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Fake News Blake Should Give It A Break

By Roger Stone June 28, 2018 Never in our history has mass media been so thoroughly infested with “fake news” peddlers as it is today.  Once-credible, reliable sources for news and public affairs information are now rife with cynical partisan propagandists posing as “reporters” and “journalists.” Given this reality, is it even the slightest bit […]

Rhymes with Hate

For almost two years now a screeching, squealing would-be political lynch mob of deceitful partisan degenerates has managed to invent, promote, proliferate and perpetuate the most brazen coordinated mass fraud ever inflicted on the American public in our nation’s history. Of course I speak of the malicious concoction better known as the Obama-Clinton-DNC Russia collusion […]

Weekly Standard- While Truth Puts On Its Shoes

****SCT Staff Special**** The Nuance of Fake News President Donald Trump has repeatedly accused many main street media organizations of propagating “fake news” throughout his candidacy and into his first term in office as Commander in Chief. But while the notion of national news being fake, biased or purposefully misrepresented to the public might have […]