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Wearing this shirt makes the ultimate political statement on President Kennedy!  Lyndon Johnson murdered Kennedy.

What does legendary political operative Roger Stone know that historians Robert Caro and Robert Dallek do not know? Roger Stone knows that Lyndon Johnson murdered John Kennedy. Combining decades of insider political knowledge with cutting edge JFK assassination research, Roger Stone lays out the case that Lyndon Johnson manipulated the situation in Dallas on November 22 1963 and murdered John Kennedy as he murdered numerous other victims along the way. LBJ was not just shooting his way into the White House, he was avoiding political ruin and prosecution and jail for corruption at the hands of the Kennedys.

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About Roger Stone

Raconteur, bon vivant, boulevardier – Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative, speaker, pundit, and New York Times Bestselling Author featured in the Netflix documentary “Get me Roger Stone”.

A veteran of ten national presidential campaigns, he served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents: Nixon, Reagan and, to his regret, Bush. Stone gives insights on behind-the-scenes political agendas at, as well as, where he hosts an hour long show every Wednesday at 3 pm ET.


Roger Stone's Best Selling Book The Making of a President 2016

Roger Stone's Best Selling Book The Man Who Killed Kennedy