Roger Stone Denounces New York Times Hit-Piece Tying Him to Capitol Riot

Despite all the coverage given to the original charges against Roger Stone, Mueller’s actual lack of evidence was ignored.

Roger Stone, NXIVM, Russian Collusion and the Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol

Frank Parlato: Roger Stone did nothing wrong and his pardon is driving his critics nuts

The New York Times is smearing me again

Roger Stone: It is wrong to imply I had anything to do with the Capitol riot

David Schoen: It is a travesty of justice that Andrew Weissman never has been held accountable

There is no limit to the kind or degree of prosecutorial misconduct in which Andrew Weissmann has been willing to engage.


Don Jr. was President Trump’s most tireless and effective surrogate when the President staged a late comeback to win a majority of legal votes cast.

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About Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a political strategist, pundit, and a long-time political advisor and friend of President Donald Trump. Stone was a victim of the Mueller witch hunt and was charged with lying to Congress in order to pressure him into testifying against the President. Stone refused.

After Stone’s trial was corrupted by a biased Judge, a corrupt Jury Forewoman, a stacked jury, and prosecutors sought to incarcerate Stone in a COVID-19 infested prison (in violation of all legal precedents, DOJ policy and without regard to Stone’s health or age), President Trump commuted Stone’s sentence.

Stone is a New York Times Bestselling author and has returned to political commentary at


Roger Stone's Best Selling Book The Making of a President 2016

Roger Stone's Best Selling Book The Man Who Killed Kennedy