking about ?
    The DNC and the Deep state shoot out all of these lies that they even lost tab of on what fake stories they make up along the way

    To note if you have 800 million vies on Youtube lite RThas it doesn’t mean they are all from the 350 million US citizens and that the video they are watching are all pushing a “Vote Trump” message .
    CNN has similar count on Facebook and Twitter…which is most luckily US views so they would be in a position to influence the US election!
    TV ads try to influence buyers every day so why can’t a person or political party or an opinionist influence voters to vote one or the other party ….or only the DNC (the Deep-State’s mouthpiece) is allowed to influence voters with the help of Google’s Facebook’s Twitter’s censorship and not others point of view ?

  3. More unproven claims of Russian US election tampering from Obama’s Michael McFaul United States Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014, have a listen to the unproven claims he makes here while the Committee investigating this hasn’t found any tampering at all after 12 months of investigations!
    So how come this liar claims that he knows to be so ?
    Watch for about 4 min

  4. The Democrats prefer to hold US citizens (350 millions) to ransom by stopping the proper operation of the US Government over a handful of emigrants (700 thousand) and loose millions in tax payers money during this inactivity and not working for the Country!
    Maybe the Democrats should Not get paid during their stalling of the US Government operations working for the people of the US!

  5. Help Wanted!
    Seeking Special Prosecutors / Counsels for multiple positions with the Department of Justice for the following exciting opportunities:
    1. for the Uranium One Deal – selling 20% of America’s Uranium assets to Russia for Big Payoffs all around (including ~ $145 Million to the Clinton Organized Crime Family!)
    2. for the FBI’s racketeering investigation of the Uranium One Deal with a confidential informant providing evidence to the FBI of Bribes, Extortion, Collusion, Kickbacks and Money Laundering and Most Importantly, Why the FBI (Mueller) kept the results of their investigation on the Down Low (did NOT report any of their findings to Congress?)
    3. for the Crooked Old Hillary campaign and the DNC (same thing as it turns out) paying 12 to 14 million dollars to Fusion GPS to hire a retired English MI5 Secret Agent who engaged his Russian Spy contacts in Russia to fabricate the Fake “Trump ‘Pee Pee’ Dossier”, who leaked the Fake, Fabricated “Trump ‘Pee Pee’ Dossier” to the press (John McCain?), whether the Fraudulent, Fake “Trump ‘Pee Pee’ Dossier” was used as evidence before the FISA Court Judge to obtain warrants to eavesdrop on President Trump, his family and members of his campaign, and if the FBI ALSO paid the same retired English MI5 Secret Agent to consult with them on his fabrication of the Fake, Fraudulent “Trump ‘Pee Pee’ Dossier”.
    4. for the hundreds of illegal Un-Masking of names of private American citizens (General Flynn, Paul Manafort, Donald Trump and his family) from NSA intercepted international communications by the Obama Admin (Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and other Democratic Political Operatives).
    5. for Fusion GPS being paid by the Crooked Old Hillary campaign and the DNC (same thing as it turns out) to arrange meetings between Russian operatives and the Trump Campaign who were financed and managed by Fusion GPS to suggest that some kind of nefarious Collusion with the Russians was taking place.
    6. for the Awan Brothers (Imran, Abid and Jamal Awan) Pakistani Spy Ring in Congress (and the DNC and Hillary for President Campaign (same thing as it turns out)) managed for years by Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner and then taken over by Debbie Wasserman Schultz when Anthony Weiner’s Sexual Perversion was exposed for all the world to see!
    7. for Comey leaking official government information through his good buddy a NYU professor to the New York Times after he was fired by President Trump.
    8. for Comey’s investigation of Crooked Old Hillary’s un-secured non-government private email server, including a) exoneration memos written by Comey prior to the investigation absolving Crooked Old Hillary of any criminal offense, b) for handing out immunity agreements like candy on Halloween to all of Crooked Old Hillary’s underlings/minions, including the System Administrator of her private email server who destroyed evidence AFTER it was subpoenaed by Congress, c) for allowing Crooked Old Hillary’s lawyer and consigliere, Cheryl Mills, to participate in Crooked Old Hillary’s interview with the FBI and invoke Attorney-Client privilege, d) for failing to record on audio or video or transcribe in any way the statements made during interviews between the FBI and Crooked Old Hillary and interviews between the FBI and all of Crooked Old Hillary’s henchmen/women.
    9. for the Clinton Foundation/Global Initiative/Charity “Pay to Play” / “Enrich the Clintons” Money Laundering organization (will probably need multiple Special Prosecutors / Counsels for this bad boy!)
    10. for the multiple crimes committed against the citizens of the United States of America by the “FBI Special Secret Agent Man in Charge of Saving the Republic from a Donald J. Trump Presidency” Peter Strzok and the FBI lawyer that he was having an extra-marital affair with, Lisa Page.
    Now Hiring. Apply today!

