Comey Tied To Clintons’ Money

(By AngryPatriot) Everyone was shocked when former President Barack Obama appointed the nominal “Republican” James Comey as director of the FBI. However, new evidence indicates that Comey was only appointed because he was implicated in the Clintons’ corruption.

Former FBI Director James Comey had numerous ties to the corrupt Clinton political machine, and he still does. One connection is his brother, Peter. Peter Comey is an executive at DLA Piper, the law firm responsible for filing the Clinton Foundation’s taxes. James Comey holds the mortgage for his brother’s mansion, tying a direct financial connection between Comey and the Clinton Foundation while he was investigating Hillary. (via Big League Politics)

James Comey was appointed by Obama because he was a political insider with many dark connections to the Democrats. Obama trusted Comey not to target the establishment he was a part of.

The former president’s hunch was ultimately proven correct, as James Comey allowed numerous Democrat crimes to go unpunished during his three-year term leading the FBI.

James Comey has been connected to the Clinton criminal network for decades. In 1996, James Comey acted as the deputy special counsel for the Senate committee investigating the Whitewater scandal. The Senate was investigating shady real-estate loans authorized while Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. (via ABC News)

Many people connected to the Whitewater company were arrested and charged with over 40 crimes, yet the Clintons remained unscathed. James Comey acknowledged that Hillary Clinton obstructed the investigation and destroyed evidence, yet he decided not to prosecute due to lack of “intent”.

After observing the soft-handed approach Comey took investigating the Clintons, Obama appointed him in 2013. James Comey repeated his past, 23 years after the original Whitewater investigation. Again, he decided not to press charges — this time for Hillary’s mishandling of classified information, even after condemning her actions. The same phony “intent” excuse was used. (That’s how it works!)

James Comey was rewarded handsomely for enforcing a two-tiered justice system where the political elite live free from consequence.

After leaving the Department of Justice in 2005, Comey moved into the private sector to receive his rewards. He was hired as the General Counsel for Lockheed Martin — the largest recipient of contracts from the Department of Defense. Comey was paid over $6 million before leaving the corporation in 2010.

Immediately after Comey left Lockheed Martin, he became a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative and was awarded 17 contracts from the Hillary Clinton State Department.

James Comey left Lockheed Martin with newfound wealth and joined the board of directors of HSBC Holdings, a British bank. The bank is a long-time partner of the Clinton Foundation and rewarded Comey well until he was appointed by Barack Obama.

James Comey’s career highlights the incestuous pay-for-play relationship between major corporations and the political elite. Comey let the Clintons off for their crimes and was heavily rewarded by corporations who were, in turn, rewarded with government contracts and favorable policy. This is exactly the swamp that President Trump promised to drain, and removing Comey was the first major step.

  • Blondebomber

    It smells very bad.

    • Stewie Steve

      It has a name and its Comey

  • Allegro Manontroppo

    All this nonsense (barking impeachment and stuff) is very good. After de crying from the spoiled little girls everyone will know who is for real and who’s the traitors.
    Then is going to be easy for Trump to clean the house.
    Roger is great

  • Maryann

    Thank you, Roger Stone, for connecting the dots. Why is this post/article not being picked up by Drudge?

    • Deplorable DOG

      Why is this information not being reveled in President Trump’s press conferences!

      • ICBM904

        Because it’s BS and can easily be debunked.

      • John L. Battey

        As top law enforcement officials of the George W. Bush Administration
        (Mueller as FBI Director and James Comey as Deputy Attorney General),
        both presided over post-9/11 cover-ups and secret abuses of the
        Constitution, enabled Bush-Cheney fabrications used to launch wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This pair has been instrumental in constructing cover-ups for whoever happened to be in power. They don’t take sides, they take money.

    • unknownkitty

      Where is Drudge lately?

    • Nelson Kerr

      Because they are not dumb enough to cite Stone.

    • ICBM904

      Because it’s BS and can easily be discredited.

