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On Friday July 10, 2020 in an extraordinary act of courage and in the name of both justice and mercy President Donald J Trump commuted the sentence I received in a deeply corrupted Soviet-style show trial in Washington D.C. back in January. The President’s courageous decision in an election year was more than just a […]


I always knew that Hillary Clinton was a short-tempered, foul mouthed, self-centered, entitled psychopath but I have now reached the point where I fervently believe that her upset loss to the insurgent campaign of Donald Trump in 2016 has literally driven her insane. Days after President Donald Trump commuted the sentence for my conviction in […]

The Real Scandal of Stone’s Commutation Isn’t What You Think

FIRST APPEARED IN REAL CLEAR POLITICS Donald Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone prompted apoplectic reactions in all the usual places. This is a shame because nearly everyone going berserk over this case missed the most obvious implication of the president’s mercy – including the president himself and the man who benefited from it. One former […]

The Drafting of the Indictment Against Roger Stone Shows The Duplicity Of Mueller’s Special Counsel Prosecutors

FIRST APPEARED IN REDSTATE Every day seems to bring another OpEd from left-wing “legal eagles” with idiotic notions about how the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence is covering up undisclosed criminal activity on the part of Stone and Pres. Trump, and how if given another chance to run DOJ, the left-wingers have great plans to […]

Neither Flynn Nor Stone Was Guilty, Because There Was No Russian Hack

Former National Security Agency technical director William Binney participated in an online meeting July 15 of the New Jersey Burke for Senate campaign. His remarks were followed by an extensive exchange with other participants. The following edited transcript includes about three-quarters of the exchange. Questions are abridged, intended only to indicate the topics discussed by […]


By Roger Stone I am pleased and gratified to accept the grant of clemency in the form of the full commutation of my sentence by President Donald Trump. As I have said for some weeks, I have been praying to God for this result and if anyone doubts the power of prayer or that God […]

Mueller’s Dirty Cops Say Roger Stone Threatened A Federal Judge – BUT IT’S A LIE!

With a week until Roger Stone is set to turn himself in to a Coronavirus infested Georgia federal correctional institute, the longtime Trump advisor has filed one last appeal in D.C. federal court challenging Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s recent ruling denying 67-year old with a history of asthma a reprieve due to the Coronavirus pandemic. […]

Judge Amy Berman Jackson Set To Kill Roger Stone

Demented Trump hating Judge Amy Berman Jackson seems determined to send Trump loyalist Roger Stone to his death at a dangerous correctional facility in Jesup, Georgia where the dangers of COVID-19 infection for the 67 year old Stone will likely kill him, ending the possibility that her corruption and misconduct in his trial will never […]

AG Barr Denies “Special Treatment” For Roger Stone

Following news coverage of the alleged planned testimony from Mueller dirty cop Aaron Zelinsky, who served as the number 2 prosecutor in the governments case against Roger Stone, Attorney General Bill Barr is denying Zelinsky’s planned testimony. Zelinsky, who poses as a “non-political career line prosecutor” served more time representing Hillary Clinton at the State […]

Stone Prosecutor Claims Stone Got “Special Treatment”

One day before Aaron Zelinsky, the number 2 prosecutor in the Roger Stone case is set to testify before a congressional committee, he leaked his planned testimony to news outlets and it’s chock-full of hysterical hearsay, but provides no actual facts or evidence to support the assertion that Stone was given ‘special treatment” or that […]