Author: Roger Stone

Another malicious abuse of legal process to sate the Democrats’ unhinged partisan animus

Last Friday, the world found out that “DNC” no longer stands for Democratic National Committee. With the filing of its collusion delusion copycat lawsuit in federal court against Russia (yes, the whole country), Russia’s intelligence services, WikiLeaks, “Guccifer 2.0”, the Trump Campaign, Julian Assange, Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and a number of other individuals, myself included, it is clear that DNC now stands for Desperately Need Cash. The DNC’s entire complaint is nothing but a left-wing conspiracy theory, dressed up as a lawsuit. It is based solely on conjecture, supposition and speculation. It is, at the...

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The Real Story

Early in the week I was overheard in a New York restaurant saying that Barbara Bush drank so much booze that if they cremated her, her body would burn for three days. When this comment became public there was a virtual firestorm from the mainstream media. Jake Tapper had a virtual hissy fit. In fact, Barbara Bush was not the saint that is being depicted in the fawning media coverage surrounding her passing. Based on my own experience she was a vindictive, nasty and entitled woman. After I managed the successful Republican Primary campaign of Ronald Reagan over George...

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Veterans say marijuana eases their pain.
Why won't Jeff Sessions and VA help them get it?

Veterans say marijuana eases their physical and mental pain. The VA needs to study this and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should rethink his hard line on the drug. Roger Stone and Christopher Neiweem, Opinion contributors The American public’s perception of veterans is well reflected in the bipartisanship Congress has shown in enhancing veterans benefits over the past decade, as a generation of war fighters returned from Iraq and Afghanistan and reintegrated into society. The current buffet of federal benefits veterans have earned under federal law is broader than ever, yet many continue to suffer from conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), at times...

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The President’s Syrian Mistake
The war-hungry neocon crowd just keeps repeating the same discredited dirty trick

The moment Donald Trump became president-elect, the political and governmental establishments of the United States, in particular the intelligence agencies, commenced nonstop efforts to stall, co-opt and dilute the policies on which Trump ran, and was ultimately elected. On trade, immigration, tax policy and regulatory reform President Trump has managed to accomplish more than many of his critics and even some of his supporters had thought possible.  It is vital to note that some of the president’s policy advisors and even White House aides have tried to kill or dilute many of the policy changes and reforms Trump was...

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ROGER STONE: I Didn’t ‘Dine With Assange.’ This Is Getting Ridiculous
How many times does a lie need to be repeated before it is true?

In a recent story in The Atlantic, Congressman Adam B. Schiff told reporter Natasha Bertrand that I failed to turn over my now famous “Dine with Assange” email to the House intelligence Committee. Schiff was referring to a Wall Street Journal article revealing that I — as The Atlantic characterizes it — “boasted” in an email to my “friend” Sam Nunberg about dining with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on August 3, 2016. I was in it now, knee deep — in Schiff’s mind. Schiff, a Democrat, made it clear he believed [or wanted to] the email was gospel truth and, consequently,...

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