Report: Hillary Became “Physically Violent” After She Realized She Had Lost the Election

By Paul Joseph Watson

Clinton had to be “briefly restrained” after trying to attack her own campaign staff
Hillary Clinton reportedly became “physically violent” towards her own campaign staff after she realized she had lost the presidential election, according to radio host Todd Kincannon.

“CNN reporter tells me Hillary became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight; had to be briefly restrained,” tweeted Kincannon.

It was Podesta who was sent out to talk to Hillary’s dejected supporters shortly before Hillary called Donald Trump to concede, with Clinton nowhere to be seen until the following day.

When asked about rumors that Hillary was drunk on election night, Kincannon responded, “She was. I posted about that too. She was in a “psychotic drunken rage” according to my reporter friend. Doctor added sedatives to the mix.”

Kincannon then claimed that CNN blocked the reporter from publishing what would have been a bombshell story.

“The CNN reporter didn’t fail to report it. His editors will not let him. CNN has banned all “Hillary in the bunker” stories,” he tweeted.

Secret Service officials and other staff who worked closely alongside Hillary have previously reported her problems with angry tantrums on numerous occasions.

Last year it was also reported that Clinton’s own campaign staffers feared she could have a serious meltdown and that Hillary had “been having screaming, child-like tantrums that have left staff members in tears and unable to work.”

In addition to claims that she became irate, author Ed Klein said a source told him Hillary cried inconsolably to a friend after the results came in, blaming FBI director Comey and President Barack Obama for not doing enough to stop the FBI investigation into her email scandal.



  • Liberals Are RACISTS & HATERS

    If this were true, Clinton wouldn’t be able to keep such a close-knit, loyal group around her for so long. Nobody who acts that way can. It’s impossible… even in life, but particularly in Washington DC with countless journalists, staffers, and minions around to leak information. If you’ll notice, the only “leaks” of these tantrums come from either anonymous sources or people who have not witnessed them first hand.

    Don’t get me wrong – I think Hillary should be tarred, feathered, and burned at the stake. But reality is reality, and this story and the “reports” herein are not the least bit credible or logical. Good try though, Roger; Most people are too naive and ignorant to know any better and will believe it all. And that’s your job, so bravo on the bullsh!t! 🙂

    • John McLain

      You should ask her secret service agents about her real personality when she called them F dogs or when she thrown ashtray at Bill out of anger. Roger is only a messenger, not the source. The women is crazy.

      • NoMeansNo

        She has been reputed to have a problem with alcohol. And as far as being able to keep people quiet, guess that first poster there has forgotten about the Clinton Mafia death squads. That is usually enough to zip the biggest of mouths!

    • Annette Perry

      OMG, that’s funny on so many levels. Blackmail, extortion, hunger for power and greed is what causes loyalty among sycophants. Welcome to the real world.

    • Annette Perry

      And, yes, it’s well documented that she has a vodka problem.

      • Jerry Keller

        that explains the deal the Russians got on the uranium then.

      • Clarice

        Hillary and I finally have something in common!!!
        I like Vodka too!!!
        I don’t think she’d make a good drinking buddy, especially lately.
        I HATE drunks who whine and blame everyone but themselves for their problems.
        We’d probably get into a fight, and I would win.
        She’s apparently a sore loser.

    • mwk

      One of her last campaign stops was at a Metro Bar on Sunday morning. You can go watch it on YouTube. This report is entirely consistent with the rest of her behavior.

    • William Wright

      It’s common knowledge that Hillary has all the self-control of a four-year old. Step away from the Kool-Aid before it’s too late!

    • Luisa

      They’ve fooled you too? Everybody knows about her drinking and temper tantrums she can’t seem to control. I feel sorry for her. But I’m so glad Trump won! Yesssss!

  • Bill Turner

    ISIS/ boko etc. is all just moslums, (but at Stage 3. too soon ) Just, (2/3 rds illiterate-, ill-numeric, out-of-sequence, cretinous over-eager-rapists.) And everyone should already be over, over-eager (rapeUgees). Especially the invaders, already over-here……………. .. So heed the 8th century, Arab warning, “never trust a moslum” …mmmmm… Despite the muzi-controlled, mess-media, we are getting close to sanity, (now just got to survive bad-barry’s death throws as the white-anted white-house/ as the clinton crime cartel, caliphate crumbles, cringes away.

    • CoRnIsHWoLf

      Ha,ha,ha, the greatest indictment of a piss poor education system ever!

  • chuy verdugo

    I can’t wait until she and the rest of them go to prison !

  • Dude67

    This sounds like a great story, but I will not bank on it being true until that source comes out publicly.

    • Methinks

      The sources are likely to be currently employed with 6-figure incomes so I doubt they want to permanently throw away their career to satisfy curiosity. That doesn’t mean it’s a lie. It’s been my hunch since the results. I’m sure she was lead to believe she had it wrapped up with a bow. Anyone would be devastated. But I don’t pity her – she has zero humility. Moving forward.

  • DLW

    Seems there would have been a spy like Jimmy Carter’s grandson somewhere to video her actions. Maybe they did and it was taken out of context just like Romney saying that 47% of Obama’s supporters would vote for him no matter what and It was reported that he said 47% of all voters.

  • perplexed

    So when Hillary was ‘dehydrated’ she was merely hungover. All her vital organs must be pickled.

  • Combat Override

    Keep in mind that this is the same guy who said people with Ebola should be executed.

  • William Cushing

    Major drug interaction between alcohol and Warfarin, especially if heavy etoh consumption. Increases the INR. Bottom line: bleeding and hemorrhaging

  • William Cushing

    Major drug interaction between alcohol and Warfarin, especially if heavy etoh consumption. Increases the INR because alcohol competes and interferes with the metabolism of warfarin. Bottom line: bleeding and hemorrhaging risks increase.

  • Dr_NOS