  6. The moment Crooked Old Hillary LOST the election for the presidency, the Soros-Clinton-Podesta-Mueller (ex-FBI Director)-Loretta Lynch (soon to be ex-AG)-James Comey (soon to be ex-FBI Director)-Rod Rosenstein (soon to be Assistant AG)-Bruce Ohr (Deputy Assistant AG) and his wife, Nellie H. Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS!!!-Andrew McCabe (FBI Deputy Director)-Peter Strzok (“FBI Special Secret Agent Man in Charge of Saving the Republic from a Donald J. Trump Presidency”)-Huma Abedin (Crooked Old Hillary’s Girl Friday)-Cheryl Mills (Crooked Old Hillary’s Consigliere)-Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Disgraced Ex-Chairwoman of the DNC)-Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner (Disgraced Sexual Pervert Predator)-Terry McAuliffe (soon to be Ex-Governor of Virginia and Lifetime Slick Willie and Crooked Old Hillary Bagman/Henchman) Organized Crime Family went into Desperate Overdrive Action to Smear their Nemesis and Victor over their protector and defender Crooked Old Hillary for the Presidency, Donald J. Trump.
    They had already set up all the Trump campaign officials and family members with the Fabricated, Fake “Trump ‘Pee Pee’ Dossier” that they bought (~ 12-14 Million Dollars) from the Russians through Fusion GPS.
    They had already used the Fake, Fabricated “Trump ‘Pee Pee’ Dossier” to get the FISA Court to approve wiretaps / unmasking of all the Trump campaign officials and family members.
    They had already set up all the Trump campaign officials and family members with “suspicious” meetings that they had their Russian operatives arrange through Fusion GPS.
    All they had to do is have Al Franken (the Sexual Pervert Predator, AKA: Women’s Butt Grabber Boy) ask Jeff Sessions a Trick Question and then accuse him of Perjury so that he would recuse himself from the Russia-Trump Campaign Collusion investigation.
    With Sessions’ out of the way (recusal) Rosenstein could immediately appoint Mueller to take down President Trump before he could have all of them (the co-conspirators named above) indicted, tried, convicted and thrown in jail for the multiple crimes they committed in the Uranium One Deal, selling 20% of America’s Uranium assets to Russia for Big Payoffs all around.

  7. Warning Facebook is to start ranking News based on community feedback (like click I think)!
    This is another form of censorship, all Facebook has to to stop a News article and to drop it down the list of News is to pay an army of fake Facebook users to click “I like” to the News article they want to appear as top ranked!
    Enough trying to sanitize or filter the News….they want us Not to read !
    I can decide for myself what News is real or not, Facebook get the f… out of my life, !
    Facebook is using our WWW and put their business on it and now they want to decide for me what I should read.
    The government has to start regulating these giants and set rules they have to obey or loose their licence !
    This is Social-Media Authoritarianism on what users can read or write and needs to be control like any Radio Station and TV Broadcaster , Facebook has to acquire a broadcasting Licence that the will loose if they engage in Freedom of Speech control ! Same for Twitter Google Youtube and any other social media,…
    The bigger they are the bigger their license fee, for example Facebook should pay at least 1 Billion dollars a year to the US Government to be able to operate a platform !

  8. Not one of the UN Security Council members condemn the Palestinian and Hamas violence that killed innocent kids and people with their knifes and rockets just because Trump recognized Jerusalem (as it is his sovereign right ) as the capital of Israel but no christian has killed anyone because the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) making similar claims recently on Jerusalem to become Palestine’s Capital but the UN says nothing about it, not even condemning these claims at all like when they voted against the US President declaration.

  9. Deep analysis, well done! Stakes are also high in Europe with upcoming elections in Italy, Netherlands, Hungary and UK. But governments are getting a good ROI from social media companies in terms of influencing these elections using the salacious tool of censorship..

    “Europe Moves Ahead With Internet Censorship Enforcement As More Platforms Join”


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