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Federalist: Why MSM Frenzy On Stone, Corsi, Wikileaks Is Bunk

***FIRST APPEARED IN THE FEDERALIST*** By Adam Mill A recent blitz of “bombshell” headlines initially appear to show there might actually have been some collusion between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russia. First, there was The Guardian claiming that Paul “Manaford” (oops, the source meant Manafort) met with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks in spring 2016, with […]

Roger Stone: Corsi Statement Devoid Of Logic

Jerry Corsi’s claim that I needed after-the-fact cover for my now iconic Podesta Tweet on August 21, 2016, is devoid of logic. At the time that Tweet went completely unnoticed and unreported, I did not need anything to deflect attention. I steadfastly maintain that Jerry, who had been researching the Podesta brothers, brought their business […]

Daily Caller: Bombshell Texts Support Stone’s Claims

By Chuck Ross (FIRST APPEARED IN THE DAILY CALLER) Text messages released on Wednesday appear to support Trump confidant Roger Stone’s testimony that a New York radio show host was his source for information about WikiLeaks’ plans to release information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. “Julian Assange has kryptonite on Hillary,” Randy Credico wrote to […]


The Washington Post reported that former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon testified for the Grand Jury yesterday regarding his communications with me regarding the Wikileaks disclosures in October 2016. ***FIRST APPEARED IN THE DAILY CALLER*** The Special Counsel is reportedly probing whether I somehow directed or urged Wikileaks to release the allegedly hacked e-mails […]


Why does Mother Jones claim that my advocacy of a pardon for embattled journalist Julian Assange is somehow news or a revelation? The assertion of Slate magazine that this advocacy could be legally problematic if I received allegedly hacked emails from Wikileaks, passed them to Donald Trump, and was now seeking this pardon to cover […]