      • Maryann

        To all who replied that this blog is BS, Dr. Jerome Corsi wrote an excellent, solid, research-based article on June 7, 2017, “Confirmed: Comey Planted Inside FBI As Clinton Fixer.”

  • Darwin Knutson

    Surprise, report comes out Republican House leadership, Ryan and McCarthy, the sleaze of political corruption, were pushing the Russians are Coming narrative in February. Remove these traitorous lumps of slime.

  • leslie green

    Show me the crime and I’ll show you the money. The Clintons need to be eradicated from relevance in American history… known only to be the most corrupt people ever to serve in high government and get away with it… That’s all, a very dark place in history…evil. Donald Trump needs to quickly drain the swamp lest he drown in it himself.

  • Edward Barton

    Thanks but why is this just now becoming common knowledge? Almost 3 decades of corruption and all anyone knows about Comey is he likes Football. Where the hell is Drudge Report?

  • ralpheatsbeef

    The Swamp we must drain.

  • James M Ryan


  • malachismommy

    Television media will hide this truth and so will the largest newspapers since they are owned and controlled by the left. Ditto FB, Twitter and Google monopolies.

  • Justmakeitallstop

    If it’s a govt business meeting notes memo (Comey’s), isn’t that then, once authored, a federal record owned by the fbi?

    If so, then when he released it, isn’t that releasing federal records without going thru the review/approval process? He was not employed by the fbi when he did so…


  • leslie green

    We must stand strong and have tremendous resolve to support Pres. Trump… he’s under continuous and relentless fire from the swamp dwellers… we will win, I hope Mr. Trump realizes how much the American people are with him and will defend him if necessary. Roger Stone, you are a good and loyal friend.

  • leslie green

    Mr. Stone, you are a loyal and good friend to Pres. Trump.. We must stand firmly with the Pres. and thwart the negative influences of the Swamp Dwellers. We elected him and we must not allow them to destroy his Presidency. Pres. Trump needs to know that we the people who elected him will stand by him and fight for him if necessary.

  • unknownkitty

    From the time Comey came on the scene, he had a mannerism that made me believe he was hiding
    something for some reason……as a short time went by, I could see he was dodging questions..
    Now, I read Comey who “had dark connections” was put in by Bama. Apparently had close connections
    to the clinton political machine and let numerous democrat crimes go unpunished. Hummm?
    No wonder I saw him as ill-at-ease, he was deceitful in what he was all about, a sham put in a position
    to dismiss democrats and charge Republicans with high/low crimes ( from article above)

    Now, it all makes sense. Do we have anyone in political office we can trust anymore?

    • DMCRN

      Clinton pockets…

  • MaddieLynn

    Now it all makes sense. Thanks, SCT.

  • Chickie Fillette

    Now it all makes sense. Democrats like their people a little sullied. That’s how they make them maleable. You will note that few elected Democrats ever buck the party. The party has something on them. That’s why pedophiles make good Democrat politicians.

  • Thank you for not only this critical article of truthfulness, but for the many many honest approaches and direct stories that you have brought to light over my life time. You should be awarded the Honor of Merit anywhere you go. Thank you once again.
    PS. I took your advise and shared you link, as also Alex Jones to my social media following.
    God Bless
    Sincerely Troy Riddle
    The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation.

  • American Patriot

    Amazing conspiracy theory! I wish I could come up with stuff:/ Does everyone on this website know that you’re making stuff up for financial gain?

  • Cindy Wilhelm


  • Mary Jimison

    Wow if you ask me he doesn’t want to be the next body bag victim of the Clinton’s. Now the Obama administration is getting swamped in the White House. There will even be more deaths soon. He really doesn’t have a chance unless he changes his identity and leaves with his family to live somewhere else. I swear you will see more bloodshed then ever before if he doesn’t go to jail first. But then again one of Clinton’s body count was in jail when he mysteriously died…. Sad but am afraid it is true….

  • Bill DeSmul

    During the FBI investigation the American people were led (by the press) to believe that Comey was a man of “un-questionable integrity,” a man with a record and reputation of “inpecable honesty”. A man who would lead the Clinton investigation (without bias) in a search for “justice”.

