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I always knew that Hillary Clinton was a short-tempered, foul mouthed, self-centered, entitled psychopath but I have now reached the point where I fervently believe that her upset loss to the insurgent campaign of Donald Trump in 2016 has literally driven her insane. Days after President Donald Trump commuted the sentence for my conviction in […]

The Clinton Crime Family – Part 1

Foreign nationals are banned by law from contributing to American politicians’ campaign coffers. They are not, however, banned from contributing to private foundations. According to Ken Thomas of the Washington Post, “Republicans contend that foreign governments donating to a foundation led by a potential U.S. president creates unacceptable conflicts of interest.” (1) The laws that […]

Untold Stories Of Election Day 2016

BELOW IS A RECAP OF ELECTION DAY/NIGHT FROM ESQUIRE MAGAZINE featuring ROGER STONE.  **** Roger Stone, longtime Trump ally: She was just dead in the water. ****   On November 8, 2016, America’s chief storytellers—those within the bubbles of media and politics—lost the narrative they had controlled for decades. In a space of 24 hours, […]

ZeroHedge: Democrats Distance From Hillary

**APPEARED ORIGINALLY IN ZERO HEDGE** Following the shocking (to some) revelations from WaPo with regard Hillary Clinton and the ‘old’ Democratic National Committee’s financing of the infamous “Trump Dossier,” the ‘new’ DNC has rushed out a press release denying any involvement as Democrats begin rapidly distancing themselves from this un-fake news. In a brief statement […]


Roger Stone sets the record straight By Roger Stone Hillary Clinton is at it again. In her cool new book “What Happened?” she comes up with any number of people and institutions to blame for her stunning defeat. She seems to blame everyone but herself. At the same time she recycles the lies of John […]