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Statement of Roger Stone on Dismissal of Democrat Party Employee Lawsuit

Roger Stone July 5, 2018 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida “I am gratified and delighted that yesterday the United States District Court in our nation’s capital issued a ruling dismissing the ‘sore loser” lawsuit filed against me and the Donald Trump campaign. This affirms my faith that the possibility of justice, though its wheels grind slowly, […]

Why Roger Stone’s book ‘Stone’s Rules’ Is the 21st century’s ‘Art of War’

Let’s begin with three “Adams’ Rules” providing context for the 140 “Stone’s Rules: How to Win at Politics, Business, and Style” — by political strategist Roger Stone, his sixth and latest book. Rule #1: If you follow politics you have heard of Roger Stone. Rule #2: Having heard of Roger Stone means you hold either a strong positive […]

Fake News Blake Should Give It A Break

By Roger Stone June 28, 2018 Never in our history has mass media been so thoroughly infested with “fake news” peddlers as it is today.  Once-credible, reliable sources for news and public affairs information are now rife with cynical partisan propagandists posing as “reporters” and “journalists.” Given this reality, is it even the slightest bit […]

How John Brennan led the CIA to hack the Senate

Former CIA Director John Brennan said yesterday that President Donald Trump should be removed from office due to his mental stability. It Brennan who’s mental stability- and loyalty to the United States and it’s Constitution are in question. As CIA Director Brennan penetrated and spied on a US Senate Committee investigating torture by the CIA. […]

Fake News for A Fake Scandal: The Definitive Guide to Russian Collusion Hoaxes

Now halfway into the 2nd year of the Trump presidency it is clear that what seemed to be a severe national hissy fit being thrown by bitterly-defeated leftist Democrats after the 2016 election, gradually morphing into a chronic collective temper tantrum, has in fact turned out to be one of the most severe cases of […]

Twitter Bans Roger Stone for Cursing CNN, Lets Fonda Talk About Raping Kids

(westernjournal.com) It has become blatantly obvious over the past few years that large social media platforms are run by liberals with an overt bias against conservatives that is displayed through subversive acts of censorship — like deleting, suspending or “shadow-banning” certain accounts — in a bid to silence voices that dissent from the liberal narratives. As a […]

Judith Regan: Politics and the art of lying, posturing & bluffing with Roger Stone

Known for being highly skilled in the dark arts of politics, Roger Stone has been on the front line, in the back rooms, and in the underbelly of American presidential politics for decades. He’s served 8 national Republican candidates, engineered the elections of senators and governors, assisted moguls and corporations, and advised foreign governments, trade […]

Roger Stone: Comey’s FBI Tried to Entrap Me and Compromise Donald Trump

I believe there is overwhelming evidence that I was set-up by an FBI informant who was a Russian national. This happened in May of 2016 when I met the informant for 20 minutes in a South Florida cafe. It is important to note that this is prior to Hillary Clinton playing the “Russia Card” in […]

Roger Stone: My Recently Remembered Contact with a Russian FBI Informant

My critics have flipped because I only recently recalled a contact who was both a Russian and an FBI informant in 2016 only in the country on a visa requested by the Miami office of the FBI saying his presence in the country served a “public benefit”. The man who called himself Henry Greenberg is […]

Roger Stone, Michael Caputo say they were targets of setup

Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone and Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo claim to have been targeted in a setup by U.S. law enforcement during the 2016 campaign to pin then-candidate Donald Trump. In a Washington Post report Sunday, Stone claims that he met with a man in May 2016 who offered dirt on Trump’s 2016 rival, […]