    This was more “fake news”…..fostered by a press which had to have been aware of his tarnished reputation but failed to report it.

    Drain the swamp!


  • Dutch Krebbs

    It is time to send the Clinton Criminal Coalition to prison for the rest of their natural lives.

    • DMCRN


  • ronfromflorida

    Republicans Democrats it’s all the same it’s all rigged accept the obvious, It’s why all these Congressional investigations into Trump – Russia never touch on Obo and Hillary, hardly mention NSA spying, and deep state treason.
    Our only option is to start replacing RINO’s as quickly as possible before they replace us.

    • Thedude

      Yep, left, right…doesnt matter. Two wings of same globalist, elite, criminal banking empire bent on the destruction of sovernty, liberty and freedom.

  • John Smith

    WHAT A CROOK 10 gold stars for avoiding prosecution !!!!!!!!!!!

  • John airconn

    This POS should be in jail along with The Clinton crime cartel !! and OBUMA !!

  • Dennis Smith

    This is not news. Comey and his low-life brother still work for The Soros/Clinton Crime Syndicate.

  • mary_shultz

    DOJ where are you??? File charges. ty Toledo Sgt

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  • Justagigolo
  • zech Adams
    • Thedude

      A leftist woman and her cat?

    • DMCRN

      Snopes IS NOT a reliable fact checker! It is run by Barbara and David Mikkelson, who have ADMITTED that the answer however best helps the Democrats! They are funded by George Soros.

  • Someone from the South

    Reverend Chuck, the Russian thing is a scandal that the Liberals, Geo. Soros, & Obama have simply implicated in attempt to make it hard on Trump with making the relationship between Russia & the US more difficult. Obama set this all in motion while he was at the WH. It has to do with the sanctions, which made it impossible for
    Trump to renegotiate the sanctions with Russia.
    Here Obama has implicated himself as trying to
    sabatoge America in one more way. Obama & this
    posse of criminals need to all be hung!! I so hope they get everything that’s comingto them. This is probably the reason for, if Russia did hack into the Demwits system & wd. definitely explain why
    there was communication with the new administration. This is all a made up scandel & the scandel began with Obama & Hillary & Geo. Soros.

  • Thinkinginpictures

    What a bunch of horseshit.

  • JustMe

    Such BS. You rightwingers need to do your research instead of being so gullible, the reason why we have the liar, crook con man Trump

    • Thedude

      Says the leftist, msm, mind controlled zombie.

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  • American Made

    WOW! I didn’t realize there were connections that far back between Comey and the Clintons’!! Thanks for the info!

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  • ICBM904

    Such bullchit. Comey is a lifelong Republican. He has no ties to the Democrats or the Clintons.

    While Comey was a young Republican he investigated the Clintons as deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee. That said, as deputy, he didn’t make any decisions to prosecute or not. That was up to the special counsel.

    During the Bush administration, he served as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (where he investigated Clinton again), and the as deputy attorney general under Bush.

    There is no tie to the Clintons. There are no kickbacks. There’s zero proof of any of this. It’s a potful of conjecture meant to rile the gullible and sell a few ads.

    • Retribution

      Marc Rich…recall that name?

  • heimdal99

    Excellent! … God, I LOVE the Internet! … International jewry’s stranglehold on the control of information is nearing an end!

  • Corrine Lee

    COMEY WILL EXPOSE Clinton and .B.O. He had better watch his back for those two will have him murdered just like they did Seth Rich and hundreds of others.

  • John L. Battey

    Mueller and Comey both have much more experience at CREATING cover-ups than they do at investigating them.…/russia-gates-mythical-heroes/

  • I Mephibosheth

    1 Sam 16:7 But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have rejected him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.

  • mic

    James Comey is the reincarnation of TV’s Howdy Doody of the 1950’s. This graphic is priceless. So is your work AngryPatriot. Best to your family.

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  • Lawrence Rooks

    Yes! Finally nailed them. They’ve been playing the American people for fools for years. Now convict and let them all rot in prison.